Saturday, December 12, 2009

Busted Beauties


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  1. First with my first post, lol. And, eurgh!

  2. Slut alert!

  3. This makes me completely ashamed to be black.

  4. It’s okay, there are white slags too.

  5. I would love to be one of them! To be so oblivious to common decency and to think I looked hawt like that with stretch marks and cut up jeans..
    Stupid people don’t suffer… And these girls are stupid!

  6. They look like they could star in the next 50 cent video.

  7. @AGs: I feel really ashamed too. You are not alone. I’m actually embarassed and I don’t even know them!

  8. *AGS..oops

  9. the one on the right needs to be put down

  10. Let us ensure that everyone who doesn’t conform to our right-wing ideals has no opportunity for fun, and certainly no opportunity to access a camera. Thank God all these previous precious commentors are so perfect. It gives us all hope for mankind, knowing that such paragons exist.

    The photo makes me feel sick, too. Just not as sick as the comments.

  11. What’s right-wing about saying fat chicks wearing skanky clothing is disgusting? Are you trying to imply that left-wing people like fat chicks?

    Obesity is a medical problem that anyone with more intelligence than a garden vegetable agrees with, not a political issue divided between right and left.

  12. Yozenfrogurt ,I don’t think the issue is obesity here…

  13. Brandy Alexander – please identify the right wing sentiment, maybe I’m just a stupid left-winger, but I can’t see it at all in the previous comments.
    Are you just trying to sound intelligent? You’re failing.

  14. Oh shut up Brandy Alexander.
    If that is how you feel, switch to instead, and let people who are not busy riding their high horses bitch just a little bit.. S’il vous fucking plait..

  15. Vince from purchasing

    Suggesting that someone should be put down is right wing, agreed, but the other comments? Lefties rag on self-delusion and poor fashion choices as much as other folk, in my experience.

  16. ahhhhhhhhhh my eyes!!!! they burn!!!!!


  18. what? all I see is two lovable sea-swines?

  19. fap fap fap fap fap fap fap (mmm, Brandy) fap fap unf unf! UNF!

    That is all.

  20. I don’t think Joe Stalin would have thought twice about sending these two off to a gulag, Brandy Alexander.

  21. Didn’t know the acronym UNF, so I just Googled it, gotcha now, but the first result was University of North Florida! Hahahahahahaahahahaha.

  22. i think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit

  23. Dayum gurrrrrl!

  24. What in the..

  25. While I agree that they should be covered up, I applaud their self confidence.

  26. Titty Twister, sometimes you can have too much of a good thing…

  27. holy stretch marks batman

  28. oddly enough, i now have a craving for fried chicken


  30. The one on the right looks like a walrus flossing!

    The one on the left “thwap thwap thwap thwap thwap squelch thwap squelch thwap squelch thwap. Towel please”!

  31. …and waffles.

  32. :(

  33. Ew! My God! WHY?!?!!?

    How’d you make the face Really?


  34. @ Titty Twister: Im all for women of all shapes and sizes being proud of what they got. And I agree with you that they need to cover up though. I had a friend that used to wear little mini skirts and high boots. While she didnt have a ugly body she was not built for mini anything. If dressed right even a large woman can look fabulous.

  35. “Yeah, I got a gut… but there’s some GOOD PUSSY under this gut!!”

  36. I wonder if one of these girls is actually Tara..? Maybe Tara’s just being a bitch by posting unflattering photos of her friends?

  37. Or maybe Tara in a round about way is trying to say she likes big [not]beautiful black women.

  38. I’m curious. Does anyone else find that their comments are automatically subjected to moderation if their name is a link to another website?

  39. @insane, yes, I’ve realized that. They’ve gotten rid of some of my comments for some reason. idk why though

  40. I’ve noticed that NONE of my comments about good pussy have been moderated. Take note.

  41. Ewwww. The issue here is not that these women are fat – well, that IS an issue, just a less important one – but that they posted a picture of them in these cheap, trashy clothes.


  42. these bitches are hood as fuck.

    why does this remind me of an e-40 song???

  43. As a multriracial woman, this makes my black side CRY. I mean, many women have stretch marks, and many women are a bit overweight, but my LORD, they know what looks good on their bodies, and they know how to be sexy and classy at the same time. This is just hideous, disgusting, and shameful. Not only is it nasty, because its nasty, but its sad, because they think they look good. Pathetic is what it is. If they were smaller, they would still be looking like STD ridden whores, BUT this just takes it to a sad sad sad level. Yuck.

  44. MakeLikeaLeafAndBlow

    nice pants

  45. NOoooooooooo! Please wear more clothing.

  46. nice stretch marks on a fat ass.


  47. i seriously thought these were stereotypical whores on a movie set. it’s sad to realize that these are real people who dress like this.

  48. ahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaahahahahhaha, walrus flossing, that was excellent!


  50. True definition of “Ghetto Booty”.

  51. @dollymama

    these girls would never make it to a movie set

  52. @earbud, absaelutely atraecious spelling. Can’t expect tae much more from a dickhead racist. Haepe your mother’s proud of you. Now fuck off back to your cave and don’t come out until you’ve grown up.


  54. Damn, she is thick.

  55. damn she thick

  56. @earbud I’m pretty sure awful was mocking your shit spelling in the first comment, dick.
    Also I’m almost certain these girls are prostitues, ‘posted up the street’??

  57. lol, thank you Penny Lame, it was a bit much I know to expect that earbud would understand that someone was taking the piss out of him. Looks like I hooked the troll though.

  58. Vince from purchasing

    @earbud. You surely can’t have an IQ over 80. If you do, you left it in your other pants today.

    You were deservedly mocked. Thousands of readers here – who didn’t post – laughed at the mocking. Then they went on with their vaguely satisfying lives. In direct contrast to your demonstrably flawed existence.

    Yo mamma be ashamed she raised such a fool.

  59. I think you got trolled, nice arse kicking awful, and shot Penny, for backing him up.
    On the actual post, yum, yum, pigs bum, fat American hookers, dayum that ghetto bootay gets me going.
    I can just see these girls and their clients as the sort of dicks that spell l1k3 Th1S bE3c4uZ iT5 G4ngS73RrR!!11!1!

  60. Wow! Now that’s what I’d call a Flotation Device!

  61. Ahhh..when a simple “muffin top” becomes a complete blow out.. this is when you REALLY know you may need to creep up a few sizes!! :)

  62. @earbud
    for future reference, though your attmept failed anyway, you do not need to censure cunts on Lamebook.
    You are not stupid for your typos. you, however, stupid for exposing your self intentionaly or not as a racist.
    I also think that they are not calling stupid but for the fact that you use words like n!gger instead of words like coon or spook. I know they mean the same thing but using n!gger demonstrates a very poor vocabulary and seems to make some people uneasy. Unlike cunt which does not appear to affect people the same way.

    Okay, I’ll get down off of my soap box.

  63. awful, Finn,earbud,Penny_Lame and the rest of you threadwhores aren’t helping anything, all you seem to do is sit on here all day commenting on other people’s posts and not the item posted.
    One glance over your timelines in the majority of the posts here and it’s easy to see NONE of you have any real lives.
    You all suck.

  64. could someone just throw earbud down a cliff please?

  65. LOL “attmept, censure” God damn you all suck.

  66. Wait, we got rid of zombie and have to keep earbud? let’s trade back.

  67. Vince from purchasing

    OK. I’m used to trolls being smarter and subtler. Given post #65, however, Finn’s making sense.

  68. @Marthaspewitt
    It’s fucking 630 in the morning, what the hell do you want?

  69. If you’re going to *ATTEMPT* to slam someone for their intelligence or lack there of, at least proof read.
    You’re all sad little TROLLS.

  70. Boy Martha, they weren’t kidding about you.

  71. Nope. And I’ll cut you open given half a chance.

  72. Yeah, of that I am sure…you kind of suck, a little.

  73. @Martha Spewitt

    It’s illegal to start a sentence with a conjunction. I am impressed though that you managed to overlook the horrifying racism and start on people’s grammar.

  74. Calm down everyone. Ignore the trolls – they are incapable of saying anything funny so have to resort to unimaginative insults to get anyone to pay them attention.

    @Anitalaff and elpemmy: Lovin’ your comments.

    Congratulations to the girls in the pic for overcoming their anorexia.

  75. They need to exercise more to burn some fats actually…:-|

  76. a piece in every crease…
    I would do them both very fast and very hard…I also like robots and sausages…

  77. Can we please get back to the good pussy??


  79. I want those jeans for xmas.

  80. Do you think those pants were complete intact before they started messing around? Totally turns me on.

  81. Is that a belt or buttcheeks?

  82. i want a pair of those pants

  83. I think everyone is missing the point here. The lameness is in in the fact that some hoe-down bitch done got all in Tara’s girl’s face, but Tara’s BFF didn’t trip, she just grabbed that bitch’s weave and brought her ass down to the ground. What you’re seeing here is Tara posing for the victory photo, while her friend chows down on the bootylicious body of her fallen enemy.

  84. In all seriousness,the n word is fucking LAME.Yes,these girls are poorly dressed,leave it at that.
    Sorry,nothing pisses me off more than seeing that word used,and I’m white! It’s incredibly ignorant and unnecessary.

  85. The Scarlet Pimple

    This is almost grosser than pictures of shit.

  86. @ MarthaSpewitt, “If you’re going to *ATTEMPT* to slam someone for their intelligence or lack there of, at least proof read.” I think you better proofread your own work you peanut.

  87. @ AGS: Don’t feel lonely, it makes me completely ashamed to be female. And human, even.

  88. Scarlett pimple is the winner of the comments section

  89. Looks like Max Peltz’ Mum

  90. @85…I’ve never seen a belt with stretch marks

  91. A prime example of when confidence and a lack of common sense/pride clash.
    On the flip side, if it wasn’t for people like this who are happy to put themselves in a position to be ridiculed the world would be just a little less funny.

  92. When I look at earbuds ignorant spew all I see is !ggern! over and over.

  93. I wonder is earbud is upset because some big fat hairy guy used him as an analbud rather than an earbud?

  94. I don’t feel comfortable around ‘big’ people anymore. :/

    We might have to put them down for the sake of our future generation. :S

  95. Hot.

  96. that is just nasty

  97. It looks like they’re in the middle of falling down and the earth decided to do away with the whole gravity thing for a second in order to stop their combined weight from causing a crack that splits the world in half.

  98. I don’t see bbq, a pool, or a park… Looks like the big’ns are “kickin it” in an empty lot.

  99. It’s much easier to send a little note to the site about trolls and spammers like earbud than to back-and-forth with them. I love this page, but it only takes a few retards to ruin a good thing. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.

  100. everyone chill the fuck out?
    i don’t get what everyone is having a go at earbud about?

  101. hahahahaha, lmao @ 92. I’m thinking that earbud’s username is a reference to that fact that one got shoved a little bit too deep when he was a baby. Have also just realised all his posts have been removed! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA even more.

  102. I’ve never been so turned on in my LIFE!!!

  103. Looks like they got stuck in a KFC for most of their lives.

  104. I repeat, I am a big girl but this is just disgraceful.
    a) Why would you think this was a good idea?
    b) Couldn’t find anything in your size?
    c) No class, no sass… I understand big girls are soulful, but that is, well, “Kicking it” and not in a good way. :( This makes me want to cry…

  105. I’d like to play “bouncy castle” with these two.

  106. Save a mouse by harpooning a whale! Someone had to say it!

  107. *Save a pussy by harpooning a whale. Sorry folks. Blinking lights and flashing things distract me with ease.

  108. Heebie Jeebus girls, say no to crack! And maybe KFC if you wanna dress like that O.O

  109. Insane, you have been really distracted a lot lately…

  110. Why hide your stretch marks in concealing clothes? Give the people what they want! Now, where are my scissors….

  111. Svetlana you and SeeBea have that effect on me!

  112. Now it’s all my fault. *Drops to her knees* “Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?” (Camera pans out to space)

    Hee hee. :D

  113. jesus fucking christ. I JUST THREW UP IN MY OWN MOUTH. big fucking time.

  114. Well, at least it was your OWN MOUTH you were sick in! But yeah, I’ll agree.

  115. are those holes in their jeans intentional or are they literally bursting out of their clothes?

  116. Is this a deleted scene from Precious?

  117. Uhh seriously… is no one else freaked out by the unusually large outie belly button thingy that girl has?

  118. Svetlana you madam are the queen of LOLs!

  119. That’s not an outie belly button-that’s the foot of someone standing behind her that you can’t even see…

  120. @ Insane : Thank you, thank you. Oh please stop the applause, really! Thank you.

    P.S. KennyChen is a DOUCHE.

    Have a nice day! :)

  121. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Oh. My. Fucking. God.

    I just threw up in your handbag. Sorry.

  122. Ohhh I see it now, I thought the black part of the shoe was a shadow. I feel much better now, thanks!

  123. I thought that ‘belly button’ was a baby’s foot from her snack earlier on in the evening.

  124. i think im gonna puke

  125. I’ve been here a couple of times and each time when the content of a minority is posted it’s the same hot mess. A lot of blogs use these race baiting tactics and I can read a lot of you fall prey to them.

    What’s even “lamer” is that some people actually leave remarks thinking they are funny.

    It’s like attack of the so called “cool kids”.


  126. @Okay then.: We are here to laugh. Some of us are baited, while others do the baiting. I do also realise by responding to you that I have been baited. But guess what? I don’t give a flying fuck! I just wanted to be the first person to officially tell you to STFU! Have a nice day :)

  127. sum girlz don luk afta demselves, if i eat 2 much i be sik n i tri not 2 eat 2 much nways. most boyz don lik big gurlz neways so why get big n dat.
    i lik herjeans do.

  128. we have to log in now??? wtf. Ok comment 83 was the best ever way to go Jelly. LOL theres no topping that. I was just wondering if the one on the right was wearing a denim thong underneath this mess?? I think the girl on the right convinced her she looked GOOD to convince her to wear that so she looks better by comparison.

  129. OOH! *head jerks back* DAMN!

  130. lmfao @ Kensington’s — OOH! *head jerks back* DAMN!

  131. I’m with LMAO’s Comment (#91). As for a few other comments I don’t understand why anyone would be ashamed to be Black or female after seeing this picture.

  132. i bet they tripped along the way and their pants couldnt take anymore torture. they just gave out. thats sad

  133. Anyone got a shiv I can use to gouge my eyes out? Eh… I suppose it could be worse.

  134. Don’t care what people say, but this is just gross. Just try being healthy for your age and height. But this is just G-R-O-S-S. What’s so great about being confident about this of all the things? I knew a teacher like this who almost sat on a little kid in my bus.

  135. i just vomited. thought I’d share.

  136. The last known photograph of the Wheathergirls on a night out

  137. I would take great pleasure in ploughing the nubian goddess on the left.

  138. Ya know, where others see shame, audacity and just sheer ignorant bliss, I see OPPORTUNIY!!! We could take those pants and make bullet-proof vests of them and pass them out to at least 1,000 troops in Afghanistan. Think of the money we could make. Do you realize how strong that fabric has to be, being so small and threadbare and not break???? We could use them as whale nets too! No modifications needed.

  139. Ya know, where others see shame, audacity and just sheer ignorant bliss, I see OPPORTUNITY!!! We could take those pants and make bullet-proof vests of them and pass them out to at least 1,000 troops in Afghanistan. Think of the money we could make. Do you realize how strong that fabric has to be, being so small and threadbare and not break???? We could use them as whale nets too! No modifications needed.

  140. Good for them. That’s fuckin’ hot.

  141. I wish they didn’t make lingerie or swimsuits for obese women. I take that back. If they didn’t make them, they would be naked. *shudder*

  142. Caramel_Princess

    Am no longer black. *leaves*

  143. The one on the left looks a little like my first roommate.

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