Thursday, April 29, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. ben!!!

  2. Ha Nice! Beat me by 1 min!

  3. And the last pic is WIN!

  4. What’s wrong with the first thing? I can’t see anything except it kind of looks like the guy to the right is picking his nose.

  5. bethani_lindsey

    NICE BUTT!!!!! ;)

  6. Number 1, forget the background, even as a woman, I appreciate cute girls.

    Number 2, is that a jealous bullfrog in the background?

    Number 3, I want to be on the back lounge please.

    Nimber 4, well it is a full moon at the moment, and he is just paying tribute to that.

  7. My bad, you say number, I say nimber.

  8. Girls are cute. Though young. And lol @ nimber. (Slow down on the typing)

  9. Stephan, good looking bare butts get my fingers in a twist.

  10. hey word… mine would get you all in a twist ;)

  11. Third and fourth are hilarious! Way to check the background guys!
    The expression on the second one is priceless. she looks like a drunken old windbag.hahaha

  12. bethani_lindsey

    You know, now that it’s been said number 2 looks like a bullfrog.

  13. No doubt slim.

  14. The first one looks like a random creepy hand is around one of the girl’s waist.

  15. One of these girls looks eerily like me. Might I add, not the bullfrog.

    #2… What is all around that girls mouth?

  16. #3 looks like an orgy is kicking off before the rest of the people have arrived.

  17. Riddled! I was wondering the same!

  18. Notice the bullfrog has a top that says “Are you trying to piss me off?”

  19. riddled, I know what it looks like to me.

  20. kunnilingus2010

    so can anyone explain what’s going on in the background on #1 pls i beg of thee XD

  21. Nice shirt, bullfrog lady.

    ….what’s wrong with the first one? It seems Lamebook just wanted to post a picture of some cute girls.

  22. kunnilingus2010


  23. i dont get the first one.

  24. I think in the first picture (my opinion only.) is the man on the side is sucking his thumb. Which is pretty damn lame in my book.

  25. Picture N 2 is just epic !

  26. @ word – we’ll give the skank in the sleazy bar the benefit of doubt and say it was a creamy bar shot… Most likely a “blow job”. I’m establishing this theory because I’ve never been one to witness a guy making out so enthusiastically after a mouth full of his own “bulls sprog” … Just saying.

  27. #1 Look at the hand around her waist

  28. @ SAEUTA- It’s her own hand! She’s holding her bag. I see nothing abnormal about her hand.

  29. The hand is her own hand. And the guy in the background looks like he’s chewing his thumbnail using the standard “man attempting to disguise his nail biting habit” pose.

    No, the strangest thing about the first picture is the midget disguised as a traffic cone.

  30. Sorry, I’m ‘retarted.’ I also didn’t know usernames were case sensitive.

  31. I don’t believe anyone called you ‘retarded’…

  32. Iguanawhisperer

    #3: Maybe she’s the girl who sucks dick for cheeseburgers – hence the take out paper bag on the floor…

    Ugly decor btw. Ugly ugly ugly….

    Sincerely ‘House & Garden’ Magazine

  33. pearls-before-swine

    #4 is so golden. I would frame that and put it on my mantle, were it mine.

  34. @Riddled your right it must be something innocent around her mouth, mayonaise or chapstick? otherwise he wouldn’t be kissing her, men nearly always wont kiss you so entusiastically for ages after.

    And I actually really like these posts especially with the bullfrogs t shirt and the 3rd one with the background orgy. Just don’t really get the first?

    Also I understand you sometimes take a picture without realising whats in the background, but once you have the photo on the computer and you see this background would you still put in on facebook? hmmm

  35. what makes #2 so epic is that the woman in the background’s shirt says “are you trying to piss me off?”

  36. Iguanawhisperer

    Hahaha – i just noticed the print on the womans t-shirt in #2. She managed to match facial expression with t-shirt print. Very good

  37. Come on Lamebookers, the first one is obvious. These girls obviously just had an orgy with two guys who barely lasted thirty seconds. They saw that trashcan and had to take a picture with it because they wish they had gotten their full fill since it says “30 minutes of something hilarity, Boyz”

  38. and after a second check I think it says Altar Boyz. Meaning that Altar boys last longer then the two thugs they just hooked up with.

  39. In pic 2 i think that chic kissing just blew a dude in the bathroom… she still has jizz around her lips

  40. @ Slim – Then that bloke is either clueless or kinkier than most.

  41. The second picture is just absolutely epic.

  42. Yay for booty!

  43. slim- i think she just blew someone too. that’s what it looks like. that’s why the bullfrog in the background looks so disgusted. i actually think she blew the guy she’s kissing and he just has some weird fetish about kissing the chick who just blew him.
    on another note, second pic is not lame at all. i would say it’s kinda hot but they look like they might be underage so i’ll refrain.

  44. shit i forgot the booty. that pic is also not lame!

  45. CommentsAtLarge

    The bar couple – I think she might have just done a blowjob shot out of that dude’s lap and the whipped cream is around her mouth. The actual BJ probably came in the men’s room a couple minutes later.

    The couple on the couch – she knows what she wants and is apparently going for it, company be damned. Kudos to both of them. I agree with Virgo, kind of hot but they look a touch young.

  46. The first one is a thumsucker/nose picker.

    But I’m excited because I know it has been taken in Sydney :-)

  47. why are you all convinced it was a blowjob? maybe the chick in the background is pissed off is because it is her all over the girls face?

  48. Okay so I get on this site pretty often and I’ve finally been sucked in to creating an account…gah! oh well…guess now I can leave my own opinion instead of just reading everyone elses ha

  49. The lamp in #3 looks like one of those “Is it a bikini or a lamp?” photos they use in internet ads.
    Also, nice butt! [:

  50. The chicks are hot in #1, and the decor is horrid in #3. That is all.

  51. #1- is it because there is a wet floor cone on a sidewalk? Or the guy picking his nose? Or that the had looks like a prostetic (sic?)?

  52. Is it strange that 4 makes me feel all cosy?

    Naked butts…reminds me of home! :S

  53. I am startled in #3 by the contrast between the girl’s obscenely Dorito-dust-tan legs and the (male?) boy’s Emo-child-white legs.

    And the guy on the chair looks like he could be her father. Keep it in the family, no?

    Mmm, Wendy’s.

  54. Are you trying to kiss me off?

  55. The last picture has me cracking up. All I can see is the bow flex! (I hardly noticed the people about to do it on the couch) I have no idea why I find that so comical, but I do.

  56. last one was a literal lol!

  57. @arousal yea it must be two chicks horsing around.

  58. #2 that could be a demotivational poster:

    “SHIRTS – now we don’t even have to speak anymore”

  59. why does it seem like in every post theres some one saying “oh im new here, i used to just sit around and read all the comments like a creeper, but this post was just so darn funny i had to create an account and then tell everyone about it!!”

    it sounds so retarted.

  60. Paranoid Android

    * Why (capital)
    * someone (one word)
    * there’s
    * I’m
    * I (x2)
    * It (capital)
    * Only one exclamation mark necessary.

    If you’re going to flame anyone who dares to create an account, better to write it in English I reckon.

  61. Hey guys and gals, I’m new here. I used to sit around and read the comments while I beat my meat like a creeper. This entry was so funny that I decided to finally create an account so I can leave comments while I beat my meat. I hope noone thinks I’m “retarted.”


  63. “oh im new here, i used to just sit around and read all the comments like a creeper, but this post was just so darn funny i had to create an account and then tell everyone about it!!”
    I’m glad rosinbackrider made it easier to introduce myself…

    Actually, I like it better when two guys fight over their “coolness” but had to comment on this one first, that last bare ass got me cracking up…

  64. lol

  65. That bum just made my morning.

  66. Fuck off Alen!

  67. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GUYS ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNNNNNNNYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @paranoid android- so i didnt use a few apostrophes ohhh nooo, are you like some gay english teacher with a pickle up your butt? and does it look like i care what you think about my grammar? its not like im writing an essay here.

    oh, and “retarted” is a reference to and older post. dill with it.

  68. You sound a bit butt hurt, rosin. Poor thing.

  69. no really, i was laughing so hard at your comments.

  70. @ Kiri- it happens.
    Those crazy kids and their Doritos/Wendy’s orgies.

  71. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    ewww nose picker. I just ranted about this on my FB a few weeks ago.

  72. oh im new here, i used to just sit around and read all the comments like a creeper, but this post was just so darn funny i had to create an account and then ask if NO ONE NOTICED THE GUY IN #3 HAS HIS DICK OUT???

  73. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @73 hm.. no one in #3 has their little wee-wee’s out. I think you’re hoping too much.

  74. Did anyone see that sticky white spot near the girl’s face in 2nd pic? :|

  75. 73- I definitely just noticed that, but I can’t tell if it’s actually a wang or not. If it is, it seems like it’s at a weird angle also PENCIL DICK.

  76. MachineGun Monica

    @73…unless his ween has 5 toes, I’m pretty sure that’s Dorito Girls foot.

  77. #1 is a really weird place to take a pic, but I guess they’re pretty enough to get away with it

  78. “Are you trying to piss me off?” bullfrog is just a racist. I dont think she approves of the wigger and the black.

  79. Take a look at mine word and thats not the only thing that will get twisted

    The last one was a good one. It would have been better to know if he was tagged in that photo.

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