Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. i see jabba!

  2. eeeeewwwww at 2

  3. OMG i was staring at 2 trying to figure out what was wrong with it…. i wish i hadn’t figured that out.

  4. My eyes! Omg…Jabba put a shirt on!

  5. Ay lapa no ya, Solo!

  6. mumagas, I didn’t get it either. Then I read bubblez comment. Thanks bubblez! lol

  7. oops…munags…sorry.

  8. In the last pic I didn’t even see the person puking out the window till I read the comment. All I saw is what looks like a big wet spot on the back of that dude’s pants on the left…

  9. 2nd photo……..GAG!!!!

  10. For the last one I was looking at the shit stain on the dude’s pants.

  11. @JPizzle…Your comment made me laugh so hard, I broke some furniture…lol

  12. Man the harpoons

  13. @jpizzle- you’ve given me a case of excessive girlish giggling. well done you.

  14. What is the girl in the second photo trying to show us? Are those stitch marks?

  15. Is that a bullet wound on the chick with the fat person in the back?

  16. @Holly I too fail to understand #2 at ALL.

  17. believe it is tattooings she has a red (sore) butterfly near her bra its cack!! these are so gross yet so funny trying to hide my amusement at work so I don’t get caught on here

  18. Damn those tits are bigger than mine. @ bahlea, it must be one of those optical illusions because I’m still not seeing a butterfly.

  19. vaginalroundhouse

    A pair of titties that make you wanna stand up and beg for buttermilk.

  20. They’re PECTORAL MUSCLES! Girls have breasts/boobs/titties/whatever, men have PECTORAL MUSCLES! THAT’S MY STORY AND I’M STICKING TO IT

  21. #1 You better get ready to fight a large group of people because most people I know are talking shit about twilight, and you’re a douche good sir. Also, is that a container of protein powder in the crib?

    #2 this gave me one of those awful shudders where you feel like everything in your body is about to dissolve into nothingness in order to escape reality. Also, is that a man or woman? Shouldn’t they censor nudity even if you can’t tell properly on jabba’s girlfriend?

    #3 girl puking out the window? Bullseye. I know who I’m taking home.

  22. In #2 there are a lot of clothes missing where there should be clothes. She has similar markings on the front of her, too. What is going on here?

  23. I think lex nailed it with the bullet wound comment.

  24. that guy with the big tits is funny. the sad thing about that photo is that the girl seems to think that her disgusting pale shapeless excuse for a body is somehow fit for public display. there is nothing more depressing than a fat girl with no tits. how do they live with themselves? also, moths are disgusting flappy monsters – why anyone would want to have that tattooed on them is beyond me. she could have got a nice chinese symbol, or something tribal, or a cartoon rat getting raped by a spider under a waxing moon.

    the first one is definitely taking the piss. the posters, the cot, the shirt… he was trying to get on lamebook!

    the girl in the last one might just be leaning out for some fresh air, or sucking someone off.

  25. scratcher tattoos.. they’re the best!! nothing like a quicker way to aids or hep c

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    “there is nothing more depressing than a fat girl with no tits. how do they live with themselves?”


    the girl in the last one might just be leaning out for some fresh air, or sucking someone off.

    Maybe she is sucking off Superman.

  27. Woman in number 2 is not fat. Not skinny, but not fat. Let’s get some perspective here, you shallow fuckers.

  28. It’s quite difficult to determine the sex of that mountainous pile of adipose. The immediate thought is there’s a man under it somewhere, but the size of those nips is throwing me off.

  29. i think jabba shot her for eating his sandwich. most likely.

  30. she deliberately included the morbidly obese guy in the background to make herself appear thinner. she might have fooled you, benningtons, but she’s not fooling me. look at her chubby arms, her lardy hips… she’s even got a fat back. she is an absolute pig, and she needs to gain a bit of self respect. it is alarming that some segments of society appear to condone such fat behaviour.

  31. Listen up, you condecending piece of shit, vincent. People, and I mean ALL PEOPLE, come in all shapes and sizes. Some people are heavier than others. There may be a good reason for this, often there is not, it’s just poor lifestyle choices. So yeah. some people are fat. FUCKING. DEAL. WITH. IT. Looks are not all that matters, and as fucking trite as this is, in the end, it is what is inside that counts. Why the fuck does it even bother you so bad? Are you forced to have sex with any fat people? No.

    It is alarming that some segments of society are complete, arrogant, self obsessed arseholes, who think that the barometer of a persons success should be entirely subject on how much they fucking weigh.

  32. re-reading that last comment, i notice i come across as a shallow, spiteful fat-hater. just to clarify, i have nothing against really really fat people like the one in the background – on the contrary, they make a vital contribution to society. they make us laugh with their jolly antics, waddling around like they were real human beings. they crack me up every time. i just can’t stand the ones whose fatness is slightly more subtle. it’s deceitful and offensive. either lose weight or get superfat – and don’t appear in photographs flaunting your liminal obesity.

  33. benningtons – it’s not just about how much you weigh. it’s also about the clothes you wear, your haircut, and how self-righteous and gullible you can be on meaningless internet forums.

    also, you are definitely a fatty.


  34. Benningtons is fat. they even have TONS in their name.

  35. Oh, you worked that out, eh? Nice deduction. Mate. Now, rather than give you my life story, I’m going to follow up my rant by saying, CANDID CAMERA! I got you, didn’t I? I’m 6″4, have muscles out to here, and am always fighting off women with a big stick! Don’t you love the internet? <3

  36. someone really touched a nerve there, which is quite some achievement under those layers of blubber.

  37. I like big guts and I cannot lie, you other brothers can’t deny! When a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and puts it in your face, I get SICK!

  38. Does no one see on the last pic where the person is out the window,that the guy far left has a wet ass…has he shit/pissed himself? Tough times!!

  39. He probably got it from the wet patch from the girl he just fucked, who is incidentally now throwing up out the window.

  40. @ Benningtons I call them boobs, man or woman, I don’t care.

  41. MOOBS! For the record #2 isn’t fat. Seriously guys?

  42. #2 is not fat, I must agree. She is not in awesome muscly shape, its true,…but definitely not fat. Most girls have a little bit of flab on their lower backs when they don’t work out. Even the skinny ones.

    That being said….what the fuck are those black marks on her? Seriously? They don’t look like tattoos. On the front there is one where it appears something used to hang off of it. The back one looks inflamed or infected. Stitches? I don’t know, but I am disturbed to the extreme. The gigantic nipple in the background doesn’t help matters either I’m afraid.

  43. @ Benningtons Seriously, don’t bother. Many have tried to defend body size here before. It’s not worth it. The girl in #2 is obviously not extremely fat. Leave it at that, but good on you.

    @ JPizzle I’m not as clever as you, explain your joke please?

  44. definitely looks like stitches for #2, and the front and back locations suggest a through and through bullet wound.

    which makes it all the more amazing.

  45. I don’t think those marks are stitches – wouldn’t the skin around them be redder and more swollen?

    @benningtons – I agree, that girl is not fat… She may, however, get fatter over the years if her genetics are based on the blob in the background…

    @vincent: your comments made me giggle

    And above all else, why the hell do so many people takes pictures of themselves with a fat, naked person in the background? You’d think it’d be one in a million but after seeing so many on this site, I’m a bit worried…

  46. @jellica
    No. Also, who doesn’t have pictures with fat naked people in the background? Clearly, you aren’t cool jellica.

  47. Titties!

    For real this time, guys!

  48. I registered with lamebook just so that I could say “Huh… is that my old school in the last photograph?”
    Oh yes it is. Good times in Shawlands.

  49. Derp.

  50. i’m more bothered by the clutter than the fatties in #2. and i’m not OCD. i just hate clutter in pictures.

  51. okay, i just have two things i want to ask/point out. the girls in the third picture look maybe 12?? so why in the hell is there a dude in the background who OBVIOUSLY couldn’t control his “back pussy” juices(as said by Borat), and why is there someone throwing up out of the window!?? i’m so confused!

    and @benningtons, i agree, that girl isn’t fat. but seeing vincent’s comments made me bust out into uncontrollable laughter. i’m not a twig either- i’m thick, and i’m pregnant right now, bummer haha. i just couldn’t help BUT to burst into laughter from what he has said. don’t take this forum to heart, benningtons, everyone here picks on everyone, and it IS lamebook, for Gosh’s sake!

    where’s fargis, by the way, has anyone sent a search party yet!??!?

  52. It’s okay everyone, vincent is just a troll. He pulls this crap on every thread he posts on. He’s a very good troll, but he’s still a troll. Just ignore him and he’ll go away.

  53. The first photo is a perfect example of cuntification, this is where you basically get a cunt, dress him like a twat, get him to pull a pussy face and voila complete cuntification.

    The girl isn’t fat, she’s chubby. I’d like to encourage her to take up an eating disorder to better conform with the female form as shown in ladies magazines. and wank mags.

    Ahhh school discos, nothing say’s teen love angst more than a slow dance and a quick poke of a vomiting girls flaps.

  54. #3, guy on left also pissed himself.

  55. nah, that’s just swamp ass

  56. ooh la la!

  57. I think the girl in number two is doing an erotic dance for the fat man. Odor matters with erotic dancing.

    The Twilight posters are in the infant’s room. Just give the kid a bible if you want to start fucking up his mind.

  58. I think the girl in number two is doing an erotic dance for the fat man. Odor matters with erotic dancing.

    (Whether she is or isn’t fat is debatable, but I doubt her sweat tastes good.)

    The Twilight posters are in the infant’s room. Just give the kid a bible if you want to start fucking up his mind.

  59. @Bahhumbug, as you can see, Mrs Dickson is no better at finding the booze than she ever was

    @Sasha, their actually 17. So does that make the drunkenness more understandable?

  60. Actually,I do think those are appallingly awful butterfly tattoos – the lines that look like stitches going up her tummy? Those are little “….”s to indicate an upwardly fluttering movement. Hopefully once the swelling goes down and they get coloured in they may look pretty, rather than scars from a botched liposuction which was only partially successful.**

    **I’m not saying she’s fat… but chubby would be right – I’m seeing bingo wings. Fat is what’s in the background of that picture – just one of those titties on their own would constitute “fat,” but as a whole? Obese.

  61. Pic 3 man that pissed himself , is he wearing Peter Pan pants … ( check bottom for purposeful fringe cutting to provide full DB effect )

  62. I’m pretty sure Pic number three is my older sister and two of her friends at a college Halloween party in Freshman year of college, which would definately explain the guy puking out the window.

    And now I shall lay in wait for her to get home from work so I can badger her about the cheesy Cat costume.

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