Thursday, December 30, 2010

BIG Winner

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  1. The last comment seems edited. :I

  2. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA my friend sent this in!! i just called her to tell her it was posted and we had a mini celebration via phone. i assure you the last comment was not edited haha. i had to help her screen shot it and everything cause she didn’t know how. ahhh this is the best.

  3. Hahahahaha. ahaha. ha.

  4. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say Blake had January in the pool.

  5. I sort of love you.

  6. Jesus. Check out shesucks’ link.

  7. Just did. There are some things in life you just can’t un-see.

  8. @word and comments…is it safe for work?

  9. Cherry, it teeters on the NSFW

  10. Fahhk!! Okay.

  11. It teeters on something, that’s for sure.

  12. Bahhh-ha-ha. Cute, and I only say that because I refuse to look at the image here.

  13. Cherry, if you haven’t had lunch as yet, it’s best you don’t look. Actually, if you’ve already had lunch, it’s best you don’t look, either. You may lose it.

  14. You’re saving yourself in the long run Cherry.

  15. I don’t really care what you think. Jealousy is unbecoming.

  16. Jealousy? Ahahahahahaha. Don’t make me laugh, shesucks. It hurts. Literally.

  17. Wait, what the hell is shesucks link?

  18. re: #15 – not as unbecoming as that picture, which is kind of the point we’re making.

  19. episode, you haven’t dared to look? It’s some kind of submissive blog shesucks has dedicated to Keona… with a picture of her willing slave ass positioned at the ready – waiting to be taken by her mistress. Puke-inducing.

    But I’m interested to know what Keona thinks of it…

  20. This post makes my day!!! Full of so much win.

  21. …….I just popped back on…what in the…I…er… shesucks? …nevermind. *face desk*

  22. Read Keona’s previous comments then tell me what she’d think. Obviously you think I’m a troll, etc. I’m not. I want her to see my level of devotion. I’m not sure she knows me by shesucks, hence the website link. Look if you like, I linked it for her. Funny how surprised people are when real life finds them on these silly comment boards. Keona has a life and if she chooses to ignore it, she’s embarrassed. Either way, she sees how much I worship her. So leave her alone!

  23. Fuck me. What do you get up to in your spare time, Keona? The mind boggles.

  24. If this is all fictional, Kudos shesucks on your dedication. If this is NOT fictional, Kiki run – run far and run fast because you might have yourself a boil-your-rabbit-in-a-stew-pot nutter of a stalker.

  25. Jeeezus… I hope my ‘real life’ never finds me here.

  26. No. I haven’t. I’m not sure if I want to. And Jesus Christ that does sound puke-inducing. I’m going to look at it, actually.

    Just looked at it and read the whole thing. Holy hell. I hope this shit isn’t real. I think shesucks is following Keona in every direction. Keep something sharp with you, Keona.

  27. oh my lanta.

  28. mass, you have things do hide, do you? I don’t care what they are. I reckon I’d still like you.

  29. I have nothing to hide from you, word. In you maybe.

    Man, 3 more days off… gonna need a new set of livers.

  30. A set of livers. Funny. The liver is an amazing organ, though. It can regrow, you know. All is not lost for you, darlin’.

    It’s so hot here today. Great weather for a New Year’s party. I’ll be taking it easy, but. Just a couple of drinks, that’s all. The meds I’m on don’t mix well with booze. Actually they mix very well. That’s the problem.

  31. wordymyperv,

    Careful testing the mixture. Remember, gravity wins everytime. A fall while schnockered won’t hurt at the time, but ohhhh the next morning…


  32. It’s hot here too, word .. +3C … I wish I was celebrating New Years Down Under … or in Australia for that matter.

    I am not on meds (per se) so we just cracked our 9th Keith’s for the day… liver seems to be responding well.

  33. the way word, what should I wear to this party tomorrow and how are we getting home?

  34. word, I just realized using ‘today’ and ‘tomorrow’ is ambiguous when speaking with you. It actually cracked me up to the point of a chuckle.

  35. Comments, I’ll be careful. A fall even when hammered would really hurt me at the moment.

    mass, wish you were here, too. Enjoy those beer/s. It’s amazing what a liver can put up with and keep on working…

  36. I’m slow, I missed your comments before I posted, haha. The dress code? Naked, thank you very much. The party is at my place so we don’t need to worry about transport. You better hurry. It’s starting in a few hours…

  37. shesucks, I’m sorry. If you’re quite serious, I’ve no clue who you are…your site made me sick to the stomach as the others felt. You sound like a grade A troll, though.

    word, I don’t get into THAT much during my spare time. Definitely not of this caliber. I’ll close with this, nexus, Soup, Hobes, and the others that don’t care for me, won’t make me run off. But if shesucks is serious, then that might just do the trick. This is too creepy, even by trolling standards. Excuse me while I go retch.

    (I’ll be celebrating my New Year’s with Bud Light Golden Wheat. That stuff is addicting.)

  38. Keona what is it about you that attracts or rather irks ppl? Personally you irk the shit out of me but not because of your posts which can be quite witty at times but your name irritates me . Random story my ex hubby was fducking a born again Christian gal called keona first i heard that name she called me b/c Jesus told her too and when I called him a few choice words she said ‘please don’t curse around b/c I am a Christian’ smdh true story *sigh* good times ! Carry on Shesucks!

  39. Have a good New Year’s Keona!

    Light beer? You must be D.D.

  40. I grew up with an Eskimo fellow named Keona … who later ‘turned into’ a white female Christian. Coincidence? I think not.

    He taught me how to hunt seal but the commute was a bitch..

  41. i don’t know what i find so entertaining about the comments section… maybe it’s because i don’t have a television and the drama in here keeps me satisfied… half the time i’m terrified to post a comment because you guys are so amazingly mean. i hate and admire you all. you’re a funny bunch of assholes for sure. (i hope the shesucks thing is a joke though because it’s pretty creepy..)

  42. I can’t see the pic on shesuck’s link, damn it, I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.

  43. @boogie .. it’s a good/bad thing.

    @hp .. I just try to incorporate Farley Mowat humour where possible. If this makes me an asshole, fine.

  44. mass, not a D.D. Sadly, no party this year. My family’s a schtickler for not drinking, and are allowing me only two. Pretty sure if I started a third they would take the rest away.

    Pfft, I only wanted to black out for a bit again, nothing serious. Pretty interesting story about the Eskimo. How did you kill the seals? Was it the traditional clubbing, or some other means?

    lissy, I’ve no clue what attracts/ repels me. Sorry about your experience.
    hp, just jump in. Don’t be afraid. All of the “mean” jokes are in jest, I’m sure. Never back down or run, because that’s when they go for the throat, trust me.

  45. Sorry about your experience.

    * new motto *

  46. *grrrr* Sorry about my experience? Are you sure you aren’t that sweet biblethumping cocksucking christian Keona ? Lol she apologised for sucking and fuking my ex in an eerily similar fashion. Nah it couldn’t be b/c this keona hates Dan Fargis! My Keona would love him and suck him off ! Happy New Year K~! Drink a few for me:D

  47. WOW. i also admire you all and ive got a few favorites among you and sometimes i wish i could become a “lamebook elite” (lame? i think so but who cares) but maybe its a good thing. poor keona.

    methinks shesucks is a covername. maybe it is someone…lets say…more recognizable? someone we already know with a new account? lets think about it.

  48. also i remember what happened to muepsilongamma on this site lol

  49. Holy great balls of Jesus. Congrats Keona. You seem t have reeled yourself in a classy one. Wait. No, a KLASSY one. Someone like that deserves a k.

  50. Be careful what you wish for, shesucks. Keona is like the lottery to poor people. You think you’ve won the prize, but in the end she’ll ruin you.

  51. i got so distracted i forgot what this post was about, so:

    welcome back fargis, i kept your bible warm for you.

    keona should i wallace it out and say…- nah, go for it, get flattered.

    hp, if you think the lamebook bunch is mean then you must have missed the facebook comments on a wall-of-a-page-we-do-not-talk-of about two weeks back!

  52. Now this is interesting because it just so happens that I worship shesucks. I sleep at the foot of the foot of keona’s bed every night, hoping to one day get into it with her, I am her slave forever and ever. Oh shesucks, when will you become sensible and let me be your devoted slave?

  53. @shesucks,
    You need help. Not because of what you’re into, but because of who you’re into. The only way I won’t have nightmares tonight is by thinking this is one big joke.

  54. I tried the link again and I saw the picture… all I can say is this: my life is now complete.

  55. Wow. I don’t comment very often, but this deserves it. It’s moments like these that make me read the lamebook comments… I’m guessing one of our more “elite” posters, as someone dubbed you guys earlier, set up this thing just to fuck with Keona, but I mean… it’s a fucked up world, who’s to say it’s not real.

    O internet, how I love you.

  56. Defective User With Smoothy Buns

    Your point?

  57. My point? This is great. And amazingly creepy.

  58. I read all these comments and then looked at that blog and after the big buildup I was really disappointed at how little effort was put into it. Is it just one little blurb and one photo or am I missing something? No effort spent on the about page?

  59. you’re too old to appreciate it sobchack ;)

    c’mon guys. stop being stupid already, it’s not real. i don’t even think that ‘shesucks’ is female. this is the kind of trick that guys would pull off- back in school- to that fat nerdy chick with the braces just for sport.

  60. yeah, this is obviously a cheap (albeit amusing) joke by one of the elite users to cause a stir during the holiday lull. i would like to know who is behind it though. assuming it isn’t a lurker, i think we can narrow it down to about 9 or 10 people. now i’m not one to point the finger, but note that wordpervert posted a mere six minutes after the initial shesucks posting. any thoughts?

    loving the drama and intrigue in this thread, more of this in 2011 please. happy new year to the elite, the rest of you are filthy peasants.

  61. 9 or 10, eh … interesting.

  62. vincent, honey, yes, I have a thought. And it’s one of disappointment. In you. For the implication. My history with Keona is a rocky one, but these days, I simply can’t be bothered challenging her. Challenges fall on deaf ears, anyway. Also, that link required a bit of effort – effort I wouldn’t be prepared to put in.

    As for the timing of the comments: I posted a comment on the previous post at 3:18pm – 2 minutes after shesucks posted here. I couldn’t pull off a juggling act like that. Not at the moment. I’m mentally and physically impaired.

    Alright. That’s enough time and energy spent on my defence. Happy theorising, everyone, and Happy New Year, too.

  63. maybe its MEG!

  64. I have to echo mass. Vincent, 9 or 10 people? Yes interesting. Give us this list.

    But I don’t necessarily agree that this is the work of a regular. I noticed shesucks commenting about a week ago. Her name was not linked then, and all of her comments have been in praise and defense of Keona. Why is it so hard to believe someone might feel this way about Keona? And Keona could be a dominatrix for all we know. Lots of people have stalkers and followers on here. It might not make sense to some, but crazier things happen.

  65. maybe it was all a ruse. comment for a while then bring out the big guns

  66. Oxy time wordy, ya? Let’s partay. I’m going to make a blog for you too.

  67. @candidcamera, more like she brought out the big buns.

  68. @zigs
    very true.

  69. Zoned, that’s so sweet of you. You know, I’ve never had Oxycontin before – until this past week. It’s been prescribed for me (along with its faster acting mate, Endone) for post-op pain. Now I know what all the fuss is about. It ain’t bad. Combine them with a couple of drinks and you’re good to go, right? No seriously, they may have totally numbed my brain, but I wouldn’t have gotten by without them. Thank God for decent analgesia. Happy New Year, friend. Partay hard.

  70. I think it is Keona who did this. Attention seeking behavior is a psychological disorder wherein a person has this innate need to be noticed or be the center of attention at all times.

  71. ^^^ahhh… who would have thought…. Keona a narcissist? Yep, that fits.

  72. Can’t be Keona. The shesucks blog required effort, dedication, and brainpower to set up. At least one of those qualities is seriously lacking in good ol’ Keke.

  73. Happy New Year!! I find Oxycontin works best when crushed and snorted.

    Hope you’re feeling well, word.

  74. mass, Happy New Year to you, too, cheeky. You shouldn’t put such (intriguing) suggestions like snorting Oxycontin in my head. Bad man.

    And thanks, today I’m feeling the best I’ve felt since the surgery. It’s going to be a longish road to recovery, but I’ll get there. I’m still a bit miffed at vinnie, though, for implying I’d care enough to stir up Keona like that. Fucking. Really. I liked him… still do… damn…

  75. OMG. I just realized that two of the elite of the elite, Vincent and keona, are the same person. You are brilliant, keocent.

    Either that, or I am just making up random shit because I don’t care and I think it’s ridiculous that anybody would waste their hypothesizing about which person who you don’t really know anything about is really the other person who you don’t really know anything about.

  76. *their time

    Why do I always leave out words? Must be ’cause I.

  77. hey hey now, wordpervert. i never really thought it was you, i was just trying to get the ball rolling. i was actually hoping to start a cluedo mystery game, keona rogered shesucks in the library with a candlestick sort of thing. we all know you’re far too nonchalant to actually carry out such an elaborate plan. although it does sound like you’ve put a lot of effort into your alibi…

    as for the big 9, as the ruling class of lameboook shall henceforth be known, i don’t think it would be fair to publish a list. but if you need to ask who’s on the list, you’re not on the list. sorry guys.

  78. I do love a good game of Cluedo. You’re a patronising little bastard, vincent, but as I said, I still like you. Go figure.

  79. Take note mass. Word gets turned on when you treat her like shit. If you buy her flowers and write her a poem you will immediately be shifted into the pansy pile and her legs will seal shut for you.

  80. By the way, the only person Vincent has ever praised as much as he is praising shesucks is himself. Fucking loser.

  81. Lots of interesting things happening in the comments today.
    This all reminds me of Yoink from a few months ago.
    Can we say FAKE?

  82. I can.


    Unless you meant in unison.

  83. @77
    Clue is good but I think we should go davinci code with this and start looking for imaginary clues. For instance the k at the end of janek’s name has no business being there, and keona’s name also starts from a k. Obviously, there is a conspiracy here. Unleash the psycho masochist- oh wait, shesucks is already here.

  84. jonjones you can just leave me out of this. Shesucks is enough crazy for me, and I’ve had my fill. Janke is a troll and will be gone soon. I hope?

  85. *Janek

    Not Janet or Janke. Fucking Janek.

  86. How ironic for you to be wishing people away, you dumb cunt.

  87. People like me or they don’t. What the hell is your problem anyway? If I’m here, I am here. Deal with it or don’t. I don’t care. How is it ironic again?

  88. …….

    Fine, I will answer your dumb questions.

    You have proclaimed that you are going to continue commenting here whether other people want you to or not, so do you not realise it’s a bit hypocritical for you to want another person to stop commenting simply because you don’t like what he says?

    And so it is ironic that you, a person who so many people wish would go away, would suggest that you wish another person would stop commenting.

    And what is my problem? My problem is that in #84 you called me troll and said you hoped I would be gone soon. Then in 85 you said “Fucking Janek.” Isn’t it obvious that that’s my problem, you dense asshole?

  89. Holy shit what’s going on here! And where are you shesucks? Keona needs defending against Janek. I’d like to hear more of what you’ve got to say. Damn Keona, you’ve got a good un here.

  90. Keona, why the hell do you have your profession listed as nurse, when you are a CNA?????? You do realize that in order to be a nurse, you have to graduate from nursing school? Then pass the state exam for your nursing license. So you can’t call yourself a nurse.

    I know, profession nazi is worse than grammar nazi, but I just want you to be honest with us all. Please, can’t I just make that simple request? I wonder what other lies you tell.
    You just get on everyone’s nerves, so people look for reazon’s to ridicule you, you make it too easy. Please disengage!!!

  91. sorta I’ll make it easy on you, everything I say is a lie. How about that? You fuckers are worse than shesucks and that says plenty.

    janek, you called me out first with some stupid shit about Jesus. I was just returning the favor. You have all the qualities of troll so I’ll say it.

    Back to your games, now. It will all be okay

  92. Hey, noob over here :) been reading this stuff for a while, comments and all and thought with it being the new year, I’d add my own little bit.

    Seems like there’s a bitta agro goin on in here, and I was just wondering why it was this post everybody picked? Looks like hardly anyone actually commented on the lamebook post itself!

    Happy New Year all :)

  93. @Keona

    Are you that blond girl in the “Life in the Boro” video on youtube by the user “Blargmonster1233?”

    Somehow, I imagine that’s what you’d be like in real life, which I do not mean in a happy way.

    Pleast don’t leave. You’re a fun puppy to kick.

  94. Guys, give it up. It doesn’t matter what you say, Keona isn’t going anywhere. Along with some other people, I’ve thrown more than a few insults her way in the past, and they just slide right off her. She’s impervious to it all. She says that shesucks might be the one person who could make her leave, but I doubt it. Why would she? Look at all the attention she’s received on this post! She may protest, but I’m sure she’s actually revelling in it.

    Any publicity is good publicity, right, Keona?

    You make me look like a lightweight. You’re good.

    I want shesucks to come back, too, but only to piss off Keona.

    The reason is because it was on this particular post that shesucks decided to present her Keona devotion blog to the Lamebook crowd. The post itself is ok, but there’s not much to really say about it.

  95. @butterkitten,
    I just had a look at that video, and you’re probably not far off the mark.

  96. this is getting a bit nasty. by all means, continue to abuse keona, but at least try and be a bit funny while you’re at it. i am of course referring to janek, whose petty and belligerent posts are even more tedious than keona at her excruciating worst. perhaps you would like to expound the irony in that, you pompous, semi-literate dullard.

    otherwise, great weekend thread; give yourselves all a big pat on the back!

  97. The first few posts by me, were me.

    Get the hell off my account, orrr I can just make a new one. Stretch, you cock sucker, I’m not going anywhere. You seem to be the one lacking brain power. You’ll never ever get it. It’s alright though, I’m sure the special education teacher is making progress with you. :D

  98. sorta, I took a nursing class, I graduated with a degree. I took a test, by the state, passed, and became certified. Therefore, I am a nurse.

    Oh nexus, how pathetic you continue to be. You really hate some anonymous person over the internet that much? Really? I’m glad I’m here to spite you. Hell, whoever hacked my account, I’m glad of.

    No, that girl isn’t me. It’s actually a friend of mine. A school bus isn’t that entertaining so we decided to make an idiotic video.

  99. what is going on? why does keona only have a thumbnail?

  100. Shit guys Keona is just a kid, a stupid annoying kid! She still catches the school bus for fuck sake, and thinks tampons are funny.

  101. Hence the idiotic. Meant to be done on purpose. What part of that do you not get?

  102. Pedantic Romance Language Nazi


    I was right! Look, she removed the link to her name after I pointed it out.

    Sweet victory.


  103. Pedantic Romance Language Nazi

    (butterkitten too)

  104. I took it off, AND changed my password, in hopes of salvaging this account and helping to prevent future hacks.

    Sweet loss. :)

  105. Pedantic Romance Language Nazi

    So you say.

    You shall not fool me.


  106. If you ride the schoolbus…then you don’t go to college…so how are you a…

    Forget it, bring back the witty banter and out with the flames! or at least combine them into witty banterous flames.

  107. You fail.

  108. Touche, hacker. I suppose I will have to create a new account.

    Jonjones, one of the nursing home/ rehabilitation facilities in my town offers a class to become a CNA/CNT. I took it. That’s how. :) I graduated high school in ’08. Do people automatically assume a video was JUST made? It can’t possibly be a few years old. No way.

  109. Touche, hacker. I suppose I will have to create a new account.

    Jonjones, one of the nursing home/ rehabilitation facilities in my town offers a class to become a CNA/CNT. I took it. That’s how. I graduated high school in ’08. Do people automatically assume a video was JUST made? It can’t possibly be a few years old. No way.

  110. I didn’t know Keona was a girl.

  111. I agree that the Keona’s Slave page is weak. Couldn’t post a few extra entries about longing for the taste of wet ass drippings on an oiled whip handle? Maybe a detail about being used as toilet paper and how it fulfills you in ways your job at the Safeway never could? Lame.

    Nice picture, tho.

  112. Its the fucking Beatles

    Wow. So much hate. And for what? Someone having an opinion that the “elite” don’t like. :|

  113. @112
    Those damn elite at it again right…peasant revolution! We’ll take this lamebook forum from those elite who are obviously the cause for all of your petty troubles.

  114. Its the fucking Beatles

    The “elite” are revolting enough, without the peasants joining in.

  115. Ah very clever sir, you are correct. Fight the power, the lamebook power as it were right? Although they don’t actually yield any power on the website or have any official title, or have even participated in this argument, it is still all their fault right? some sort of clever scheme by the elite to get at the working man of lamebook right? Those elite…always after the working man….of lamebook.

  116. @Keona, according to you, you and your mates were giggling about tampons a few years back in this youtube vid, and you graduated 2 years ago. Either you were THE most immature graduates or you are lying about your timeline. I belive it’s the latter. So to put it in terms that you will understand you’re a liar liar pants on fire!

  117. Spanka We were just really fucking immature. Though, to be fair, a majority of other seniors at my school had that sort of humour as well. Doesn’t really matter now, does it?

    If I were to be that way in a uni, then yes, that would pose an issue.

  118. Its the fucking Beatles

    Why are you ignoring the fact that I have used the word “elite” with the quotation marks Jonjones? Does that not tell you something? Because it should do. It should tell you that my use of the word “elite” was not of my origin, I took it from some other poster who used the word. I was trying to make a point that the fact someone on here thinks there is some kind of “elite” group within the comments pages of LB is rather redundant considering noone actually knows anyone else on here.

  119. Yes, you did take a test and pass it, but it was a damn nurse assistant course, not nurse. Nurses have at least a little more education than a cma. Even if, for some bizarre reason, you took an 8 month long cma/cmt course, you still wouldn’t be a nurse. That’s a little like me saying that I am a physical therapist if I’m only a pta. I mean, there is a huge amouont of education needed for 1, not so much for the other. There is a difference betweena cna/cmt & rn or even lvn. Saying something doesn’t make it true.

  120. Janek #79, you are incorrect. I love both those things.

    On the other hand, Keona, sorta is correct. You may have studied, but you are not a nurse. Sorry.

  121. Anyway, good on you for taking the time to at least get a minimum of education, and either supporting yourself, or putting yourself through more classes & obtaining a higher degree. I hope you have a blessed life and I hope you find every thing that you wish for.

  122. Hey word you’re a nurse aren’t you? I would give my left nut to see you in your sexy nurse uniform!

  123. What? that’s complete nonsense. That’s not what you were saying at all and there are people on here who know each other in real life.

    Your original comment did nothing of the sort and I suggest you look up the definition of redundant sir. Good day!

    This is where I would storm off in a cinematic fashion that wrecks your psyche and confidence.

  124. I am, Spanks. Whilst I’m very appreciative of the lengths you would go to, performing an orchidectomy would be in vain. The uniform is not sexy. It used to be. And it’s a damn shame, you know. It was great for patient morale.

  125. in keona’s defense, tampons are kinda funny. i don’t think laughing at them makes someone immature. i mean if you can’t laugh at your own body sometimes, you’re doing something wrong.

  126. Its the fucking Beatles

    Jonjones I’m not going to get into a debate over shite frankly. I couldn’t give a monkeys either way. Though I must confess I never feel comfortable when seeing a group of people targeting one person out for “special attention”. That smacks of bullying whatever way you look at it. So the person maybe annoying. But surely the most grown up way to deal with it would be to ignore it completely.

  127. Hmmm…if you think tampons are funny alot of the witty banter that is often thrown about on this site must be lost on you.

  128. Question for the people of the Isle: I’ve only ever met Irish people who talk about banter. Is it just as common for Brits? I never hear that word in American English.

  129. @126


    Sir, the essence of this site is laughing at lameness, which is rarely a two-way street (that’d just be a flame war, which also does happen sometimes). Also, I think you’re taking vincent’s ‘elite’ comment more seriously than even he does. Dickishness is part of much LB humor – you make it sound like people here wear cardigans and are on the rowing team or something.

  130. Its the fucking Beatles

    I’d say banter is a British/Irish thing possibly.

    As for the cardigans and the rowing team. I lol’d! That isn’t what I was intending but it was a rather funny analogy which I’m happy to admit made me laugh!:D

    As for the rest. Meh! I am merely expressing an opinion. I don’t expect people to agree with me. I’m not asking for a popular vote or anything. But opinions are just that. I’m not stating fact. I’m not saying what people should or shouldn’t do. It was just my observation. Nothing more, nothing less. :)

  131. I’ve only ever heard of banter being an Irish thing really

  132. Its the fucking Beatles

    Don’t know where you come from Bobbette, but in London banter is a common word.

  133. a banter is a type of supple wooden cane which the elite members of the lamebook comments section use to spank noobs with.

  134. @126
    Since I am obviously the grown manly-man here, I shall not dignify that with a response.

  135. @129
    You mean you aren’t wearing yours? I was wondering why you weren’t at rowing practice the other day…

    Well, I’ll still see you at polo ol’ sport.

  136. Its the fucking Beatles

    Like you have come to the conclusion I wear cardigans, speak like a twat and particpate in pointless sports, then it’s safe to assume you participate in illegal substances and vast quanities of alcohol. Because that’s the only reason I can come up with as to why you’d make such fucking stupid assumptions on the basis of a couple of comments. Funny though they may be they’re still completely wrong.

  137. Holy Jesus man, calm down.

    I think you need all those things you just described to quiet your aggression.

  138. @ 127, thinking tampons are funny doesn’t mean witty banter is lost on me.

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