Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Big Dopes

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  1. Right on!

  2. Gotta admire Cody’s little garden of appetite enhancement.

  3. Funny until you realize that if you’re a US citizen, you will soon be paying for their imprisonment.

    Cody, Cody, Cody…Don’t you notice how weed growers in High Times always cover their faces? Get up that looking comprehension!

  4. Conor and Chris are losers – clearly fake.

  5. Cody = clandestine activity fail.

  6. Connor is so bad ass. I wanna party with that kid.

    And then make up stories about it to try to make myself look like a waste-case on the Internet.

  7. God a loath people who show their weed plants on the net. He’s just asking for a raid

  8. You Got Doddified

    “dat nigga emerged at me 4rm tha darkness all creepy n shit an waz tryna holla at me gangsta-rapist style!!”

    Probably asking you to put something on to cover up your “hoochie ass shortz hella late at night”

  9. Cody’s a dumbass… you don’t post that shit on the net.

  10. pick and choose the women you smite more carefully next time.

  11. @ 7…I’ll take it a step further and say he’s also asking to get robbed.

    This is almost as dumb as pics underage girls post of them drinking their Smirnoffs in their cars.

  12. The cops will never find Cody…from the looks of it, his house is safely hidden in 1975.

  13. I love the fact that Tiffany types so…normally and then Harmony has to bring her confusing ghettospeak into the conversation.

  14. Lily’s an asshole. And Ambien will do what Connor’s experiencing and more if you take it and stay up… which you’re not supposed to do.

  15. sensible madness #12 FTW!

  16. dazedandconfused

    Goodness. Matt should have thought twice about dating Lily. That conniving little whore… I would never do that lol.

    Idk what was going through Cody’s head, but he’s gonna lose that weed pretty soon.

    I wish I had an awesome hideout in the 70′s…

  17. Beautiful Sensible, just beautiful.

  18. Sensible, you’re my hero!

  19. Nice dick shaped pipe, Sam- you look like you’re smoking the pole.

  20. Sensible Madness #12, well done for writing the funniest thing I’ve seen on LB.

  21. You guys know in some countries it is legal to grow pot… could cody be in one?… that would also explain the hand-me-down 1970 furnature…

    And lily… you are a cun+… no excuse to be a rat

  22. Cody’s TV is rad.

    Also, Lily is an idiot. If you REALLY want the cops the come to Matt’s apartment, then call the fucking cops. Don’t post some pathetic cry for attention on Facebook.

  23. dazedandconfused

    It’s also legal to grow weed in some areas of California. And also, In a town in Colorado, you can have a certain amount on you and just get a tiny fine. So slimjayz is right, it all just depends on where the people are from.

  24. speaking of incoherent. WTF is going on in #1

  25. LMAO at Connor!

  26. The brain has gone – wtf is that picture?

  27. connor self-submission fail

  28. SomeRandomChick

    Cody plants are beautiful. I see nothing lame about him.

  29. SomeRandomChick


  30. Cody looks like he’s 15…which could possibly explain some of the stupidity

  31. “emerged at me” = high point of my day

  32. For some reason I hear Lily say that last sentence as if it’s something she’s just noticed.
    ‘Huh. It seems to be frozen. Odd…’

  33. @jimmy

    That is a pic of him smoking the weed… the brain is gone comment is retarded… he obviously has no idea what pot actually does to our brain… ignorant pot smokers give stoners like me a bad name

  34. sam’s caption is dumb, as is the fact that he put a picture of himself doing something illegal on a public site that pretty much everyone in the world (including police and current/future employers).

    all that aside, tho, that’s a really cool angle for a pic.

  35. Is it just me, or is the most mind baffling part of this entry the fact that Harmony appropriated used the word affect?

  36. Jailtime approaching. GG fellas.

  37. sensible madness’ comment = funniest thing i’ve ever seen on this site.

  38. Aye, slim, I concur on all fronts. It’s like seeing YouTube clips of people FREAKING out on acid. We all know it happens, but most of us are smarter than that. Meh…

  39. I wonder if katatak’s adverb was misappropriated. I was surprised Harmony used ‘affect’ appropriately, too.

  40. She probably always spells it like that, and this just happened to be a case where it was correct. :-D

  41. gingivitis,

    I was off to Europe this summer and took an Ambien before getting on the plane, figuring an 8 hour flight would work perfect for waking up and being ready to rock.


    Because of the cabin pressurization I ended up getting SUPER fucked up, then passing out. I passed out about an hour into the flight and woke up about 11 hours after that in an ER.

    When I got back home I went through my text messages and found a draft I’d somehow tried sending a girl. It was that bad. I either told her I loved her, or that I wanted to make her a bacon sandwich. I’m not really sure.

  42. SomeRandomChick

    @ Anna, I’m going to have to disagree. Pot= SRC very happy. Acid= SRC’s worst fecking experience ever. EVER. I had to kick my best friends boyfriend out of my house because the mere sound of his voice made me envision ripping his head literally off of his shoulders, straight scary. Obviously I can’t handle my brain bleeding.

  43. How does someone “emerge at you from the darkness”? was he Count Dracula?!

  44. @SomeRandomChick, I’ve been close to there. Had one time where, for some ungodly reason, the only cd we could get to play was Sublime’s self-titled. Love Sublime! But after 8 hours of it on a headfull of acid? Not so much. Acid has led to some AMAZING nights though.

    One time we lost a fun guy on fungi. He just disappeared. Turns out he had convinced himself that the cops were after him, that an undercover had just showed up. He ran about a mile from the house, stole a truck, drove an hour to Savannah, ditched the truck, snagged some clothes from a laundromat, ditched his original clothes, and, yeah…he wasn’t so fun any more. Turns out he was actually running from his own latent bisexuality, but that’s a whole ‘nother saga.

  45. captainbitchslap

    Does it look to anyone else like Sam is taking a big rip of seed right there?

  46. It’s all fun and games until the DEA shows up and confiscates everything you own. Then there’s that whole court thingy. Good luck.

  47. I was under the impression that ‘the brain’ was his pet name for the bowl. Maybe not.

  48. wow!! i’m pretty shocked at how ppl are just not afraid to show for teh camera.. cody… dude! plz hide it…

  49. I was prescribed Ambien to help me with my insomnia. It made me sleepwalk. I stopped taking it when I woke up one morning and my front door was wide open.

  50. @languorous – I was thinking the same thing. Or perhaps the name of the weed itself?

  51. What a fucking piece of shit TV Cody has! That can’t be his house, the decor is so dated I am starting to think he’s growing weed in his senile Grandma’s house

  52. Tiffany & Harmony – you are scum, I hate you based on your names and posts, you are vile asbo cretins.


  54. *unlurks*

    Dom, will you FUCK OFF?!


  55. taaaaakkeeeee mooooorrree ammmmbbiennnnn coooonnnoooooorrrr

  56. Sensible madness = AWESOME

  57. hey retards, did you ever stop to think that growing pot is LEGAL in certain states and maybe…just maybe…CODY LIVES IN ONE OF THEM. OMFG SRSLY?!?!?!

  58. lol

  59. Codys tv is the win in this thread. I feel like He should have an atari hooked up to it.

  60. Looks like a famous Spartz brother

  61. Cody has one of them new color television sets. It might even have a remote control!

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