Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Background Checks

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  1. hmm

  2. It took me a while to figure the first one out, and I’m still wondering what that stuff on the water is…

    I see nothing wrong with the horse one.

    Last two are funny though. hahaha.

  3. The guy in the green sweater has the right idea.

  4. the bloke having a wank is class, especially because he seems to be getting somewhere with the girl

  5. well, the guy in the green sweater isn’t half as funny as what the television says.

  6. The first one someone’s head is between the girls legs who is on the tube. Took a minute. I win!

  7. First and last were easy. I still can’t find anything wrong with the horse pic.

  8. The horse’s schlong is out, which ceased to be funny the 113th time we saw it on “Background Checks.”

    I don’t really get what’s wrong with the first one. It looks like moss on the water, which is common in little watering holes.

  9. big horse dong flopping around, apparently that is hilarious

  10. The horse’s wang is hangin’ out. It’s big and dark (hehe) so it blends in.

    It’s really no fun if you have to hunt for it.

  11. Wonderbread – that stuff “on the water” is actually at the bottom. That’s a spring in Florida; the water of those things is really clear, which is why it’s hard to tell that it is probably at least 5 or 6 feet deep.

    What’s up with the horse pic? It is kind of dark but it almost looks like its shlong is hanging down.

  12. in the first one, look at the girl on the floatie and the guy behind her…

    I think the horse pic is his huge dick… though I’m not entirely sure it’s real…

    Eh, these aren’t as funny as past ones…

  13. That horse needs to up his standards. Those fugly chicks made my willy run and hide.

  14. “in the first one, look at the girl on the floatie and the guy behind her…”

    Aha. Yeah, that ceased to be even remotely fun when it was so completely obscure.

    Lamebook is really hurting these days.

  15. That’s under the water? hmm….

  16. i dont get the last one. is it the male enhancement thing?

  17. MsBuzzkillington

    Does anyone read the other comments before posting theirs?
    It sounds silly when a few people have mentioned getting the first pic and then someone else posts a comment after them, explaining the first picture.

    But the first picture isn’t that lame or funny, it could have been any number of reasons none of which are pervy or silly or funny. I think we should be more concerned about what is in the water and why are they in there with it.

    Also, I think that’s the tree trunk, not the horse’s shlong. As big as they are, I don’t think that’s it. The lighting on my computer could be weird though, but I don’t see it.

  18. I thought the issue with the horse picture was the handler’s apparent erection.

  19. MB, what’s more confusing is they apparently took down some third picture that had a TV and a guy wanking? I didn’t see it, so I have no idea what it was or where it’s gone. Maybe it just wasn’t as damn funny as a horse’s penis.

  20. And now two more pictures have appeared, making me look a twat. I’m blaming my terrible internet connection.

  21. The last one is just stupid if the point is the guy in the sweatshirt ‘spanking’ the girl.

    I thought these were ‘background’ checks, not foreground checks. The TV commercial is ‘meh’, but better than Spanky.

  22. @wonderbread

    I agree with throwingtofu. Gotta love Florida springs :)

    lol @ photo #4 and to finish it off a male enhancement commercial in the background

  23. @ MsBuzzkillington – that is most definitely a horse cock….don’t act like you’ve never had a horse cock in your face before.

    having said that. it’s not funny. I hope that’s not the gist of the photo

  24. What about the person in the first pic getting a face full of the girl on the float?

  25. I don’t think there’s much wrong with the water in the first picture. It looks pretty clear to me. I’ve entered more dubious bodies of water in my time. The only thing I can’t quite figure is the depth of the water. At least the dude is jumping, not diving. Good boy.

    I’m laughing like an idiot at sideshow’s #13 comment. Too true, buddy.

    lamebookpro is making me laugh as well.

  26. The horse’s dick isn’t hanging out/down. That’s his leg.
    I don’t get what’s funny with that at all.

    The water one isn’t that funny. Neither is any of the two other ones.

  27. #26, a five-legged horse, you say? Ahahahaha.

  28. Well, we don’t know how many forelegs it has, but it certainly seems to have 3 hind legs. So probably 5, could be 6.

  29. It’s not a tree trunk. It’s not an extra leg. It’s the horse’s schlong. It’s not an amusing picture, but it’s certainly lame. As sideshow so astutely pointed out, the horse is lame for getting turned on by those girls.

    What a useless stud. It’d seemingly mount anything. That’s bad for breeding.

    I see a trip to the glue factory in its near future.

  30. Doesn’t the guy holding the horses rein have a woody or am I seeing things? I see nothing but black all around the horse.

  31. The horse’s leg? Bahahahaha! Now that comment was funnier than the photos.

  32. lumpyspaceprincess

    Pretty sure the first one is supposed to be funny ’cause the girl on the tube has a guy’s face in her ass.


  33. #3, sometimes scratching your balls through your pants just won’t cut it. That’s when you got to reach in and give’em a good rub. It’s completely normal. Now go play with your cock’n'balls.

    #4: Welcome to Corey’s Gangbang. This is the before picture, you should see the after.

  34. I agree, Some of you people REALLY dont read the comments before you post haha.

    And horses leg? Really? noo. haha.

  35. Is it me or the bloke with the grey shirt has a boner?

  36. @wordpervert – are we the only ones that know what horse cock looks like? WTF?

    @denvatricky – that’s the horse’s leg huh? listen, I’ve got this terrible cramp in my “leg”. Could you just rub it a bit for me? Yes, up and down, past the knee all the way to the ankle….aaaannnnd back up again. yes just like that.

  37. lamebookpro, yeah, seriously? I mean like, huh, people?

  38. thats def the horses wiener,not his leg or the tree or anything else..

    none of these are very funny or even that lame…..

  39. I don’t see the horse schlong, but maybe that’s because my screen is too dark or something. For that pic, I thought it was because the girl with the black shirt has what looks like bird poop on her back. No?

  40. Horses have large penises. We get it. Why else is horse porn so popular?

  41. @Beau
    The girl in the black shirt has an old school camera over her back. You are probably seeing the strap or the camera. If you look at the girl in the pink shirt and blue shorts -look right behind her purse, the horse schlong actually looks like its touching it(hopefully its further back in the distance).

    Horse porn is so popluar in cases like this where 3 skeevy little butt whores strategically pose themselves so that the horse penis looks like its about to impale them in the ass one at a time……………… I think thats it

  42. These pics are all, well, lame. The comments are way funnier than any of the pics. And for the record, I’m fairly sure all five of those guys banged that chick. Or perhaps each other, and the chick? They all look pretty satisfied…

  43. @whatthe
    I agree they all look very amused with themselves…. I’m voting on they all played tummy swords then got drunk off of 2 1/2 Zimas. Because while the girl looks like she is hurtin for a squirtin I’m betting that she probably held out for the guy that bought all these kids the Zima and drove to the party in his rebuilt mustang. just saying

  44. paperscissorsrock

    The last one is definetly funny because of the falling camera…
    looks like the guy in the whie tshirt dropped it?

  45. @paper
    you are looking at a wall mounted speaker, not a dropped camera

  46. Other than the fact that, apparently, one of the 5 guys lives in a fucking garage, I don’t get what’s funny about that pic.

  47. The horse has a boner you guys. Gosh. Guy between girls legs, for number one, boner horse, guy jacking off, male enhancement ad on the T.V. It’s not that impossible, you guys are obviously just not thinking dirty enough yet. You’ll get there.

  48. uhmmm i thought the second one was the handler is sticking his hand down his pants?

  49. funny cuz of a dropped camera..?yeah thats hilarious.

    i thought it was cuz the one guy look like hes slapping the girl ass,the tv makes sense though.& the horse has a huge boner,the guys hand isnt down his pants at all.

  50. The horse doesn’t have an erection…He’s just dropped. I guess that’s only funny to people who don’t know anything about horses. When you own horses you get used to see them dropped and it stops being weird or funny after the first day. It doesn’t mean they’re aroused. They do it when they’re tired, lazy or relaxed.

  51. @diekatze, oh come the fuck on, it’s a big floppy horse dick, that’s never not gonna be funny

  52. Is the last meant to be the dude in green slappin the chicks arse or the male enhancement on the tv??
    Took me a while to spot the dude in green all I saw was the tv.

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