Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Breast Bus

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  1. Is this going to trigger a debate about breastfeeding in public?

  2. Yes.

    I hate it when women wont let me breastfeed from them in public!

  3. It’s worse when a mom squeezes out a Cleveland Steamer in the bus aisle.

  4. “It’s worse when a mom squeezes out a Cleveland Steamer in the bus aisle.”

    Yes, that is such a pain.

  5. Oh God, why won’t people shut up about breastfeeding in public? It’s gross, I wish people wouldn’t do it, but whatever. End of story. Why the hell does it need to be an argument? Would women rather it turned me on?

  6. People who say that breastfeeding in public is gross are gross.

  7. If you saw a man taking his dick out and having a kid suck it wouldnt you think it was gross?

  8. Evilcow, that’s not quite the same thing. I don’t think breast feeding is gross. Most women cover themselves with a towel or something anyway.

  9. Evilcow: yes.

    Oh wait. Were you trying to compare two totally different things?

    Listen, dude – I’m sorry about what happened to you as a kid. But no matter what that man told you, his dick was not going to spew out skittles.

  10. It’s not the same, but it kind of is. It’s taking something I find attractive and would love to lick suck and motorboat, and then having a little sweet innocent kid suck on it. It’s really off-putting. I think it should be allowed, but I should also be allowed to find it gross.

  11. But therein lies the problem, Mr. Evil Cow, sir. You see breasts as exclusively sexual-like, which they are not. They are also sources of food for the little childern.

  12. This is fake. Ive seen it a million times before.

  13. It just depends how hot the chick is, really.

  14. OK, so I’m not allowed to be attracted to breasts now? Or I’m supposed to turn my attraction off and on at will? WTF is this shit?

  15. Evilcow: You can be grossed out. You can also continue be attracted to breasts – women pay a lot of money to ensure that will happen.

    When those feelings cause you to confuse breastfeeding with pedophilia, people start wondering if your caregiver knows that you’re on this site and subsequently try to help you understand the difference.

  16. Stop arguing. Tits are built for sucking on by men, women and babies alike. You is gunna have to deal with that whether you like it or not.

  17. It just grosses me out, jesus. Sorry if that offends you, but Im not really sorry, because thats idiotic

  18. Why should YOU be allowed to maul a nipple with your buck teeth but a baby can’t gum those bad boys? If you get to see a free nip what’s the prob?

  19. Sorry, but that’s not a real apology.

  20. Evil Cow, I, for one, will not tell you what you can or can not be attracted to, but may I offer some advice?

    Try to work on separating function from fantasy in your own mind. I mean, you don’t think about a chick doing a shit whenever you watch (or have) anal sex, do you?

  21. “Try to work on separating function from fantasy in your own mind. I mean, you don’t think about a fella doing a shit whenever you watch (or receive) anal sex, do you?”

    Yes, yes he does.

  22. Mr. Crusty, the problem is that *I* find it gross. I don’t pretend it’s anybody elses problem, just I personally find it gross. I think I’m allowed.

    Also, in reply to Bacchante I think anal sex is disgusting.(Now people will rain down on me calling me homophobic because of a personal, not at all enforced feeling)

    Final statement, I don’t care what other people do, but when they do it in front of me I have every right to call it gross.

  23. And paedophiles are still walking the streets.

  24. I don’t find breasts sexually attractive, nor am I grossed out by them, but I don’t care for breast feeding because I find children disgusting. Anything that has a baby attached to it is gross, including breasts, but as soon as the baby is pulled off they’re fine again.

    Also, regarding anal sex, I am bisexual and I find anal sex involving women to be quite gross as well, however not for just general reasons like Evilcow. I’ve found that straight women’s anuses are much less clean than a gay man’s, and dirty buttholes are gross, like babies.

  25. I’m currently beastfeeding my youngest (while I read this, actually) and it’s generally uncomfortable to do in public. Not physically-it just makes me feel wierd to whip out a tit in public. I do it anyway, discreetly..I gotta feed my baby, and I don’t want to be relegated to my home or anything. I understand some people find it awkward or gross..but unless you watch me set up and play hide the baby, most people assume I’m holding a sleeping baby. I don’t care if it puts you off..sorry you feel that way, we’re all entitled to our feelings. I keep it under wraps though, so I generally expect others to keep their opinions on it under wraps while around me as well. As in, if I was nursing in public, and you came up to me and told me you thought it was gross, I would punch you in the balls. (Mostly because I go out of my way to keep it hidden, so I don’t need to hear that tits aren’t flopping all over the damn place, so stfu.) I KNOW it’s uncomfortable to see…*I* find it uncomfortable to watch other women breastfeed..but only if I can literally see it. I think if you’re going to do it, keep it as private as you can.

  26. *breastfeeding. beastfeeding..ha!

  27. I completely understand that Frankie. My problem is purely with people who seem to think that if breast feeding makes you feel uncomfortable at all, there’s something wrong with you, you aren’t “progressive” enough.

  28. ah, fuck ‘em then. Not literally, though. Seriously? Breasts have mostly been sexual, especially since the invention of formula. Woman were told not to nurse-there was an alternative. It’s only within the past decade or so it’s been coming back. Also, nursing is pretty private, it’s a bonding thing between mom and baby-not just an eating thing, and it pisses me off when it’s used as a feminist tool. I was in the birthing room when my girlfriend gave birth-saw the whole damn thing, and it STILL made me uncomfortable when she sat down on my couch, whipped out her boob and started nursing sans cover up. It’s understandable that it could make people uncomfortable..and nursing moms and those who support it should be understanding. I’m cool with homosexuality, but I wouldn’t crucify someone who wasn’t comfortable with it.

  29. evilcow, the fact that you find breastfeeding gross and have some complicated views about who should find what offensive and gross in what scenario is hugely irrelevant to me, but thanks for driving the point home in such a relentless manner. i’m sure someone out there is relieved that you’ve clarified your point of view.
    i would, however, suggest, that “Your problem”, as you put it (i think it would be more politically correct to describe it as mild retardation, but whatever), is not limited to “people who seem to think that…etc”, but is in fact, far wider in scope
    frankie, crucifixion does seem a harsh punishment for homophobia at first, but i for one am all for it if it thins the ranks of redneck rightwing fuckwits out a little bit.

  30. Speaking on behalf of redneck rightwing fuckwits, we resent being called fuckwits when WE are the ones who figured out what penises are for. Thank you.

  31. Homophobia sprang forth from Christianity, particularly Catholicism (and a whole lot of other oppressive religions). What is it you guys think penises are for, exactly?

  32. ^ fine, lets get rid of the god-botherers too. anyone wearing a crucifix gets crucified. seems appropriate.
    i, too, am curious as to what redneck rightwing fuckwits think penises are for. please enlighten us, sisqi?

  33. @sisqi… oh you rednecks have known for a long time what penises are for… voting and cousins.

  34. I don’t give two shits what people think about breastfeeding. If the kid needs to eat, the kid needs to eat; fuck off please.

  35. “but thanks for driving the point home in such a relentless manner”

    You’re very welcome. I could tell you needed some enlightenment on the concept “freedom of thought”

  36. “Blah blah blah…” says offended
    “Oh yeah but blah blah blah!” says defender.
    “Don’t like it? Don’t look.”
    That goes for everything not illegal so now you can shut it

  37. But my point is people seem to forget the ‘Don’t like it’ part of “Don’t like it don’t look”. I can still not like something that’s not illegal. Now you can shut it.

  38. Oh I didn’t miss that nastybovine. You can say whatever you want but if you think you can mooooove anyone to agree with you well, you know what they say about the breast laid plans.
    be darned if I will ever shut anything either.

  39. I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, I just expect them to get really pissed off when they realize I’m the smartest person here. ;)

  40. you’ve picked up on my message perfectly, evilcow, i was totally trying to repress your thoughts. it totally wasn’t a case of “i think your opinion is laughable but in any case i don’t really care and find it more than a little amusing how defensive and persistent you are about expressing this view”.
    the amount of “wakka wakka wakka” going on with you is rather reminiscent of that old arcade classic, pacman – a lot of opening and closing of the mouth, and a lot of noise, but what’s coming out is pretty much unintelligible.
    how does that fit into your complex little web of grossness/offendedness, i wonder?

  41. Are you really so stupid that you find what I say unintelligible?

    Could you understand that a little better?

  42. ^ evilcow turns volume up and makes romantic suggestions to slg, in the hope of getting his attention and further “clarifying her position”

  43. …but fails

  44. So you are in love with me. I can tell by your selective reading of my post. Well forget it, it’s not gonna happen. Sorry bro.

  45. “wakka wakka wakka”

  46. Even that is a sign of your attraction. The term “wakka” was actually first derived as question. Cavemen would grunt it to the women of the tribe to ask if they wanted sex. Nice subtlety there, but it didn’t slip by me. Youre so pathetic.

  47. When I was a young lad, working on a dairy farm, there was another farmhand who was able to walk down a line of cows in milking shed, and tap a spot just above their vaginas, just once, and piss would just stream right out. He’d walk down the line of cows chuckling, creating a sort of fountain of piss from all over the milking shed, a fountain that was difficult to avoid, at times. It was quite a party trick and I often wonder if he emulated it at parties when he got older.
    The point of my story is, I think I just found that spot. On you.

  48. Screw the breastfeeding, after reading all this hogwash, all I got out of it was Evilcow gets excited over the idea of motorboating cock…

  49. Capn, Well that’s a really valuable lesson to take away from all this, and I’m glad I could provide it for you.

    SLG, now you’re talking about my vagina? Give it a rest, man.

  50. You piece of fucking shit

  51. I think breastfeeding in public is great. It will just open doors for other things perceived as inappropriate

  52. Like wacking off?

  53. I was thinking more along the lines of prolapsed anuses, but those no holding that back either

  54. ^actually, we have this modern thing called ‘corrective surgery’.

  55. evilcow, i’m not interested unless you make me a really good mix-tape

  56. Only evil people can think of breastfeeding as gross. I jack off to breastfeeding videos on YouTube everyday.

  57. ^I see you’ve upped the standard. I remember back when all it took was a double cheeseburger and some kool-aid and you were jelly!

  58. FUCK OFF ttsuck, you sorry fucking sack of blubber. You disgusting cum slurping whore. I hope you drown when your rolling around in the god damn mud you fucking swine!

  59. Jacking off is not a blood pressure pill that can be taken only once daily. Cheeseburger still has its moments.

  60. And thus exploded capnjacques’s vagina.

  61. Also, this is fake. T1000 has seen it a million times before.

  62. Go back to WOWing and drinking cum out of a funnel you twat!

  63. Funnel shaped and full of cum as it may be, and even though your flexible back allows it, be cautioned that your anus is not a drinking vessel. Stand up to your mommy dear and tell her not to teah you these unhealthy habits.

  64. Not to mention that this is fake. T1000 has seen it a million times before.

  65. I have a strange urge to ram a fish hook up your urethra and suspend you from the ceiling. Now come ‘ere ya tosser and take it like a man!

  66. Its disturbing to me that you find breastfeeding in public “gross”. That suggests that you cant take the sexual factor out of breasts, which suggests you cant take the sexual factor out of women. That would imply you view women first and foremost as sexual objects. Women are many, many things before they are sexual beings. If you cant separate those things, especially with something so obvious and relevant as breast feeding then that is indeed disturbing. Breasts are here for the sole reason to nurse children. Your sexual gratification from them is second at best (for you most likely the last thing any woman would ever want). Straight men, and some gay, just get to be thankful that they get to play with those awesome milk bags.

  67. rucking, what is truly disturbing about evilcow, in my view, is the fact that when faced with an opposing opinion, and facing some derision of her point of view, she has resorted to a role-play wherein her adversary has become a sexual aggressor, empowering her to then reject said aggressor, thus claiming a “victory” of sorts by saying “haha you want me but you can’t have me”. even though no sort of advance was made, or even contemplated.
    after having contemplated soiling my penis in such a scenario for a couple of hours, i’ve reached the conclusion that, given her current level of hang-ups, things she finds “gross”, “stupid”, and “offensive” i have no doubt she’d be a rather dud lay.

  68. It’s stupid people like evilcow here that made me feel too uncomfortable to breastfeed my baby. You do know that breast milk is much healthier and has many more nutrients than formula right? The baby has much more right to those humps than you.

  69. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Breastfeeding is gross, but not because it’s breastfeeding. It’s gross because the entire human body is gross. Everything about the human body is just vile and disgusting. Everything; and that goes for all human bodies. Yours, mine, Doutzen Kroes’; everyone’s.

  70. I never cease to be amazed by what offends people. I guess that it’s cow‘s prerogative to be offended, but that doesn’t make it any less weird that it does. I’m sure this has been covered by others in the comments, but I can’t be arsed reading through all of them.

    When done discreetly, by that I mean, the baby and boobie being covered so delicate flowers like cow can’t see one of the most natural things in the world being attended to, then I’m sorry, I simply can’t see the issue.

    The comparison between breastfeeding and some kid sucking a dude’s dick would have to be one of the most ludicrous analogies ever put forward by a commenter on this site. Lamebook, indeed.

    With a name like Evilcow, I can only assume that you don’t let your calves suckle on your udders in the company of other cows. If at all.

  71. If you are sitting on a crowed bus or anywhere in public and your baby is crying and carrying on, and you can give your little one a quick top up to keep them quite. Why wouldn’t you? I think everyone around you would appreciate the quite. A crying baby is THE worst sound in the world!

  72. keep them quite what?

  73. lol just get a baby sling and put a soft hat on baby’s head and you can do it hands free…Im pretty much a pro, no one even notices and it doesn’t matter because I don’t give a fuck anyway…doing it on a moving vehicle doesn’t sound too safe though lol but Ive already had this conversation on someone’s facebook status.

  74. How is it disturbing that I find women sexually attractive? What the fuck. Guys can’t just turn off their penises. Even if the most ugly woman in the world hugged me for more than five seconds, I would get a boner, I just can’t sustain human contact for that long without getting aroused. One time I accidentally spurted on my aunt when she hugged me for too long. Your sex drive isn’t something you can turn off and on at will you fucking little shit. No, guys can never take the sexual factor out of women, it doesn’t mean theyre terrible people. Even the most gentlemanly man in the world will still constantly be thinking about your tits. The fact that you attack me for finding something natural gross, but then say the same thing about what’s natural for MEN, is just idiotic to me, and I can’t help but wonder if you’re trolling, pretending to b the stereotype of a feminist, since most feminists I know are much more reasonable than you and actually behave like real humam beings. You guys are so fucking stupid, holy fuck, think about what you stand for, dont just stand for it, you miserable little fucks.

  75. I assume at least 50% of the people involved in this ludicrous debate are trolling but i can’t tell who is and who isn’t. Comparing breastfeeding and a child sucking off a man is obviously ridiculous, but other than that evilcow has made the most sense, whether it’s trolling or not. Those of you complaining that evilcow is making an ‘issue’ Out of breastfeeding are pissing me off, when someone says numerous times that something is ok but they don’t like it, that is not making an issue of it. I don’t like the oc, but i don’t have an ‘issue’ with it. Wordpervert, evilcow never said it offends him. Slg, to call someone’s perfectly valid opinion retarded is retarded. And also, retarded would never be a ‘politically correct’ description of something, unless you were speaking in old english, and someone was late for something, such as a bus full of breastfeeding women.

  76. As a result of these comments, when I have my first child I solemnly swear to breastfeed in every given public situation. On the bus, at the bank, in the grocery store, in family restaurants, in amusement parks, at the gym, at the car dealership… hell, even at the bar. You name it, I whip my tit out and slap a kid on it.


  77. Evil, you say your sex drive is natural? Seeing women as sexual beings is natural? So is breastfeeding, get over it. What age are you?

    Miss Ink FTW.

  78. Shit is natural, but it doesn’t mean it’s somehow wrong to be disgusted by it. I hate porta-pottys, that doesn’t mean I think we shouldn’t have them. Honestly, your argument in any other context but breast-feeding would make no sense.

  79. Missinkftw, could you please move to my city? I love women who whip out their tits.

  80. Death to those who try to dissuade women from whipping out their tits in public.

  81. Veiny, sagging tits

  82. mangofruitpunch

    Wow there’s some really cunty people on here. Who cares if Evilcow thinks breastfeeding is gross? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s fine if you disagree with their opinion, but there’s no reason to be a cunt about it.

  83. Wow, guys. Tl;dr.

    Evilcow, it’s fine if you think breastfeeding is gross. Some people do. It’s not like you’re out protesting it with giant signs and catchy slogans. As far as I know, anyway. It’s just that the comparison to a woman feeding her child to a pedophile molesting a child is….not right.

  84. Wordpervert, evilcow never said it offends him.” – Cupidstunt


    Oh God, why won’t people shut up about breastfeeding in public? It’s gross, I wish people wouldn’t do it, but whatever.” – Evilcow

    Say what you will, chickadees, but that is being offended. His right to be offended, but it’s also my right to think that when compared to so many other horrors in our world, feeding a babe via boob is a damn odd thing to be offended by. Yeah yeah, again, it’s his right to feel that way. But no matter how hard and logically? he’s continued to argue his point, all credibility was lost with the kid sucking a man’s dick comment. No coming back from that clanger.

    Evil, honey, two words for you: Formula feeding. The better alternative for you and yours, for sure.

    I’m out of this milky madness. It’s been well and truly sucked dry.

  85. Stating my opinion and then obviously expressing indifference to what other people do doesn’t count as being offended in any contrived definition you sick people can come up with. The only reason I’ve been arguing here so much here is because people specifically called out my post and attacked me for it. Now, THAT offends me. It has nothing to do with breastfeeding in public, and everything to do with you minding your own fucking business.

  86. cupid, i’d agree with you, except cow’s opinion is in fact, retarded. that is my opinion. are you calling my opinion retarded now? that’s offensive!
    i summarised my point of view on the issue in comment 40&29 and don’t intend to repeat myself, and after having carefully considered the matter, reading all the arguments above, i find that i’m unmoved from this position.
    evilcow on the other hand, continually makes the same points, over and over. yes, i get it evilcow, you think breastfeeding is gross but you’re not appreciative of the derision people have directed at you for saying that. you are the one who has diluted your own message by repeating it and restating it so many times that i believe it may have become unrecognisable from your original expressed view.
    its amusing in the sense of “wow there are people out there that are actually this stupid”, and the claims of being able to piss everyone off by being “the smartest person here” are even better.
    i’m with you wordy, this one shouldn’t breed. and it should learn that its point has been made, nobody cares, and to just…well…move on with life really.
    but i see she’s found something new to be offended by, so i doubt this will be over until she has thoroughly humiliated herself.
    evilcow, i would suggest that the mindset of “minding your own fucking business” should be applied to breastfeeding. by you.

  87. All ladies here please put a video if you breastfeeding on YouTube. I promise not to be embarrassed (Or to be if that’s what you prefer).

  88. That’s the point. I do mind my own fucking business about breastfeeding. Stating a personal feeling (it’s not really even an opinion) is not meddling in your business. Stating that I am, in fact WRONG to think this way, is just stupid. I never said it was WRONG to breastfeed in public, but you are suggesting something that I feel (which is even LESS intrusive than breastfeeding in public, btw) is WRONG. That’s fucked up, and suggests you are completely ignorant to any opinion but your own. Also, if I am in fact stating the same thing over and over as you suggest, then how the fuck are my statements unrecognizable from my original view??? Even if my thoughts are somehow idiotic, at least my arguments are valid, even if they are completely terrible. Your arguments are like watching a movie by salvador dali. You make no fucking sense.

  89. oh really? you see, not unlike a massive cunt, you seem to be inferring that there are no ‘wrong’ opinions or feelings. Your arguments are like reading the marquis de sade justify his libertinage.
    sorry, but you are, of course, completely fucking wrong in every acceptable moral or ethical form.

    point of fact, sunshine, there very much ARE ‘wrong’ feelings.

  90. Of course there are wrong feelings. Wrong feelings would be “I want to have sex with a child”, or “Gay people are disgusting”, but that doesn’t relate at all to my statements, did you pull that out of your ass? It would be wrong to think that gay people are disgusting, but it’s not wrong to find what they DO disgusting. Your failure to grasp this concept worries me.

  91. no. your feelings regarding breastfeeding are warped and wrong.
    and therefore your opinion on it is null and void.
    it also casts a long shadow of doubt over every other opinion you may espouse as you have proven yourself to be clearly unable to perform on an ethical level.
    in summary -go and fuck your dog.

  92. Yes. It’s ethically wrong not to enjoy watching something. Now excuse me, I have to go watch Transformers 2 until my eyes bleed to prove I’m an ethical person.
    Seriously. What the fucking fuck is wrong with you people.

  93. is your neck broken? are you somehow physically unable to look away if something makes diddums feel uncomfortable?

  94. Haha, of course I’m able to look away. And I DO. Do you even pay attention to what you yourself say? You just said it was unethical for me to feel the need to look away. According to you, it’s wrong for me to look away from a woman breast-feeding her baby. Seriously, listen to yourself sometimes. Your ears might bleed, but at least you’ll learn how stupid you are.

  95. i refer back to my comments about doubting that this would be over until she’d thoroughly humiliated herself, and wish to express the view that this process is now well underway.
    in summary, evilcow – you are a stupidhead (that was a lot more cutting than msanne’s summary, don’t you think?)

  96. so completely divorced from social reality…
    although you are a cow – you’re not evil. Little girl, you’re just another sad, fat, self-centred maggot.
    and you’ve contributed nothing here to make you stand out from the several dozen other disenfranchised losers who have come before you.

    nor the multitudinous horde who will assuredly follow you.

  97. Are we on track for a weekend breakdown yet?

  98. dunno. is the slaughterhouse even open this weekend?

  99. Thank you for demonstrating your uselessness by spouting off random insults and not responding to my arguments with logical rebuttals. Your non-sequitor insults have just made me look even smarter than I already did. I think it’s fair to say I won this argument since everyone else has devolved into saying random unrelated things and stopped trying to say anything that resembles reason. I can tell you’ve realized I’m right by my takedown of you and are now trying to draw attention away from that fact. I used your own idiotic logic to show you your stupidity, and now you’re embarrassed. Well don’t be, it happens to the best of us.

  100. sausages.

  101. Holy shit, what a bunch of fucktards. I am laughing my ass off at the mere thought that a bunch of (seemingly) grown, adult humans waste their time commenting to the Interwebs ’til the wee hours of the morning, then wake up the next day and jump right back on because that’s all they can think about doing. And EVERY single Lamebook picture has the same set of losers doing it EVERY single time! It’d be quite laughable if it wasn’t so sad.
    Here’s an idea: go find a human to interact with you bunch of cockbags!
    For the record (you know, so I can feel relevant), apart from the child sucking off a man analogy, evilcow has got y’all beat. Hands-down.


  102. Well, I can rest easy now that we’ve made it to 100 comments and I’ve clearly won the argument, so I guess I’ll stop now, for you Nails.

  103. Right!?

  104. I not only logged in, but created an account AND logged in just so I could say that Evilcow is entirely correct and clearly wins this debate. I have been coming to this site for years and never created an account but the stupidity of almost everyone opposing Evilcow provoked me so much that I had to say something. Congrats Evilcow – I agree with you entirely.

  105. Only problem I have with breastfeeding in a public place is that breastmilk can transmit AIDS. just saying

  106. Evilcow seems to have reverted to a similar role-play model she adopted with me, when she sudddenly identified me as a sexual agressor and then rejected me (cunning, evilcow, very cunning…), by saying to msanne “haha because you’ve given up on arguing with an idiot, and have instead resorted to insulting me, I WIN. yay me!”. whilst insulting people is an unfortunate (but rather funny) social deviation msanne seems to suffer from, and can seem rather abrasive, your incredibly strange role-play model of arguing in no way invalidates any of the arguments presented to you. in my (not so) humble opinion, anyway…
    you’re an incredible spastic, evilcow. its alright, i mean, there’s still a lot of love in my heart for you…truly!

  107. Evil Cow,

    Next time you sign up for two new accounts (nails,marsipan). Ensure that you change your style of writing and punctuation. Makes it more believable.

    No-one seems to, or should have an issue with you thinking that breastfeeding is gross, I think Mangoes are gross but that’s my opinion and most people love those slimy bastards.

    What people have an issue with is your reasoning and the way you are trying to make your point. You’ve gone about that the wrong way.

    But then, that’s my opinion. Which I have a right to as well.

    You’re getting all upset that people are disagreeing with your attitute toward breastfeeding yet you are disagreeing with their criticism of you.

    You’re a twat.

    Just sayin’
    (^that’s still a thing right?)

  108. yeah. i noticed the similarity in ‘new accounts’ too.
    too humourless, whiny little fucktards who come crawling out of the woodwork to lend the mighty weight of their support to another stupid, humourless, whiny little fucktard.

    and still ‘they’ couldn’t organise anything remotely funny between ‘them’.

    and that’s why you suck so much naughtyheifer – you aint amusing. you’re boring and pedestrian.

  109. i thought as much too, but even if it wasn’t the case, theheck, it still wouldn’t lend any weight to her arguments.
    nicely summarised

  110. Well, those new accounts weren’t mine, but I wish they hadn’t posted anyway as it makes me look desperate. I think you are just looking for similarities between them. I especially don’t think you could think that I was Nails as it doesn’t look at all similar. Anyway, if I went through that much trouble, don’t you think I would take the effort to make them look different?
    But I don’t blame you for thinking that they were my accounts, as I would have as well in your situation.
    Anyway, I don’t really care much about this argument, it’s just a nice thing to come back and fuel from time to time. Do you really think I was serious about cumming on my aunt and thinking you guys were in love with me? It’s called half-trolling.

  111. yeah…i totally thought you were being serious when you were accusing me of being in love with you and didn’t think at all that it was more a case of the lamebook equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and saying “LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU”

  112. Except I responded to everyone with reasonable arguments, whereas you guys just made up shit and called me immoral without any real logic or reasoning. So I think you were actually the one going “LA LA LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU”

    Anyway, I just noticed that the one woman here that actually does breastfeed or ever has (Frankie83), agreed with me. So maybe that’s the reason you guys are so angry and stupid, you just need to get laid! I think I just solved it.

  113. I don’t have a problem with your opinion that breastfeeding is gross. I breastfed my child and while I think it is beautiful and natural I respect your opinion that you don’t.

    Where I, and I assume, most Others would object, is when people may have that opinion and project upon others that it is the right opinion, therefore possibly making women uncomfortable to naturally feed their child. I’m in no way suggesting this is what you did.

    Where I feel you came unstuck in your debate is where you associated an extremely nonsexual act with that of pedophilic fellatio. That sickens me and any valid point you may have made since became void.

  114. That’s fair enough. I respect the opinion of any woman that actually knows about this subject.

  115. ^no you don’t.

  116. You don’t have kids, so shut the fuck up.

  117. I think Marmite and mushy pea’s are the work of the devil and they offend me deeply but since I’m not ruler of the universe I just have to put up with that shit

    You can be offended by what you like but the analogy from evil cow at the beginning was nonsensical but since this doesn’t appear to be the place for reasoned argument I’ll settle for just flinging in my totally pointless opinion I’d rather boobs be out than listen to a baby screaming its head off and a you think a baby cares that its a public place? it wants food end of. Be offended by bigotry be offended by cruelty but I simply don’t understand how the feeding of a child is offensive but hey how what do I know.

  118. oh and you don’t have to have first hand experience of something to have an educated opinion on the subject….. just saying

  119. this whole discussion has really gone beyond the subject matter at hand, really.
    if you can find anything in any of my comments suggesting i had called you immoral on the basis of you finding breastfeeding “gross”, evilcow, i’d be interested in seeing it. i seem to recall expressing the view that your opinion was laughable and that in any case i don’t really care, but i find it more than a little amusing how ferociously you are willing to argue the point. not to mention the way you’ve gone about it…
    you’ve utterly missed my point, so allow me to summarise – i couldn’t give a rats arse about the issue, to be honest, although i think people should mind their own business a lot more in general. what i do find ludicrous and stupid is the way you’ve argued this point.
    i’ve come to the conclusion that you share some common traits with your username. you’re kinda…well…large…and whilst that size may seem imposing at first, one look into those blank eyes reveals that you’re too dumb to be very harmful. pretty eyelashes though!

  120. what i find stupid and ludicrous, SLAG, is the amount of time you spend sitting on here writing protracted arguments that no-one cares enough about to read. do you not have a job? laaame.

  121. Well I’m basically just addressing everyone when I talk because all you fat chicks on their periods are really hard to tell apart.

    “oh and you don’t have to have first hand experience of something to have an educated opinion on the subject….. just saying”

    No, not for everything, but for kids I would say it is necessary. What idiot takes parenting advice from someone who’s never had them? That’s a really shitty argument.

  122. ^yeah. and who’d take gynecological advice from a dude?
    just as well there are no male OB/GYNs, hey shithead?

  123. Sorry evilcow, where did you respect my opinion?

  124. Yes, MsAnneThrope, I was talking about gynacologists. That’s why I said “children” when listing the exceptions to the rule. Because they come from vaginas. Good sleutg work Sherlock!

    Curlybap, well, I don’t really see how I could have disrespected your opinion, all you said was that I was stupid and childish, which I have openly admitted countless times already. You never said it was actually immoral for me to feel uncomfortable when a woman whips out her tits in front of hundreds of people. I only take issue with the people that somehow think I am satan incarnate for having natural reactions to natural things.

  125. I didn’t bother reading this entire thread but I jut have to say: Why is evilcow being attacked and called names from team breastfeeding? If team non-breastfeeding did that there woud be an uproar (there already is).

    Also nothing is as old and pathetic as the “it’s natural” debate. EVERYTHING is natural- except asteroids. Periods are natural, maybe I should start walking aroud in white stained pants in public when it’s that time of the month right? so what? “I’m a woman not a sexual object.”

    I personally think that people that make the general western public uncomfortable with their body are not well raised and cultured (attack me for this, I’m ethnocentric but who isn’t?) Yeah animals do it, that’s the difference between u and them- we actually have higher standards.

    I know babies need to eat but I hate the fucktards that do it in front of me. I don’t want to see you feeding your baby. Even under a blanket becasue I KNOW you’re doing it. Do it in your car, a room, anywhere, pump your breasts and put it in a bottlle but don’t don’t beat me up about it if I get uncomfortable next to you.

    It’s just about being discreet and decent about something that is perfectly natrual.

  126. I had no idea that the subject of breastfeeding could be so polarizing! Wow. Also, I too, find it uncomfortable to be around. And a female.

    How I realized breast feeding made me uncomfortable: During my first year of college I used to wait tables at a diner and this woman came in every day with her 3-year-old daughter and would breastfeed her at the table WHILE ordering. I would try to look away but the woman would talk and maintain eye contact with me as she pulled out this pendulous pancake of a breast (and the tot would smack away at it). I would try to be as polite as possible but I actually resented being put in such an awkward position. Maybe she thought I was comfortable with it simply because I’m female. Who knows? I would certainly never tell her to stop because it’s her body and and her child and she can do whatever she wants but I really HATED it. I can still see that flattened, vein-covered bag of what used to be a breast…and the milky mouth of the little girl (also often covered with spaghetti sauce or chocolate or some sort of food)…it was like a horror show.

    It makes me totally uncomfortable. And now, I presume, the flurry of insults from the pro-breastfeeding crew will ensue.

  127. aww look…the talking smear of shit has made a return! and he’s still angry and suffering from tourettes!! how cuuuute!!!
    if i engage with him no doubt he’ll hit me with his devastating “i’m going to parody your comment and replace words in it to make a sort of rightbackatyax1000 argument” rather than using any sort of imagination to find a more interesting and perhaps amusing way to insult a person.
    sometimes it can be really hard to get rid of that dogshit smell, i admit it.

  128. Lol this is the most fun I’ve had on the internet in like years. And that’s even counting porn.

  129. trying to work out who the fuck you’re talking about SLG. I’ve nailed it down to 6 people.

  130. Uh, I’m a bit tardy getting back to the party here, but I’m not an evilcow, or some made-up troll account. That’s just, like how I type and shit.

  131. fuck, msanne, i apologise. i actually see your point. i should be more specific, really.
    but in hindsight i would like to apply it to all six potentials you speak of.

  132. Haha, SLG, you just admitted you were wrong!

    “SLG April 17th, 2012 at 7:01 pm

    I’m an idiot, I can’t believe I think it’s wrong to not get turned on by a woman breastfeeding. What a fucking piece of shit I am.”

    GOTCHA! I bet you didn’t think anyone would be able to read that, did you, you little bitch?

  133. ^ huh? what? wrong about what, anyway?
    are you ok, evilcow? you seem to have lost your grip on reality. i assure you, i’m committed to your mental wellbeing and thus i feel the need to tell you now that if you need to talk to someone or something, i’ll always be here for you, babe.
    are you, like…FORGING stuff now, evilcow?? i’m pretty sure that’s illegal! i’m calling the cops! better hide the bong, bitch!

  134. I only read part, but why are you all jumping on Evilcow’s nuts because he said breastfeeding is gross? Who cares if it’s natural. We all take shits, but it’s still gross to think about, right? Some people find childbirth beautiful, most find it disgusting, no matter how natural.

    I’m a mom and breastfed my daughter for a couple months. I NEVER did in public because I didnt wanna be flashing my boob around. Do I want the pedophiles or other sick fucks in the world watching my baby suck at my nips? EFF NO. The only person EVER in the same room as me anytime I fed was my husband. Not everyone wants to see a baby hanging off a boob. I’m a mother, and I don’t want to see it.

    But seriously, just because someone thinks something is gross that you find beautifully natural is a really lame ass reason to get angry. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

  135. who is angry? i don’t see any angry people!

  136. people who aren’t very bright think swearing = anger.
    usually these same dull cunts think that internet emotions are somehow real.
    AND these are – 9 times out of 10 – the same moronic fucking wankers who cannot separate their guilt and shame at their bodies (which they’ve sucked up unquestioningly from our fucked-up culture) so as to accept other people who are legally doing whatever they fucking want with their own body parts.

    the whole thing of trying to equate an infant feeding to an adult excreting is so spurious that it does not bear examination.

    In short THE ONLY PERSON whose opinion is relevant is the breast-feeding mother’s. every other cunt can fuck off and die somewhere far, far away.

    unless the bitch is breastfeeding after the age of 2. then she needs a slap.

  137. “In short THE ONLY PERSON whose opinion is relevant is the breast-feeding mother’s. every other cunt can fuck off and die somewhere far, far away.”

    Um… then why have you been arguing this whole time? Lol, idiot.

  138. TAP!
    (see comment 47)

  139. I feel sorry for anyone who personally know MsAnne, that girls a bitch! Telling people to fuck off and die because they don’t wanna see a baby on your tit is absurd.

  140. She’s just upset because her tits look like shriveled baby heads.

  141. no. having an opinion on something that doesn’t concern you is absurd.

  142. I’m not a bitch, per se. I’m a horrible raging cunt.
    try and keep up, fatty.

  143. “no. having an opinion on something that doesn’t concern you is absurd.”

    “In short THE ONLY PERSON whose opinion is relevant is the breast-feeding mother’s. every other cunt can fuck off and die somewhere far, far away.”

    I rest my case. Trollololololol

  144. ^how so?
    1. you don’t have a ‘case’.
    2. you seem to be suggesting that i am right. which i am.

  145. YOU have an opinion on it, and yet you say that it is absurd to have an opinion on it unless you are a breast-feeding mother yourself. So you just told yourself to go fuck off and die.

  146. what is my opinion?

  147. also, provide proof that I’m NOT a breast-feeding mother.

  148. Your opinion is that it’s morally wrong for me to not like it when women breast-feed. Duh.

    And I don’t think I really have to provide proof you’re not a breast-feeding mother. Anyone with half a brain could tell that. One of the most obvious reasons is that you’re spending your entire day checking back to this post and arguing with me. Just like a real breast feeding mother would do! Also, your anger at the world and pathetic need to stand for a cause just so you can feel significant is quite telling.

  149. so if anyone with half a brain could manage that, how did you reach that conclusion?
    and what is your excuse for “spending your entire day checking back to this post and arguing”? are there some neglected little tikes locked up in a room somewhere in your house? do i need to call child protective services as well as the cops?
    aren’t you also standing for a cause? the whole cause of “i have a right to be offended by breastfeeding” (or something)?
    i think msanne may have found that spot i referred to in comment 47 too…it’s fun isn’t it msanne!!?? it just splooshes everywhere!!

  150. you say ‘dairy farm’, I say ‘slaughterhouse’.

  151. Too funny. I wonder how long this one will go on? It’s so much fun to watch!

  152. ^ It’s more fun to actually be involved in. ;)

    And SLG, I don’t have an excuse for checking back all day. And yes, I am standing for a cause. I’m not a breast-feeding mother. That was the whole point. Do you not even read my statements?

  153. I think the answers to my questions lead inevitably to further conclusions which I’m simply not going to bother pointing out. I’m surprised you even answered them, given they clearly lead in a certain direction.

  154. That I’m pathetic? Yes, I admit it. So are you. Don’t be a complete asshole please.

  155. No. You’ve missed the point, again. Sorry. I don’t think I can help you understand.
    With regard to your request, I wish to gleefully advise that it has been declined. Thank you for your interest in my personality.

  156. wo. wait – what?!
    you have a personality? since fucking when?

  157. you clearly don’t belong here.

  158. This isn’t fun anymore. You guys are catching on. I’ll start some more fun in later posts though, don’t you worry! Evilcow, out!

  159. loser.

  160. “Evilcow, out!” ok i’ll grant you, THAT was funny
    you should have your own radio show!

  161. you reckon she’d have a face good enough for radio?

  162. now you’re just being silly! as long as she works the whole tap, sploosh routine into her program somewhere, i’ll be content.
    i have more material, too, evilcow, but that’s all you’re getting for free.
    OK peeps…SLG, out!

  163. ^thank fuck.
    everyone hates you, you know.

  164. people that hate are weak. let them hate.

  165. hells yeah. it’s awesome.

  166. you’re taking your energy from the dark side of the force, msanne!! don’t you see!?
    before you know it you’ll be breathing funny in a big black outfit with a cape and force choking people and shit.
    wait…that’s what this is all about, isn’t it? you’re hoping to build up enough anger and hate to force choke the shit outta some peeps over the internet, right? i’m onto you!!
    you’re silly, though, msanne. that was just a movie, you know.

  167. i think your multi-paragraph rants are getting shorter?
    you’re still boring and still trying way too hard to be something you’re not (clever or witty).

    i know you think you’re accomplishing something here, and that is the only funny part of watching you implode.
    which must be bitter-sweet for you as you don’t even get to watch yourself twisting in the wind.

  168. really msanne? is that a request for me to lengthen my rants? cos…you know, i’m totally prepared to do that! muahahahahahahaha….
    am i boring you msanne? why you keep coming back then?? aww i think someone is telling fibs! it’s ok though i realise this is one of those boy-girl dynamics where you find me really cute and interesting and wanna get with me and express that by being an utter bitch.
    see…i’ve been around women before!
    i think i’ll wear you down soon though. i can see the fight going out of you. happens to people that don’t train enough cardio!

  169. lol I like how you guys were teamed up against me but once I left you started battling amongst yourselves.

  170. gosh i wouldn’t say we teamed up evilcow! it was more a case of “found common ground in a moronic argument”, i’d say!
    don’t worry, she’ll implode soon enough, and then you’ll only have one ‘nemesis’, evilcow!!
    msanne’s days are numbered, you see. she just doesn’t realise it yet.
    she will soon enough though! the fight is definitely going out of those eyes…

  171. you are one delusional motherfucker with delusions of grandeur that are, frankly, quite grotesque.
    considering how banal you are.

  172. why thank you msanne! that’s a really nice thing to say!
    oh! you said ‘banal’, not ‘anal’.
    how’s your blood pressure recently, msanne? you hittin’ that gin bottle a bit harder than usual? throat a bit sore from so many bongs? hair a bit frayed from too much crack?

  173. lol

  174. For the idiot who said they have a problem with breastfeeding because breadtrmilk can transmit AIDS. Think about what you said. If they had AIDS do you really think they would be breastfeeding?

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