Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Best in Show

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  1. This is quite good, but I’m sure the Lamebookers can do even better. So, let’s hear them…

  2. Ahaha, herpes.
    So this is why people stay on FB until 3 in the morning?

  3. tHIRD!?

  4. The Honkees…

  5. Little Pricks on the Prairie

  6. Jesus, that was lame. I’ll try and do better.

  7. G*A*S*H

  8. Family Toes

  9. Family Sued

  10. Charlie’s Angles

  11. The Mighty Bush!

  12. Alvin and the Shipmonks

  13. The Young Puns

  14. Ah that was lame. How about The Invention of Laying

  15. A question of port!

  16. 30Cock
    America’s Hot Talent
    As the World Burns
    Barney Filler

  17. Boner

  18. Two and a half meh

    Keep it up, guys. I’ll check back later. I’m expecting some good ones…

  19. Men Behaving Sadly!

  20. Six Feet Udder

  21. FastEnders

  22. toe story 3!

  23. Ghost Punter

  24. Breast Wars

  25. Hatch of the day!

  26. Hell’s Bitchen.

  27. Callas.

    A show about a group of ruthless opera barons.

  28. Pawn-To-heather
    (Drawn Together)

  29. Fuckman

  30. Yan Can Cock.

  31. Man vs Wind

  32. Miami Dice

  33. Come die with me!
    (Come dine with me)

  34. Monster Jap

  35. My So-called Wife

  36. Miami Mice!

  37. Newfart

  38. One Gay at a Time

  39. Jersey Whore

  40. Club Your Enthusiasm!
    (curb your enthusiasm)

  41. Life on a Dick

  42. Pown Stars

  43. Slack Cooks!
    (Black books)

  44. Mistits

  45. Quantum Heap

  46. Reporn

  47. The Rockford Piles

  48. Sabrina, The Teenage Bitch

  49. Schoolhouse Cock!

  50. Stare Tactics

  51. Sea Cunt

  52. Selling New Dork

  53. That Jonathan reeks Mystery!
    (The Jonathan Creeks Mystery)

  54. Wasted Spades

  55. Late Night Hooker
    (Late Night Poker)

  56. Top Rear

  57. BBC Newsfight!
    (BBc newsnight)

  58. Newlywed Gape

  59. Flopping Out
    South Pork
    Criminal Mines
    Andersen Pooper 360

  60. Greet Swing!
    (Green Wing)

  61. Top Shit

  62. King of Queers

  63. This Old Horse

  64. Criminal Hinds

  65. Fridge

  66. Only Tools And Houses!
    (Only Fools And Horses)

  67. Flee

  68. Pirate Practice

  69. foreign-nation Street
    (Coronation Street)

  70. Breaking Dad

  71. Nip/Fuck

  72. Legend of the Peeker

  73. grime catch!
    (Crime Watch)

  74. According to Him

  75. Bake Station!
    (Babe Station)

  76. Breaking Bed, Pharma and Greg, The B Team, Star Drek, Big Bother, M*A*T*H

  77. Extreme Lodgers (extreme loggers, on Discovery UK)

    I would watch a show called Extreme Lodgers.

  78. The Jerry Hitler Show!

  79. The Viet.

    with Whoopie Nguyen.

  80. Two Gays, a Girl, and a Pizza Place (then renamed Two Gays and a Girl)

  81. Gentile Ben

  82. Maid Men

  83. coke-man

  84. TMI (TMZ.com has a tv show as well in the US)

  85. Air horse 10
    (Air Force 10)

  86. minute to jizz it, 13 going down on 30,

  87. All About Feces

  88. Beauty and the Feast

  89. Bebitched

  90. Americas Next Cop Motel

  91. Bag Brother

  92. The Brady Punch

  93. Fuck Rodgers in the 25th Century

  94. Hour of Mower

  95. Buffy the Vampire Spayer

  96. The Naked Cher.

  97. 60 min takeoven!
    (60 min makeover)

  98. Headwood

  99. Deal or no Meal

  100. Fraggle Cock

  101. Gimme a Freak

  102. Bravefart

  103. Happy Gays

  104. Bitches of Eastwick

  105. Family Maters

  106. Judge Joe Drown

  107. Top Pun

  108. Charred


  109. Bugde Judy

  110. *budge* judy

  111. The Dykes of Hazzard. Could also be the Nukes of Hazzard.

  112. In the Meat of the Night

  113. Undercover Moss

  114. Silver Poons

  115. America’s Most Wanked

  116. The B Team

    (stolen from collegehumor)

  117. Meal or No Meal

  118. Flee

  119. I can imagine “How Clean is your Horse” being made into a porn. This, children, is what the internet can do to you

  120. 19 Kids and Mounting…..but maybe that’s not different ;)

  121. Disturbed Housewives
    Brothers <3 Sisters
    Are You Hotter than a 5th Grader
    Commune (Community)
    Dr. Feel
    Dirty Knobs

  122. How come no one thought of Jersey Whore?

  123. Young Buns,
    Pimp my hide!

  124. Beverly Kills 90210

  125. @ Voicing… check number 37! R1chey1 FTW!

  126. Barefoot Cuntessa.

  127. Starring top celebrity chef, VagIna Garten.

  128. 25

  129. “How come no one thought of Jersey Whore?”

    I actually thought that was the show’s actual name.

  130. Med Man, The Orifice, The Colbert Repore, Texter.

  131. Top Rear

  132. Cumfights.

  133. Growing stains.
    Flesh prince of bel air.
    Law and odor.
    Sux feet under

  134. How to look good Baked

  135. Sad Men (i see a jimmy fallon skit)
    Covert As-fairs (“Covert Affairs”)

  136. There are some clever bastards in amongst you lot.

    For what it’s worth…

    Full Horse

  137. List

  138. Can’t Cock Won’t Cock

  139. Grey’s anal tommy

  140. Doctor Why
    Lust (Lost)
    Flush Forward
    Prison Bleak
    Flake’s Seven (obscure British sci-fi)
    Knight Cider

  141. We can get herpes
    (we can be heroes)

  142. The Jiggles

  143. Treasure Cunt (with Anneka Rice)

  144. Slackadder
    Fart to Fart
    Rising Dump

  145. Sea Cunt

  146. Bargain Cunt (with ‘The Duke’ David Dickinson)

  147. America’s Funniest Homo Videos
    Filmore Girls
    Everybody Mates Chris or Everybody Hates Christ
    Beverly Pills 90210
    Ugly Wetty
    True Bloo
    The Closet (The Closer)
    Shaven (Haven)

  148. Cuntdown (with Carol Vorderman)

  149. Kyle KY
    Saturday Night Dive
    Cougar Torn
    Walker, Texas Ranga
    Malcolm in the Fiddle

  150. The Cunt for Red October

  151. Deadliest Snatch

  152. American Dickers

  153. 1,000 ways to lie

  154. Mouth Park

  155. The Adventures of Wild Bill Hiskok

  156. Alfred Bitchcock Presents:

  157. Aeon Fux

  158. 3rd Cock from the Sun

  159. The Amazing Rape

  160. America’s Pot Talent

  161. “may the horse be with you”

  162. Bebitched (Bewitched)

  163. Poot Camp (Boot Camp)

  164. Dancing with the Scars

  165. Lances with Wolves

  166. Cunt Duckula (with David Jason)

  167. Dicktales (Ducktales)
    Dookie Houser
    FAG (JAG)

  168. The Cunt of Monte Cristo

  169. Leave it in Beaver
    Sexx (Lexx)
    Pee Wee’s Gayhouse
    Silver Poons
    Whorehouse 13
    Win Ben Stein’s Boner

  170. The Bonnie Cunt Show (with Bonnie Hunt)

  171. Half of you aren’t doing it right.

    That being said, “Hell’s Bitchen” and “The Viet with Whoopie Nguyen” were CLASSIC.

  172. Vaggie Tales

  173. Pig Love
    Dancing with the Stats
    Sad Money
    Pimp My Rice
    Dawson’s Creed
    Two and a Calf Men

  174. Wife UneXpected
    Glue (Glee)
    Mouse MD.
    Mr. Bear
    Hang, Hunk (Hung)
    Hef (Hex)
    Boarders (Hoarders)
    BAG (JAG)
    Pump my Ride
    F Word

  175. @151 gobama, there is actually a REAL show called 1000 ways to lie.

  176. Bug Love
    Horse M.D.
    Six Beet Under
    Mop Chef
    General Horspital
    30-Minute Seals (still a cooking show, though)
    Judge Joe Drown
    Around the Porn
    ABC’s Wide World of Sporks

  177. Pig Brother

  178. 3rd Cock from the Bum
    King of the Pill
    Pokher After Dark
    Family Leud
    Kreeping Up the Kardashians
    Grandma’s Toy

    The best one has to be “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Gays” hahaha

  179. I am pretty sure wanker, texas ranger was the name of the show?.. Whatevs

  180. Beverlys Hills 90210

  181. Doctor POO!

    Right? POO! RIGHT?!?!

  182. Hobo you just made me laugh out loud.

  183. All American Candyman
    Gliders, or Spiders (“sliders”)
    The Gaily Show (got only love for it)
    And Her Son Cooper 360
    Larry King Jive
    MTV Crips
    Veal World
    Road Mules
    Top Bear
    Holmes on Homies
    Super Fanny
    Ugly Betty

  184. True Blond
    Texter (Dexter)
    The United States on Tara

  185. hahahaaha True Blond

    Law and Order: SUV
    Vampire Dairies
    Fuck (Chuck)
    Overt Affairs
    Sexter (Dexter)
    Jersey Whore
    One Tree Hell
    Lie on Me (Lie to Me)
    Feel of Fortune
    Saturday Night Love
    The O.D.
    The Big O (The Big C)
    Anderson Pooper 360
    Flee (Glee)
    Dawson’s Crack
    Degassy (Degrassi)
    Pimp My Rod
    MTV’s Maid
    Sixty and Pregnant
    Teen Mob
    The Secret Lie of the American Teenager
    Steal Housewives (Real Housewives)
    Jon & Kate Plus Eighty
    South of Nowhore
    Beyond the Brake
    Petty Little Liars
    Pill & Grace
    Wife Unexpected
    The Pimpsons
    South Pork
    That’s So Ramen
    Gizzards of Waverly Place
    Pocket Power
    Laguna Bitch
    Cooking with Paula’s Spleen (Paula Deen)
    Campbell Brawn
    Lezzie McGuire
    Reek (Greek)
    Woods (Weeds)
    The Amazing Face
    America’s Next Top Yodel
    American Idle
    Dancing With the Stairs
    Doobie Doo
    Gay’s Anatomy
    30 Cock
    The Prude Family (Proud Family)
    MTV Ribs
    My Super Sweet Sex Teen
    Bug Love (Big Love)
    That 70s Ho
    All Twat (All That)
    Drake and Jose
    Malcolm in the Piddle

  186. Cummunity
    Freaking Mad
    Bone Star

  187. Dikes of Hazard

  188. The Wig Bang Theory

  189. Okay why is my favorite Stare Tactics? lmfao sideshow you had the best ones. Other great ones: Texter, and Fraggle Cock (just because I love that show)… The Amazing Rape – Lmao!

  190. My favorites are definitely Amazing Rape and Gentile Ben. True genius!

    College Foosball
    Sonny With a Chancre
    The Denture Brothers
    Beaker (Becker)
    Family Goy
    Ugly Bettis
    Letters to Joliet
    The Jewery Box
    Never Rape Again! (Never Rake Again!) some of the infomercial stuff is golden.

  191. Bitch Men (pitch men)

  192. Headliest Warrior

  193. Hogfights (Dogfights)

  194. Yawn stars (pawn stars)

  195. American Hoggers

  196. Ghost Lay (Ghost Lab)

  197. Surviving the Cunt (Surviving the Cut)

  198. Clash of the Cods

  199. Ice Load Truckers

  200. Sega Disasters (Mega Disasters)

  201. How I bet your Mother

  202. Undercover Hoss

  203. 21 hump street

  204. The Love Goat

  205. Twin Beaks

  206. Cougar Torn

  207. Desperate Mousewives

  208. Dookie Blue

  209. Shart Tank (Shark Tank)

  210. Shart Week

  211. Biggest Poser

  212. Mateline (Dateline)

  213. Saturday Night Love

  214. Miami Lice

  215. Quantum Heap

  216. Are you being Perved? (are you being served)

  217. Asses to Asses (Ashes to Ashes)

  218. Pecker (Becker)

  219. The Big Wang Theory
    Dick Man Dyke Show
    Everybody Mates Chris
    G.I Hoe
    Get Shart (Get Smart)
    Ghost Punters
    Drounded for life
    I love Pucy
    Hung Fu
    Pooney Tunes (Looney Tunes)
    Poonlighting (moonlighting)

  220. I just noticed 2 or 3 of mine were used earlier…props to the original poster.

  221. Deadliest Patch

    VAG (JAG)
    Jon & Kate Plus Fight
    Bangland (Gangland)
    American Packers
    The Tumors (Tudors)
    Head Like Me (Dead Like Me)
    Vaggie Tales

    Some don’t need changing:
    The Unit

  222. To Watch a Predator (to catch a pradator)

  223. Good Moaning America

  224. Fagney and lacey

  225. Pros vs. Hoes

  226. Two and a half Yen

  227. My Toys (my boys)

  228. Perfect Stranglers (perfect strangers)

  229. Gaywatch (can’t believe no one did that one yet)

  230. The Bernie Sac Show

  231. the frady bunch

  232. Charlies anels

  233. SHiPS (CHiPS)

  234. Diagnosis: Turder (diagnosis: murder)

  235. Lardcastle and McCormick

  236. The Cockford files

  237. Empty Fest (Empty Nest)

  238. Everybody Loaves Raymond

  239. Lojak (Kojak)

  240. Stranglers with Candy

  241. private cactus

  242. No Country for Old Hen.

  243. Ready, Steady, Cock!

  244. Big Cook, Little Cock.

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