Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Benevolent Benny

Benovlent Benny

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  1. Benny is awesome.

  2. Benny is mean!!!

  3. benny, good lord, i love you

  4. Benny is a hilarious tool. A combination of jokester and asshole.

  5. Benny is awesome, wait, 43 seconds ago? Benny is a tool.

  6. Benny is also yes in disguise.

  7. i inhaled my chex mix on accident cause i was laughing so hard at benny

  8. I’m sick of people submitting themselves and not even bothering to wait ten minutes so it doesn’t say “Posted 2 seconds ago.”

  9. benny is unoriginal

  10. I laughed so hard at this one. Priceless. Benny, you rock – even if you were the one that submitted yourself. That’s hilarious.

  11. Benny FTW!

    Imagine the guy’s face when he read that. That’ll get him to stop publishing what nobody cares to read!

  12. man that made me laugh so hard, benny, more of your humor please!

  13. poor justin! benny be a friend, tell justin stop drinking milk, he’ll be just fine.

  14. omg that was COLD. and not all that funny.

  15. If Benny submitted this himself it would say “You like this” not “Benny likes this”

  16. Justin needs Pro-Active and Pro-ZAC.

  17. Justin needs to STFU!

  18. if benny submitted it himself it would have said “you like this” instead of “benny likes this” and had the option to unlike, rather than like. are you guys new to facebook?

    but really, why put that in your status update? i think justin needs a therapist.

  19. I feel sorry for Justin, but why in the world would you put that kind of info in your status update?

    Oh, and Benny is a dick who is desperately trying to turn an old joke into something vaguely relevant. Nice try, Benny, but not really.

  20. I’d feel bad for the guy, except that the pity he feels for himself outdoes any pity that he could receive from anyone else.

    Acne sucks. I have terrible skin, my siblings have terrible skin. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE TERRIBLE SKIN. Yet somehow, we all manage to deal, and without long-winded public spiels about how horrible life is because of acne. Justin’s problems go beyond acne.

  21. “Acne sucks. I have terrible skin, my siblings have terrible skin. MILLIONS OF PEOPLE HAVE TERRIBLE SKIN. Yet somehow, we all manage to deal, and without long-winded public spiels about how horrible life is because of acne.”


  22. Um, 15 and 18, it’s not hard to make fake accounts, or get on your friends account, and screen capturing takes about 10 seconds.

  23. Yeh, Benny used those crucial 43 seconds to create a fake account.

  24. #21:

    Do you have issues with reading comprehension? The point was that most people with acne don’t attribute it to RUINING THEIR LIVES in great detail through a long facebook status.

  25. ok yes, acne sucks and all and yes, its mean of Benny to make jokes about of Justins skin problem…but look at it this way, Benny at least has some perspective on the seriousness of the situation. Acne isn’t fun to have but it sure doesn’t ruin your life (Justin, you big drama queen) and it sure doesn’t merit a rather long winded status update. So thank you Benny for bringing Justin back to reality!

  26. I thought the point was “…we all manage to deal, and without long-winded public spiels…” Just because there was a thought in your head that you didn’t write down, doesn’t mean I have a problem with reading comprehension, it means I have a problem with being psychic. Retard.

  27. ABOUT HOW HORRIBLE LIFE IS BECAUSE OF ACNE. It was stated right there! Retard.

  28. Thought so. You totally missed the point. But keep trying, you’ll get there in the end!

  29. RAW VEGAN FOOD will cure your acne!

  30. RAW VEGAN FOOD will cure your acne, and make you wish you were dead anyway.

  31. Raw vegan food doesn’t cure anything. But for some reason people who eat raw vegan food insist on giving it all sorts of unsupported claims. You like your raw food: go you. Just leave me out of it.

    In other news, there’s nothing you can do about acne, without steroids or stupid surgery. For everyone else, it’s just a shitty part of growing up.

  32. 2 words PRO ACTIV…it’s what gives P Diddy his ‘silky-smooth cocoa butter skin’

  33. …Not happy at all, I’ve had the most horrible breakout on my face, it’s so embarrassing. It’s got to the point where it’s not managable. My second ever spot! Now that I’m 37 I thought all that was behind me. I am frustrated that I have to endure this again. Just when I think I’ve grown out of it, it has dragged me right back to hell* once again. I can no longer be the person I want to be. Oh, my life is ruined. Ruined I tell ya! oh, woe is me. my life…ruined.

    *I now understand what hell would be like (if there was such a thing)

  34. beanstalker, this joke is hilarious go fuck yourself

  35. Benny is awesome, not just for his comment but also because he likes that his friend is nearly suicidal about the pustules on his face.

  36. i don’t get benny.

  37. Beanstalker- why would some one make a facebook account JUST so they could post themselves on here. You lose.

  38. I need a Benny – a friend who can help put the problem into perspective by pointing out I am a dumbass every time I write an acne-driven suicide note on FB.

  39. Hold on. Young Justin has been dealing with his acne for ‘more than 10 years’ now, and he is now 21. Did this poor feck get acne when he was 10/11 years old?? Surely not. Makes me think Benny should back off and give the man a break – even if he is right…

  40. Awesome!

    Why would it bother people if you upload your lame after 2 seconds? Why wait? It could be deleted! Haters, probably too lame yourselves to lamebook someone.

  41. The humorousness of Benny’s joke or whether he possibly lamebook self-submitted does not take away from the glory of Justin’s ridiculous facebook overshare.

  42. I feel for this kid. It sounds like he’s on Accutane already, and that’s pretty much the last resort. Hopefully it will clear up soon!

    Hopefully he’ll also delete Benny from his friends list. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

  43. 10yrs ago this would be written in a diary.

    Why on earth would you post this for everyone to see on Facebook?

  44. Because Facebook is a diary nowadays, J. People are so self-absorbed that they think others actually CARE about stupid stuff like this.

    I’ve had bad acne in the past, and it does royally suck, but I didn’t want to bring attention to it in the first place – WHY WOULD YOU POST THIS?!?!

  45. Don’t you remember Benny’s line in ‘Philadelphia’?

    “Oh man, you totally got AIDS! I bet you’re gonna die and shit!”

  46. While I do not understand the reason for Justin’s post that was TMI, I do understand his frustration. I have suffered from SEVERE acne for many years and it does so many things to your self-confidence which then impacts so many different areas of life (making friends, being able to talk to people of the opposite sex, etc.). I feel sorry for him, and Benny’s a fucking tool for saying that shit. I hope Justin defriended him right after Benny posted that.

  47. @ itsnotfun
    Sorry to hear about your problem and thanks for pointing out how serious it actually is. But to be fair, you’re ugly anyway.

  48. @ #8 i totally agree with u

  49. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yXL9AkXzlt8

  50. thanks canuck, man you’re funny!

  51. Haha, yay Benny!

  52. I am thankful for being his namesake!

  53. What makes it even funnier is that right now there is an advertisement below this comment box for Zenmed Scar treatement Kit. In big bold words


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