Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bee Gees Mania


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  1. OHMYGOD that is hilarious!

  2. This is what listening to Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and 50 Cent gets you.

  3. Nice going

  4. She got it BAD!

  5. Ooi vey, baby!

  6. dargo: I listen to Gaga and Timberlake and think the Beatles are one of the best bands that have ever made music.

  7. You’d think the “Beatlemania” sign above her head would have tipped her off.

  8. Is she me? This could just be a hilarious joke.

  9. Beatlemania? Do you mean The Monkey’s, love that band!

  10. I thought that was a dude.

  11. it could be a one tree hill reference – in one tree hill, brooke refers to the beatles as the bee gees.

  12. Probably not cele, because no one watches that god awful show.

    Ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.

  13. Lame difference.

  14. Give her a break – all white people look alike.

  15. Nobody mistakes the Rolling Stones for another band…

  16. #6 parcicle – How do you listen to an amazing band like The Beatles, then turn around and listen to Top 40 regurgitated, bullshit “music” like Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake? Please, never reproduce. Ever.

  17. Obviously, all white people look the same to Ooi.

  18. Pretty sure she’s joking. Considering her age/glasses/outfit she probably watches One Tree Hill and is making a reference. Still pretty lame, but not as lame as we all thought it to be.

  19. OMG Megan, you are so right. People should only listen to one type of music – the “correct” kind in your eyes. You are so hip and intellectual, and this totally qualifies you to decide who should breed and who shouldn’t. Please reproduce – the world needs endless hipstery clones of yourself.

  20. ratbag, please die…


  21. Ratbag, hipsters don’t listen to the Beatles – they listen to shit like Lady Gaga.

  22. Wait – this is supposed to be making fun of Asian people who can’t tell white people apart! Or people with no understanding of popular music who can’t tell the Bee Gees and The Beatles apart! Or people who intentionally mis-titled a photo on Facebook for comic effect only to discover someone took them seriously!

    Now we’re making fun of hipsters? What happened to us! Christ. Next we’ll be making fun of emos. Isn’t that old news yet?

  23. culture fail

  24. That’s a vague reference, if it is.

    wee all live to stay alive, stayin alive

  25. To be honest, I’m with the One Tree Hill theory on this one.

  26. Megan, you do realize that the Beatles were also once considered Top 40 “bullshit music” as well, right? They are the epitome of pop. Just because they are pop icons from a few generations ago doesn’t mean they are exempt from the genre. I get your point, and I agree, but I think better comparisons could have been made.

    I love when people immortalize the past. Nostalgia, you glorious beast!

  27. Anon is always right.
    Oh, and this is part of the game.

  28. Anyone else loving the fact that the name is Ooi?

  29. OTH's biggest fan

    I doubt this was done on purpose. Seriously, how obscure of a reference is that…. one tree hill? Does anyone watch that? She probably would have added a “loL!! ;) ” at the end, anyway.
    Talk to more people who didn’t grow up in america or an english-speaking culture and you’ll see it’s pretty easy for them to make mix-ups like that.

  30. yeah but…there’s still that sign floating right above them.

  31. goddammit.

  32. Nice caps too… beaTle Mania

  33. His name is Ooi. Give him a break.

  34. 1) The Beatles were revolutionary, yes, but their lyrics were honestly second-place-in-a-fourth-grade-poetry-contest kind of basic. Even when they got into their “experimental” phase their “trips” to the other side were shallow and juvenile. Pink Floyd is trippy and deep – the Beatles are not.
    2) I don’t think this is fake or a joke or anything. Something about this reminds me or this weird on-the-fly interview with this teenaged Asian female pop duo in which the interviewer whipped out a picture of the Fonz and says, “Do you know who this is?” and they started singing in very broken, phoentic words, “SUNDAY, MONDAY, HAPPY DAY!” In short, language barriers are funny.
    3) All white people DO look the same. YOU try telling Jeffree Star and Helen Mirren apart.

  35. Well, in his defense the Bee Gees DID at one time sound a lot like The Beatles — “I Started a Joke” is the best Beatles song not actually written or recorded by The Beatles. And oh yeah, unlike Timberfake or the Gagadroid, at least The Beatles formed organically and crafted their OWN sound. Back when teenagers had better taste in music and the Top 40 was populated with more talented acts.

  36. AHAHAHAHAH. This has to be one of the funniest lame posts since I’ve been on here.

  37. I want to believe this was intentional, but I’m not sure I have enough faith in the human condition

  38. this is intentional, reference to One Tree Hill.

    Ooi is a malaysian surname and One Tree Hill is quite a popular TV show with teenagers in malaysia.

  39. someone please drop this idiot on his head.

  40. this is not a one tree hill reference i watch the show religiously and i cant even recall the random instance in which brooke referred to the beatles this way, not saying it didnt happen just saying way to obscure, this person is just clueless

  41. oh my god i hate people

  42. Masta Batang Dollar Billz

    I’m not even reading this thread because I already know everyone’s gonna be “OMG IT’S NOT EVEN THE BEE GEES YOU CAN SEE THE POSTER BEHIND YOU RIGHT?” It’s. A. Joke. He was kidding. Wow, you guys.

  43. read all the comments and still can’t see the funny

  44. seriously retarded

  45. -slaps forehead- i hate my generation…

  46. Talkin about my generation??
    People try to put us down…
    Just because we get around…

    In my eyes, the generation after me needs to get around more and learn that there is more the drivel played on Top 40

  47. Stupid. Fucking. Asians.

  48. Stupid. Fucking. Racists.

  49. To be fair those waxworks look more like the Bee Gees than the Beatles!

  50. I agree with parcicle. I have both Lady Gaga’s and JT’s albums on my iPod and the Beatles are my favorite band of all time.

  51. @50 homo

  52. epic fail and a half.

  53. hahaha brilliant

  54. Exactly a cunt?

  55. Boz and Silverstrike win… nuff said

    Ooi on the other hand fails hard…

  56. The only good music is the music I make in the bathroom… and Lady Gaga, of course.

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