Monday, August 24, 2009

…But You Do


But You Do

Lamester review:

You won. It was obvious.

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  1. Oh, wow. I don’t know where to start in regard to the logic… but I do ask… how does one to eloquent become such a pig-headed bigot?

  2. So Indians are now considered Middle Eastern? I may need a refresher on my geography.

    And no Ben, you’re not just racist. You also seem to have a beef against small business owners in general.

  3. Even geolographical idiots can be racist. With regards to ideas – you’re a dork, Ben…

  4. haha whitebread. those damn sourdoughs come in and done took deer jeerbs

  5. wow…don’t know where to begin…maybe Ben is Jason too….

  6. Ben is me? I can assure you that we are not the same person. I’m less of an idiot for a start and much better looking :D

  7. What i want to know is how women keep getting jobs. I mean, they’re only working with half a brain, so are there people out there handing them jobs for no reason? Cause thats the only thing i can think of. I dont mean to sound sexist though.

  8. Ben is xenophobic. He should go and see District 9.

  9. lol @ Jax – or live here ;-)

    lol @ Matt – most jobs only require half a brain which is why men are so good at their work…

  10. I have an idea Ben, quit giving Merica a bad name.
    I was shocked that: he didn’t misspell nor use bad grammar; he’s not from the south.
    Flame on…

  11. How ignorant.

  12. I have an idea: you are retarded.

  13. Come on out to New York you twat, see how far that cracker shit gets you out here.

  14. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    Dear Ben,
    I’m sure you don’t mean to sound racist, but you do. You also sound like an uneducated, arrogant little bitch. Go smoke a pole, you stupid twat.

  15. “I don’t mean to sound racist…” is the mating call of ignorant mouth-breathing douchebags the world over.

  16. apparently being middle eastern, pakistani and indian are all synonymous.

  17. you no what i say if it ain’t white…

  18. Why has this racist been allowed to have my name? I feel ashamed for all my kind…

  19. Good lord that was stupid on so many levels… But way to prove that ignorance breeds racism! Kudos! Love how he ranks ppl, Middle Easterners are better than Mexicans, truly a mark of an idiot.

  20. He almost managed to make it to the 2nd paragraph before the floodgates opened.
    Wasn’t one of Hitler’s early speeches called “I Don’t Mean To Sound Racist But Here Goes”.

  21. oh, dear god… there should be a law that bannes idiots like this to speak…

  22. he speaks so eloquently unfortunately indians are asians mr. ben.

  23. Welcome to America, Idiot.

  24. Yikes, it gets more aggressive as he writes on. Ignorance like this scares me. Idiots like this should be sterilized…by law.

  25. Ha! I love it! you Americans bang on about freedom but if someone uses freedom of speech y’all go bananas!

    Ban this sort of thing! Let’s all stop people from saying things we don’t want to hear so we can all be nice and politically correct! despite everyone wondering ‘where indeed do they get the money to set up businesses?’

    I’m curious.

  26. The anwser to this boneheads screwy question is:

    The government actually gives these immigrants money to come over and open all these shops. I don’t know exactly about the U.S but in Canada an immigrant gets 40,000 from our gov’t. when they first come to the country.. now some of them squander it away or use it to contribute to the economy. ie. those stores. or dollar stores.. eh whatever.

    It is interesting that the federal government provides a single refugee with a monthly allowance of $1, 890.00 and each can also get an additional $580.00 in social assistance for a total of $2,470.00.

    This compares very well to a single pensioner who after contributing to the growth and development of Canada for 40 to 50 years can only receive a monthly maximum of $1, 012.00 in old age pension and Guaranteed Income Supplement.

    from the “pow wow” indian, and not the “convience store” indian. (thats a joke people, chill)

  27. This isn’t even funny like most posts on here are. This is just sad and angering and the very definition of lame. Can we throw things at him now, por favor?

  28. Isn’t it ironic how people prefacing a comment with ‘I don’t mean to be racist/sexist/a bitch/an asshole/etc.’ go on to be exactly that?

  29. hoorayforben:
    If you’re going to paint your idiocy with such a broad brush, at least put capital letters after full stops and make it look like you’ve made a bit of an effort.

    “I don’t mean to sound rude but…stop being a cunt.”

  30. I prefer to be witty instead of all political here. But when faced with such racism, one must speak out.

    @hoorayforben: by your use of “bang on” I’ll assume you’re British. No one, besides foreigner above, mentioned that he shouldn’t have the right to say whatever he wants and I would guess that person is foreign to America. You see, we do believe in freedom of speech, even for the racists. We just don’t approve of what he said and are using our right to free speech to say so. It’s one of the many reasons we kicked your ass during the Revolutionary War.

  31. hoorayforben, congratulations! you’re even more retarded than your hero. No rational American would say that ben shouldn’t be allowed to express his views. But free speech also means that the rest of us have the freedom to ridicule racist morons like you! god bless merkuh!

  32. i’m not racist but all niggers must fucking hang

  33. wow freedom of speech is fun! so its ok to have an opinion as long as its not one that says anyhthing that isnt PC? he isnt being racist…did you at any point read any racist slurs or see him say he had a problem with the colour of the people? NO, he was simply saying its frustrating to go into a store and find yourself struggling to communicate with someone who should be there assisting you. freedom of speech is a total lie!

  34. At least he wasn’t racist about it

  35. Paul August 24th, 2009 at 9:43 am

    He almost managed to make it to the 2nd paragraph before the floodgates opened.
    Wasn’t one of Hitler’s early speeches called “I Don’t Mean To Sound Racist But Here Goes”.

    Hahah, that was brilliant.

  36. Middle Eastern v/s Mexican

    You define asshole, dear Ben.

  37. I don’t mean to be racist, but my race is superior than others.

  38. Candy “‘I don’t mean to sound racist…’ is the mating call of ignorant mouth-breathing douchebags the world over.”

    Ignorant mouth-breathing douchebags? Would you prefer douchebags to start breathing through their noses?

  39. How they do it is:

    They believe in family, not just looking after themselves. So they pool all the money in the family and everyone works to help each other. If three families live in one rented house and all the money they earn from thier minimum wage jobs goes into a common account eventually they will have enough to take the rent on a small business. Everyone works in the business for long hours till they have enough money to buy the premises outright.

    So they don’t spend thier money on drink and drugs and rock and roll. They raise their children get an A1 education and learn where all those foreign places are like India and the middle east.

    Its the same thing that your white “american” relatives did, but you have never bothered to learn about.

    Not only a racist, but an utterly ignorant one as well.

  40. I don’t mean to sound racist, but … people who aren’t white are fucking assholes.

  41. I still can’t figure out the point of the Middle East. If anyone has any ideas…

  42. Perhaps these people who operate these businesses that make Ben so angry became business owners by NOT spending their free time on Facebook authoring long-winded & retarded rants.

  43. Arf The Crime Dog

    If ya gonna be racist…at least know the geographical location of the people you’re talking about. COME ON.

  44. Indians aren’t middle eastern you fucking idiot

  45. Only the white man should be in charge of the US. Blacks, Spics, Japs, Chinks, etc need to be removed ASAP. I’m tired of them eatin’ up my tax money. Women as well. They’re pretty much useless.

  46. I’m with Ben…the fact that America is a land of opportunity where people without means can find success just sickens me. I hope our economy tanks even more so only the truly wealthy can prosper. Then America will truly be great.

  47. You’re all just trying to be PC. Don’t act like you don’t wonder about it or secretly think mexicans are dirty. Well, ben- two thumbs up. Down with political correctness!

  48. Funny i was in middle east recently , well India . You`r probably the sort of man that hates people from the next town .

  49. all the shops over there just americans serving — was a disgrace ha ha

  50. @ electro girl: Really? You don’t think what he said was racist? Were you reading a different post than the rest of us?

    FYI, you don’t actually have to use racial slurs or hate on skin color specifically to be racist. For example, if I were to say “People of Western European descent are ignorant, self-centered, boorish, scum-sucking pigbags,” that would be racist, even though I didn’t call anyone a cracker or a honky or say lily-white skin is to blame for these personality defects.

  51. @ liz: I can honestly say I’ve never wondered where immigrants get the money to open businesses. I suppose I’ve just always assumed they get it the same way non-immigrants get the money to open businesses: they save the money they earn from their jobs, and maybe get a loan to cover the last little bit. It might further interest you to know that not all immigrants come to America with little-to-no money. Stop believing everything the radio talk show bobble-heads tell you.

    Oh yeah, I also don’t think Mexicans are dirty (I mean, my ex-roommate was dirty, but I think that had more to do with him being a filthy slob who never learned to clean up after himself because his momma always did it for him than because he was Mexican). Especially not compared to the trashy white folk who live next door to me. Wipe your kid’s nose and buy him a gotdamn pair of pants already! My family’s poor and white, but we gotdamn well know how to clean up after ourselves… gotdamn! (I think this is my new favorite “cuss word”.)

  52. Geez, you guys all have really worked yourself into a rabid frenzy. The dude makes an interesting point: immigrating from a developing country costs a fuckton of money, and so does starting a new business (inventory, renovation, equipment, and leasing). How does such a person do it? I sure would like to know. Are these business owners clever and enterprising, or are they benefiting from (or indentured to) fellow expatriates?

  53. you know what i wonder, when i go to a 7 -11 or gas station and i see a white guy running it, it always confuses the hell out of me, THAT IS OUR MIDDLE EASTERN INDIAN BUSINESS.

  54. this is preety much how we do it:

    They believe in family, not just looking after themselves. So they pool all the money in the family and everyone works to help each other. If three families live in one rented house and all the money they earn from thier minimum wage jobs goes into a common account eventually they will have enough to take the rent on a small business. Everyone works in the business for long hours till they have enough money to buy the premises outright.

    So they don’t spend thier money on drink and drugs and rock and roll. They raise their children get an A1 education and learn where all those foreign places are like India and the middle east

    xcept i spend my money on drugs and drink. and rock and roll

  55. Nobody pointed out his examples of where “middle easterns” work? Pizza stores? Party stores?

  56. Captn P is absolutely right. They work long hours to have better lives in countries that are better off than theirs. My ex used to work with Indians in a factory and he said they were very careful with money – they never wasted it buying food they always brought their own and didn’t get into debt applying for loans for flashy cars & such.

    It’s not just America, every 7/11 I’ve been to here in Australia is run by Indians and I’ve never had a problem with them not being able to speak English properly so big deal?

  57. I hate everyone. Except for the people who are, in any way, different than me.

  58. this is the direct result of dell’s outsourced tech support.

  59. First of all, if you don’t know that there is a big difference between Middle Easterns and Indians, then I think you should really spend your time more wisely. Perhaps learn about world geography and other cultures instead of wondering about stupid things like how they manage to get money to open a convenience store. So if America is supposedly the land of the free, then everyone has a right to live and make a living. The Middle Easterns, Indians and every other nationality you pigeon hole and hey, even extremely ignorant people like you.

  60. “white towns?”

  61. I think a lot of us American-born citizens don’t understand what it’s like to have to choose between staying in a poor, unstable country or moving to a foreign place with better opportunity. We think it’s a little weird that an immigrant would go to all the cost and trouble of transplanting his family to a foreign country just so her can open up a liquor store in Omaha. But many of us have never felt the level of poverty, repression, or violence that these immigrants have sought to escape. These are just regular people. They just want to live in a place where “You can do anything if you just work hard enough” is actually kind of true. Have some compassion. They are brave people.

  62. sigh joe, so understanding. i long for the day i can return to my homeland and live in peace. 8[

  63. Remind me again why they blur out the names?

  64. What gets me in these comments is the notion that anything ben said was in any way “eloquent.” Throw around a few $10 words like, “crass” and “impeccable,” and suddenly you’re considered terribly articulate (for the internet). But of course since winston churchill and waldo emerson also peppered their intellectual musings with terms like “fuckhead” and “dickface” how could the great pontificators of our generation not borrow their enchantingly suave mannerisms? I swear, kids would make jim morrison poet laureate if the hack bastard were alive today.

    And lay off the south. we’re not all venomous racists, you slack cunt.

    See, i can be just as eloquent as ben. I should run for president.

  65. you know, using the phrase “bang on” is not something only British people say. People who want to sound british also like to toss out that shiny nugget of esoteric chum.

  66. Ok, he’s an absolute douche but I agree with the speaking English part. The least people could do if they live in a predominantly English speaking country is learn the language. I was getting on a bus once and the Asian guy in front of me didn’t have to pay because he didn’t understand any English. I wouldn’t go to Spain and confuse myself further by not learning Spanish.

  67. Joe, well said and Indian Guy and Captn P, also very true. My family emigrated to Australia when I was 9 and we started off renting a house, my parents started their own business and were soon able to get a deposit on a house. Me and my brothers and sisters all went to school and are all gamefully employed and well-educated, as a result of their desire to change our lot in life and move to a country where there were more opportunities for us. It meant leaving the rest of our family behind, and was very difficult the first few years. But definitely worth it.

    Ben, if you don’t understand something, learn about it, try it, empathize, get to know people who have had a different life to you. Its not about political correctness it is about understanding. This seems to be what you are lacking

  68. The first paragraph wasn’t actually that bad in my opinion–ignorant, but not racist(besides comparing them to Mexicans).
    The second paragraph, well, yeah. Haha.
    I mean I sort of see his point. Immigrating is expensive, and so is entrepreneurship. But really, you seem semi-intelligent… maybe racist, but semi-intelligent, Ben. BUT MIDDLE-EAST DOES NOT EQUAL INDIA!

  69. hey liz, congrats on being a racist bitch. mexicans like me don’t think mexicans are dirty, little redneck girl. cracka-ass-crackas up in here…

  70. oh and electro girl is the kind of casual racist who thinks as long as no one’s burning a cross on your lawn, it’s not that bad. sigh, little white teenagers depress me sometimes…

  71. Sensitive Stephen

    Why is emigration to America no longer an option for the rest of the world? Some cultures have a lot to offer. This nation is really haughty in terms of its capacity for the acceptance of different cultures. We shun the rest of the less distinguished world and exploit the weakest cultures for our goods. Then we hate an Indian man who puts his children to work to avoid having to hire employees. Well, that may sound unAmerican, but the truth is his family is poor and they’re trying very hard to earn a living, or maybe even a future. Not anyone may agree that they deserve that opportunity since they’re new to this country, and perhaps you question the validity of their citizenship. If you don’t think that they deserve it, then ask yourself what you’ve done with your opportunity thus far. Where is your “pizza store”? If you just have no interest in starting small businesses, then ask yourself if you’ve tried half as hard as that family has. Sorry, don’t mean to “sound crass.”

    And some people still have trouble accepting niggers in this country, can you believe that?

    Love ya!
    Sensitive Stephen

  72. I think everyone is overreacting. It really doesn’t matter if he’s geographically knowledgeable, you’re all trying to find something to attack him with, and yes, he is being racist but to an extent. He wants to get his opinions out, he knows they will be offensive but it looked like he tried to make it less offensive, for at least the first paragraph. I don’t even get why this is on lamebook. Not really humorous at all. But then again, that’s just my opinion.

  73. that escalated really quickly too, the first paragraph it was ladeda, then BANG! he starts calling ‘them’ fuckheads.

  74. People like Ben make me embarrassed to be white.

  75. @67, Um, Keely, not to be hating or anything, but writing “gamefully” instead of “gainfully” doesn’t make you sound very well-educated…

  76. I prefer the 100m sprint to the marathon. Does that make me racist?

  77. @76: no. Jamaicans win the 100m

  78. Hey, be nice to me. Some of my best friends are towel-heads.

  79. Ben, I don’t mean to sounds rapistist but…
    Just because that hot little ethnic girl (cuz they’re all the same really right?) didn’t appreciate your White Man’s attempt to conquer her native bushes doesn’t mean you have to get so offended about it!

  80. tr’lld!

  81. You people (including you, Jason) is taking this way out of fucking hand.

    One, I’m black. You people claiming this is racist is just hilarious. How is this racist? Ignorant in same spots, sure, but it’s racist? Hell no. I’ve dealt with racism. This isn’t it. Don’t judge him because of this because I KNOW FOR A FACT each and every one of you is at least a little bit racist and ignorant in some areas. Fucking hypocrites. That doesn’t excuse him, but still.

    Two, comparing them Mexicans to Middle-Eastern people was horribly stupid (As was the Indian thing), but he was asking a very very legit question. I honestly wanted to know this too, how do they do it? To have a business and make a decent amount of money, when in a fact, a college student like me can’t even DREAM of that.

    Third, him calling them “assholes” and “fuckheads” wasn’t referring their race. He was just saying, using personal experience, that most of these people he’s come across are jerks. Nothing more, nothing less.

    I’m late to the party, but whatever.

  82. Plus, this shouldn’t be on here in the first place. It isn’t funny at all. Sure, you’ll have the hypocrites swarming it saying “OMH HE SO RACIST AND STUPID LUL”, but still, it shouldn’t be on here.

  83. Mr. Lover lover, Mr. Lover lover, girl, Mr. Lover lover
    She call me Mr. Boombastic say me fantastic, touch me in me back
    she say I’m Mr. Ro…mantic

  84. Facebook needs an option to “THROW STONES AT”!! Or better still, “A HAND GRENADE”! And they should import those from the Middle East!

  85. @korey
    A lot of these immigrants have, in fact, been to college (in their own country). It’s not like they’re all uneducated people who happen to start a business or something.

  86. @Lily

    Oh, of course, I never said they were uneducated, many of them aren’t. I’m just saying it’s a very difficult thing to do. I guess they have more pride, work ethic and strength to push on and start their own business. More American should follow their example.

    It’s still a legit question from the ignorant though. The guy just didn’t know, is all.

  87. @Korey maybe you can answer this: why do black people get more annoyed about the word “nigger” than they do about the many real and racist injustices in this country?

  88. ignorance is freedom

  89. while i admit to being attracted by the general tone of hatred you employ (solid effort there), i must say i’m a bit confused by your logic. i’m just not sure what you’re trying to say. you mention small hicktowns, but then talk about Pasadena, not exactly a mono-racial area. do you not want foreigners owning places because they’re jerks, or are you simply confused about how it happens and just let a little of your ambient hatred seep in? my advice would be to think through your argument a little more but, above all else, keep on ranting.

  90. @Boz

    Shit, I dunno, lol, I can’t speak for the entire black community. Many of them are offended by the term, mostly because they think they HAVE to be offended by it, I believe. I’m not offended by it, I find it to a funny/stupid word. I use it jokingly, and I never call a person a nigger/nigga seriously, it’s stupid. If someone calls me a nigga affectionately, I ask them not to. If someone calls me one as insult, I just laugh, tell them it’s a very weak and non-creative insult, and that they’re stupid, regardless of race.

    They are much much bigger racial issues at hand, so I agree with you.

  91. pft so just cuz someone doesn’t write with dollars signs and numbers they’re eloquent? whaaatever, his post is pretty normal, lotsa people talk and think like that, i don’t think they’re eloquent or intelligent or anything like that.

    before making a thousand presumptions he should probably research into his question. why doesn’t he just go ask his local gov. about small business loans? or…instead of being a racist…just ask the owners he hates so much?

  92. @Korey Thank you.

  93. daym sand niggers

  94. I don’t mean to sound racist but…I’m going to make a bunch of sweeping generalisations, recognise only stereotypes and air my views on what makes a superior race.

    some of these comments are almost as bad as the orignal post and really Korey, no one cares if you’re black – it’s not a magic badge that’ll blind us to ‘your’ ignorance. Do you really not see the problem here?

  95. oh electro girl, taking up for the “struggles” of poor ben. if he doesn’t like the store owners or the way they speak english, he has all the freedom of the world to go to another fucking store where the proprietors are white like him. and no, he didn’t specifically mention color, but he did mention nationality and race. so yes, he is racist, and so are you.

  96. @Chrissy

    No I don’t see a problem at all. The only thing I’m seeing is a human making an ignorant mistake. It happens all the fucking time. I don’t see the big deal, and it ISN’T a big deal, and I don’t know why all you guys are bashing the kid like you you never did anything wrong before in your life. If you state this is racism, you don’t know what racism is. What this guy said is completely insignificant and isn’t a “problem”.

    And I stated I was black because I’ve dealt with racism, directly and indirectly. I know how it is, because I’ve experienced it. Not being able to play with my friend as a kid, being kicked out of clubs, being chased out of parks, feeling completely out of place on purpose, that sort of thing.

    This guy isn’t being racist. Just stupid. And everyone has their own show of ignorance.

  97. hey sorry guys i have to come clean, i AM BEN.

    gettin chased out of parks REALLY??? get the fuck up out of here man.

  98. He sounds jealous that immigrants can become more successful than him at life. He probably works at a fast food chain making minimum wage. What a jerk face.

  99. “I’m not TRYING to be racist, it just comes naturally at this point.” would be a more appropriate title.

  100. I’m surprised she properly used the word emmigrate

  101. Guys, I think we’re missing the point here. It’s really cool to be anti-PC and totally racist. Everybody does it now.

  102. lmao. Ben said some pretty far-fetched stuff, but he hasn’t actually DONE anything wrong, it’s not all that fair to compare him to Hitler or the KKK. You should all be gratfeul to the circumstances you have been brought up in/encountered that have made you all such open-minded people. Not every-one is quite so lucky. I pity the Bens of the world for the experiences they are missing out on, however, his is just one opinion of many and we are all just learning in life much the same as him. Predjudice and judgement are basic human instincts, and it’s the mark of civilisation that we try to curb these thoughts.
    I don’t think racism is the main weakness in ben’s little speech, but I do sense somewhat of an undertone of jealousy and bitterness. All in all, Ben, be happy that SOME-ONE is running our beloved convenience stores the world over. They really are quite convenient. lol

  103. It’s very interesting how people are amazed that immigrants can set up their own businesses. And just because these people are immigrants doesn’t mean they aren’t educated. India is a huge country and the cities are huge for business. There are pockets of India that are poor but the cities of India are pretty technologically advanced, and not too far behind America.

    But This is how we did it: My parents immigrated to Chicago from Pakistan and have done very well for themselves. When my parents first arrived they worked non stop everywhere they could find work. Some of these jobs involved working at 7-11, driving a cab, selling cars at a local dealership, and so forth. Eventually my father had enough savings to open his own small business. Through good credit he was able to get loans from various banks to open a business and hire employees. Several years later, his small business has now turned into a Nationwide business. My parents have also put three children [including myself] through college.

  104. But I find it funny that people are amazed that Middle Easterners, Asians, and South Asians can open a business successfully and run it. My parents were born and raised in Pakistan but they both had a college education. My father did his masters in business and my mother did her masters in political science. Education is everywhere and hard working families will always find a way to put their kids through college. My parents families weren’t wealthy either. It just took some hard work. So, don’t be surprised Ben.

  105. How?
    Money, hard work, financial savvyness and not going into Hollister.

  106. Just so you all know, everything that Bee said is complete and utter xenophobic bullshit.

  107. i love how some people are defending ben as not being racist, oh hes just ignorant, i think it is an attempt to cover their own racism

  108. Ben does have a point though.

    All this liberal, left-wing, we’re all equal bullshit is really quite funny. There is a surprising amount of research the more than just hints at the fact that different races aren’t equally endowed, but most people would just dismiss this because they are too scared of things that aren’t strictly politically correct.

    If you think people are equal then I think you should wake up. Look at Europe. Look at Africa. Look at the history of mankind. People are different, and they know it, and they don’t always want to get along.

    One thing that I can say about Americans though, is that they generally think their lifestyle/worldview is superior to those of other, and they genuinely believe this. Let’s see how the next 10 years play out.

  109. LMFAO I FIND IT TO BE SO TRUE AND FUNNY… Why does everyone get so defensive? everyone’s entitled to their own opinon and it’s not like he’s making this up….. so … CHILLAX lol

  110. Ben, go kill yourself. But, make sure you take Nina S with you as well. And about 99% of the morons that commented on this. I wonder if everyone’s this racist irl. Do you have the balls to say this shit to the people’s faces? Probably not. Pathetic online, pathetic in real life.

  111. Holy fuck shit! Someone mentions race, along with a string of facts, and people lose their fucking minds. What a sad existence some of you lead.

    You people voted for Obama, and you killed Jesus. ;)

  112. LMAO. Man, I want to go see all those Indians in the Middle East! Good thing all the idiot immigrants have some random millionaire’s coat tails to ride on. It’s not like they have education systems in any OTHER countries!

  113. indians r not middle eastern asswhole!
    whonis this guy and y isnt he dead?!

  114. FTW, Ben.

  115. wow! never thought there were people this ignorant in the world. Hey whitey, why don’t you go read a book about geography and then start forming opinions of people and posting them online. Also Mr. Ben, if you knew anything about arabs and indians you would see that we came to America for a better salary and a better life. Anyways if I were you, I would go check in to a mental hospital. It can’t be safe to be this stupid.

  116. so since when are indians middle eastern? last time i checked, they were divided by the arabian sea.

  117. …This is extremely embarrassing and shameful, and yet I’m positive this guy still thinks he’s “right” or “okay” in thinking in this manner.

  118. Well, considering the distinct lack of a balanced discussion, I am here in lieu of an organised “For” representation.

    Surely all the guy who posted this is asking is how a bunch of extremely poor, very badly placed individuals (Regardless of race for a second) manage to somehow achieve the necessary business acumen and financial stability (hopefully) required to run a successful business. This to me seems an extremely valid question, and would seem to suggest that because of the fear we have as a society of being branded “racists” we feel the need to over compensate by granting those of a different ethnic background higher levels of support than we would any person who might be of the same or of a recognised common ethnic background. I (Bristol, England, UK of GB&NI) haven’t seen a white British newsagent in my life. I don’t think they exist. I don’t know why, nor do I particularly care. That doesn’t make me a racist, no matter how much you want it to. It’s just common observation. I don’t care who emigrates here, just so long as you don’t bring your sexist ideals (Burqas, for example. Not to generalise of course) and challenge our “racist” ones (Asking you to kindly learn our language, for example. Not to generalise of course) in the process. Remember, it is not the fact that there ARE foreigners running businesses, it is the proportion of foreigners running such businesses in comparison to the native workforce which I personally find worrying.

    Enjoy your Lamebook browsing, don’t take anything I (or anybody else on the internet) say(s) seriously, and have a wonderful day.

    Yours Sincerely,

  119. God, some people are dumb. Just because someone comes from a country which is not America, doesn’t make them dirt poor and living with swine. In fact, some of us who live outside of America can even afford our own houses!

    It doesn’t take millions to set up a small business, just a little common sense, which seems to be more than what you have.

  120. i so wanna respond to him. not even on the racist parts cuz teh way i see it u cant get sum1 to see race equally, its justs umthing that hopefully happens on its own. but i just wanna inform him on how they do it. they may look like they are poor but theyre actually rich. the difference between americans and successful immigrant small business owners is they dont spend money on bullshit. they came here for a better life for them and there fam that cant come to teh states so thats what theyre working for. the money they make isnt spent on nice cars clothes and decorations for their small business its spent on necessities and alot of it is sent back to their fam in their countries. they dont give a fuck bout customer service cuz they arent a big franchise they dont have money to waste on “the customers always right, just give them a freebie this time” if the the customers not right then he can take his ass to walmart but since hes here hes gonna buy the shit he came for regardless. even if the customer does take his ass to walmart instead9 times outa10 he wont so its actually a bigger waste of money to spend time on customer service. and their kids work for them cuz its cheaper labor and they dont have to pay for daycare. also thats why theyre kids tend to be better behaved and not end up drunk at parties and failing outta school. the go to school they go to the shop they go home, no room to fuck up. its a good plan that many americans dont realize and think theyr are just poor immigrants.

  121. I don’t mean to sound racist, and Imma let you finish but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all times!

  122. neither north american gov’s pay for immigration, like how some losers mentioned. It’s called hard work, saving money and a work ethic that most people in north america cant duplicate. almost all my friends whether indian or middle eastern work hard and succeed even though there are lots of these racist, ignorant pricks (like the ones that have posted negatively here) that hate or ridicule them for really no reason.. the difference is they dont hate all whites or get racist back because some of us treat people like friends, and we drown out the goofy white losers who dont matter at all and never will anyways

  123. They don’t have to pay taxes for, I believe, 10 years. They take the money they saved by not paying taxes and send it back to their family in the Middle East. That’s how it works. I’ts a simple raping of the system.

  124. @Holly: Nonsense, they do have to pay taxes. Quit with the baseless shit.

  125. @Holly (#123) – You’re an idiot. Earning income in the US pays requires you pay tax in the US. Maybe it is simply hard work and dedication. Your parents should receive a partial refund on money spent on your education, if any.

  126. Ramirez raped your system

    Holly, you’re an idiot.

  127. I get excited whenever someone says something along the lines of ‘Now, I’m not racist BUT…’

  128. @108: So-called “research” that proves racial inferiority has been widely debunked. Most of this research is based on standardized tests, and it’s been proven that the main indicator of performance on standardized tests has little to do with race. It is purely socioeconomic: richer people, whose parents tend to be better educated and who themselves go to better schools, do better on standardized tests. This has nothing to do with intellectual capacity; it had to do with opportunity.

    Plus the average person of any race does better on standardized tests than the average person of a century ago. As society grows more complex and we have more leisure time, our capacity for abstract thought increases.

  129. And to all of you who think that there is nothing wrong with Ben’s argument, and that its author is just “curious”, I have two things to say:

    1) The mere fact that he is curious reveals his ignorance. I, for one, am not “curious” about how foreigners own businesses because I assume it’s the same way that non-foreigners own businesses–through hard work and saving money. Observation bears me out on this.

    And 2) The difference between mere curiosity, or even ignorant curiosity, and racism is the way it is expressed. If he had just said “How do recent foreign immigrants get the money to own their own businesses?” he would have been guilty of ignorance, but not racism.

  130. Thanks, Nutti!

  131. Ben did those ‘middle eastern’ people “Tuk er jeobs?”

  132. derka derb!!!

  133. Ben is an idiot. Someone should beat him down with a golf club.
    Full Stop =D

  134. White people cannot run convenience stores.. It’s a genetic thing. The government has to employ people from asia to work them. The economy would implode if this wasn’t happening.

  135. @ Sheena She #22
    Middle Easterners are Asian too, except for Northern Africans, if you want to count them. Most Middle Eastern countries are in Asia.

  136. I’ve also thought about why people would bother comming all the way to a richer country to set upp a shop for some snooty white people.
    And where do they get the cash from?
    I mean a shop run under just conditions is frikkin expensive.
    Oh well, i don’t claim to understand it.

  137. as a second generation mexican i can honestly say our children arent only speaking spanish in america for “generations”

    this ben kids an ignorant idiot.


  139. Ben,
    I don’t know if you are reading this, but I hope you are.
    You are a piece of shit!
    Go check out the top ten richest people’s list and you’ll see a few Indians there!
    They have money that can’t dream about getting!

  140. Is it just me, or am I the only one who noticed that he didn’t directly imply that India was in the Middle East? Good thing the rest of you know how to read…

  141. I think this guy is the kind of guy who would piss in his own mouth if they were drunk enough

  142. People need to relax.
    One thing I will say in defense of the OP, I know teachers in California who have left the state to teach elsewhere because immigrants (specifically Hispanics) refused to learn English or teach their children English. They did not promote an education in their household and they made the jobs of these teachers a living hell. Obviously this isn’t standard but the extreme cases definitely spur resentment. California schools are failing, we don’t need to tack on more problems. I’m not saying being racist is a good thing but I am saying if we’re all going to attack the racist why do we turn the other cheek for the person who absolutely refuses to give their child a proper education? Isn’t that kind of behavior almost equally bad? Just an opinion..

  143. I don’t think this is lame or even stupid. The guy simply doesn’t know and has the guts to ask about it and learn even though I think he senses its both a little non-PC as well maybe revealing his lack of general knowlege.

    The answer (in case he’s reading) is that starting up a business takes an amount of capital which isn’t out of reach for most blue-collar Americans. However it takes some serious scrimping to save that capital, which may require cutting more corners in standard of living than most American citizens are willing to do. The average immigrant probably comes from a culture where “big business” was much less common, and many more people had to run a business, so they’re more used to and open to the idea. Finally, it takes probably perseverance and flexibility and appetite for risk, rather than things an immigrant may not have such as education and certification (a degree) and (unless you can say predujice simply doesn’t exist in the US, these might be at least minor factors:) a native accent and a face of the right color.

    As far as language: I’ve lived in Switzerland 7 years, which is 1/2 German 1/3 French 1/6 Italian. On average they speak over two languages fluently (often English and one of the other national languages) and it works great. They have access to the culture, friends, work and leisure opportunities of half of Europe there. I’m also in Hong Kong now in which everything is written in English and Chinese and most people speak a fair amount of both. They can work in a job where they buy from Chinese and sell to Americans. They can enjoy a flick by Won Kar Wai then a flick by Robert Altman. They can get ahead in business and enjoy their leisure more thna the typical monoglot.

    Spanish was actually the main language in what is now the US for probably several hundred years, both in Florida and in the West. Its not a bad thing. Looking forward for the US economy: what is the one thing there are more of than Chinese? Hispanics! Imagine the strength of the US if every American spoke great English and Spanish and for every business opportunity and at every meeting in South America there was a Spanish-speaking American (regardless of skin color) offering the services of an American firm, and taking back to the head office a report about what Hispanics wanted to buy. I dislike the idea of US kids growing up not speaking English… but also think it would be in their interest to learn Spanish from a young age as well.

  144. @Swissfrank
    It is lame AND stupid. The poster doesn’t seem to realize that India is not part of the Middle East.

  145. Furthermore, the reason there are more Hispanics than Chinese is that “Hispanic” is a broad racial category. The Chinese, as an ethnic group, consist of only people with heritage from China, Taiwan, and sometimes Singapore, Malaysia, and Tibet. There are still more Asians than Hispanics.

    Nice try.

  146. @145 Just wow. The “Chinese as an ethnic group” are Chinese. China is a geographical description, not a racial one. Only Chinese people are Chinese and I’m pretty sure Taiwanese, Malaysians, Tibetans (especially!) and Singaporeans would have a real problem with you calling them Chinese. Their ethnicity would be Asian, not Chinese.

  147. I’m speechless, so many things I could say, my brain is about to explode.

    Biggest fail ever!!

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