Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bona fide Roll Model


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  1. Now kids, let me show you what I like to call “the cockroach”.

  2. Liking sex doesn’t make a woman a bad role model for her kids. The “doesn’t read” part might, though.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong in this?

  4. She’s a scabby whore.

  5. Start with “Role” vs “Roll”

  6. exactly what kind of roll model? Onion, kaiser, sourdough..?
    I’m hungry.
    …and this quote “Is there other kinds” shows what happens when you can’t sit still long enough to read. Someone should sterilize her. Now.

  7. Yeah she could be modeling for spherical like object, she want’s to be best at it! :)

  8. Perhaps if you hadn’t been looking to get plowed as often as possible, you wouldn’t have to worry about being such a terrific “roll” model.

  9. Duh you guys, she wants to be the best Pillsbury doughgirl for her kids that she can!

  10. Jonas you know the word “Roll” in the title was a play on her music interests right?

  11. I wonder if her kids have seen her profile.

  12. I’m sorry but her information makes her a slut, its not ok at all to put something like that and expect us to respect her as a ‘roll’ model for her kids. Fried Green Tomatoes is an AWFUL film, the harlot!

  13. Hey Jeff, I’m pretty sure the title refers to the fact that she said “Im interested in being a good ROLL model for my kids.” It’s the wrong form, so Jonas was right.

  14. Oh Jeff, you crazy man, you’re crazy.

  15. WOW @ Jeff and TrainReq

  16. I have no problem with her being a smut. But the part that disturbs me is the fact that she doesn’t read and at the same time she puts on her info that she is a smut. Really discreet there. By the way, there is a correlation between female “role models” and the fact that they behave like smuts. It’s Hood Science MUHAHAHAHAHA

  17. Despite all the feminazi’s coming in here and defending the woman right off the bat for being sexually liberated, this woman is clearly a broad without class.

    She has two interests besides getting her poon jammed as much as possible. One of them–walking–is a natural function and part of every day life. To put ‘shitting and pissing’ as interests would be just as valid.

    She also wants to be classified as a role model. She’s selling herself as a slut. Remember all that jibberish about Britney Spears etc. selling sex to our preteens? I bet the same group of feminazi’s were up in arms about that. Along comes Bonnie (multiple times) and she’s a hero for loving the cack.

    So Bonnie, you can be a role model for your kids…and you can like sex, but you sure as fuck can’t announce both in your facebook profile and expect anyone to believe that you are someone for your acci-daugther to look up to.

  18. She doesn’t read books? That’s a good message to send her kids. I’m sure her kids will end up as skanky as her.

  19. Maybe she wants to be a sex roll model… nothing wrong I guess…

  20. I’d hit it a few times……

  21. Roll over…the roll over…the front…a few rolls and cums later…the model’s work is done. But kids involved pronounces incest.

  22. Never have sex with anything wider than it is tall.

  23. Although I too watch Dexter, I think the fact that the one TV show she watches being about a serial killer at least mildly adds to her not being the best roll model.

  24. Lame choice, lamebook, and not in the good way.

  25. I sort of agree with AnonisGay, although his use of the bullshit term “feminazi” makes him appear like a drooling dittohead.

    I knew there would be posts pretending not to see anything wrong with this the second I saw “as much sex as I can get,” as if there’s no distinction between a woman who happens to enjoy coitus and a woman whose life revolves around dick.

    If this was a guy he’d be labeled as a pig by everyone defending this woman.


  26. She could make everyone happy by just emending it to “…and as much sex as i can get from my exclusive and loving partner with whom I enjoy a committed relationship.”

  27. She’s a slag, finish.

  28. apparently there were some comments that were deleted?

    i didn’t see anyone actually defending this woman’s ability to be a, ahem, roll model for her children despite her apparent slut-ness.

  29. You know, you can read as fast or as slow as you want.
    You don’t have to wait for the book to tell you to stop before you can put it down.

  30. Now a cleveland steamer is…

  31. “Is there other kinds?”

    I’m pretty sure the fact that she doesn’t read and that she has terrible grammar are the major travesties.

    Though I find it pretty funny that she groups her need for sex with such pastimes as walking and gardening.

  32. People who advertise their sex life on Facebook are tacky. The end.

  33. @idiotsallofyou

    I kind of agree with you, but instead of “drooling dittohead” I would have used “awesome intellectual who gave birth to a mudbaby right on your mothers face”

  34. This would have been better if she put “rock and role” in her music section. Still good, though.

  35. i wonder if shes naked in that picture…

  36. Rolls? Eaten
    Rock ‘n Rolling? Yep
    Rolling around naked, getting her whore on? Yep
    Role model mum? fail

    Still, I bet you she’s pretty fun to take to the pub

  37. What I don’t understand is how she doesn’t read because she ‘can’t sit still long enough,’ and yet her favorite tv show is Dexter, which has a minimum of 40 minutes per episode.

    Does she just have sex while watching it?

  38. “Can’t sit still long enough”?

    This woman realizes that bookmarks do exist, right?

  39. You don’t have to sit still to read. I fell out of a tree once and managed to finish a paragraph before I hit the ground.

  40. No fucking way? This can’t be for real!
    ‘Favourite Movies – Bird on a Wire’!!!! Obviously she’s a mental.

  41. What a salty headbanger.

  42. I think it’s a pun referring either to rock & roll or rolling on pills. Given her rather libertine approach, I wouldn’t be surprised if she really wanted to be a roll model. Then again, it might be her short attention span concentrated on the upcoming rock & roll. Then again, I might have too much charity to allow me to survive.

  43. i miss Chairman Mao!

  44. Listing ‘Bird on a Wire’ as a favourite movie says it all.

  45. Oh, and ‘can’t sit still long enough’ – what about the can?

  46. I guess the can can’t sit still for long enough either.

  47. a woman that is open anout sex and enjoys it just can’t be a good role model, omg how can one even think that?

  48. It’s really easy to work out what her surname is. Probably need to blur it better.

  49. @David wow ur a genius! If only i had the ablility to deblur surnames :(

  50. What’s wrong with liking a lot of sex? :P

    It is lame that she admitted that for half the WWW though…

  51. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    swiss roll

  52. Her physique looks kind of chubsy. Maybe she meant jellyroll model.

  53. I can already tell she’s a terrible ‘roll’ model for her kids….Bird on a wire is an awful film!

  54. Adonis.. you’re a fucking genius. Ive been coughing up a lung all night laughing at your posts.

  55. er, anonisgay

  56. I know parents who can’t read because they don’t have enough time in the day to read. I know parents who can’t read in English because they came over from another country and can still read pretty much only in their native language. I know parents who can’t read because their books are in storage while they’re saving up money to transfer from an apartment to a house. This is certainly the first time I’ve ever encountered a parent who can’t read because she simply can’t be arsed. I weep for her poor, unfortunate children.

  57. So she’s interested in “as much sex as I can get”, but she can’t spell, doesn’t read… yes, what a LOVELY ROLE MODEL for her children…

  58. @ Amanda

    Besides some bad punctuation and terrible sentence structure, I see no misspelled words. Oh wait…”roll” should be “role”, but that still doesn’t prove she’s a bad speller. A bad mother maybe, but not speller. lol Just sayin’…

  59. I have to agree with cat that Liking sex does not make you a bad role model. What makes her a bad role model is that she states it for all to see on a site that has children on it.

    Could you imagine her kids logging on and going on her profile? That would scare me for life…. Old people sex *shivers* ><

  60. To be fair she didn’t say sex with multiple partners so who cares?
    having a healthy sex life is fine and people shouldn’t be ashamed of it.

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