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  1. Eerste! Nobody expects… The Dutch inquisition.

  2. What the frak are the riot posts regarding?

  3. nor the douchenozzle mafia.

  4. Ha! Feels good to be first.
    I was thinking it might be to do with the Canadians rioting? Saw something on the news about supporters rioting because their team lost to an American team.

  5. If I was Brock & Luke’s friend I’d be pretty tempted to forward the screenshots to the cops as well as Lamebook. Not that I’m a grass, just because it serves them right for being so retarded as to brag on facebook about it.

  6. the riots took place in Vancouver BC last night and hundreds of idiots looted buildings, burnt cars, and smashed windows. they also posted multiple facebook statuses and are in dozens of videos which are all over the internet. the police have facebook groups and a tumblr account set up for people to report rioters and so far it seems to be going quite well.

  7. The Vancouver Canucks lost in Game 7 to the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup yesterday, so in honour of the riot that happened in 1994 when the Vancouver Canucks lost to the NY Rangers on this same day, the fans decided to riot.
    And by fans I mean punks who always seem to ruin the fun. They do it at the G8/G20 summits, they do it after championship games (Win or lose). Douches

    In other news, Tim Thomas’ wife is a MILF

  8. We look like the fucking idiots we are now.
    Hockey sucks

  9. Baseball is better than hockey anyways

  10. Maybe I’m putting too much faith into humanity but I find it so hard to believe that Luke and Brock could be so thick.

    I’m going to have to side with tonedog on this one.

  11. Hi, I’m Canadian. We conform to our stereotypes. Not glad it escalated to stupid rioting though, and unfortunately this probably would have happened if the Canucks had won too.

    And dragonfly, there are a bunch of groups dedicated to tracking down rioters from last night. A lot of these posts are showing up there so people can report these idiots to the Vancouver police.

  12. well brock that’s nothing…i sell meth to school kids

  13. ^^^ shit that was supposed to be an inbox how do I delete this thing????

  14. #9 baseballs better than hockey, lol. “shakes off first sign…. shakes off the next sign….batter calls time….. now hes ready…. the pitch, ball two………”


  16. Why even blur their last names? All of Vancover knows who they are and they’re paying the consequences for their idiotic actions.

  17. i like hockey, because like most popular north american sports it is incredibly homoerotic.

    however, i think these riots really highlight how detached from reality people in north america are. whilst the rest of the world demonstrates to overthrow tyrants and promote democracy, canadians go on a looting frenzy because six closet bears lost in a gay dancing on ice competition.

  18. We haven’t really had a large-scale riot after a football (soccer) game in years. I wanna extend my thanks to Canadians everywhere for attempting to take on our mantle of stupid, blind aggression after sports competitions. You guys wear it well. A bit of homophobic chanting wouldn’t go amiss though, not that I’m tryna tell you how to do it.

    ‘Go team Canada-Hockey’! Didn’t Casey Jones in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wear a hockey mask? Is that anything to do with this? kthnx.

  19. vincent – I love you man. That wins the internet full fucking stop

    I used to think Canadians were the cooler nonchalant cousins of the US, you sure fucked that up.

  20. #7 But did they beat the 1994′s high score? That would suck if they don’t.

  21. I just want to point out that this isn’t “canadians” rioting. it was people who lived in BC. This likely wouldn’t have happened had it been Toronto in the SC Finals. Win or lose, we’d be too shocked that they even made the finals to riot…

  22. Vincent really did well this time

  23. Care to comment about football and all those “tight ends”?

  24. You pathetic westerners and your lazy generalising ways disgust me.

  25. #21 lol since when BC moved out of Canada? Last i heard BC is in Canada,making them canadian. So correct me dawg,what made them NOT canadians?

  26. If it had happened in Toronto the riot would have been just as bad, and there wouldn’t have been hundreds of Torontonians out in the streets cleaning up the damage the next day, either.

    However I can only assume that you meant that the people who started the riots do not represent all of Canada, which is obviously true – they probably weren’t even hockey fans. No fan goes to watch a game prepared to torch a car if their team loses.

  27. Ceci n'est pas un nom

    Yeah #21, wtf? I live in BC and, last I checked, we were still part of Canada. BTW, just for the record, I am a huge Canucks fan and am ashamed of what these idiots did to our beautiful city. But at least the other side of Vancouver showed the next morning when people gathered to help clean up the mess.

  28. geeeez. yes, i meant that it wasn’t all of canada, thus saying “zomg canadians are classless” is just silly, since it was one province in the 2nd largest country in the world that did this.

  29. First, this wouldn’t happen in Toronto because most people there are not passionate about the Leaves, they are an embarrassment to the hockey association and Canada as a whole. The rioters were not hockey fans, the first car was overturned with a minute left of the game so to blame the people of Vancouver or hockey fans incorrect. It was a group of drunk guys that wanted to steal and break shit, end of story. And any American who can sit there and say that anything about Canada is an embarrassment… just think all those innocent people who were hurt went to the hospital. and didn’t pay for their visit. Check yourself!!

  30. @canuck11 Did you just grammatically pluralize the Leafs? Yikes, not a hockey fan evidently and should probably refrain from generalizing to avoid any more blunders like that.

  31. CommentsAtLarge

    mmmmbananas, lest you not forget there have been other riots in other provinces (’92 all hell broke out in Montreal over a Guns N Roses/Metallica concert). That being said, I still agree with not generalizing an entire group based on one act of stupidity. Stupid people don’t have a specific nationality or region; sadly we’re stuck with them everywhere.

  32. of course, i’m not suggesting other locations in canada have never rioted. but it’s not like cities in america have never rioted. i don’t agree with the rioting and i’ve been shocked at some of the pictures circulating of it, but like you said, i don’t think it’s right to lump all canadians into that group since it was one province.

    i also disagree about toronto not being passionate about the leafs – leaf fans are some of the most dedicated sports fans i know since they stick by their team even though they’ve sucked for… a very long time, lol.

  33. can’t walk away without sharing my opinion
    you’re all generalizing CANADA, and specifically an entire PROVINCE… this was strictly VANCOUVER, I live in BC (eastern BC a good 1200km from Vancouver). I was an anti-canuck fan before these riots and even more so now… no matter the outcome of this game, there was going to be a riot, theres pictures all over CBC and the National of people holding “RIOT 2011″ signs… there was a riot in 1994 after the canucks once again choked and lost the stanley cup… a small group of people wanted a riot no matter the outcome of the game, obviously stupid, drunk people… this riot in NO way represents canada or BC in general… as a canadian I am embarassed and ashamed of the crap these people did.
    Thanks a lot Vancouver for making Canada look as stupid as everyone already thought we were

  34. megnog, you’re an idiot.

    You really think that Vancouver, the whole city, was involved with and supported the riot?

    Get a clue.

  35. Strictly Vancouver, eh megnog? Our good friend Brock isn’t even from Vancouver. I won’t say where exactly, but suffice it to say he’s a good boat ride away.

    Sadly, douchebags live everywhere and they also know how to travel. I’ve been a lifelong Canucks fan. All my friends and family are lifelong Canucks fans. We weren’t out there rioting. I think we’re probably more representative of your typical fan. Most people aren’t awful and most Canucks fans rock. Fact.

  36. I was saying it happened strictly in vancouver where y’all were saying it happened as a province… where i live in bc, there were no riots, no fights, no yelling, screaming, trash throwing that’s what i was saying
    hope your family as life long canuck fans are better then the 95% of ignorant, stupid canuck fans i’ve met in my day… next year, right bro?

  37. I always thought Canadians were pretty nice people. But you guys are terrible. Worse than Mexicans.

  38. Please don’t think all Canadians are like the jackasses that decided to get drunk and start a riot. It was a small percentage of people who came out after the hockey game to start shit up, they were planning on doing it whether the Canucks won or lost. The majority of vancouverites up here are disgusted and disgraced by the asswipe’s actions.

  39. I’m a sis. And I’ve never actually met a nucks fan who was a douche. You must know some really crappy people.

  40. Well. First, Megnog, you are an idiot. Sorry bout that. Getting mad because people are generalising BC and then you go and blast ALL of Van? Unfortunately it’s people like you that make Canada look stupid.
    The riots were started by a handful of people that were going to riot whether the Canucks won or lost, and I’d be willing to bet that none of them live in Vancouver either. You don’t usually go down town with a molotov cocktail and not use it. It’s not hard to incite large drunk crowds, and they got what they wanted. I would rather think of all the people that went down town the next day to clean up, so many that they had to turn people away. That is what Vancouver is like (and all of BC Megnog). Everyone I know is appalled by what happened. It’s kinda sad to generalise a whole city/province/country based on a few asshats. Although anyone from the US can probably relate.

  41. Hey… Idiots.

    Remember how in ’04. Calgary made it to the finals…and had WON the Stanley cup….wtf happened then? THEY TOOK AWAY OUR WINNING POINT.

    Tampa bay then WON game 7.

    I don’t fucking remember any RIOTING happening at the Red Mile.

    Vancouver is giving the rest of Canada a bad name…thanks to a few idiots ruining it for everyone.

  42. Those rioters only used the Finals as an excuse to start a riot. One police officer even referred to them as “disguising themselves as Canucks fans” while they did that. According to the VPD, a bunch of the people that started the riot were responsible for vandalism during the Olympics too. That said, the actual Canucks fans that went there and had a laugh while all that was happening are idiots too.

    As far as stereotypical Canucks fans go, sure they are nice people. I like the ones that went to clean up the next day. On a hockey level though, they have a reputation for being some of the most annoying fans in the league. I do know Canucks fans that are intelligent about talking hockey, but I sold hockey merch during the playoffs and the vast majority of Canucks “fans” did not prove that statement wrong.

  43. Oh gosh get over it people. Yes, there was a lot
    Of damage and some people were hurt but to sit
    Here and and have to defend a country because of
    A riot that most people will forget about in a mounth is brutal! Pretty sure we are not attacking other countries or our government isn’t committing genocide ( maybe in taxes). To the people who are blaming it on one province or one town, you’re ignorant. Bla bla bla. End scene.

  44. I find it completely stupid to sit there and use the logic that ‘it wasn’t all of Canada, it wasn’t all of BC’ and in the same sentence to blame Vancouver for it all. The greater Vancouver population is 2,116,581 (I say that because people from all over greater Van went downtown for the game and frequent the area for work, fun, ect) 100,000 people were downtown to watch the game which is a mere 4% of the population – and even with that not all those people rioted, in fact quite a few tried to stop the mob, some tried to get out of the area but it was made extremely difficult as they did shut down transit shortly after the riot started. The riot was a very small group of idiots who knew that downtown was going to be busy (the ones who started it were in large part not even hockey fans but strictly came for that purpose, they loaded backpacks with riot gear for smashing windows and burning) they started it with intent to do crime and most of all loot stores, obviously when there is a large group of people and you start a riot it is FAR easier to get away with looting and crimes – the ones who started it wore bandanas on their faces and reported to be part of the same group that did this during the Olympics… with mob mentality, once the actions of rioting starts it spreads to a larger group and regularly law abiding citizens turn (this is proven science – look it up)… so it could happen anywhere, and has in many cities in north america and europe over sporting events. It has nothing to do with the area, law abiding citizens can quickly change given the right circumstances and as well if drugs and alcohol play a factor. Vancouver has a larger population then other cities in BC and when so when there is a large group coming together the chances of someone or small group provoking a riot is much higher and will have a bigger more devastating after effect then somewhere with a small population and a small gathering… Kelowna had riots in 86 and 88 due to alcohol so it can happen in other BC places.. Please stop with the ignorance even prejudice by blaming it all on vancouverites, yes some of the people involved were from vancouver but it was a very small minority of people and the same thing given the right circumstances can happen anywhere.. There is one more factor in this, that being the youth of today and the whole mentality indoctored into them of wanting to be something bigger than themselves so they participate and glorify it (& take pics) to say “Hell yea I was there” although really they are saying “Yes, I was there & I was part of the problem, not the solution”.. That is just a new factor though, riots have been around and will continue to be.. unfortunately this just adds to the already problem with human natures whole ‘mob mentality’ problem..

    Anyways done ranting, just can’t sit there and watch people with the right idea that it is not canadians fault or bcers then turn around and blame the people of vancouver for giving all of canada a bad name… riots can and have happened in more than just vancouver..

  45. Well, a sad day has come for me, as I have always thought of myself as above this, but nonentity you have left me little choice. T L D R

  46. What I find so marvelous (and I mean a situation to be marveled at) is how such NORMAL looking people – well dressed, well groomed, who let’s face it probably are mostly decent and work honest jobs – can so easily have the Devil inside unleashed in a crowd by a few feral instigators. I mean, most of them were weak as piss, just wanting to be cool, trying to get in on the act, turning cars, break a window, posting it all on Facebook (oh I’m so try-hard COOL). LOL. But then again you can’t really blame Vancouverites: They are so bored. There is nothing to do there but smoke pot and shoot up.

  47. @poopaloop Ditto.

  48. deathandpainzor

    @MistressSlayer. You’re the idiot. It isn’t Vancouver the city that started a riot. If an inanimate object could create destruction, then we would have a fucking problem on our hands. It was actually the people that came from all OVER CANADA that burned our fucking city. #LearnYourFacts

  49. Holy shit – these people actually did this? After watching a game played on ice skates? I thought they were describing playing the new version of Grand Theft Auto or something. Man, Fsck ever visiting Canada. Not that I had plans before, mind you… ;)

  50. I live in Vancouver, and there’s a lot of misinformation floating around. First, there were only about 150 active rioters, many of whom came in from other areas, and the riot was started by a group that came down for that purpose, not by regular Canucks fans. Also, many of the people downtown actually stood in front of various stores to prevent them from being looted.

    Second, 15,000+ Vancouverites volunteered their time the following day to clean up the city. I worked downtown that day, and by the time I arrived, except for a couple of boarded up windows, you couldn’t even tell there had been a riot. I don’t know of any other place where more than 15,000 people would give up a beautiful sunny summer day to clean up after a handful of douchebags.

    Third, to the moron who said, “They are so bored. There is nothing to do there but smoke pot and shoot up,” that only applies to lazy people. If you like hiking, skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, swimming, martial arts, going to beaches, or climbing and other extreme sports, there’s loads to do here. Vancouver is beautiful, and our rate of violent crime is lower than that of most major cities. Everyone who has ever come to visit me here from other cities/countries has wanted to move here after seeing the place and interacting with the people.

  51. are you implying vancouver is a major city?

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