Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Background Checks

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  1. Ben.

  2. o.o

  3. White trash adventures.

  4. The last one is hilarious. Other than that, eh.

  5. Second photo = evidence.
    Fourth photo = fascinating.

  6. 2nd FTW! How the hell couldn’t they notice a guy tossing in the background

  7. 2nd photo is disturbing – hope that dude is wearing skin coloured shorts or some shit.

    Last photo: lulz all around. I like how there is a peek-a-boo for her stretch marks.

  8. Maybe it’s my computer’s resolution, but I can’t see anything in the backgrounds of number two and four. Number one and three are hilarious though!

  9. dirtylittlepretty

    she should spend a little less time taking lame pictures of herself looking skanky and maybe try cleaning that fucking mess she has her kid living in.

  10. Daddy’s little princess!

  11. Where is the girl in the last one sitting? The kid looks like ten feet below her.

    I’m guessing the ones with the mooning guy knew when they posted the picture. Not when they took it (although whoever took it obviously adjusted the view to include him) but they obviously didn’t post it thinking it was just a great picture of them.

  12. hahahahahaha! there’s funny stuff in the background of these photos!




  13. The second one is just completely wrong.
    I’m all for a laugh, but that needs reporting.

    The first and last were great though.

  14. What the hell is all on the floor in the fourth photo? Looks like a very small child.

  15. princesszelda, the second one has a naked looking man on the couch behind the little girl, possibly pleasuring himself. Or maybe he has on underwear we can’t see and he’s sitting Al Bundy style. Either way, ew.

    The last one, there’s a little kid peeking out from … whatever it is the skank is sitting on. A top bunk?

    The red tips on her nails and the stretch marks showing through the ripped sides are classy, too.

  16. I don’t really understand how the first one is funny.

    The fourth photo, the woman is lying down on a bed and the child is in one of those crib/pen things.

  17. Oh I see, it’s off to the side. That is one weird angle.

    The first one is “funny” because of the woman’s legs sticking out of the bushes, looking like someone dumped a body.

  18. Pic 2, Daddy’s not knocking one out, he’s asleep.

    Last pic, by the looks of those bottom-of-a-coke-bottle lenses she’s wearing, she would need to take a photo of her pits to be sure she’d got all the hair.

  19. The last one makes much more sense now. Thanks helpimalive :D

  20. Thinking the guy in the second picture is wearing shorts. The last one is just weird. If you are going to be “sexy” make sure your kid is not in the pic.

  21. In the last one, I think she rotated the image 180 degrees?

  22. Was Kinki trying to click a picture of her armpit?

  23. I mean Kiki :D

  24. for the sake of that little girl I really hope that that guy is just wearing shorts or something.

  25. What the HELL is going on in the last one?! Are they squatters or something?!

  26. Lmao at ‘peek a boo for her stretch marks’. :D

  27. picture 4 looks like snooki crossed with supernanny.

  28. CommentsAtLarge

    1st one – Looks like Aunt Edna started the reception early…

    2nd one – It’s guys like that who keep Chris Hansen employed.

    3rd one – I like how the photographer saw what was going on and totally abandoned the “cute couple” photo in favor of the “check out that guy’s ass crack” shot. Good way to never have to be the photographer again.

    4th one – initally I missed the stretch marks because my brain was spinning at the perspective of that one. On a separate note, wonder what her hourly rates are?

  29. And Kiki, honey, it’s all good, you got it all.

  30. I think the fact Kiki has stretch marks is the least thing worth commenting about in the picture. I mean like, who cares?

    And this is said by a person who has not a one.

    Thank you, genetics, and thank you, God.

  31. CommentsAtLarge


    It’s not so much the stretch marks themselves, it’s more the way the window cut-out thingy kind of frames them. That’s what made me chuckle about it at least, the coincidence of it.

  32. Lmao.. I know the people in the third picture. :)

  33. omg charlene, you’re like, totally famous!

    go out and celebrate!

  34. What the hell is she wearing in the first place, though? It’s like she’s tried to squeeze into one of her poor child’s baby-grows, torn it to shreds and decided she looked good in it!

  35. I wonder if she has hair on her anus? Raise you hand if you think the worst location for tattoos in the breasts? The girl has no sense. And it drives me crazy that she rotated this picture.

  36. Comments, it’s quite arty, I think.

  37. I think the reason the 2nd pic disturbs me so much is because she’s so unhappy. She’s got a tiara on her head, she should be playing, excited…. happy. She just looks completely defeated.

    The dude’s probably asleep in shorts or something, but dammit, why isn’t the kid happy?

  38. I think she’s so unhappy because Mom made her wear a pillow case with a ribbon stuck through it. And then said “Now stand right here to block Dad’s penis from getting in the picture.”

  39. CommentsAtLarge


    Indeed, I would say this piece is from Kiki’s perspective experimentation period. The child in the background serves as proof that someone has already painted her canvas.

  40. Last pic, flip it upside down. There’s your normal angle. Chick was going for the myspace angle. Epic fail. Kid looks possessed. LOL

  41. Ahahahaha!, Douchetastic. Excellent.

  42. alordslums July 27th, 2010 at 2:34 pm
    picture 4 looks like snooki crossed with supernanny.

    ^ This made me laugh so hard.

    I don’t give a shit that she has stretch marks. It is the fact she bought… whatever the hell that is, with extra-sexy windows for the stretch marks.

  43. That bloke in the second picture is just asleep

  44. First one, GRANDMA NO!

    That second one makes me wanna cry.
    Poor child.

    And the last one, I don’t know how much more awkward that pose can get. How is that child even right there?

  45. @dirtylittlepretty That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the last photo and noticed the big pile of dirty clothes. I like to think that she cut her own hole in the back of the swimsuit or leotard she is wearing, just so you can see her “tramp stamp”.

  46. Couples photos suck, so good job to Mr. I’d-Rather-Show-Buttcrack

  47. Having gone to the effort of saving, flipping, rotating the last pic. I’m horrified. her hand is holding her breast like that to hide the fact she’s either pregnant again, or never bothered to lose the little one’s extra lard.
    The mess in the background is gross.. and why the hell hasn’t she stabilised and straightened the bars on the portacrib thing?
    Fail for parenthood.

    Is it just me, or in the first pic, does the person with the legs poking out look like she has clown feet? (Tranny perhaps??)

    Second one.. Douchetastic hit the nail on the head.
    Arsecrack shots.. always a win. But that dude needs to wax or something.. he’s got the beginnings of a jungle down there.. I’ll volunteer to wax him. The screams of a man in agony are like music to my ears ;)

  48. @dddtl So I guess you’re that guy on facebook who has ten pictures of just himself making the same straight face, right? Yeeeaah taking pictures with other people sucks.

  49. If you turn the pic around you would realise that miss thing in pink is lying on a bed and the kid is a playpen …. ewwwww taking (failing)porn star pics w/ your kid in the room is just wrong! the guy naked is disgusting too but I choose to believe he is wearing a speedos!

  50. Yeah, the picture is upside down in number four I noticed that also before I scrolled down the comments.

  51. God that last one is odd.

    The first one cracked my ass right up though…I’m thinking passed out drunken fat auntie type haha.

  52. I thought all of these were hilarious, but I absolutely love the wedding dress on the woman in the first picture. She looks great.

    Also, number 4 is a total fail. Everything about it is just awful.

  53. Paranoid Android

    lol? Maybe…

  54. ewe, lols, ewe

  55. You know lamebook is doing a good job when every photo has some funny shtuff in the background and a fine ass woman in the foreground.

  56. Ok Walter, that made me laugh. Despite it’s very creepy implications.

  57. Wait a minute, wait a minute!
    That chest tattoo, those glasses, the tan… That Kiki from the last photo, isn’t that the same woman with the pink-fishnet-wearing, pole dancing baby that was on verydemotivational(dot)com just recently?

  58. is there a dead child in the last one?

  59. RE: The last one.

    Am I meant to be looking at the baby, the godawful tattoos or the peek-a-boo stretch marks?

  60. 4th picture confused the hell out of me, mostly because I was wondering how she managed to be so far above the hovel that her child is living in. But now it all makes sense. Loving her stretch marks though, and the lovely way the slashing in her bathing suit accents them.

  61. alordslums, no need to be a snarky little shit.
    I don’t think I’m ‘like, sooo totally famous’… I just think it’s kind of neat to see someone I know since we live on a little rinky-dink island that almost no one has heard of. That’s all.. sorry if I upset you. ;)

  62. Hey I got married at that place too – in the top picture! But that’s not me!

  63. dangerouslydorky

    in the 4th picture –
    she is laying on the bed and the baby is in a pack-n-play/porta-crib type thing… the picture is upside down…

  64. picture two, the poor kid is forced to wear a pillow case so maybe the old guy had to wear something made of saran wrap or thread and thats why we can’t see it…

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