Thursday, September 16, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. What the heck is that contraption?

  2. Yes Mohammed. Islamic terrorists are at it again. They wanna avenge the Quran burnings which never happened.

  3. Maybe an ice-cream maker? …That he carved out of a treetrunk?

  4. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Why would anybody attack Canada? There is nothing here.

  5. @ Dukey maybe it’s a publicity venture by the Canadian government.

  6. nothing without jesus, ‘cept for a 600 pound sack of douche.

  7. Toronto’s typical self-deprecating way of acknowledging its illusion of superiority to New York. Not that it cares or anything.

  8. The top one looks fake which is gay and dumb.

    @ Dukey ba ba: Canada has singing Mounties and though kind of gay and dumb it is better than nothin’.

  9. The last one would not be funny if the guy commenting had any other first name…

  10. LAWL someone makes a joke and Toronto as well as all of Canada think they’re superior! jajajajaja Canada? Isn’t that the place where the meese and the geese live? A-hyuck!

  11. They let the Canadians have a government?!

  12. Meese?

  13. I don’t get the first one *stands around looking confused and stupid*

  14. MOFO is short for M****r F***er.

    Meese is supposed to be more than one Moose. But that has always been Moose.

  15. Wow there’s some ignorant comments here.

    There’s an airport on the waterfront near the CN tower.

  16. Thank you, blurr, for setting us ignoramuses (ignorami?) straight.

  17. ignoramae

  18. Junebug, he’s making ice-cream? I must be very lazy, no way in hell am I going to go to a picnic and start churning that!

  19. ignoramen… mmm… Ramen

    #2: MAN DOWN!!! Decent job of saving the beer though.

  20. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @Seebea I told you before, the mounties replaced all their singing numbers with tasering-tourists-to-death, which in my opinion is still much better than having to sit through a musical number.

    @ Commentsatlarge, There is no good reason to spill beer, even if you slip and fall, you need to gyroscopically balance the cup or bottle.

  21. Very true Dukey, I have cried over spilled beer. Big tears of sadness!

  22. It’s actually ignoramuses. Can’t remember the explanation of the reason, but it is.

  23. @ junebug

    hate to be a pedant, but the plural of ignoramus would be ‘ignorami’. in latin, nouns ending in ‘-us’ are almost all second declension nouns, which decline thusly: us, um, i, o, o/ i, os, orum, is, is.

    unless it happens to be a fourth declension noun, which probably accounts for about 0.1% of nouns ending in ‘-us’. if it were, then the plural would be ‘ignoramus’ (pronounced ignoramoose.

    it’s ok, i play sports and have friends too (a few).

  24. Yes it’s an old school ice cream maker. The guy churning looks like the kind of cool dude I should be hanging out with. What a stud…

  25. has just realised that mother didn’t need to be censored.

  26. If that dude is making ice-cream, I’m pretty certain that by the looks of him no-one else at that picnic will get any.

    I dropped a six-pack of Hahn the other day. I’m still in mourning.

  27. sosr – That’s twice that coffee has been explosively applied to my laptop today. ’600 pound sack of douche’… Nothin’ but win!

  28. @alorslums

    But doesn’t the case also come into play? The furthest I ever got into declensions is German, which luckily has only the one set. But I thought that the suffixes (oh, boy, you can start on that one) are different depending on the case. In the conversation so far, both nominative and accusative are in play, I think.

  29. @alor_d_slums. Stupid keyboard, my apologies for not proofreading.

  30. alord, I was kind of kidding :)

    Guess I’m a bit slow at ze joke-making.

  31. yes – it does indeed bs2 – and nominative and accusative are both mentioned. however, i’m 99% sure that when these latin(ate) words are transliterated into english, only the nominative cases are used, whatever the role of the noun in the sentence, and singular/plural is the only distinction made.
    (if it had been accusative it would have been ‘ignoramos‘ 8-})

    and june – there was no doubt in my mind you were kidding – i was just taking your kid to a nice linguistic tangent.

    i also like white-water rafting and street crime.

  32. oh, and junebug, – :-)

  33. Oh. Fail on my part then.

    On another note, I’m sure you’re an excellent street crimerist :)

  34. So much still to learn about the English language… we’re so lucky to have alord around to set us straight.

  35. @Dukey

    Agreed; I’ve been known to sacrifice injury in effort to prevent spillage. However most people I see cut-and-run on the drink and save themselves.


    Condolences on the sixer – I suggest drowning your sorrows, this time though keep firm grip and hold the bottom of the bag for support ;)

  36. It hurt, Comments, it hurt. Don’t worry, much beer will be consumed this weekend. I won’t be sorrowful, though. There are good times to be had.

  37. There is an amazing website called Imagine that. A good website to check out for proper words and plurals before writing long comments about how smart you are.

  38. @wordyperv

    Sounds like drunken debauchery in the making; since I can’t be there, I expect pictures/video.

  39. i’m just one of those people who uses classical plurals at all costs, rorio. if you check the dictionary entry for the plural of octopus – it will give you ‘octopi’ as one of the possible plurals – when actually that’s completely false; the word ‘octopus’ is actually from the greek (‘-i’ is a latin plural ending), and the two accepted plurals are octopuses and octopodes. if the ‘-i’ ending is accepted then it’s from centuries of mis-use. look it up! so, rorio, whilst i encourage your healthy scepticism – i also think you ought to use it liberally and in a balanced way by also not believing everything you read on internet web-sites (although i did enjoy your short, snappy statement about how clever and cutting you are).

    also, nota bene – junebug and i are friends – my intial comment wasn’t internet oneupmanship -merely me rambling in a long-winded fashion about a subject that i enjoy rambling about because i’m a geek. :-)

  40. essentially, june’s original comment was a joke. i continued the joke. you didn’t spot the joke. it’s not because you’re not cool or funny – it’s because i’m not cool or funny. :-)

  41. Is rorio going to be the anonisgayisgay?

    I hope not, we don’t need any buzzkilli in here. I, too, appreciate the ‘i’ pluralization. And I play sports and have friends. Sport…just the one, honestly.

  42. It will be, Comments. Wish you could be here, but I’ll figure out a way to convey the imagery to you.

  43. I’d just like to note that I too have friends, as proven by alord above. Ha! take that, concerned parents of mine!

  44. erm..not that I would need to prove that or anything. And I play a sport, but not sure if that would work for or against me.

    ……I participate in activities considered socially acceptable for women? Like shopping and the like? Yeah. That.

  45. yeah, you like shopping june….. for COMIC BOOKS!

  46. and lol @ ‘buzkilli’

    i love when i’m drunk when someone might ask me, let’s say: ‘where are the kitchen utensils?’ – to answer with: ‘i believe the accepted plural is ‘utensililiti’… :-|

  47. ahahaha alord you caught me. It is comic booki that I shop for. :D

    lmao@ utensililiti

  48. @word

    If all other methods fail, go with in-person reenactments.

  49. lmIao @junebuggy

  50. I want to pluralize weird words too.

  51. @alordslums and others arguing about the plural of ignoramus

    What you seem to be forgetting is that this is English, and rules in English are more like very lenient guidelines. Yes, it’s true, if ignoramus was faithful to its Latin roots, the most correct plural would be ignorami. However, common usage wins out, and most dictionaries will tell you that ignoramuses is the plural of ignoramus.

    Nerd mode disengage

  52. lol @RImau’s “M****r”

  53. I understand. I will stay away.

  54. Rereading the original thread, I see the humour, though I missed it at first. I too like funny plurals! Octopodes forever!!!

  55. LMAO @ RImau and this whole comment section.. Meese and M***er… I did always think it was a bad word myself

    lol @ comic booki shopping

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