Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fake Entries Are Lame

Better Late

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  1. This has to be fake

  2. Julia sent this herself, as shown by the option to delete her own posts. That makes Julia even MORE lame.

  3. Okay this is obviously made up just for lamebook. It sounds completely staged and Julia herself sent it in. Making up submissions may be even too lame for lamebook.

  4. Totes fake.

    I kind of hate myself now.

  5. Fake. What the Hell other god would he be talking about? His name’s Declan, not Jin Le or Shuresh. And what was she faking if they weren’t having sex? Delete this, or alter the entry so that you inform readers that it’s lame on account of being made up for Lamebook.

  6. Yes, I aree; this is totally fake, and they even enlisted Nicole. Lamebook, turn your bullshit radar up!

    And A-Ces: Just because his name is Declan doesn’t mean he’s not of some other religion than Christian. (And vice-versa for “Jin Le” or “Shuresh.” How very ignorant.)

  7. I think that it’s real.

  8. Julie sounds like a bitch.

  9. Haha @ Cosby. And Julie, try reading the post’s title before wasting valuable comment space.

  10. i lol’d

  11. I think I’d have to agree with Fraud!!! above^ This is just too weird.

  12. I’m pretty sure Lamebook knows it was staged, hence the heading; “Fake Entries Are Lame”
    & you can tell just by reading the posts by declan and julia.
    Stupidest bullshit ever.

  13. Thank you Stella!

  14. They aren’t even smart enough to fabricate a half intelligent or believable WTFight… I think it made me die a little inside.

  15. Yeah, that’s so not real. I just can’t figure out if they’re really weird Christians or making fun of Christianity. Or just dumbasses.

  16. Whoever sent this in is a fucking idiot.

  17. If Lamebook knew it was fake, it definitely shouldn’t have been posted. It sets a bad precedent. There’s enough real facebook bullshit to not have to rely on fabricated stuff.

    Shape up or ship up!

  18. It’s true!
    And Cosby sounds like a tool.

  19. Homie: Try picking a less lame name. How very 1989 of you.

  20. watch where your stepping, the bullshit is deep in here….

  21. Next thing you know, someone’s going to be claiming that pro wrestling is fake. Let it go people! If it’s not real, I’m sure the same conversation has happened before and been real.

  22. @Ratcoon 6060:

    I don’t know about you, but I like reading the lameness of facebookers who fake shit.

  23. You mean everything else on facebook is real? Who knew…

  24. They went full retard to pull this off.

  25. i’m pretty sure lamebook knew it was fake, hence the name of the entry. they probably posted it because it was lame on soo many different levels.
    the ‘fight’ itself and the fact that julie herself posted it…

  26. This banter reads like a high school transcript for a dramatic script. Mao out.

  27. “Mao out.”


  28. Augustus Caesar August 5th, 2009 at 10:26 am

    “Fake. What the Hell other god would he be talking about?”

    Are you really that ignorant? You think christianity is the only religion that has a god? or are you not even aware of other religions?

  29. Is a Declan a name? Where have I been? When did “clan” become a verb?

  30. Charlie-

    Oh, Charlie, Charlie, so serious Charlie.

    Of course there are many gods. My point was the dude’s name was Declan, which sounds Irish to me. In addition, though his profile pic is blurred it appears he’s Caucasian. All signs point to this guy being a christian, most likely Catholic. A large percentage of the world (not to mention the world that has access to a Facebook) is Christian. So it seemed weird to me that they were fighting over presumably the same Judeo-Christian god. Don’t pick fights, you PC thug.

    Speaking of which, Julie, yes I’m well aware that Declan could be a Wiccan or Buddhist or worship Ra. But odds are he doesn’t. And I’m well aware there are Chinese and Indian Christians. But more aren’t.

    So everyone put your “Yes We Can” buttons away, possibly in your NPR totes, and have a nice cool glass of “calm the fuck down” juice. Organic and free trade approved.

  31. Julfakie has such nerve showing her print here!!!

  32. 1. Julia can’t screencap for shit.

    2. Are we going to have to start a meta-lamebook blog about the fail on lamebook? Although I fear it would mostly comprise the comments of Chairman Mao.

  33. Why would lamebook post something so stupid and fake?

  34. Read the title before posting

  35. LOL

    Shaddie is the only one who realised that lamebook in fact knew it was a fake post, hence the title “fake entries are lame” and so therefore it definitely deserves a spot on lamebook :)

  36. Boz FTW. Chairman Mao creeps me out with the philosophies of life, mostly because he sounds like a scolding grandmum.

  37. perhaps he’s a pastafarian

  38. yeah, it’s not racist to assume a guy named declan is catholic. trust me.

  39. Still pretty funny, even if it’s fake.

  40. this was madddddd boring.

  41. hahaha you guys suck, it really took until 34 for someone to read the title?

  42. lol this has to be scripted, but still funny.

  43. Both you freaks need to stop taking drugs.

  44. Undeniable proof that Christians fail at life

  45. *searches for “like” button on Gizlone’s post*

  46. What other god is called God, though?

  47. This is fake and I would put 100 bucks down that they both set this up.

  48. I think that religion when used like that has destroyed humanity.
    Don’t get me wrong.Everyone has a right to believe whatever that is as long as of course it follows some moral codes I’d like to believe.But, to treat a person like shit just because he has different beliefs is inhumane.And I’m not even going to play the Holy Inquisition card.Oh damn!I just did.Well look at that…

    A non-religious person yet not an atheist.

  49. I know these people.. they are just trying to be funny. It failed.

  50. Declan keeps it real and to the point…..NOW FUCK OFF lol

  51. It is such a bad attempt at faking a convo for lamebook! It’s staged and yet they still fuck it up, ‘I was faking it’, what was she faking, the whole point of the argument is that she is saving herself. Total morons, seriously.

  52. #30…So the fact that his name sounds Irish and he looks white means he must be catholic? really? I guess I’m just backwards then because I have an Irish name and I’m white but I’m certainly not catholic. Or chirstian of any kind actually. Idiot.

  53. Christian. *

  54. #30: You seriously assume someone’s Catholic based on their name and appearance? You do know that one can convert to any religion they like?

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