Monday, January 24, 2011

Bread Winner!

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  1. How do they NOT see they’re being fucked with?

  2. Fuck me, this made me LOL!!!

  3. humanity needs a facebook friend like scott.

  4. Ahhh, nice work, Lamebook. Nice work.

  5. @wandr….he’s too stupid to see it.

  6. well done scott.
    Cody, your some spastic

  7. #6: you’re

    Don’t hate on misspellings if you can’t find the right your/you’re ;0)

  8. Didn’t laugh at the post, but the headline’s great.

  9. grammer nazi ahoy.

    how about we play a game called the internet and the comments section. ill go first, this is not a fucking academic essay im doing here. i am too lazy to press the extra button. it makes no difference, its the same concept. you will understand what i mean when i make a minor grammatical error.

    also if you look real close you will notice i didnt give well or scott a capital letter. if you look even closer you will notice that my insult directed at cody makes no sense whatsoever.

    how about stop being a passive aggressive jamrag?

  10. lol jamrag. gross.

  11. also your site hurts my eyes. its like 3d stuff with no glasses or them annoying magic eye things.

    also your promoting a site which has lol in the domain name, dont think your allowed to comment on the missuse of words.

  12. Conor, I see right through you. Why don’t you just admit you keep doing it on purpose? Your shit grammar has been the only thing that’s gotten you any responses thus far. And as a result, you can give replies like the one you’ve just made. If the gig works, right? Twerp.

    And, mofo brought the term “jamrag” into the LB house. He doesn’t deserve your lol, Cherry.

  13. haha twerp….
    my grammer is shit because of sheer laziness… i admitted that???

    i just dont like passive agressive people who correct spelling on the internet and act proud about it. they remind me of posh english wankers from oxford or cambridge whom i had the misfortune of living with for the past 6 months. if somebody text you and spelt something wrong do you right back saying ah sorry there sue but you spelt this wrong. just because i dont put in an apostrophe or dont capiltalise wont mean your going to lose any sleep, your still gonna understand what the word is 100%. its just pointless being a grammer nazi.

    jamrag has been a fairly popular slag in these neck of the words for a good while. its only a word, ill retract it and use arsebandit instead?

  14. im also used to microsoft word auto correcting me.

  15. Oh good, other people hate Conor too. You make me miss keona.

  16. vinlord?

  17. mass, vinlord would never lower himself to this level. Never.

  18. hey word, looking good!

    True .. I just wanted to put it out there… the ‘vinlord’ thing as well.

  19. I really like that combo, mass. It works.

  20. Conor is Keona is ben.

  21. I would’ve been even better if they’d dragged it out a bit longer, and started making comments towards her use of the word “bred.”

    Jonjones, it’s nice to see you thinking of me, and I’m still around, though I’m really busy these days. You make me miss suicide girl.

    No really, she needs to come back. Those days were when I had the most laughs on here at one time. Side splitting stitches.

  22. @Conor,
    How is it you can spell “grammatical” but not “grammar”?

  23. I like Conor. Sure he may be a poor man’s Yoink. But a last man will always be more pleasant than an over man.

  24. *Insert long pointless comment rambling on about how the internet is full of dicks and how ill never come back to lamebook. i also have a disease. etc etc etc yada yada yada*

  25. ahhh never noticed i spelled that wrong before. i apologise.

    Hi Keona, apparently im you. fancy setting up a fight club??

    nice back handed compliment Walter. never thought the word pleasant would be used to describe me. sound

  26. It** No thanks, Conor. I could go on a spiel about why proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalisation is important, (I used to feel the same way you do) but I won’t bother. wordy and crew have it covered.

    I will drop a small hint: It has to do with forming habits.
    Oh, now I’ve said too much…

  27. Nothing you drop is small..


  28. you sure? we get to blow up some buildings? get to shoot ourselves in the face?

    yeah it is important. this is the internet, not some essay im doing for college. grammar and all that shite is important in a formal setting but this is lamebook.

    ah they are only hassling the new kid for his lunch money.

  29. I don’t care about your spelling.

  30. Great… thats nice.


  31. yeah, kiss eachother!! it doesn’t have to be a kiss on the lips…

  32. Also, Conor, you are using the term passive-aggressive incorrectly.

  33. Also, Conor, your name is most commonly spelled with two Ns.
    And it means “hound-lover”.

  34. all i want is a quick peck on the cheek. ill bring you around the back of the bike shed, even buy you a garlic cheese chip and a can of coke after. how can you resist that??

    Good i hope i pissed you off as well

  35. no thats the second name. my name is the first name. my name is commonly mispelled as coner. your thinking o ‘ connor. i have never met a connor, only conor.

    yeah its celtic for something to do with dogs or wolves. last time i checked it was son of the wolves.

    hound lover… niice

  36. No…I could give two shits and a fuck about you. I WAS ignoring you, though this technically constitutes as a reply, thereby breaking the ignore part. Really, you’re making yourself look worse than….me. My goal in life is to stay ahead of the Conor in terms of dislike.

  37. ohhhh challenge accepted..

  38. Gawd. Where’s Sarah, Conor, when you need her?

  39. Who is sarah? is she me as well? i have so many e mail accounts im losing track

  40. “I am looking for Sarah Conor”

    I say that in my homeland accent a l l the time, cracks up the other waitresses where I work.

  41. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh and the penny drops.

    no idea where she is, i saw john the other day hanging out with a naked austrian

  42. Wow someone had a bad day at school! Calm down dude, seriously. I found it humorous that you commented on someone’s misspelled comment with a grammatically incorrect comment.

    Also noted is the irony of your retort that it is a comments section not an academic essay, since facebook isn’t an academic essay either and we all enjoy a good laugh at the misspellings on there.

    Well done on the attacking of my linked blog by the way, it’s nice you took the time out from your homework to assess it for me.

  43. hey now. i never attacked the blog itself, the cross hatching hurt my eyes when i scolled down.

    school… jesus.. long time ago…. anybody else go to a priest run all boys school????

    yeah mispellings are funny but grammar nazis not so much.

  44. Conor, not knowing the difference between “you’re” and “your” is a lot different (and worse) than simply being too lazy to capitalize things on a computer.

  45. i know i mixed up you are and your. well done

  46. Me! Me! Me! I went to a priest-run all boys school

  47. Not really a nazi. It annoys me when it is on shop signs and things because, well, it makes you look like an idiot and shows your shop in a bad light. the worst is tattooists. No thanks, I don’t want a tattoo from Petes Tattoo’s. You will probably fuck up the permanent mark I am paying you for.

    In your case however it just made me giggle when underneath the lamebook post criticising bad spelling the most recent post was grammatically incorrect.

    Then you got all uppity and douchey about it so I ‘douched’ right back atcha. (deliberate misspelling, before you start ;0))

  48. Proof in point I forgot to capitalise after the full stop and put a full stop before a bracket instead of after.

    Mind you, Hitler was a dark haired probably gay probable Jew who wanted to eradicate dark hair, Jews and gays, so who knows, maybe I am a Nazi after all.

  49. Pain in the arse wandr ya?

    well done taz

  50. Conor, you must be about 13

  51. @word A terminator reference? Hell yes

  52. 11

  53. Your grammar/spelling doesn’t bother me. But your desperate, dog-like obsession with trying to ‘succeed’ on this site does. That, and your name is spelled wrong.

  54. That truly is terrible for you.

  55. I assume you’ve already planned your departure?

  56. ya, gonna wait for the weekend though. is that ok for you? how do you think i should do it???

    verbally abuse you or everyone else?

  57. Well, mb set a pretty firm blue print on how to do it. Although you could always go with the victim approach and talk about how you only tried to be nice and were rejected…

    Although personally, I would try and go original with it and tell everyone your deepest, most embarrassing secrets to all of us before leaving.

  58. Remember Conor, less is more, unless we are talking about penis length and goat fucking.

    Sooooooooo…… are we starting a book on the next meltdown?

  59. My favourite bread spread is ‘I can’t believe it’s not man-fondue.’… you really can’t tell the difference!

    Conor Keep moving, keep off the ropes and punch the one in the middle!

  60. Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!! Meltdown!!! Meltdown!!

  61. Long time lurker, first time posting a comment…

    Watch the movie Idiocracy by Mike Judge. Seriously. Maybe those “…posh english wankers from oxford or cambridge whom [you] had the misfortune of living with for the past 6 months” figured out that being a sloppy, lazy asshat with words simply implies that you are a sloppy, lazy asshat in all other aspects of your life.

  62. No keona had the victim one. Its pretty hard to come up with an original meltdown.

    yeah of course the embarrasing and pointless secrets will be flowing.
    i think ill go for the pity angle and narrow my abuse on Mattymc and possibly jonjones

  63. Bring it on :)

  64. Ohhhh awkward

  65. D’OH!

  66. Conor, you can’t start a fight club – you already broke the first rule.

  67. shhh

  68. Conor: The care you put into how you express yourself (i.e. spelling and grammar) shows how much pride you have in yourself as a person. So clearly…you don’t think you are worth much. Therefore, it’s no surprise that everyone else agrees with you on that particular subject. If you would like to offer the world a better first impression, maybe you should start treating any box that allows you to type in it and then share it as if it’s the place to type an essay you are submitting for homework. No one is perfect, but make an effort!

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