Monday, October 19, 2009

Best Friends Forever



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  1. Hey! Kimberly understands the difference between your and you’re.

  2. I’d do all 4 of them.

  3. @Boz

    Except the blonde.

  4. Ahh I have no idea what is going on here.

  5. Troo. Everyone was blonde back in Ireland. So sick of that shit.

  6. WANT. As long as they don’t talk.

  7. I would hate to live with these girls.

  8. @Kate


  9. It took me a while to figure out that Kimberly was talking about Kimberly and not herself in 3rd person…I thought she was thanking herself.

    This is an instance where retarded spelling i.e. Kimbalee would have been appropriate just so there was no confusion

    And IMO this really isn’t that lame, no-one threatened anyone, nothing witty or mildly hilarious was said…it’s a just a preppy bitch fight. I could’ve just gone back to high school to see this.

  10. Three comments in somebody had already used the “@” sign. It doesn’t DO anything here. Are you folks so drunk you don’t know you’re not posting on Twitter?

  11. Am I the only one dying to know what Emma did? It’s obviously ALL EMMA’S FAULT since Kimberly L seems happy that the other Kimberly started the “bs”. EMMA YOU BITCH…

  12. @@@@@@@@@@

    I agree.

  13. @@@@@@@@@, @@@@@@@@@:
    It’s so specific people can know that the comment is directed towards them in case someone wants to call them an idiot, like this comment for example – idiot.

  14. Ok let’s try this.

  15. @Boz

    omg dood GET OVER YOURSELF

  16. If they’re trying to hurt each other with words, one of them needs to drop the c-bomb. When you say “bitch” a thousand times a post, it kind of loses its edge.

  17. Thing is that when girls argue, it’s always

    “You’re such a bitch!”
    “No, YOU’RE the bitch”
    “No, you are!”
    “YOU ARE!”

    etc etc ad infinitum ad nauseam

  18. Hey Ben-

    Did you post that just to see if some girl would come along and call you a bitch?

  19. It’s my life’s dream to be called a bitch by a girl.

    That way I can say “don’t make me he-bitch man-slap you” and not feel to self conscious

  20. naturally I spelt too incorrectly…

  21. I don’t actually argue like that. If I’m going to argue with another fellow girl, which rarely happens (because I’d much rather be friends with males as they don’t carry on with all the stupid, petty gossip and bitching), I tend to be more rational rather than resorting to calling the other party ‘bitch’ every 5 seconds.

  22. Pardon my generalisation

  23. Is Emma the blond? I wouldn’t want to be friends with anyone wearing a shirt that ugly, either.

  24. @ Ben

    You’re a bitch!

    Your welcome, your life is now complete.

    Look kids I’m using you’re and your correctly.

  25. Sorry I should’ve thrown a *bitch slap* in there as well

  26. It’s quite alright, Ben – I know you were generalising. I guess I was just voicing my hate for the shame that most females put on our gender for carrying on like that instead of being remotely normal and constructing sentences with common sense rather than talking like a trailer park dumpter.

  27. Oh shit…I mean You’re welcome…uh oh call the grammar police, especially since I was being a pompous biarch too…

  28. Ish-You’re welcome, your life is now complete.

    Fixed that for you.

  29. Sigh, *dumpster. Might as well correct myself before someone else does it.

  30. I think typos should be given passes. Everyone makes a mistake typing sometimes.

    Accept em.

  31. My life is now complete indeed.


  32. hair pulling and nail scratching or GTFO.

  33. NO YOU ARE! *bitch slap to the face*

  34. You’ve got a point, Paleo. Although, the only typing errors that should not be forgiven are the ones where people +ALk L!Ke D!5, L!kE ZOMGZ!!!!!!!

  35. don’t make me he-bitch man-slap you

    there i said it

  36. *roundhouse kick to Ben’s head*

  37. *bitch slaps Chuck Norris. Then cries.

  38. …Why are they wearing the same shirt?
    They lived together, surely they’d be like ‘Hey, you know we have the same shirt, you’re not wearing it today, are you?’

    God. Bitches these days.


  40. @Suoh: Because it’s still cool to match when you’re in college. Like, duh.

  41. @ Suoh.
    Not the same shirt. They have different necklines. Similar enough to still be dumb though…

  42. the one of the far left has a gut, the one that slangs

  43. @SomeGirl

    I totally relate to you, dude. Cheers! *clinks beer mug and watches Monday Night football*

    (and yes, I’m a girl.) :D

  44. @Chinchillazilla

    Agreed… There needed to be a few C bombs thrown around!

  45. Man, the excess of Kimberly(s) really made that a little less enjoyable :(

  46. “roommates take 2…”

    No worries – I’ll have the 2 on the right.

  47. precisely why
    I’d never live
    with four bitches

  48. that’s not even a fucking haiku

  49. Oh no! I think someone is now impersonating Mr. Haiku as well! First Boz, now this!? 5-7-5 idiot.

  50. Kimberly and Emma need to cry it out, and eat a tube of uncooked cookie dough together in the dark whilst watching “Gossip Girl” or “Glee” or one of those crappy fucking television shows they make for dumb chicks.

    Otherwise, there will never be peace in the food court at the mall.

  51. I was a virgin when I moved from Ireland. It is full of fridged girls there. I met some lovely whores here in America.

  52. Never fear
    The real Haiku is here
    you’re gay

  53. I hope you mean “frigid”. Otherwise that is unintentionally hilarious, instead of just a weak troll attempt.

  54. ChocolateSquirrel

    No place does “lovely whores” quite like the US.

  55. @:@@@@@@@@@ We get that you have a problem with people using the @ sign, dickhead. No-one cares.

    I’m an Irish girl, and I have never fridged in my life. I resent that implication, @ fake Boz number whatfuckingever.

  56. Usually girls who hate girls are usually the bitchy, catty ones…just sayin’.

  57. I figure Emma helped Kimberly #2′s boyfriend, Eric, cheat on her. That’s why she says Emma isn’t sorry and is with him now, and Kimberly says she’s glad she’s not in the dark anymore.

    I’m fluent in catty whore.

  58. I was preparing breakfast the other day. I took some yoghurt out of the fridge but when I opened it my yoghurt went all over my girlfriend’s face. I assume she can now be labelled as a ‘fridged girl’?

  59. …And she is oirish

  60. I don’t know… the real fail here is the matching zebra print shirts.

  61. Further proof that women should not live together.

  62. this shit is funny

  63. dumb girlz

  64. Muthafukin' Maurice


    This is why guys fuck you, steal $60 out of your purse, then leave you to wake up alone, sticky, and confused the next morning. You’re so fucking stupid.

  65. No one has imitated me for a while, come on someone!

  66. You are all so lame.

  67. Muthafukin' Maurice

    @Boz – Who would want to imitate your weak ass anyway – get over yourself.

  68. I’m not a gay fish, goddamnit. I’m a motherfucking GENIUS.

  69. Thats not the real Boz…

    Will the real Boz please stand up?

    I love him

  70. Thank you JJ. I bet it is because of my sexy Irish accent?

    “To be sure, to be sure” ;-)

  71. i am the real boz!

  72. @70 Boz

    Irish people don’t actually say “To be sure, to be sure”, but at least you can punctuate correctly, and you noticed the change I made to the link, unlike the amateurish offering of @71 boz

  73. no really i am the real boz

  74. @73 Boz

    So amateur. Don’t you have a life?

  75. “Fridged girls.” Epic.

  76. that’s still not a haiku

  77. if they all got in a circle and fisted each other in the ass im sure they would forget why they were arguing and start grinding their hoops

  78. Sorry to derail this from the fascinating impressions:
    Whilst I don’t understand why people put photos that they hate onto Facebook, and the ensuing bitchfight is really lame, I can’t be alone in thinking that Kimberly’s “/rip” was actually quite funny, can I?

  79. In Mr’s absence
    We should at least be able
    To mimic him well.

  80. So many bitches
    Clogging up Lamebook lately
    This counts all of you.

  81. “This is why guys fuck you, steal $60 out of your purse, then leave you to wake up alone, sticky, and confused the next morning. You’re so fucking stupid.”

    Now now muthafukin maurice- don’t blame your sluttiness, thievery and misogyny on others.

  82. gimme 4 paper bags and a condom…

  83. I’ll take the ugly one.

  84. I’ll take all of them

  85. College chicks are always slightly chubby but still hot, it sucks but it isn’t the end of the world. Still, these fat bitches need to shut up.

  86. This would’ve have been a whole lot easier to follow if there wasn’t two Kim’s. I thought she was speaking in 3rd person.

  87. My head hurts.

  88. @Admin

    Please restrict all posts from “Boz” so we don’t have to hear from this desperate loser again

  89. I’m kinda cross that no one’s pointed out that — despite all this back and forth — we never really found out where da party at.

  90. “I Love Boz” wrote: “It’s so specific people can know that the comment is directed towards them in case someone wants to call them an idiot, like this comment for example – idiot.”


    You do not need an “@” sign to address someone. See? I just addressed you without it.

    The “@” sign on Twitter triggers an automatic response sending the message directly to the intended recipient. It does absolutely nothing here or on message boards, except to make the person using the “@” sign look like an idiot who doesn’t understand why he’s using it.

    It doesn’t make you look cool. It makes you look like the retarded kid in class who wears a football helmet to school just because he loves football and doesn’t understand what the helmet actually does.

  91. @:@@@@@@@@@@@@@ Nobody gives a fuck. Get over it and have your internet wobble somewhere else.

  92. I’m just doing my part to help you not look like a retard.


  93. So I see this is the new place to gather and have internet fights? Great.

  94. Wasn’t it once said that having an argument over the internet was like booing at the special olympics?

  95. I always thought it was *running* in the Special Olympics.
    As in, “Even if you win, you’re still a retard”.

  96. Yes, and sadly a whole lot of people have to reduce themselves to internet fighting, as it’s the only way they will ever feel relevant outside of reality.

  97. Jamie,
    If those are the girls at da party, I don’t wanna know where it at.

  98. @spam

    you might be right.

    Instead of bitch, I think scrag would also be a good insult

  99. #92

    How, by trading places?

  100. This really could use an Anonisgay comment.

  101. emma’s a bitch and kimberly is in denial about being hated by her friends

  102. emma, kimberley, kimberley l and heather all live together.
    kim l and emma are best friends.
    kim l has a boyfriend named eric.
    emma sleeps with eric.
    kim finds out, and emma is aware that she knows.
    emma wants kim to move out.
    during an argument, emma winds kim up so much that she blurts out what she knows to kim l.
    these four girls are still living together although emma spends a lot of time at eric’s.
    emma hates kim.
    kim hates emma.
    kim l hates emma.
    heather wants to stay out of it but would take kim l’s side since she was the one betrayed by her ‘best friend’
    kim is hated by everyone.
    this is a case of shooting the messenger.
    The End

    i’m a bi-girl Londoner and this is precisely why i refuse to live in a house full of girls.
    too much drama!

  103. stupid girls and they’re all fat

  104. Haha! Guys that tag girls on the internet as fat when they’re not at all are GUARANTEED obese and fugly.

    Same for guys named Jimbo. Fact.

  105. @ @@@@@@@@

    If we did a vote on who looks like the retard here, I think you might be disappointed.

  106. The results of the vote are in!

    Who looks like more of a retard:

    @@@@@@@@ – 91%
    Everyone else – 9%

  107. @ Ben

    I love you for using Latin.

  108. @ Ben

    I hate you for using Latin.

    You win some, you lose some.

  109. They’re all wrong: life is a bitch.

  110. That’s why I’m gay. Girls are irrational and seem to always find stupid reasons to fight about stuff.

    Well…girls who don’t know not to wear sleeveless shirts when they have linebacker shoulders. And really? Zebra stripes? With that girthy midsection???

  111. Girthy mid-section? You must be gay to think that girl is chubby. I know girls who couldn’t fit an arm in that shirt.

    But zebra isn’t really flattering on anyone.

  112. My heart bleeds out for them……


  113. I am not sure what the folks picking on the looks/bodies of the four girls are trying to prove, but personally, if I could choose between either (A) only one night with any of these four girls, or (B) a 1000 nights with Kate Moss, I’d take option (A).

    In fact, I’d take option (A) a 1000 times over before I’d take option (B) once.

  114. I dunno, it kind of warms my heart to see that some people out there can actually spell

  115. They’re all hot
    So, where exactly da party at?

  116. The lame bit for me is that Kimberley did what I have sometimes done myself (but corrected) which is to copy and paste and comment and have FB put the “read more” in it. She hasn’t removed it though. It says “you do shit like this… Read moreto people you call your best friend”

    Not very lame though.

  117. THEY LIVE TOGETHER. One would think they could talk to each other in person. Things like this make me glad I’m gay.

  118. If I understand bitch talk, the translation is Emma slept or is sleeping with Kim’s ex bf Eric. Kimberly knew or found out and told Kim, now they’re hating on Emma. I think that sounds about right…

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