Tuesday, July 13, 2010


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  1. STEVER!

  2. BEN!!

  3. 1. Genius
    2. Definitely a WTF moment, that will be a story to tell forever and ever.
    3. Mikey = fail
    4. HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHA Someone had a very good night ;)

  4. “wemen – as a group, more than one, multiple” … facepalm!

  5. wemen less annoying than ‘wimmin’.

  6. So, the homeless guy shoots up the heroine (I’m guessing with heroin) and she overdoses and dies…clearly this story is bullshit. The rules state the hero/heroine never dies!

  7. :-/

  8. I definitely thought Chris’s was really crazy, but I just have to say that it’s a pet peeve of mine when People Capitalize Every Word In Status Updates Like This. Grinds my gears.

  9. I think I’d sell my car Chris.

  10. These made me lol…good stuff Lb

  11. Since Chris capitalizes the first letter of every word in these two status updates, I have to assume these are the titles of essays or books s/he is working on.

  12. Mikey, wemen? You missed a space. You meant, we men, right fella?

  13. There is a girl on my contact list that capitalizes the first letter of each word in her status updates as well, apparently because she thinks it is cool or something. Makes me want to gouge my eyes out.


  15. Chris, having a homeless dude dirty up your car with his corpse is no excuse to abuse apostrophes like that.

  16. Wemen, we men, women, I don’t care how it is said, Chinese people are the worst drivers. Period. No argument. They earned that stereotype without question.

  17. Ashu; Who Cares

    lame ones; the epitome is the 2nd one

  18. @nuff
    hell yes. I was hit by a taxi (dickhead tried to do a u turn and ended up on the footpath) on my first day in hong kong and I had a very near miss with another taxi the very next day…

  19. This post does nothing for me, but it does remind me of the guy I dated recently. For the life of him, he could not pronounce “women”, no joke. When he referred to females in the plural, he would always say woman, and I’m like, “don’t you mean women?”, and he would reply “yeah?, woman”, and so this went on. It. Was. Nuts.

    We’re no longer dating.

  20. Was bored, therefore I shared.

  21. Does car insurance pay for homeless drug addict corpse removal?

  22. CommentsAtLarge

    If they are talking about Hammond Indiana, I second the asshole driver thing. It also then makes sense why he would spell women like that too.


    Sounds like you were stuck in a permanent game of “who’s on first” with that fella.

  23. @wordpervert
    I have a friend whose boyfriend struggles with that, too. He also cannot pronounce “-ing” endings to words, so everything he says sounds like a Jeff Foxworthy routine.

  24. It was a deal breaker, people, that’s for sure.

  25. Let’s face it, if a dude can’t get his tongue around simple words, it’s not going to get around more important things with much finesse.

  26. Chesty, no “ing” after anything? Now that’s unappealing.

  27. Oh, and Comments, it was nowhere near as entertaining as that routine.

  28. CommentsAtLarge


    Not exactly a cunning linguist, was he?

  29. Love you, Comments, just bloody love you.

  30. CommentsAtLarge

    @my fair wordyperv

    Thanks! And know the feeling is mutual ;)

  31. @ Nuff #15
    what about WeeMan?

  32. Women are only regarded as good drivers because men have to swerve in order to avoid crashing into them when the women are on the wrong side of the road.

    This is a fact because I said it is.

  33. Nice

  34. hahaha, i love the last one. i hope it’s worcester, ma because that’s where i’m from. i would not be surprised, there are some skeevy areas here. love my dirty city :)

  35. Skeleton_key: I wouldn’t be surpised, lol. My parents live in Worcester, and my mom refers to it as the armpit of MA.

  36. That last post brings back awesome memories. With the exception that I left the uncontained mess on the hood.

    The second memory involed protection. After we were done I tossed it out the window. But apparently it wasn’t far enough. I pull into the gas station, pump my gas, and as I am paying for my gas, my girlfriend came inside the store. She says, “Baby, why is everyone pointing and laughing at me?” At this point I am walking outside and I see why. I motioned for her to look at the door. There was the condom stuck to the side of the door in plain view for everyone to see. She couldn’t find the humor in it.

  37. Chris is, clearly, a Golem.

  38. involved* I can’t believe it took me reading it three times to catch that. On top of me saying to myself that something just didn’t seem right.

    I need a drink!

  39. Number two is filled with goodness. So much so I was able to get past the retardedness of capitalizing every word.

  40. Wemen = girly semen?

  41. that’s immediately what I thought of too, iloveyoink. I envision the sperm swimming around with pink bows on their heads like Ms. Pac Man.

  42. woo two Worcester references inna month, Lamebooks on a roll. Im parking my car in that spot so i can be on here too!

  43. The last one reminds me of the time I found condoms all through my backyard and driveway after an overly rowdy party!

  44. Ok, does anyone else think it’s funny that the name of the person posting the AC unit has the name AVIS?

  45. The heroin/heroine typo is one that I really don’t mind people making, because it’s usually fairly amusing.

  46. That last one’s GOTTA be Worcester, MA — right?! I both love and hate that city at the same time.

  47. @ HeSaidWhat Bahahaha They never do see the humour in those situations.

  48. haha sorry bro. at least i wore a rubber

  49. @darkknight

    i think so! love my hometown but it’s definitely got some grimey parts to it, haha. i’m almost sure the comment about a shady price chopper in worcester on here about a month ago would be worcester, ma. too funny.

  50. @pineapplesalad

    my mom hates telling people we’re from worcester because even though we don’t live in a bad area people always go “ohh..ew” haha. poor worcester can’t get any love!

  51. dirtylittlepretty

    are we talking N. Hammond or S.Hammond?? not a lot of difference though these days.

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