Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Brain Drains

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  1. I got nothin.

  2. Well fuckitty-boo. Aren’t these just the dogs bollocks.


    Who woulda thunk it.

  3. Look at the American school system hard at work. Yes, I assume these are Americans, because yes, I believe we are all that dumb in this country.

  4. i know someone who once said, but isn’t Africa in Asia? :D

  5. Brittney isn’t the brightest bulb ever. EVER.

  6. Which cam first? The cow or the egg?

  7. came*

  8. I hear that “Africa is a country” belief a lot, sadly. I think people confuse South Africa with the entire continent or something.

    Egypt is a transcontinental country, anyway. A piece of it is in Southwest Asia. Let’s tell Brittney and watch her head explode.

  9. Eggs, bacon and hamburgers. Cows provide all my favorite foods.

  10. come and visit egypt, land of the incas, bordering on the shimmering sea of tranquility, and home to acre upon acre of mountain wilderness. come and see where shakespeare wrote 12 of his 13 famous novels; relax and enjoy a lasagne in the opulent surroundings of egypt’s famous capital, india, as our tour guide takes you on a sightseeing trip around its breathtaking glacial lakes. enjoy a famous turkish massage in a shopping mall, visit the set of the indiana jones movie, or just chill out with friends.

    famous for its swimming pools, dirt-bike racing, and being home of the now defunct nfl team, the egypt eagles, malaysia truly has something for everyone.

  11. It’s these kind of kids their parents support hollow movements like the Tea Party. On another note, as being European, what’s Idaly?

  12. Yeah… What Sev-o said. I don’t get the “Idaly” thing either.

  13. Not just the Americans school system. I’m British and chose Geography as a GCSE subject because I’m quite good at basic geography and Egypt & Greece are two of my favourite places. Some girl in my class (GCSE Geography is optional) didn’t know the nile was in Egypt.

    What an idiot. Africa is a continent. Egypt is a country. Like USA is in North America and England is in Europe.

    (GCSE’s are the European version of American SATs)

  14. Not read this post yet – what happened to the newer post, the one about all the jailbird fathers? I spent like, half on hour on literally THE funniest comment EVER, genuinely, the funniest comment you’d ever read, fucking amazing, was just genius, pressed comment… post is gone. Someone complained? You pussies, you. What’s wrong with you, you don’t like repetition? You enjoy original, funny humour? You twats.

  15. On the topic of this post: ehhh.

  16. rainbowcube, actually, GCSE’s are only in Britain, not in continental Europe, Anglo-Saxon education ( British & USA) is quite different from continental European education

  17. You guys do realize that an omelette can be vegetarian, it’s just not VEGAN, right?

  18. missallikaela, I think that was the point. You wouldn’t be the Alli from the post, right? :P

  19. It’s not just in USA. Lamebook posts exclusively in English, that’s why we miss all this kind of mistakes in all languages in the World. One of my friends just finished his teaching degree and I cry when reading his mails, filled with spelling and grammatical mistakes and a deep lack of knowledge about basic things about geography or history.

    In a local TV program, one guy located Andorra in Africa, Czechoslovakia being the capital of Switzerland, etc. I can’t forget about some member of the Spanish football national team that when asked what he wanted to see in Austria he answered “Kangaroos”. Tyloresse ones I suppose…

  20. I’ll admit I didn’t realize that Egypt was in Africa until I was almost done with High School. There’s a lot of other geography stuff I don’t know either…
    At least I can blame American public education!

  21. I like how the teacher doesn’t even spell Louisiana correctly. Should she get partial credit?

  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8Q10g_Mov4

    This is a must-watch for this Brittney person.

  23. Who cares where the continents/incontinents are? I just know that crabs are crushed Asians.

  24. rainbowcubes87, The vast majority of the Nile is in Sudan, they’re just a little less in your face about it :)

  25. @17
    I think the lame part was that eggs do not come from cows. :)

  26. undergroundtunnel

    I reallY, REALLY dislike you BritishHobo. Your comments are so obnoxious. I think you’re the lamest thing about lamebook.

  27. Sev-O: possibly they meant “Italy”??
    Awwww….poor BritishHobo. How could ANYONE think you’re obnoxious?? I think you’re WONDERFUL! AMAZING! INSPIRED!!! :D

  28. Idaho+Italy=Louisiana.

  29. {{{dogpile!!!}}}
    Yeah, Hobo – you come around here with your British(not English) sense of irony. If sardony was a word you’d probably have pitched for that instead. Not to mention the paranoia – yeah! (You do realise that everyone thinks you’re paranoid, don’t you? We were just talking about it on the secret in-crowd-only thread.)

  30. Hobo, block your ears (or maybe close your eyes) – don’t listen to ol’ under(effing)groundtunnel.

    I love, LOVE your comments – no matter how mehh the post, I will always giggle at your comments.

  31. What’s that Tunnel? Your comments are obnoxious and you are the lamest thing about lamebook?
    Oh sorry, I thought you were talking about yourself…
    I believe the omelet thing also was about eggs coming from cows rather than poultry. It was a double fail.

  32. How in the blue hell is “idaly” partial credit for Louisiana? Being a US public school kid myself, I can attest that they aren’t the best. I got lucky; my district was good. You get into some of them though – you question if the teachers went to school.

    Jellyxbean is right, eggs coming from cows had to be the lameness there.

  33. Did someone just call Hobo a douche?

  34. That Africa thing is nothing; I had history class with a girl who asked if World War II was still going on. We almost let her run with that, but the teacher couldn’t hide his disgust. She then asked if we won the war, and then “Oh… So then is Germany still a country…?”

  35. Hobo…. You’re a douche.

    Blame junebug, made me say it.

  36. we have cliques now? what’s this 7th grade?

    P.S. Who’s Passerino?

  37. i hope someone realizes that the douche in allie/erin is erin. vegans don’t eat any animal byproducts (including milk, eggs and cheese), vegetarians just don’t eat meat.

  38. Saffer I don’t know about the other cliques, but there’s a pretty active orgy clique hanging around. I believe they go by “Circle Jerk Playground Clique”. I’m something of an associate. Orientation this Friday round the back of that big black van next to your house, if you’re interested.

  39. And xeno, how could you rat me out? I let you copy my homework and gave you a sandwich during recess. :(

  40. Did somebody just call me a douche? :O

  41. hahahaha

    Oh, Hobes. You kill me.

  42. Not all vegetarians eat eggs btw, I wouldn’t touch them unless my life depended on it.

    june I’m in, see you there!

  43. hobo that lil face kinda resembles the face of blow up doll… I’m tired. good night everybody

    and you’re not a douche my friend, these kids just need to learn their place. Don’t talk down to the Hobo!

  44. i give up.

  45. @missallikaela So eggs are alright for vegetarians now? You must have gone to the same school as my ex-wife. When I met her she told me she was a “white meat vegetarian” I said what the fuck is that, she said she eats chicken, fish, eggs and cheese. I said so you eat meat, therefore you aint a vegetarian! She said yes I am, I just eat white meat. I then said you do know most cheese comes from COWS milk dont you? And she said no it doesnt, its artificial and comes from cheese producing factories but Im not really into it as its not organic. My first thoughts was this women is insane, but it was me who was insane because I married the cow lol

  46. What the hell is wrong with you people? VEGANS don’t eat animal byproduct such as eggs, milk, honey, etc. Most VEGETARIANS do eat animal by products, just usually not meat. That depends on the type of vegetarian. For instance an ovo-lacto vegetarian eats eggs and diary. A vegetarian that eats fish is a pescetarian. One that eats chicken is a pollotarian.

    So Jim_diGris…your ex does sound kind of insane…but technically she was a vegetarian! An ovo-lacto-pesce-pollo tarian!

    And for the record no, I’m not a vegetarian or vegan of any sort.

  47. Actually, there are lots of types of vegetarians. Pescatarians (fish only), polotarians (chicken only), pesco-polotarians (chicken and fish), ovo-vegetarian (eggs), lacto-ovo-vegetarian (dairy and eggs), vegans (ONLY veggies), raw vegans (only uncooked veggies)… Many are allowed different kinds of meats, depending on what kind they claim to be. I’m not any of them, but I’ve learned about them in school.

  48. I’m a pescatarian. Just sayin’.

  49. The reason that many Americans think that Africa is a country is that the news and media here it portrays it as such. There are tons of telethons and celebrities telling people to donate money to Africa, on the news they talk about earthquakes, disaster, and poverty in Africa. They said that Obama’s dad was an African and it took a while for them to elaborate and say Kenyan. They teach history in schools that slaves came from Africa. When they have a character on a TV show they’ll say “I come from mighty Africa,” not the specific country they are from. They invite people to go on an African safari. They pay no attention to the fact that there are 53 countries in Africa. So a lot of people just assume that it must be a country, because when Europe is discussed they name individual countries. Same case with Asia and to a lesser extent South America. I mean, it is a rational assumption. What is crazy is that textbooks, the media, and even charities talk about Africa as though it’s all the same place and not a continent with 53 different countries.

  50. @sev-o
    The tea party isn’t actually that ‘hollow’ a movement, just because the people in it aren’t on your side. (Which is obviously, Obama is the best president, even though you don’t live in this country and that all republicans are racist hypocrites and fools) but a similiar movement was very popular in the U.S. in the mid 60′s by the democrats. The only difference is that a few lunatics jumped on this boat…oh wait, there were lunatics all over the democratic part of this movement too. Believe it or not, not every Republican or even tea party member is a ravingly mad, homicidal racsist hiding behind christian values. Many of us just think ‘lets borrow a lot more money and give it to wall street’ may not be the best plan to get us out of recession. Also, Many of us in the U.S. are opposed to government expansion because unlike Europe, our government is not supposed to be regulating every aspect of our lives or handing out piles of tax payer money to those who not need or deserve it.

  51. Excellent. An uninformed rant about Europe accusing someone else of an uninformed rant about America. Because, yes, of course, all european countries are exactly the same and have identical systems of government and all do exactly the same things in exactly the same way.
    And it’s spelled racist, moron.
    Bored now.

  52. Well first, “Europe” is not a country, and second, “Europe” doesn’t “regulate every aspect of our lives” nor does it “handle out piles of tax payer money” to those who don’t need it nor deserve it.

    If you must know, there has been a strong debate for some years now on whether the European Union should evolve into a real Federal body or remain as it is right now.

    More on the former “three pillars” of the EU and kind of a system is the European Union can be found here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_pillars_of_the_European_Union

  53. I’m a vaginatarian. Humans as a species are meant to eat meat to stay healthy and it’s one of the main reasons why we’ve evolved (except the americans, who haven’t evolved, ever). Veggie-eating bitches are just pretentious idiots, that’s all.

  54. Geez, Dids. You should copyright that shit. Your opinion would make millions. “Veggie-eating bitches are just pretentious idiots, that’s all.” < that's best-seller material right there. We'll over-look all the reasons people might have for being vegetarian – no one really cares about that anyway.

  55. As much as i’d like not to even acknowledge you Dids, your a prick, that’s all.

  56. @Dids. I don’t deny the first part of your post: Evolutionarily humans are somewhat equipped to eat meat. What I don’t really see is why that makes any difference. “It’s natural” is a pretty weak argument, for a couple of reasons, really. One is that tradition, even natural tradition, doesn’t necessarily determine morality. Furthermore, our traditional lifestyle is set to match a set of conditions which no longer quite apply. For instance, we as a species are conditioned by evolution to desire certain types of food (sugars, salts) and care for others less, and we do so because in the past these things would be hard to come by. Now, however, it’s all too easy to attain these substances, so we have to issue a sort of restraint.

    Yes, I’m a pescatarian. But not because I’m an idiot. And not because I’m a bitch (as I’m male). Partly because I’m pretentious. But mostly because I think animal rights are important.

    @Jim_diGris. There are certain levels of concern people have in terms of animal rights. Many people consider chickens and cows in separate categories, and fish in an even lower one (as a pescatarian I do.) Even the Buddhist monks understand that you can’t avoid killing some level of life (even heating a pan to cook veggies in kills many bacteria.) But to an extent, abstaining from one sort of meat still seems to be a step further than abstaining from no types of meat. I’m not saying that one person is better than another for a choice, but rather trying to say that there’s more to it than you may realize.

    I must state here that I’m not trying to be raging or an asshole or anything, but rather I think there’s a lot of confusion I’d like to clear up about the whole animal rights community.

    Well, there are my two cents. My first post, by the way. Eek.

  57. happyslaughterhouse

    Yeeeaah…… I like bacon.

    Vegetables aren’t food. Vegetables are what food eats.

  58. the adoption papers one is copied from TextsFromLastNight.


  59. I loved the adoption papers post. I don’t care if it is a copy, it’s still funny.

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