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  1. Stephen- stick with your day job.

  2. Ben.

    It’s just sad to hear when someone’s poor performance in the workplace bleeds over to their everyday life. Wrap it up indeed Leo.


  4. I bet Leo is sportn’ the thug life posters and lifestyles in his room though.

  5. Ha, this was awesome. Shame there was no input from Leo.

  6. Burnnnnnnnn :)

  7. mattymc. seriously. no one likes you go home.

  8. @BritishHobo,
    Clearly,there was.

  9. zing!

    What ever happened to my good mate mccowals?

  10. @Walter …him and malteaser married. Moved to Ecuador, bought a bus and started a ‘tours of the equator’ business.

  11. mass it is hilarious how close to the truth you are with that comment. hahaha

  12. Freaking hell, Lulzy! That IS hilarious.

  13. @Walter, don’t you mean to say, “Hey ohhhhhh!”

    Stephen, if Leo lost his job due to poor performance with being safe, then I daresay he shouldn’t ever pursue being a plumber. No doubt there would be spills and leakage all over.

  14. When did that happen?

  15. I knew “zing” wasn’t the right word but I don’t like hey oh.

  16. i don’t want to be the boy who cries fake, but come on. this is so obviously set up. it’s like a script from a sketch show. but it is admittedly funny so we’ll let it slide…

  17. @Lulz .. I know, eh .. I like to keep in touch with the people I’ve met here. I’m working on a reunion but am having trouble renting a hall.

    Hi word! I wasn’t helped into my place last night lol … ‘stay inside’ that was hilarious.

    Walter … April 11th.

  18. Was I the only one that noticed he started a conversation with someone, who just knew who he was talking about, by posting on his own status? I’ll cry right along with you, V.

  19. mass, you’ll need a pretty big hall to accommodate all those who have left Lamebook. Nice thought, though.

    And good to hear. I wouldn’t want you to get frostbitten in all the wrong places.

    Where did you come up with that date? So weird. I don’t like that date. That’s the date I got married.

  20. genital, you’re not. I noticed it, too. Yes, it’s most likely fake. It seems everything is fake now. Whatever. I don’t care.

  21. God love him, if there’s beans and meat falling out of his burrito I can only imagine what the nappies are going to be like. Maybe it’ll make lamebook.

  22. This seems really staged to me. Is there a way to see if stuff is fake? I seem to remember there was a site you could type in their status and see who said it. Would that do it?

  23. word.. I picked April 11 for no reason. I just felt Walter needed some closure.

    Our wedding song was ‘I can see for miles’ …KIDDING … I meant ‘it will be’.

  24. genitalisman – why do you assume he is posting that as his status? He could have posted it on her wall.

  25. Fuck..

  26. If only…

  27. ceebee, I would assume because it isn’t up there like a post made to a wall (posters name followed by arrow pointing to name of the wall owner) The other option would be that he posted it directly from his end, but that is as bad as laughing at ones own joke, and screams of fakeness.

  28. @genitalisman
    If one were looking at Mandy’s page, the wall post would look like that no matter who made it. Doesn’t mean that the guy who posted this to Lamebook was Jeremy. In fact it looks like it wasn’t otherwise it would say ‘delete’ under his comment.

  29. For Christ’s sakes people, do you still not know how Facebook works?!

    It could still certainly be fake, but at least think about this stuff before you cry about it.

  30. Why do you say ‘baby daddy’?? It means the daddy is a baby doesn’t it?

    It should be ‘baby’s daddy’ or just daddy.

  31. @jr888 don’t know if you’re being sarcastic but baby daddy means the father of the child, not necessarily the husband of the mother of the child, in urban slang.

  32. @pepelonstocking

    It’s not “urban slang”. Everyone uses the title baby daddy nowadays.

  33. Hello- I made this account because I hate mattymc so much.

  34. Uber Username Man has declared mattymc his bitch slave!! :)

    Yeah you heard me! :P

  35. Good call mass. I was wondering what you guys were talking about but you have very effectively put me back into my normal state of not giving a fuck.

    Hey Big Cocksucker, how’s it going? I haven’t seen you for a while. Been busy?

  36. Awkward… Don’t worry it won’t leave this room

  37. Hey hey ningen sucker
    Ah ningen ningen fucker

    What’s up people!

  38. Well… since I have been away it seems F-Book has fallen out with Lamebook and mattymc has a sight personality problem…

    Walter, whom the cocksucker?

  39. Uber username man wanted everybody to refer to him as Big Cocksucker…

  40. I also heard that alord hooked up with MEG. They’re living with mcowles and malteaser in some sort of commune situation. Lex and eenerbl stop by on occasion for some freaky fruity verbose action. I feel so left out.

  41. @34, 6

    Well It’s obvious that mattymc is now tied up in some sort of freaky gay sex affair with uber-username man. With both of them ‘tied up’ I guess that leave being the most hated lamebook visitor to me.

    Let’s see here…
    lemme add a stupid, robotic comment before I plug my thing:

    Bazing! I bet that won’t happen again lol!

    that should do it…

  42. Well fuck me. There’s no way i can keep up with this freak drama. One of you fucking time-wasting losers should just take some god damned initiative and create a lamebook comments highlights website. You bunch of fucking lazy slobs.

    Seriously though, now that he’s gone i want to know what the fuck “alordslums” means. Haha, jk. Still don’t care.

  43. Oy, Wordy, how are you, darling? Seems it’s just you and our friend the Hobo holding down the old timer’s fort for Walter.

    I do miss those folks, now that it’s mentioned. Their comments were the real entertainment. Now, dance for my amusement, remaining lamebook puppets! Ech, it’s not the same.

  44. you guys are all such a bunch of noobs.

  45. Rosin, What kind of crack has you been smoking? really man…
    Am I a noob?
    Is wordy or soup a noob?
    How about dear old Walter,curly or mass?..No I did not think so either.
    Pffft… The blasphemy you speak is outlandish to the *th degree sir, The Church Of Dan is where you surly belong my friend. :)

    Miss Shegas, (does a awesome but yet inconspicuous dance) Do I win??? What prize do I get? :p

  46. P.s.. My usual dancing consists of mainly what is in my link :P
    You should be pleased. :)

  47. Aww you included me with all those guys and I’m no longer a noob. You make me blush casshern.

  48. David should be worried….Chances are that Leo, in between spilling his beans up inside Mandy, is blamming them onto the Mexican foodstuffs too.

  49. I miss alord, a fellow Yorkshire-man with articulate, witty observations and he was quite handy at reach-arounds too.

  50. @Paranoid – I’m from Yorkshire too. We could meet up if you want, I’ll bring the shovel if you bring the girl?

  51. Deal and by ‘girl’, I take it you mean crack-ridden whore with a penchant for farmyard animals?

  52. Yes, basically any girl from Barnsley.

  53. One of my favourite men in the world is from Kirmington, Lincolnshire – Guy Martin. Please tell me you guys talk like him because that’s how I’m reading the last few posts. Or am I miles out?

  54. Yeah, a crack whore/sheep mix rapist talking in that sexy English way is even more disturbing/interesting to imagine

  55. @curly – Yup, that’s pretty close to how I speak although just a smidgeon broader, it drives the sheep wild, “ay up yer wully sod, tha’s lucking well bonny t’neet”

  56. Even broader = even better! I’m reading them all like that from now on. Happy days hahaha. Thank you :)

  57. I’ve got a broader accent and deeper voice than that bike riding fellow. Imagine an asthmatic, bronchial buffalo growling expletives coarsely into your ear and you’re not a million miles away.

    We Yorkshire men may be habitual rapists but we do it in such an endearingly sexy English way that our victims tend to forgive us.

  58. @ Paranoid Android – I’m sorry, but in addition, I can’t help but to “hear” you sounding a bit depressed in my mind.
    Still, great fun…

    @ mofo – Really, you sound delicious. How about you being the victim for once? And I don’t really care if you say no…

  59. ‘victim for once?’

    That better be a bloody joke! I’ve been raped more times than Paranoids’ sheep has.

    I hate you Uncle Ken and you Dad.

  60. growling expletives in my ear FTW lol

  61. Say “bloody” again. I like that
    And then let’s revisit your childhood

    Animal cruelty is bad, though. Leave the poor sheep alone. Tsk…

  62. Ahh childhood.. innocence… eternal summers.. a carefree life spent at constant play.. gambolling down meadows of emerald green grass… touching my cousins one by one, until they cried.

    I was raised on a diet of spite and was often forced into listening to Des O’Conners’ Greatest Hits repeatedly on Weekends.

    It’s a fucking miracle I turned out to be such a well balanced and morally sound person to be honest.

  63. Good to see you, Miss. I’m nostalgic for many of the people mentioned here (and others), too. I think we all know the Lamebook is on its last legs, but hopefully, there’s still some of us who’ll keep visiting until it’s all over.

    I’ll dance as best I can…

  64. @word – don’t say that! I don’t want it to end! Some of you guys crack me up. Maybe we could find another playground.

  65. lame.

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