Thursday, August 5, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. Bone!

  2. … or Ben, or whatever.

  3. #2 – At first I thought it was his own hand. Wrong.

  4. FIRST insert tab A into Slot BEN

  5. crap – too slow logging in…

  6. Wish that girl was my mum, she’s so damn cool.

  7. Nothing like a bounce house to set the mood!

  8. Three looks like an actual, like, fashion photograph to me. Although, I don’t know who would want a blushing guy with a blow up doll in his junk. (Fun fact: Hitler invented the blow up doll.)

  9. god you americans have some weird names for things…. unless it’s just you, ee? too early for wine, isn’t it? :-D

  10. Hur-hur. Another post of a teenage girl taking a trashy picture with a baby in the background. It never gets old!

  11. I can’t quite tell what’s going on in #3… does that dude have a blow-up doll shoved into his crotch?

  12. That silly girl in #3, the “o” on her shirt isn’t supposed to be there!

  13. What do you call it alord?

    lol, no wine…yet.

  14. it’s a bouncy castle!!!


    ok, well you can forget comment #9 :-s

  15. a bouncy castle? is that really what you call them?
    cuz thats way better than bounce house.

    and uhh,none of these are that lame.
    1,ehh,some dumb girl with a kid,cool
    2,a guy grabbing another mans ass,so what
    3,drunk people doing drunk people things,okay
    4,again,so what

    idk,just looks like normal crap happening with normal people..

  16. I’ve always called it a Moon Walk….

  17. I will never understand this trend of wearing fug 80′s clothing as demonstrated by the girl in the bounce house…

  18. ohbabybaby,

    I’m not convinced the person in the first picture is a girl…

  19. I’m pretty sure the last one was taken just to show the people making out…?

  20. Second one’s more of a FOREground check.

  21. I’m liking bouncy castle!

    Yeah, it’s a bit early for me to indulge alord, check back later in about 7 hours and that wont be the case ;)

  22. Am I the only one fed up with all these “baby in the background” pictures?

  23. How overdone is the ‘pissed off teen swearing and taking a picture of herself in the mirror, but, OH LOOK, there’s a baby behind her! Uh oh!’ thing on Lamebook now? Overly specific, yet oddly overly used.

  24. Damn it senny.

  25. I just hope that the 2 guys hiding behind the bar grabbing each others ass were trying to be discreet and this pic outs them.

    It is the only way to find it funny

  26. @hobo sorry for ruining your rant xD

  27. MsBuzzkillington

    Chick in the first picture is small. Her legs are super skinny.

  28. MsBuzzkillington

    It seems like a baby in the background of a picture of a mom who appears to not be paying attention isn’t the only thing that is being over done here. It seems like lamebook operates on a certain set of 10 themes and they always post the same kind of stuff.

  29. I hope thats a chick in the first picture, because skinny jeans on a guy is just WRONG!!!

  30. #1. Yeah what a perfect upcoming future citizen…NOT. Under-age pregnancy at its worst.

    #2. Dude.. health and safety towards the workplace. Yeah i think that dude is taking that the wrong way!

    #3. Yeah i been there done that, as has so many others i take it?

    #4.Who stole all their shoes?

  31. #2

    I’ve got something to put it you,
    yes, I’ve got something to put in you
    At the gay bar, gay bar, gay bar

    but if that doesnt rock your particular socks, you can always do what some chick in aus just did – and lodge a $37 mil lawsuit for sexual harrassment, ’cause i think you have a pretty good case if that is your bosses hand wedged up your arse….

  32. lol just noticed to two dudes in pic 3…. haha a strange night out!

  33. The thing that disturbs me most about #1 is it looks like she’s in a doctors office. Let’s hope she isn’t awaiting news on a second bundle of joy.

  34. Purebs

    I’d just like to note that skinny jeans on a guy is not wrong. Now, if they were like the ones in the first picture, then yes, that might be more on the wrong side…

    However if they are skinny fit, but made specifically for guys, then they’re not…the only jeans I wear are skinnies, but they definitely are guy jeans.

  35. mental note: next time a fair comes through town sneak in after hours and make out in the bouncy castle. Looks like fun. Just sayin’

  36. It’s a Bouncy Castle in Canada too, eh.
    These were all particularly boring though… It’s killing my buzz from last night, or was it this morning? I don’t remember sleeping, maybe it’s still on-going. Thank god for Rockstar Recovery.

  37. >>> I can’t quite tell what’s going on in #3… does that dude have a blow-up doll shoved into his crotch? <<<
    Yes. You see the blow-up doll's torso and right arm, and head against the guy's crotch. The doll is wearing a black bandana with white lines on it.

  38. dirtylittlepretty

    the first and last photo have what just may be the most hideous clothing i will see this month!! fuck! get some fashion sense about yourselves people!

  39. CommentsAtLarge

    Bounce houses are also referred to as Jolly Jumps here — I think that one is a brand name (kinda like calling all copiers Xerox machines). Bouncy couple are just getting their hook up warmed up for them; their friends jump up and down, the floor undulates, they can just ride out the motion to ecstacy. It’s like a crankstart fucking.

  40. Ahh, I get it Comments. Kinda like a vibrating bed, right? That doesn’t sound too bad.

  41. I’m so getting a bounce castle for my next birthday. Comments, you just put a whole new perspective on everything.

  42. The guy in the blue shirt in picture 2 is cute.

    We call them Jumping Castles, but I’ve never been on one. That kind of motion would make me ill.

    Comments, I love it when you talk dirty.

  43. CommentsAtLarge


    exactly – just minus the $.25 ;)


    Bouncy castles — they’re not just for kids anymore.

  44. CommentsAtLarge


    So perhaps you wouldn’t ride the motion to ecstacy, as I referred to before. I’m sure we could find a motion that you find much more pleasureable…

  45. seeing you guys flirt on here is like a car crash. you know, wrong, but i can’t help rubbernecking. you also all seem to be able to pluck from a bottomless pit of innuendo (which almost sounds like an innuendo itself), which one can’t help but be impressed by.

    keep up the great work!

  46. Comments, write this down somewhere – this is for when we eventually meet, and you take me on a date to an amusement park…

    I like the thrill rides.

  47. @comments
    you should sell that slogan to a company who makes them and get a foot in the door to adult entertainment. Could make a killing.

  48. dirtylittlepretty

    @word that guy is cute, but do I see a goofy looking part in his hair?? Maybe it’s just that im not wearing my specs?

  49. dirtylittlepretty, no, his hair is all good. I cleaned my specs and checked again to be sure.

    Yes, I need glasses to see the computer, but they’re sexy ones.

  50. Word, that just makes pulling off the sexy librarian look even easier.

  51. CommentsAtLarge


    The porn production capital of the US is a short drive for me, so I may have to look into that plan.


    Suddenly, I have Van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher” in my head…

  52. Boys, I can pull off both the librarian, and the teacher looks for you. I’ll throw in the secretary look for free. Trust me, they’re hot, these specs. I didn’t pay 500 bucks to look like a dickhead.

  53. ^ Not that I don’t believe you, but I have to say it…

    pix or it didn’t happen

  54. Yeah, I should really just post a picture of myself here, right?


    Will you please stop posting these now?

  56. dddtl

    i’m loving your savvy post-critiques.

    keep up the polemic! we need people like you to pick up the shattered pieces of art and culture in the twenty-first century, and mould it into something new, daring, raw and visceral.


  57. Hi.

  58. the last photo is mine, from my facebook. i took it while in a pitch black bouncy castle, and didn’t notice til later the people making out.

    still trying to figure out who the hell put it on lamebook. my friend told me about it this morning and i’ve been asking people ever since. i’m amused, but seriously, what the hell.

  59. lol i just think its funny cuz its apparent #1 is in sum sort of doctors office lol
    she prolly went there to check out her baby, or stds, and had to stop to try to be gangsta.

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