Friday, November 12, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. Let the fat jokes commence…hardy har har.

  2. Vagisil: When your rose petal ceases to be wet.

  3. It’s Vagisil Feminine Wash. It just means she is clean and nice-smelling down there.

  4. These backgrounds always bring me back my belief in humanity.

    Americans (i think they usually are?) still have a sense of humour & can deal with nudity and sex ♥

  5. btw Natalie, get some clothes, you seem to be cold ..

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    Vagisil helps me perform the best roundhouses.

  7. I’m just trying to remember which fairy tale she is referring to. It’s not Cinderella because the mice and birds would have definitely scrubbed that bathtub down first, it wasn’t Rapunzel because you just know she wouldn’t be using Suave or anything generic on her hair. Help me out people

  8. Fuck Vagisil you posh gits! What’s wrong with washing out your muckhole with Fairy Liquid? Don’t you remember the catchy jingle?

    ‘For cunts that are gentle and as soft as your face, use mild green fairy liquid.’

  9. I use rose pedals, it makes my car a pumpkin drive.

  10. 1) LB, why didn’t you shop the corn dog in the tits’ mouth? I mean girl…yes..girl. Oh and move her left arm slightly over.

    2)The nudist Blue Man group is at it again! trying to one-up their clothed counterparts.
    3) Hey now, let’s not be childish. Sure, she should have moved the Vagisil, but having infections isn’t as rare as you think for us women. Wait, if you put 2 and 3 together, I think we’ve found where Blue Waffles come from.

    ..and now, for nasal infections! Nagisil: an alternative for when your Staphylococcus Aureus gets out of control.* talk to your doctor if your current treatment has not been working properly.
    *side effects may include: sneezingwateryeyesitchingnosebleedssoresthroatcoughingcongestiondeathhemorrhoidsyeastinfection

  11. @Saffer, vaginalroundhouse, and Imamofo I effing love you all <3 lmao.

  12. @Imamofo

    I do believe that’s what Eddie Cullen uses.

  13. @Keona Vagisil as it is seen above is not for infections. It’s what we use to keep our lady parts smelling like roses. All it means is that the takes care of herself down there. Now if she could convince her “prince charming” to re caulk the tub they’d be set. Unless the mold adds extra ambiance.

  14. Its the fucking Beatles

    LMAO @ Imamofo. Nearly spat me drink all over the monitor! :D

  15. 1) Meh, not so bad
    2) I seriously just want to know the back story to why everyone is painted like Avatars and in bathing suits/naked
    3) Maybe she wouldn’t need Vagisil if she didn’t bathe in a tub that looked like it had never seen a sponge.

    Seriously, who has a romantic night in a dirty ass tub like that? Morlocks?

  16. Öö, what dirty?? The tub is ok wtf??

  17. what i think is also notable from #3 is the doggy shampoo. that could explain a lot. Also besides the awful CONDITION of the tub, i dont even see how 2 people could fit in it, or would want to. I’m sure they could try, but dear god, that would be uncomfortable. I’ve been in a tub that size and i’m not fat at all and could barely even have enough room to wash myself. Much less have a “romantic fairy tale night.” I just picture her sitting with her knees up hugging her chest saying “what now?”

  18. 1. It’s stupid, but I still laughed.

    2. Nothing like wrapping up a big Smurf orgy to make Natalie happy.

    3. Ah, leave the girl alone … she had a nice night.

  19. @Lissieissocool Ah, I see now. The fail is that she has to use that at all, and has it out in view. A simple wash and rinse in the shower is always good enough for me. The only time I ever smell is after a workout.
    Though, it goes without saying that some women may have a hormonal imbalance or some other body chemistry issue causing a lingering odour.

  20. Vagisil is actually a leading cause of vaginal infections. It’s their marketing genius – make women think their vag is smelly and needs scrubbing, then be able to sell them your itch-relieving cream when your other products cause a yeast infection or bladder infection.

  21. Vagisil is such an awful product. It you feel you need a special lady wash, or even to scrub with soap you might want to see a dr. All these bells and whistles for your vag, I don’t get it! I never had to wash with magic soap, or as some of the real housewives do, fill it with sugar to make me feel sexy. It’s a vagina, not rocket science.

  22. Ha, douchetastic is right, I have never been one for specialty products for my vag, like keona, the only time I have an issue is following a vigorous workout. That’s more like a whole body stink though, and is always followed by a shower, but I make sure my caulk is clean. :)

  23. Actually, Vagisil wash is just that… vaginal soap. They make it because other soap is too harsh. You don’t have to smell to use it. If anything it will prevent odors. Also, it doesn’t CAUSE infections unless you’re an idiot and get it in your urethra/actual vagina. A vagina doesn’t have to be SMELLY to clean it, do you mean to tell me women are just supposed to leave their vaginas unclean? To leave raunchy period blood linger or after sex sticky icky?
    I’m not going to bother commenting back, I only log in when I see truely stupid comments from people who can’t just come to this site and look around, but feel the need to try and be comedians or intelligent, neither become you. The truth is most of these screen shots are funnier than you’ll (a very general you’ll) ever be. Keona, ew. You wash your vajajay with regular soap? Now that is bad for you, not only can it dry you up but it isn’t MADE to put onto your vuvla and in the long run can only be cause trouble. Look up vag hygiene people. Perhaps you (general again) just can’t afford a few dollars each month and so you bash the soap and try to put your dirty poon on a pedestal.

  24. @Zowie whoa there, sugar in your vag? That just sounds uncomfortable…it kinda made me wince a little. Please tell me you know the reason behind these crazies putting sugar in there. Do yeast infections make them feel sexy? Do they want it to taste better? That just sounds ridiculous..

  25. Why are people discussing Vagisil? Let’s discuss Bazinga.

  26. @Gigi, wrong, specialty soaps are not good for your vagina. Neither is douching, it upsets the natural balance of good bacteria you are supposed to have down there. Using a mild, non scented, good, natural soap is best for your body all over (including the vagina). On a better note I find your use of the phrase “after sex sticky icky” hilarious. That has comedic value.

  27. wouldn’t #2 be some weird Avatar commune populated by those people who contemplated suicide because of their wishes for it all to be true?

  28. Douching is bad because you insert a solution into the actual vagina, in turn the bateria may be affected. It says right on the Vagisil bottle “for external use only”. I’m going to believe my own experience,info I’ve asked my gyno for and the fact that no matter how much or where you search you’re going to have trouble finding a case of Vagisil induced infections. Sorry, no cigar. If you wash your vagina right w/ the wash there should be no adverse effects. Great, now I’m becoming one of those people who reply. Sorry, but SOAP is made for your skin, not the skin on your vulva which is extremely easy to irritate. The actual wash is very mild and has no scent, soap is meant to take the grime you get onto yourself off and has to be strong enough to do so.. your downtown charlie brown doesn’t need to be ravaged by a bar of soap or body wash that may give you a UTI in the long run.

  29. I see no problem with the Vagisil in the shower in the end. I’d be worried if I didn’t see or something like it, I used to use babywash.. now lamebook nows how I washed my vagina, woo hoo. What is really nasty is the brown ring around the caulking of the tub, ugh. Clean up once in awhile? *cringe* can’t believe someone soaked in that tub.

  30. @Gigi, I know how hygiene works, which is WHY I don’t douche or use vaginal soap. I had to experiment with natural ones; some irritated and DID dry me out. Believe me, I make my own lube AND stay clean just fine, thank you very much. I found the right one for my skin and lady parts, and there is no more dry, red, itchy irritation. (I sound like some cheesy commercial -_-)

    “Sticky icky sex?” What the fuck are you, 12? Or a germaphobe. You can wash after sex if you have something to do early the next morning. If not, just go to bed, or whatever and do it the next day. You strike me as the type of, after doing practically ANYTHING, you have to run and wash the icky wicky dicky persnickety off. You take a shower, dry off, then wash your hands. You come to comment on the most outlandish people, yet you yourself are one. Time for a self-evaluation.
    Done on this topic, /endrant.

  31. Lissieissocool, Yes! They said put some powdered sugar up there and it makes it lovely and sweet like syrup…And yeast loves sugar, so this is a great idea! Gah! I don’t think I would tell people that the only way I can get my man down town is to shove sugar in my vagine.

  32. I’m actually 19. Nice try. Why would I want to sleep with seamen falling out of me? That is gross and would get the sheets dirty, despite how I feel about that I’m actually not a germaphobe. You’re a bit over assumptious, Keona. I think you’re just defensive because I questioned the status of your vagina? Don’t feel so insulted hun, these are just words on a screen ;) I’m an outlandish person? You can tell by 4 comments? While you all are on here daily commenting on posts because there is seemingly nothing better to do? How old are you? What do you do? Self evaluation? My who life is a self evaluation, today I’m greatful that I’m not a pompous jerk who feels the need to attack someone because I feel threatened… today you were a part of my self evaluation. Thanks! :) Anyways, I’d rather be scooping kitty litter than talking to a pissy female via lamebook comments. Good day. P.s why would I wash my hands after I shower? Wouldn’t they already be clean? Accusations are the cutest when hauled straight from ones ass!

  33. Douche argument FTW!

    Also, naked Na’vi festival… WTF is that?

  34. No, no, no, this is the point where we stop fighting over who has the cleanest vagina, and start wondering how someone is so stupid as to believe that putting sugar in your lady parts is a good idea! Next thing you know these idiots are gonna be walking around with those little trees up there “But my husband loves the new car smell, reminds him of his next favorite toy! -insert stupid giggle-”

  35. @zowie Is a vagine like a engine and vagina combined? o_o (maybe it would be vangine)
    No, I’m not making fun of you at all, it sounded like some new internet slang. Or maybe it was just a simple typo. Either way, totally agree.

    Sugar+vag= quickly spreading and severe yeast infection. ><

  36. About number 2:

    these people were at a festival in the UK. This website has the explanation

  37. Vagina + engine = super sex!

  38. yeah your real cool, lissie.

  39. only one person noticed the dog shampoo? # 17 FTW!

  40. @Gigi … if you have “seamen” falling out of your vagina you need to see a professional.

  41. Yuck, try cleaning your tub before worrying about Vagisil – nasty!

  42. @Gigi – actually, my favorite typo you made was ‘VUVLA’. I also very much liked that you didn’t get the shower/washing hands joke. Keona FTW!

  43. A protracted discussion on douching preference, interesting.

    @arandom (#36)

    That makes so much more sense now, but I’m sticking with the Avatar-themed orgy I first assumed. I reject your reality and substitute my own.

  44. BringYourOwnSun beat me to it.
    “I’m actually 19. Nice try. Why would I want to sleep with seamen falling out of me?” … so many questions to ask here, but I think I’d just rather not know..

  45. @jr888 – The majority of Americans still have a sense of humor and can handle nudity, it’s the crazy, loud ones that ruin it for us all.

  46. If “sticky icky” is oozing out of your vajayjay then you’re doing it wrong.
    On another note, my gyno told me that you should not wash your parts with anything more than warm water (also taking a bath at least once a week helps clean it as well) because soap and yes soap made specifically for the vagina is too harsh and can cause not only yeast infections but bacterial infections as well. The vagina has a self cleaner. It really doesn’t need any help and if you think it does then go see the doctor! Don’t argue over it on the internet.

  47. #46 is right. The end.

  48. I believe gigi’s name ought to be spelled ‘gigabitch.’

  49. Do want you all want with your vagina’s. I’m just really excited that mine has something in common with an oven

  50. Well this certainly has been informative.

    @Gigibitch – Did someone put sand in your Vagisil wash?

    Re: “Why would I want to sleep with seamen falling out of me?” – Have him aim for your face. problem solved.

  51. I’m with those that are disgusted by the condition of the tub, not the products around it.

    That and the size of that thing! Fairy Tale night… only if you were the size (height) of a faerie! lol

  52. Gigibitch? Yours was THE most pompous post of all. ANYTHING used on your vagina, that doesn’t have the same ph balance, is unsafe for you. Don’t be such a twat. Our vaginas are made to be self cleaning. Too much cleaning can actually be the problem..not the solution. And lighten up, okay? Lamebook? Supposed to be fun. We all like our little laughs sometimes. You want to be an ignorant know-it-all? Go lecture people on Yahoo answers then. I’m sure they could use your obvious expertise over there.

  53. If your vag is ill, use Vagisil.

  54. I don’t really want to get into the vagina argument, but Keona sometimes it’s wise to wash the sticky icky off after sex. Just going to bed and waiting till the morning for instance would never work for me as I rarely have sex just before bed.
    Not saying you’re going to have loads of “seamen” dripping out your vag, but I still don’t think it’s pleasant to be walking around the rest of the day without a quick wash-up.

    Also hartz shampoo is very bad for a dogs skin:(
    People don’t use that shit on your best friend!

  55. haha gigibitch is funny – “I’m not going to bother commenting back” was followed by 3 more lengthy comments to justify her personal hygiene and how everyone else is an asshole except her

    PS: I personally clean my vagina with a mr clean magic eraser – those things are amazing.

  56. hahahahahahaha

  57. Lol at “go lecture people on yahoo answers”… thanks for the laugh elly.

    can’t say much about the dog shampoo, since i too have dog shampoo in my shower. since i bathe my dog in it, and all. and dog is not a euphemism, it’s really a dog.

    jellica, agreed. those magic erasers are truly magical.

  58. People who make totally inaccurate statements and then claim “And I won’t bother commenting back!” are hilariously lame. Adding on a series of comments after promising not to return only makes it even funnier. Plus the whole “I’m 19 years old and claim to have the gynecological experience of a veteran doctor” and they’re in the hilariously lame hall of fame. Well done!

  59. Not to be a Kill Buzzington or anything, but am I the only one thinking gigi needs a lecture on RUBBERS as well as vaginal hygiene? She really shouldn’t have “seamen” OR “semen” falling out of her. Use a damn condom.

  60. Michael Buble is in that bathtub? Someone let him up before he drowns.

  61. Stretch as much as I enjoyed all these arguments, I laughed the most at yours. I am still chuckling.

    jellica even though I know you are joking about the Mr. Clean Magic earaser, I totally want to try it!

    I was taught by my mother and dr to only use water to wash my lady bits, but will ocassionally use soap after a marathon session with my husband.

    This was by far the best internet argument I have ever read!

  62. I find it quite hilarious that a simple bottle of vagisil ignited a long and hilarious argument about vagina hygiene. Perhaps her man uses the vagisil for shampoo and she washes her crotch with the dog shampoo?

  63. Gigi it sounds like the closest anything has ever come to your cooch is your Vagisil bottle. I really hate people like you that complain about regular commenters- to know that they are regulars means you’re a frequent silent lurker, and that makes you better right? And commenters jokes are far worse than talks of your vagina and all the “seamen” that are falling off from it? Come Ben to us when you actually have your medical degree, but in the meantime just fuck the hell off.

  64. Oh my this has been quite an interesting Lamebook conversation.

    As for the vaginal cleaning, I’m going to agree with the majority saying that vagisil just isn’t necessary. Even mild soaps can cause a very unpleasant burning sensation. Like Ellykay has said, vaginas are self cleaning. Water and soap are fine for the outside, but for the more delicate parts, plain water will do.

    Lmao @55

  65. Vaginas are supposed to smell. I always have a vagina sniff to make sure it smells like a vagina before I put my favorite body part into it.

    If a naval vessel makes landing near your vagina and some seamen make their way inside, push them out using your pelvic floor muscles and wash the outside only.

    The, like the eye, is a self-cleaning organ.

  66. Never mind the Vagisil – what about the filth? Hardly romantic.

    (in my part of the world women don’t use those products)

  67. #63 FTW!

    (normally I’m not exactly a member of team Keona but in this debate I will be because Gigibitch is indeed a bitch)

    …also why the hell does she care so much about what other women do with their lady parts? or feel the need to share so much about hers?

  68. “the whole night made me feel like a fairy tale” hahaha what a sad, sad picture that is. A fairy tale in the trailer park. Some girls have all the luck.

  69. gruentransferwatcher

    I just wondered if someone out there has been cluey enough to find this little niche of LB fans and use some serious product placement? Call me lame if you will, but I have never heard of vagisil, let alone contemplated the need to feel repulsed by my natural body. Until the scungy bath pic entered the LB stadium that is. I am sure there are plenty of ways to exploit the gullibility of the LB lurkers out there. Let’s put a pic of a chick posing in front of a mirror, with her bedside contents clearly displayed. I vote we chuck a jar of vegemite next to the sex toy and see what kind of conversation that starts.
    Aussie Aussie Aussie….

  70. Oi oi oi! :D

  71. She’s eating a corndog! Ha ha ha ha. Oh my!

  72. It’s funny ’cause she’s a fatty and/or it’s slightly phallic.

  73. Price check on Vagisil, thats isle 3 on Vagisil!
    (me myself and Irene)

  74. The blue people look like a Beltane celebration.

  75. Wish I was that corndog.

  76. Thanks girls for the vagina cleaning lesson. Never know what you’re getting into when you log into Lamebook! Love it haha.

  77. Ha ha @curlybap! I’ve been doing just fine, myself and have never needed any lessons on my feminine cleanliness.

    Whatever works for everyone else is fine by me. I just think it’s funny that a few here are considered bawdy, but this type of discussion is normal. ?

  78. Alright children, today we’re going to be talking about vaginal health, m’kay? Vagisil’s bad, m’kay? Douching, well, that’s bad too, m’kay? Natural lubricant and funny warm smell that stays on your fingers all day- that’s good.

    Everybody m’kay?

    ps, cannesten duo anti-thrush medicine TV adverts- the funniest thing since Cheney shot that guy.

  79. At first i seen the last pic and i was like cool vagisil i guess that’s kinda funny but then i noticed the crappy three roses in the bahtub and thought that whatever fairytale she thought was in was probably shitty..

  80. lol… Isn’t “Staying fresh” just another way to say “Perfuming your dirty, stankin’ cheese hole long enough to trick him into having sex with you”?

  81. if gigi is losing seamen, she should be washing her sub with vagiseal.

    that bathtub is incredibly disgusting -

  82. I don’t think they meant they were going to share the tub, just that their SO had run a bubble bath for them.
    As far as that photo goes, I feel bad for the dog getting Hartz shampoo.

    Can someone please tell me what’s with all the blue people? I don’t think it’s Avatar-related.

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