Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bite Me


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  1. That’s really weird.

  2. hell i would too…….

  3. what makes it weird is that theyre brother and sister thats pretty fucked up

  4. Yup being related means boundaries.

  5. *Wolf whistleeeeeeeee

  6. im pretty sure those tits taste like christmas cookies

  7. She’s hot and dumber than a box of rocks…just my type.

  8. Those are some nicely sized boobs.

    The only lame thing about this is the ammount of clothing she’s got on, and the dude groping. But I’m just nitpicking.

    Hurray for breasts.

  9. *amount

  10. another travesty against photography, another underexposed photo

  11. @anonisgayisgay

    It doesn’t say anywhere that they’re related…

  12. @shaanxi agreed, the girl is definitely underexposed.

  13. @turbowatty

    youre related

  14. Halleluyah, she is not making duckface. Wish I could see the other 23 images too. Pretty sure they’re of the extended-arm-holding-camera-down-into-cleavage variety. Love those photos.

  15. You don’t get many of them to the pound…

  16. Those hands are really big…

  17. @anonisgayisgay
    WTF “you’re related?” What does that even mean? Are you high?

  18. I’d like to make sweet sweet rape to her

  19. OK Ashley, I will have to do you very fast and very hard…

  20. @Keyser Soze

    Yeah she’s objectifying herself with this picture but ‘sweet rape’ really? Let’s not joke about rape mmmkay

  21. @20

    Congratulations on missing the whole point. Oh, and let’s not try to get on our high horses about horrors like rape we (correction, you) know nothing about, mmmkay

  22. Rape should NOT be said lightly or in jest you assholes!

  23. This is a joke missing a punchline. This is neither lame (well, kinda lame, but mostly just jerk off material) nor funny.

  24. Aye, Pashta’s right.

  25. We need some underboobage to make this pic even moar epic

  26. This has got out of hand.

    Quite unlike Ashley’s breasts.

    I think we should continue to talk about the wonder that are boobs. And Ashley has a nice pair that we should be praising, instead of bickering…

  27. stupid yes, lamebook lame, no.

  28. The guy in that picture is such a boob.

    Thanks for keeping me abreast of the situation, Lamebook.

  29. ummm keyser soze was referencing an earlier post today, ‘Big MILFstake’ where one person wanted sweet sweet love and another reacted that that was rape.
    I agree rape isn’t funny but in this instance it was!

  30. @ 20 & 22
    Sorry folks but Marc is right, you were missing a rather funny joke that originated on another thread. But before anyone is burnt at a stake for using the word rape in any context other than a serious one, Makster says it best, “it’s got out of hand”. Nick seems to be the only one who has anything in his hands, in fact. Envy – what a nice, healthy, wholesome feeling.

  31. I’d assumed everyone had seen the previous post, and its comments.

    Oh, dear. My MILFstake !

  32. If not for the nipple sucking it looks like he’s lifting her up onto the swings. Aaaaaahhh.

  33. I’d rape it.

  34. it’s not rape – it’s surprise sex

  35. @8: For sure!! But no victory hug for you. It would be a little weird at the moment!!!

    While everyone is bickering and focused on Ashley’s breastacular boobs, I shall sneak up behind her and give her SURPRISE BUTSEX!!! also known as rape ;)

  36. i miss having my boobs bitten

  37. i really dont get whats wrong with this picture. all i see are some of the best boobs on the planet. the dude is weird, but how is it lamebook worthy. i only want it to be worthy because that is an incredible rack

  38. @knjgwb: Maybe, just maybe she’s a chick with a dick. That would make this post lame. But I really hope she’s not!!!

  39. the reason it is lamebook worthy is because who the hell posts pictures of their boyfriend biting their tits? Don’t answer that because there has been worse things seen on lamebook. And I’m also sure i’ve taken some other sort of ridiculous picture like this, but why the need to post it on your facebook?!

    The poor girl has to make up for all the times she stuffed her bra in highschool somehow.

  40. I know he’s pushing them up there, but even then they still look disproportionatly high…

    Come here, I’l bite em ;)
    and yes. I am a girl. I like boobies.

  41. @ Keyser Sore: HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! That just made my day!

    You people don’t get the ‘sweet sweet rape’ thing at all, so don’t even bother. There was nothing inappropriate about it if you knew where it came from. lol

  42. @emasaurus3 #29
    Thanks for being the first to point that out to the over-sensitive noobs.

    And Keyser, I can see ‘sweet sweet rape’ – especially to christmas presents – running here for some time, epic ROFL!

    And sorry to all you PC kids out there, but the more wrong, perverse, evil and depressing the subject matter, the funnier the joke is, mmmkay? The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat.
    There are no exceptions.

  43. “The nearer the bone, the sweeter the meat.”

    Hands down the best thing I’ve read on the loserweb today, a round of applause to you Sir.

  44. Mmmmmm breastys. I’d tap that. The dude biting her looks like a pussy. Knock him out and chat her up. If that fails, knock him out, bring out the roofies and it’s all gravy from there. But rape is bad, and I’m not meant to joke about it. So ignore that. We all know you secretly agree with my plan though… ALL of you.

  45. they look about 13…im disturbed by this

  46. @ Finn – that was a good laugh, cheers for making my xmas better!

    And @ Thesaurapist 13F – don’t feel sorry to the PC kids… they deserve to have their cages rattled and feel bitter & upset and stew in all kinds of negative emotions all day long. That knowledge makes me a happy lad.

  47. sorry for* the PC kids … ahem

  48. @ KAOSS… haha, no decent guys around, so yeah might have to get the girls on it

  49. what makes people think they are related?

  50. ^What makes you think they’re not?

  51. isnt this shit public domain, why cant we see faces?

  52. need more details to make this one lamebook worthy. i still dont think it should make the sight.

  53. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    You now gaze upon the “Wonder Bra” for those who cannot afford a braziere, and also helps with unemployment. Brought to you by the US Federal Government.

    If he quits, can I have his job?

  54. @OP, please post the other 23 pictures for us.

    They’re not.
    They are boyfriend and girlfriend.

    @knjgwb it’s normal to see titbiting pictures on your friends sites?
    they obviously just wanted an excuse to post tits on their site..this is the only one of my screenshots they’ve posted.

  56. @Everybody: They are not related. Im her friend on facebook. They are boyfriend and Girlfriend and have been dateing for like five years. I knew this girl in highschool and she had bit tits even then too. This is not lamebook worthy. Please post things we can laugh about not something that you posted just because you girls are jealous. k thnx.
    p.s This is a pic that does get me hard. Im looking at the other 23 pictures as we speak. any one guessing what im doing now? lolz

  57. slut fucking city. guessing she’s only 15-16.

  58. @xxsupersoftxx guessing you’re also 15-16 but an absolute pervert that uses women and has a new girl day to day and uses them as objects and will never come to his senses and treat them right until he’s about 60, when he’s a washed up sex addict that recently got erectile dysfunction and can’t find a woman to save his life.

    in other words, you’re a fucking douchebag asshole.

  59. @Kateypotter: I’m afraid to tell you that xxsupersoftxx is just like every other boy and man out there. Sure, your boyfriend will tell you he’s different, but if you could see his web browser history you’d be in for a surprise. Don’t hate us for it, pity us (but we do get a bit better as we get older)!

  60. Christ on a cracker

    Oh puuuuuh-lease, BITCH. Someone who has that kind of picture of themselves on FB, they’re begging for sweet sweet rape. I say do the dude before the chick but first you gotta record it and send me a copy! :d

  61. The guy blurred out in this pic looks like he’s MUCH older.. lol like really.. looks like her father or Uncle. Creeeppyyy

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