Friday, August 20, 2010

Background Checks

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  1. Yawn. Lame. This actually makes me want to work and stop screwing around.

  2. I hate when people use the kid leash. How can you teach a child anything when you just put them on a leash and do not teach them the essentials of not running into traffic, or through stores, or into lion cages. Kid’s today are all jacked up, and I think these child leashes are partly to blame.

    How did the person in 1 not notice their junk hanging out?


  3. That’s why it’s called LAMEbook.

  4. They had kid leashes 25 years ago. They do cause problems. My ex had one as a kid, I think it made his have some issues.

  5. Aww, what a cute kitty…

  6. @wanttomakeout: Most people under 50 are all jacked up, so I was a little exclusive in my comment. But I bet that leash does have a lot to do with the issues. It comes from parenting that involves “babysitters” T. V., leashes, cold syrup to put the children to bed . . .

  7. Ahhhh the mornings i’ve spent walking around my apartment with my pussy piercer and gonads flopping about taking photos of my fucked up ugly pets.

    I’m a little surprised that Becki can still stand after being pounded on by that strangely hairless fat twat. Unless of course that’s why she’s stood there, in that stupid fuckpig stance?

  8. I don’t ever understand the point of squatting in a solo picture. Unless he was trying to get in the picture with leash kid.

  9. The old nonsense that kids are all screwed up because they’re being babysat by the TV is outdated. These days, kids are being screwed up far more by overly attentive helicopter parents that won’t let them do anything for themselves and won’t let them see or do anything that might damage their innocent little minds. My generation was raised by Saturday morning cartoons…today’s generation is being raised by constantly over-vigilant parents and the pharmaceutical industry.

    Having said that, the leash thing isn’t that big of a deal. I had a leash until I was 15, and other than the occasional overwhelming desire to pee on fire hydrants and shit on my neighbor’s lawn, I turned out just fine.

  10. @Imamofo – I’m going to ask something terrifying here. Could it be that “Becki” is a guy? Please tell me I’m very very wrong

  11. it’s obviously a guy.

  12. and since when did imamofo become the oracle at delphi…?

  13. now that’s a fat person I can laugh at…hahaha what a couch swine

  14. because imamofo referred to “her” getting pounded. I just tried to elaborate. I’m sorry

  15. @lamebookpro – You’re right Becki is packing man meat.

    This puts a different spin on things entirley and definitely explains that stance… he is desperately avoiding keen eyed ‘cock spotters’.

    Becki enjoys nothing more then engaging in big hairless bear bottom sex and then photographing the encounter for future reference.

  16. @Sensible: I forgot about the medicines they put kids on these days, anti-depressants at 10 and what not. I am not saying TV is a bad thing, just shouldn’t be used to replace other forms of entertainment such as coloring, blocks and whatever. But really, using a leash is being a sheltering parent as well as a lazy one, that is the point of my statement. If you keep your child on a leash they don’t understand that when the leash is off they are responsible for their actions, it doesn’t teach them to look both ways when they cross the street, or to stay near their parents so they don’t get kidnapped by a random molester. They have to learn how to operate in the world without a damn leash. And if they don’t do that when they are little, they never really grasp it. Bah.


  17. thats a man baby

  18. “Look, I shaved junk to match my hairless pussy.”

  19. That kid on the floor has two heads, right?

    Oh and eusadnama, have you been having sexual relations with Dan_Fargis? I think you may have caught something… Just sayin’…

  20. lol @psuedo I would have, but he wasn’t down with anal.

  21. ^ Dirty bastard, what else is there?

  22. “I hate when people use the kid leash. How can you teach a child anything when you just put them on a leash and do not teach them the essentials of not running into traffic, or through stores, or into lion cages. Kid’s today are all jacked up, and I think these child leashes are partly to blame.”


    First of all, they are called safety harnesses, not leashes.
    Second of all, they are not meant to replace teaching a child not to run off. They are a useful tool to use WHILE teaching your children the importance of staying close to mum or dad.

    Obviously you need to teach your children this, but while they are young and still learning, they will undoubtedly have slip-ups. The harness is simply a back-up tool.

    And of course, there are people who ruin it for those who do use it properly and use it out of sheer laziness. It seems as though the woman in this picture is one of them. But generally those who do that are few and far between compared to those who use it properly.

    Also, there are some kids who actually need them because they just don’t understand and it takes longer than most kids to teach because of underlying disabilities. I know many mums of Autistic kids that resort to a harness because their child just doesn’t grasp the concept of ‘stay close to mum’. And most of them, you can’t tell just by looking at them that they have Autism.

    I also have witnessed just how useful a harness can be.
    While waiting in a line-up at a crowded fair, there was a little girl about 5 feet ahead of me, standing beside her mother, holding her mother’s hand and wearing a piglet backpack.
    All of a sudden, a man ran through the line up, grabbed the little girl and attempted to take off with her. I say attempted because the piglet backpack was actually a harness and the mother had the other end attached to her own back pack.
    Had she not been wearing that piglet harness, she may very well have been snatched, just like that.

    Having said all that, I guess I should say that, for the record.. I don’t use a harness… yet. If it comes down to my 13 month old getting any more curious than she already is, I may get one for her.

    I do agree though, that many parents now are resorting to the ‘helicopter parenting’ and it’s just not a good method, imo.
    Over sheltering your child, in most cases ends up being very counter-productive.

  23. Charlene. You need to go and have a lie down. And what a pathetic made up name! You had the chance and you blew it! You could’ve been called “I love kids” or “I am righteous” but no, you had to go for Charlene. Are you off Neighbours?

  24. That photo is taken at Epcot. It’s a crowded theme park. I’d rather see a parent with their kid on a “leash” than the parents I have seen @ Disneyland in a panic because they can’t find their kid in the crowd.

  25. You think that’s Becki’s boyfriend in the background eating some curds and whey?

  26. Carry on Graham, you are now the Lord. I concur.

  27. :( I don’t need a lie down. I just don’t like when people, who likely don’t have kids, go on about other people’s parenting. As if they are experts. I’m not upset by it at all though, just trying to shed some light on the other side of the coin is all. :)

    And Charlene is my actual name unfortunately. :(
    What’s neighbours?? I’ve actually been registered here for a bit, but I usually just lurk.

    Although.. I guess I could have been a little more creative with my Username. :(

  28. Charlene, I apologise. I’m a twat. Ask anyone.

    Neighbours is a crappy Australia soap. I think Charlene used to be Kylie Minogue on it. I’m probably wrong…

    Ooh! The neighbour’s house is on fire! How exciting!

  29. Charlene, remember before you were a parent and you watched other people parent and judged them? Then you became a parent and realized you were being a twit before? It’s just the natural cycle of life. You can’t get upset at people for something they can not yet fathom. One day, they’ll know!

  30. i’m beginning to build up a pretty good profile of you, charlene. from what i’ve managed to piece together, here it is so far:

    name: charlene
    age: unknown
    sex: female
    lamebook member since…: a bit

    likes: mother and baby, being didactic, taking things seriously, correct terminology, sighing (poetry?), shedding some light on the other side of the coin.

    dislikes: other people, child-snatchers, jokes.

    children: at least one, 13 month old, female, name not known

    current thoughts: whether or not to use a harness for aforesaid child, whether or not to jazz up username

    favourite tv show(s): supernanny

    i look forward to getting to know you even better over the next couple of weeks, charlene. here’s to more parenting-themed posts!

  31. lol @alord

    Jokes are evil.

    And so are kid leashes.

    Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I am so bored.

  32. People like alord are exactly why people need to be careful on the internet. Give out too much seemingly-non-personal information and the next thing you know, you wake up dead.

  33. was it that transparent?

    (Geddit, charlene? trans-PARENT? like PARENTing??? you and i are gonna be real good friends, i just know it. :-) )

    oh, also, lol @ ceekay!

  34. Can you do me alord? Please? Ooh, the one of the thousand cats has just come home. I think it’s George.

  35. Those god damned leashes have ruined my child snatching days. I’ve had to give up on it and find a new hobby.

  36. Not to distract from the interesting direction these threads are headed BUT the first picture is on purpose. I read about it on the internet. People take seemingly innocent pictures where they accidentally show their junk. There was a famous (infamous?) one of the shiny tea kettle on ebay.

    Now you have read about it on the internet too, so it MUST be true.

  37. A kid on a leash…seriously? I have never seen that before and you guys talk like if it was a common thing. I don’t want to know the psychological consequences of such act.

    Becki Becki, how do you upload a picture with your father hanging out like that? I want to think you did it on purpose…

  38. In the one with the leash, that’s in Disney World. There are SO MANY kids on leashes in Disney World. I think it kind of makes sense though because, especially when it’s busy, it’s nearly impossible to keep your eyes on a kid that young. That being said, I would never bring a kid to Disney World that couldn’t stay near me or handle himself if he got lost. It’s bad parenting.

  39. @Pseudonym, she has just as much of a right to express her opinion as you do. Let her be.

    Anyway, I’ve been on anti-depressants since I was 5 and I don’t think they messed me up at all. If anything, they really helped me out. However, my overbearing parents practically have me in chains. They made me so dependent on them that I don’t know how to do anything for myself and am actually afraid of responsibility and the unknown world of being on my own. They’re so conservative and sheltered me so much that everything I do is to keep from disappointing them. I don’t know how to write a check, I’m not allowed to curse, and every time I try to have sex I end up having a panic attack and crying because I can’t get the image of their disappointed faces out of my head. This is what happens when you have extremely overbearing parents. They shelter you from the real world and you never learn to live for yourself.

  40. leashes are handy when you have a hyper little bastard that won’t slow down and listen.

  41. Excruciasm – that part about your eternally disappointed parents and your sex life really explains your user name.

    But seriously though, how does a 5 year old even get depressed enough to need medication? When I was five, I was playing with faux spy gadgets and beating my little brother with sticks I had pried off of our wooden porch. Ahhh, childhood. It makes a little more sense as you get older. The crippling weight of adult responsibility is sometimes too much to bear…and I’m a self-sufficient 20-something.

    Hey, it’s cool though. A little co-dependence never hurt anyone.

  42. Yay for reflectoporn!

    And seriously? Kids are supposed to learn not to run out in traffic by getting run over! That’ll learn ‘em!

  43. Yea, just one good time getting ran over and they get it.

  44. So Lamebook blurs out the reflection of the guys dick, but that ugly pussy is fine?

    Not happy.

  45. Whatever the case, the leash is not working out for the little girl or the mom, she should be in a stroller. She’s way too little to walk far anyway, which may be why she’s laying on the ground at Epcot.

  46. Those “leashes” are a safety precaution. Crap, why do we put baby gates on stairs? How will the kid ever learn not to fall down the stairs?!

    Seriously people.

  47. Excruciasm… That’s all I’ve got. Sorry.

    Word – agree with you. What’s up with that?

  48. Actually, I’m going to have to agree, somewhat, with Charlotte.

    The 2 year old in our family is fantastically smart and well behaved, but when traveling in a crowded airport, festival, etc, is on the harness for safety.

    The Man and I actually DID witness a situation at a downtown festival where 2 parents were walking through the crowd with their kids, each adult with one kid by hand.

    A bum walked quickly up behind the mom, grabbed the other hand of her 3-4 year old girl, pulled her away, and started walking off with her!

    Mom was stunned and froze for a moment, and both The Man and I jumped up to run after the creep (and probably attempt to beat him to death with our bare hands – I’m shaking now as I type this).

    The bum then let go of the kid’s hand, and kept walking, leaving the little girl in the middle of a crowd. Thankfully, she was immediately reunited with mom. It could have turned many different ways, none of them good.

    Moral of this long story – I think it’s better to have the kid on a safety harness in potentially dangerous crowd situation, than to risk a kidnapping or death.

    It’s probably overused (like those stupid ADD medications) by lazy parents, but definitely has a place.

  49. but isn’t the real issue here that no-one cares?

    maybe these guys?:

    i dunno.

  50. Nice monologue Miss S but I fell asleep after you mentioned Charlotte. Don’t think she’s in this. Anywhere…

    And a bum walked? A real bum? No torso?

  51. I like how a bunch of people got all up in arms about the fat chick earlier, but it’s fine to make fun of the gay blob on the couch.

    who cares if someone puts their kids on a leash? What else are you supposed to do, put them in the car with the window cracked? I tried that once. It didn’t turn out well, but at least I have one less mouth to feed.

  52. So sorry to ruin your day, Pseudonym, I meant to type Charlene. Your superior name recall skillz have clearly humbled me.

    I used the term “bum” instead “disgusting goddamn junkie waste of child-stealing space”. But I’m guessing you knew that and merely needed a bit of fodder.

  53. Where are you people seeing a leash in that photo? It looks to me like the kid fell down with a doll on it’s back (or has 2 heads?), and the Mom is strangely pointing at him.

    Also, why is the last one funny, lame, whatever? Never seen some art with tits before?

  54. first of all, WHAT THE HECK kind of animal is that in the first picture?! it’s freakin ugly whatever it is.

  55. “A kid on a leash…seriously? I have never seen that before and you guys talk like if it was a common thing. I don’t want to know the psychological consequences of such act.”

    You do realize that children shit themselves right?

  56. it’s a “monkey on their back” child harness. the doll (or spare head) people keep mentioning belongs to a backpack/harness thing that is fashioned to look like a monkey and has a clip on rope/leash which the mother is holding. I had one of these for my little dude, he’d carry his extra diaper and some wipes in it so he felt like he was “helping” we only attached the leash part in large crowds or dangerous situations (like the grand canyon).

    seriously, when used right, I see no problem. also, I know they can be very helpful with developmentally disabled children. as for the obvious bad parents who use it as a way to not have to “watch” their children, those kids most likely have more problems to worry about then a leash.

  57. @ Miss Shega – Thank you for the apology but you didn’t ruin my day. I’ve already overdosed on painkillers which have faces of Justin Beiber on them and are spelt incorrectly. My work here is done.

  58. ps the monkey on their back was my own name for it… I thought it was ironic considering everyone is so worried about the potential psychological issues such a leash could cause

  59. @52 I believe it’s not art with tits, but animated pornography –note that’s a flat screen tv, not a picture frame

    @53 It’s a breed of hairless cat.

  60. Seriously, what’s better a) having a child run into traffic, hide in a shop, run away or be taken, or b) have a leash so that when they are in a naughty mood you know where exactly they are.

    I mean I had one, but for me it was more for me than for mum because I had a social anxiety as a child and was terrified of being lost in the crowds. I knew where mum was then.

    What’s more, I will probably have a leash for my child.

  61. Child leashes are fabtatious. And not just for protecting the child.

    i.e. ‘It’s mom’s/dad’s way, or sweep the highway’

    Yay! Parent power!

  62. I thought Eminem wanted to beat up the moms, not the children.

  63. @30 alord i genuinely laughed out loud at that like a mad woman!! :D

  64. is it really the norm to hang out around your house with no pants or underwear on? I mean, I like to get comfortable when I get done with work but I just put some jammie pants on or something. Maybe I’m just ultra conservative…is that normal?

  65. What with all this talk of parenting (yawn!) Nobody has mentioned the last picture. I don’t get it… is it supposed to be funny because there are (gasp!) naked breasts in the painting behind???

  66. @ceekay

    I’m impressed at how quickly you figured out what my username means. Win for you.

    I wasn’t actually depressed at 5 years old, but I was showing signs of bipolar disorder. I was the outcast, and the teachers didn’t like that I ran to the bathroom and cried all the time. I guess they didn’t understand that kids are assholes and I practically had a giant target on my forehead. I actually got in a lot of trouble for just crying; went to the principal’s office every time. So the school told my parents that I was a messed up kid and that’s how it all got started.

  67. Pic one is candyass for simply having a chick pet. Then he takes pictures of it.

    Small blur. Must have a ham wallet.

  68. uralldumb, either that’s a leash in the mom’s hand or she’s poking that poor baby with a very large stick.

    The leash is actually the teddy bear on the little girls back, if it wasn’t decorated with the bear it would be too much like a dog leash which would be a fashion faux pas.

  69. Leashes on kids are for parents that are lazy and don’t feel like taking the time to actually raise the child. It really does not take much effort to teach your kids not to just run off.

    It scares me how dumb and lazy people are getting. Aren’t we due for a heard thinning pandemic?

  70. I believe the animal in pic 1 is a shaved pussy taking a picture of a cat with no hair. :p

    I wonder what Becky’s name was before the sex change. You know, like how Tom becomes Tammy, or Chasity became Chaz… Becky doesn’t really have a male counterpart, but there’s no way that was a chick at birth…

  71. I say Becki is actually Daniel Tosh. Mystery solved.

  72. Charlene, I absolutely agree with everything you said in your first post. You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth.

  73. Plus it’s hard when you’re taking your 4 year old cousin out for a day and you’re not the one responsible for teaching him not to run off and almost get hit by a car, which is what happened to me once.

  74. @Nova

    What’s your point? None I suppose.
    As I said, this must have negative consequences in the psychological development of the kid, like, fearing crowds or similar.

  75. @vabadus

    There is little else on this earth that is emotionally debasing as not being able to control your own bowels and relying on the assistance of others to wipe your ass. If billions of people can resolve that they could not do this for themselves when they were toddlers without major psychological impacts, I am fairly certain that they will not need years of therapy to adjust to the fact that their parents put them in a safey harness when they were the same age.

    My point is that your suggestion is absurd.

  76. I swear that’s a man in a bikini in the third picture (in the foreground). And, in the first one, is that a man or woman? I can’t tell because it’s blurred out – a man, right?
    They were all pretty good. Well done, Lamebook. :D

  77. If the photos were rearranged, it could be a timeline of Becki – she started out as paige, but kept slowly transforming…

  78. Grammar, that is the conclusion that I came to also.

  79. To all concerned, responsible, Christian, (soon to be) soccer mums. Yes, I’m looking at you Charlene and Natasha Lynn. Please return to the Farmville Townhall forum. It’s much safer for you there, really.

    If not for your own safety, then at least do it for the children. The children!

  80. @Excruciasm (#38)

    “I’ve been on anti-depressants since I was 5 and I don’t think they messed me up at all.”
    “and every time I try to have sex I end up having a panic attack”

    You wrote these two sentences in one paragraph and you didn’t see the bittersweet irony. Really?

  81. Only the first one is actually funny.

  82. @buckle_up

    Anti-depressants didn’t do that to me, my parents did. Anti-depressants are used to settle down my anxiety, lift me up out of my depression, and smooth out the rough edges in my emotions. They would never have caused something like that. My parents are the ones who destroyed my sex life, not my medication.

  83. Whatever you say, Excruciasm. But surely popping anti-depressants since you were 5 might have something to do with it as well. I mean, these pill are designed to mess with your head, surely you must have considered yourself that they might therefore also interfere with your sex life.

    Anyway, enough already. I really don’t want to be thinking about your dysfunctional sex life. Good luck with solving these issues, though. Maybe you can try bringing up the image of thequeen and her bukkake tsunami. Some people here get off on that.

  84. Sorry for using “surely” twice in consecutive sentences.
    And when I wrote “considered yourself” …, I don’t know what I was thinking.

  85. @buckle_up: Bukakke tsunami BAHAHAHAHA.

  86. @buckle_up

    God, no. thequeen is my roommate. In real life. I mean she’s cute but I’m not into girls or bukakke.

    Back to serious business, without anti-depressants, I would be a wreck right now. Just because you don’t believe in medications working doesn’t mean I don’t. And I wasn’t really talking about my sex life, I was talking about my emotional state in general. You brought it up.

  87. @excruciasm:

    Wait. So you’re room mates with the anorexic girl ? Is this some special type of house we’re talking about?

    Jokes aside, I never said I don’t believe in medication. Just wondering if long-time use of anti-depressants have unhealthy side-effects. But I believe you when you say they’re saving you.

  88. @buckle_up

    Yes, I’m roommates with her. It’s just a regular apartment. We go to the same college. Nothing special about it. And don’t call her that – she has a problem and needs help.

    Thank you for believing me. I respect your opinion on pharmaceuticals, whatever it is. Sometimes I wonder just what I would be like today if I never participated in therapy. I wonder if I would even be functional if I had never taken the medication. How different would my childhood have been? My teens? Would I have even reached adulthood?

    Being on medication for all these years has had its side effects. Weight-gain, upset stomach, little things. But the biggest thing was the feeling of being numb. At first it was great! I didn’t cry anymore, so kids didn’t have much to make fun of and teachers didn’t have anything to punish me for. But over the years, I realized that I couldn’t really laugh either. I didn’t feel much of anything. I don’t remember much of my childhood or teens because, emotionally, nothing could make enough of an impact to be committed to my memory. Not until I stopped taking them.

    I stopped taking them for an entire year. At first I was okay, thinking maybe this would work, and I wouldn’t have to rely on drugs ever again. Then, one by one, all the symptoms came back. I was having panic attacks, deep depressions, manic episodes, abandonment complexes, and periods of self-destruction. Every day, I watched myself sink, but I still didn’t take the pills. My emotions were out of control. My friends were concerned about me to the point where they made excuses to stay with me, and make sure I was never left alone. Finally, I snapped completely. Long story short: suicide attempt, institutionalized, recovered.

    So to answer your question, yes. For some, long-term use of anti-depressants can have unhealthy side-effects. But if a person really needs them, in my opinion, they should take them, because anti-depressants can save their lives.

  89. Well, as long as the side-effect of not taking the pills is “death”, then by all means keep taking them.

    Say, are you always as open and forthcoming on internet fora? Or only the nasty ones such as Lamebook, which primary attraction is “people making fun of other people’s problems”? I mean, you make yourself very vulnerable to the public scrutiny that goes on here. While I respect and even admire that in one way, it also worries me a little. Especially since you seem to be a very nice and likable person.

  90. /softy-mode

  91. I am always this open and forthcoming anywhere on the internet because it’s anonymous – no one knows who I am. If my story is needed to prove a point somewhere, then what’s the harm in telling it? What have I got to lose? The stuff on here is just words on a screen. Although they can hurt some people, like my dear roommate, they can’t hurt me any more than the real world can.

    Thank you for your concern, and I appreciate your kindness. You also seem nice and likeable. But please don’t worry about me. I’m not hurting now.

  92. Always fun to read about the instant paranoia people get as soon as the become parents.

    ‘The leash is a handy tool’ etc. etc. It’s a sad day when parents can’t control their own kids and need to leash them like a common dog. But then again, that was why you got the child wasn’t it? I WANT A KID, IT’S CUTE!… For you, there is no difference if it is a kid or a damn chihuahua, the thing is you treat them the same way.

    You’re sad excuses of parents and should have to suffer the humiliation of being forced to wear a leash yourself.

  93. @alordslums

    I recently replaced the Oracle at Delphi following an unfortunate incident involving two Albanian gigolos, a large double ended black mamba dildo and a tin of Spam.

    The previous Oracle turned to drugs in an attempt to conceal her bitterness at the whole sordid affair and was last seen freebasing in the southern Himalayas.

  94. @HeSwingsHeMisses do toddlers know the concept of humiliation..?
    what did your parents do to create a self righteous prick. you think you possess some deep insight into what it is to be a parent. guess what buddy.. you don’t.
    you know what the best thing about being a parent is..? it’s getting to choose your own way to do it.
    I don’t think these leash wielding parents are too concerned with some virgin gamers idea of good parenting..

  95. @Titsonabull Did you miss the commont of someone wearing it until they turned 15? Anyhow, call me self righteous if you want, I couldn’t care less.

    I respect that you feel it’s the best way to raise your children, by treating them like common dogs. Who am I to judge really, that you decided to bring devil spawn into this world instead of just getting that damn dog. Or did you have a dog, but the SPCA took it away from you? So you thought, you’d get a child and leash that instead?

    But I’m glad that you get to chose, let’s see how your kid is going to fare in a world where he/she has been sheltered by overprotecting parents.

  96. @HeSwingsHeMisses

    I was going to respond to you using logic and intelligence, but the very fact that you took the 15 year old comment seriously means I would obviously be wasting my time.

    Just for kicks though…you are aware that humans CREATED leashes, right? They don’t grow out of a dog’s neck? And humans created leashed to protect their dogs? Because you can *teach* a puppy not to run in the road, but not every dog gets it right away (or ever), and the result is death? Being stolen? Getting lost? Injured?
    Would you have a problem with a leash if they were never used on dogs and ONLY on humans? And if you would, you do realize that’s a personal problem, right? No one’s issue but your own?

  97. I don’t know how you people grew up, but my parents would simply take my hand when we got close to a dangerous crossroad or in a very crowded situation. I don’t understand why you’d need to get a leash involved. And those are some of my fondest early-childhood memories. Feeling the safety and the warmth of my father’s or mother’s hand, guiding me through a busy street.

    Of course it’s difficult for me to try and feel, in hindsight, how the experience would have been if they’d leashed me like a dog instead. But I’m guessing I wouldn’t have like it very much. Actually, the thought alone creeps me out.

    To be fair, I can imagine there are some situations when leashing your children would come in handy:

    1) If your toddler has just learned to run, and you’re visiting Shanghai.
    2) If you have triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, etc.
    3) If you are a crack whore mum and you need to keep your hands free for business.

    But other than that, these bloody things should be banned.

  98. Here I was eight months pregnant, grocery shopping with my 1 1/2 year old son. I let him out to the cart because we are going to enter the restroom when all of a sudden he takes off running. I seriously run the entire length of the store, while being very, very pregnant, trying to catch my son. No one would even help me. They just watched him run by. Luckily I caught up with him and after that I definitely bought a harness for my child.

    Many of you stupid people say that we “lazy” parents should not use the harness and teach our kids better. Really? I guess I should have let him get away and hope to train the next child better?

    It’s not like it’s wrapped around their necks. They are designed similar to a backpack, but they strap around the waist.

    When I was a child I watched my three yr old brother run out into traffic and get ran over. My parents were very strict and cautious people, but I guess they should have trained him better.

    Most parents who buy these harnesses are buying them because they love their child enough to not want them harmed. And I guarantee that the same people who are complaining about this are quick to tie a leash around their dogs neck. How traumatic is that?

  99. @excruciasm, yeah for you for telling your story and living your life,Go you!

    I signed up to tell excruciasm, that and to say you guys crack me up .
    Child harnesses are a parents choice and there are many reasons besides, lazy parenting/crappy parents to use them, I am guessing more lazy parents don’t buy or use them, then do.

  100. FFS booninja, you managed to turn your first post into a proper clusterfuck. What the hell is that last sentence supposed to mean?

  101. @booninja, yeah, i get it. :-)

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