Monday, May 10, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. Ben!

  2. Toadette is the winner

    a lot of these were lame. also, someone explain the first one to me?

  3. the guy looks like he pissed himself.

  4. Toadette is the winner

    ohhhh thanks. totally missed that. :)

  5. ClimbThatSymphonyHome

    These are kinda shite! :(

  6. Oh, wow, it’s a guy who loves dick! What a freak! Men don’t like other men! That’s absurd!

    Point and laugh guys, point and laugh.

  7. Actually that dick-loving “guy” looks more like a bulldyke, which would make it even more ironic.

  8. hey! i know that guy, and he does love dick!

  9. And if the guy in #3 has a woody then he should seriously look into penis-enlargement. I think most of us dudes were more hung than that when we were 7 years old.

  10. They can’t have failed to notice the background in the last picture… It’s a part of the whole picture I guess, so it’s not really that lame (or fun).

  11. @Calgetorix: Exactly!

  12. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @throwing tofu – did you just say ‘woody’? I haven’t heard that for about a decade! I thought this post was shit until I saw that – you have turned it upside down, lady/guy!

  13. Lmao… “lady/guy”

  14. The “I Heart Dick” shirt was worn at a party on October 31st. Figure it out…

  15. I thought the big deal in the first one was what appears to be a hookha in the background. The guy pissing himself makes more sense though.

  16. BritishHobo – I think people would think it’s funny/lame/whatever even if it was a girl wearing a shirt saying I <3 Dick. it's not the fact that he's a guy that makes this pic worthy, it's that someone is wearing that publicly. although, it was taken on Halloween and therefore makes it less funny to me. oh well.

  17. The girl with the crooked hat is lame herself…

    for 1, her hat looks dumb and so does she.

    for b, of course it stayed crooked, you put a fucking pin in your hair.

    for 3, why do women think we like seeing their bras/bra straps out from underneath shirts? When a guy sees cleavage, they like to think “wow, I wonder how far down that goes… maybe forever!” Not “wow, I wonder how far down that goes… oh wait, it stops there, with her gray pushup bra.”

  18. I think she wears the hat to distract everyone from her nose…..

  19. @mcowles

    Why is that guys think women wear bras just for their sake? The function of a bra is actually to support and control breasts, and you can’t always find a bra that is exactly the same shape as your dress straps!

  20. Sorry, that wasn’t supposed to be a sweeping “why do guys think…” statement. I’m sure most of you know what bras are for.

  21. lame

  22. @gussetmuncher

    Maybe if your bra doesn’t match your dress shape you should find a different bra… or a different dress.

    If you are in a dressing room and your bra is showing, do you just think “oh well, besides that one inch of material, I look hot”?

    Bra straps are fine sometimes, I was more talking about the actual bra being visible.

  23. I have that same painting up above my bed. Except instead of green people, it’s green muppets.

  24. mmm, muppet sex.

  25. yourinevitabledemise

    I saw the I <3 Dick picture as being that girl's word bubble. Like the words came right out of her mouth.

  26. Who's That Girl?

    Bulldog – I TOLD you we were wearing costumes! Now take that painting of me DOWN!

  27. dcrearview, I agree.

    And about the whole bra strap thing? I agree with mcowles. To be able to hide a bra strap while wearing a certain outfit is not always realistic. But to have the whole bra showing? Not classy at all. Either pick a different outfit or don’t wear a bra at all ;)

    It might have been acceptable if the girl was hot in pic #2 was hot, but as you can see, that is clearly not the case.

  28. Pic 4, I’d have that picture in hanging in my house, I like it. Nothing wrong with gangrenous people having sex.

  29. Pic2, While Chelsea may not be the prettiest thing in the world, her bra strap doesn’t bother me… it’s those gangrenous coloured earrings that do.

    As I just mentioned, it’s ok for people that colour to have sex, but as for wearing that colour as an accessory, forget it.

  30. lol

  31. Oh yeah, I don’t think the guy in pic #3 is hard, he’s just grabbing his dick. Checking to see if it’s still there I suppose.

  32. Are those green things even earings, or is she just wearing them like they are? I see someone wearing something on their wrist that looks exactly like that “earing”.

  33. #4 looks like it could potentially be an orgy bar. I would definitely hang out there.
    As for #1, is the guy who pissed himself groping his man boobs? It looks like he has something under his shirt that he’s adjusting and is far stranger to me then the fact he wet himself.

  34. lol took me a minute to figure out what was wrong with the first one.. didn’t see the pee pee

  35. Pee pants is always funny.

  36. DAMN…. it’s good to be the Buddha!

  37. CommentsAtLarge

    In the last pic, the gangrenous (thanks word ;) ) gangbang on the wall seems to be of the single-male-multiple-females variety. The two blondes on the bed have a somewhat come-hither look to them. An invitation to act out the painting perhaps?

  38. WTG, are you easy when being green?

  39. Comments, if they were a little bit older, a little but rounder, a few shades greener, and stank to high heaven, they could probably pull it off.

  40. Maybe if you just got them really, really angry it would work, Comments.

  41. HULK BANG!!!

  42. The “I <3 Dick" creature actually kind of looks like Clay Aiken.

  43. CommentsAtLarge

    Word, perhaps they want to give it the Hollywood treatment – you know, take something old and remake it with a younger and hotter cast while updating the story?

    As far as stinking to high heaven, the malodor of gangrene will be replaced with the smell of sweat and sex. Call it “recasting.”

  44. Comments, that’s what I hate about Hollywood, they take something that’s already perfection, and go and fuck it up.
    I’ve seen it too many times, and as for this one, I think I’ll stick with the plump, rotting, green orgy. It’s more my style.

  45. Plump, rotting, green orgy…

    I’m not going to lie. I’d watch.

  46. CommentsAtLarge

    Word, I’m not a supporter of the Hollywood remake either (with all the new stories available, why redo an old one?); could this possibly be the other staple of Hollywood – the sequel?

  47. Comments, I don’t think there wouldn’t be much of a sequel.
    By the time they got around to it, everything would’ve rotted away and/or dropped off.

  48. I meant to say *would* be much of a sequel.

    I know you get me, Comments, so I don’t really need to correct myself.

  49. CommentsAtLarge


    You’re right, no need to correct yourself – I was indeed picking up what you were throwin’ down. However, you say “rotted away and/or dropped off” like it would prevent a sequel. They’d make it anyway (I’d like to enter Weekend at Bernie’s 2 as evidence).

  50. Comments, let’s face it mate, there have been many rotten, stinking sequels.

  51. lol at Bulldog. should’ve stopped at #38.

  52. Wearing the exact same boxers right now as the guy in the third pic.


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