Monday, April 19, 2010

Breakin’ Up Is Hard to Do

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  1. wow harsh

  2. Oh, your relationship’s in a mess and you’re pissed off? Huh. What? Oh, no, it’s nothing. Just that I didn’t ask.

  3. Almost Ben. Damnit.

  4. “fuck you old life… you have no balls” – wait so mandy’s getting a sex change?

  5. “sole” lol. she must have loved him. sole is expensive. ;-)

  6. “My heart and sole” – I would have dumped her too

  7. Damn some of these are some rough replies.

  8. my ex gave me her heart and tacos. I don’t even like tacos

  9. hmm upon closer reading that last post could be taken wrong. Just to clarify I like tacos. just not the food kind, thank you :-)

  10. Mandy practices discretion like Matt practices punctuation.

  11. Gutless technology break through! $100

  12. Brandon wastes no time in firing into Eva… uncool, brother, give it 24 hours at least.

  13. awww, poor matthew still not over his ex that probably cheated on him but who cares cuz she gave killer bjs and brought chics home, awww

  14. People posting Relationship stuff on Facebook makes me LOL. Who do they think will care? Nobody wants to hear someone cry and bitch about an ex. Do the normal thing: Go drinking and make a fool of yourself in the real world. At least you can blame it on the booze. Now you just look like an idiot.

  15. word botha! :cool:

  16. Toadette is the winner

    so wait…did she give him her shoe or a fish? i’m confused…

  17. obviously it was a fish. Does a shoe make any sense to you at all? :-p

  18. Matthe, come on now, way to steal her status thunder. Don’t you know you’re supposed to post these things as you -own- status, so everyone can see how miserable you are and how cruel life’s been? Take some tips from Kristine.


  19. bollywood_rocks83

    1. I post relationship stuff on Facebook. Sorry. The last break up I had with the first guy I ever dated and slept with, if it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have survived it. Not when you have parents who literally tell you: you deserve it for dating instead of getting married or “if you had waited till marriage, this wouldn’t happen”. It was sad that people I met on Facebook were more helpful in helping me deal. Anyway, maybe that’s why these women did this: to find someone who’ll listen without being judgemental assholes like my family was.

    The last reply was mean. Someone should tell Randy there is such a thing as cosmic payback.

  20. the indifferent comfort of a stranger can often mean much more than the judgmental knowledge of a loved one. you make a good point, bollywood_rocks

  21. you have strangers on your facebook? I have friends and family

  22. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ bollywood_rocks, Randy FTW, he would not give a shit about cosmic payback

  23. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    In my opinion, the more girls that learn that every guy cares about just sex, the more we live in a world without Chick Flicks.

  24. Kristine gave him her heart and he’s going to stab it a million times and then give to Parvati who is going to eat it.
    And then posted it on Lamebook.

  25. Randy brings the lulz

  26. @Crayola, That’s not the only thing Brandon wouldn’t waste time firing into Eva by the looks of it

  27. I like to think Matthe failed at spelling “Matthew”.

  28. @ bollywood: Wow, your parents are almost bigger douche bags than Ben. Do they at least have a pool? (Oh god I just fell into the ben trap, Fuck!)


  29. @bollywood_rocks83:
    Then you need better friends and family, if your perspective on relationships and “surviving” depends on bearing it all over a public social network site. This is the stuff for intimate conversations with friends and family. Blowing it all over Facebook is just attention seeking.

    Every single person who “bears their soul” on Facebook has boundary issues.

    “…if it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t have survived it.” cements that truth.

  30. bollywood_rocks83

    I only have friends I HAVE MET on Facebook. Classmates,etc… Plus I put stuff in notes and tag people. Just sayin’. If you’re female, my family thinks you should wait until marriage to date/have sex/have children. If you’re a guy, you can sleep with anything you want because “women are the ones who get pregnant and won’t get married when a guy frinds out they’ve been sleeping around”.

  31. Can someone please translate Matthe’s post in English? I don’t think I’m hip enough to get it.

  32. well king… apparently matthe’s ex gf came on to his best friend at a party… the best friend refused so she texted him that is was all or nothing… this i take to mean she offered a fucking or to leave her alone… the best friend picked nothing

    so then she went to her best friend… and let her best firends hubby play with her tits… i’m assuming that him was a typo and that it was in front of her best friend… or maybe her best friends hubby played with her tits in front of matthe… or her best friend is a gay guy and his gay lover felt her up… lots of possibilities here

  33. Bollywood_rocks83, I have to say I agree that it’s a bit strange that you wouldn’t have “survived” without Facebook. If it is only your close friends or whatever on FB, give them a call or meet up with them? Posting all these emotional statuses are a bit awkward for other people. Just pick up a phone.


  34. as best I can tell Matthe’s ex-girlfriend picked up his best friend at a New Year’s eve party then took said guy over to her best friends house where the best friend’s husband proceeded to play with her tits in front of the new guy she picked up at the party. then matthe has some sort of breakdown and then ends the transmission. :-)

  35. matthe’s comment would be a better win if he knew how to speak english.

  36. Translation: Mandy is a huge slut. Or Matthe has a small penis.

  37. To be fair, this isn’t nearly as bad as ‘oh, i love u so much i missed you baby cant wait 2 see u 2nite and fuck u for hours and ur amazing and perfect and look everybody, I have a relationship, and you don’t, so I’m going to continue to fucking boast about it because it makes me feel better than you. Even though you’re clearly smarter and less of a complete wanker than me.’ statuses.

    Those specific ones.

  38. Don’t listen to them bollywood_rocks83. You keep right on posting the relationship breakup stuff. I mean, if people stopped doing that what would we have to laugh at?

  39. Randy, where to keep it short and sweet.
    @the doctor
    they do say laughter is the best medicine. Good advice, lol

  40. i’m going to guess that bollywood is in gen y and all the folks jumping all over her are not… the world is changing and holding people who are in a different time to standards that were used in your time is lame… get used to the online/texting/status update/IM type world, cuz thats how these kiddos roll… better dill with it

  41. lol

  42. Wow, Randy’s a douche. Lol. That’s why one of the first things you do after a bad breakup is get that person off your friendslist!

  43. Gotta love Brandon’s poetic analogy, I’m gonna use that the next time a friend of mine busts up with someone…

    Yeah right, like they say, don’t drink and text, don’t drink and drive, and now particularly in your case, don’t drink and advise.

    You’ll hate yourself in the morning.

  44. You know, The Doctor has a point.

  45. Slim and Freaky: LMAO!

    Thank you for the possibilities. They’re so much better than what Matthe “HookedonPhonics” Dumbass posted.

    Mr. Dumbass: If you’re going for the “Ooooooooo! He dissed her!” effect, put some thought into sentence structure and grammar. What you’ve shared with the world is not Mandy’s slutty booby party but the fact that you’re a dumb ass.

  46. Mandy’s slutty booby party LMAO.

    I actually thought Paul was the winner in the first one with his great play on Brandon’s post. Matthe and Randy=biggest douches ever!

  47. Bollywood_rocks, the truth is
    that judging people is awesome,
    especially when you’re better
    than them. And so is getting to
    say, “I told you so, whorebiscuit.”

    (Hopefully this is on the right page this time, I should go to bed now.)

    (And let me just say no offence is intended, I just get why it’s easy for people to judge)

  48. @bollywood_rocks:
    I meant no offense, but I still meant what I said. Get on the phone, talk to your friends. Take it to e-mail or private conversation. Posting it in statuses or comments for everyone to see is a lack of boundary.

    Your family is backwards.

    Again, no offense. :-)

  49. Mister Evil Breakfast

    I think that marriage is probably the wrong time to start thinking about dating.

  50. @Not Ben
    Couldn’t phrase it better myself – right on :)

    Same what I wrote the Not Ben – right on :)

    @Stephan Botha
    Quite simple really. It’s for very “small” people, too desperate to have the “last word” and for the attaining starving whores.
    Also, did you realized there are always stages of the Facebook relationship havoc? One of them is the creepy dude that always secretly loved the girl, makes his move and work his way into her pants, making the ex-guy look like a bigger asshole than he was. “Wait he took the last coke light without offering it to you? You should never go back to him. For the record I would never do something like that.” Brandon just fill the bill :)

    @bollywood_rocks83 – there are only two things that comes to mind. You are 12 years old, or really pathetic adolescent…

  51. I love the Eva post.

  52. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Has no one considered that Randy IS the ex? (I didn’t read it all, Soup didn’t post anything, meaning it probably wasn’t worth my while)

    Also, I like Paul.

  53. Aren’t we all judgemental today

    Btw Slimjayz , that remark was probably the most sensible thing you ever said on here

  54. I’d like to remove Randy’s male-parts. =)

  55. And Kristine’s ability to post to FB.

  56. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @Sebastin Really?! do you feel all warm and cozy now that you’ve insulted a total stranger on Lamebook of all websites? Since you seem to come off as an ignorant, pompous arse, let me enlighten you. Not ALL cultures condone dating at ANY age! Bollywood_rocks doesn’t have to be an adolescent for her parents to forbid her from dating. For example, Southeast Asian families (people from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc) do not allow their children to date nor do they look lightly upon pre-marital sex. Their children just sneak behind the parents’ back and hope they never find out! With them, chastity is not something to take lightly.

    I agree with slim jayz that generation Y kids seem to love the impersonal way of communicating with one another. So if she feels comfortable talking to her friends on FB, then so be it.

    rant over.

  57. my god does anyone know how to spell “soul”? Stupid.

  58. Dukey Smoothy Buns – If women obtained the knowledge that all guys are really just interested in sex; there would be less chick flicks and even less chicks that would sleep with you.

  59. @MonkeyCMonkeyDo
    “warm and cozy” is always good – I’m glad to have such effect on people. Also, I do appreciate your complement, “ignorance is bliss” – What you don’t know, won’t hurt you.

    On the contrary tho, using Southeast Asia might be a wrong choice. Being in software-telco related business, I spent last 13 years between Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and China. In fact I just came back to my office in Kuala Lumpur from a trip to Bangalore (south India). Your cultural theory is quite different from the reality. Also, I find your cultural, regional, religious or whatever references, quite irrelevant to the core idea of my statement.

    FB friends aren’t friends as we have come to know them, there is no establishment of shared geophysical experiences, or chronologically defined friendship. Simply strangers, whose identity is constructed via the idea of notations, naming labels and of clustered info-snippets designed for momentary persona snapshots. Hence, there is something fundamentally very wrong and commiserable for one, to choose to console, and strive for support from total strangers, rather than real people (friends), especially regarding such personal and intimate issues.
    Hence – again – for bollywood_rocks83 being really pathetic using FB as a venue – and that applies to anyone, regardless place of origin or inherited cultural practices.

    Thank you tho for the attempt of “enlightenment”, it was quite an entertaining read.

    You have a nice day MonkeyCMonkeyDo

  60. Trevasaurus_Rex

    I think we all need to relax! You’re sucking the humour out of this place!! I have randoms on my friends list, but I also have real friends. If I changed my relationship status to single or w/e, people will see. Facebook is an interesting phenomenon because most of the people using it see it as a celebrity gossip magazine. We live for gossip! Harping on about what people post isn’t the answer, nor does it do anything to help your feelings about the issue (or nonissue depending on your view). It should be treated the same way as laughing with and laughing at. If you agree with the reasoning behind a post, then cool. If you think that posting something that should be dealt with privately is never a good idea, then cool. My last comment is THIS IS JUST LIKE FACEBOOK! You’re posting comments that are becoming personal to people that are not your friends!! If you think that posting personal things on facebook is immature or those that do post have no friends, then by your own logic, posting those comments here, to people that aren’t your friends, is just as immature and makes it seem like you have no one to talk to about your issues with those that post things you feel should not be posted!

  61. What he said

  62. lol thats awfullll..
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  63. “lol thats awful” ?! Do you even read what you write?

  64. @Banahm’s comment – made me laugh

  65. i think you know what i mean, i didn’t need the @

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