Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Background Checks

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  1. STEVER!

  2. Love the background checks… LOL

  3. I wonder if the guy in the second picture realizes he’s grabbing another guy’s ass and not feeling on the girl he’s kissing. How drunk is he??

  4. gotta love when someone gets caught like in #1

    #3 is meh, so what?

    #4 i didn’t know fishnets could be used on whales…

  5. lol

  6. Ben!

    gotta love the upskirt.

  7. #1 Takes it!

    Is the last one real planes? they look like museum planes on stilts…

  8. Hahaha I take that back! It’s the BooB grabbing action! sorry was looking at the wrong direction lol

  9. the first one is hilarious!

    aaaaand space and time is compressed. thanks, digital cameras, thanks, perverts, thanks, bill gates.

    and thanks women. for making those secret parts of your anatomy so wonderfully secret.

  10. krasivaya_devushka

    Lol! These are funny.

  11. i love malteaser too

    Is she wearing underwear in #4? Or have the fishnets managed to entangle some weeds? :|

  12. gotta love boob grabs(last one) and sneaking cell phone pix(#1).
    still trying to figure out whats so special about #3? who cares about a crib in the background?

  13. i love malteaser too

    sorry I meant #3 earlier

  14. i love malteaser too

    or not. Counting is off. :| #4 it remains.

  15. BringYourOwnSun

    Holy big fat Pickle wedding, Batman!

  16. FHsGirl, it doesn’t seem like the guy being touched minds!

    the first two were hilarious, now I patiently await BritishHobo’s comments to complete my day . lol

  17. #1 is great.

    As for those oh so tight tights, that’s either a seam or a thong. Either way it’s WRONG!

  18. This just fills me with sadness at how many more untouched Lamebook-worthy pages there must be out there.

    1. That douchebag and his friends that never get women but go around banging on about ‘chasing tail’ and scoring with ‘totally hot chicks’ all the while. God, I sound like a grumpy old man. Bet he’s called Will.

    2. He’s either crazy drunk, part of a very confusing relationship, or he has the hand/eye co-ordination of a giraffe.

    3. Countless statuses about how her baby daddy’s a deadbeat jackass, mixed in with countless other statuses about being excited to go out and get so shitfaced she’s gonna wake up on a mountain in France somewhere and not have a fucking clue how she got there.
    Not to judge.

    4. This photo was taken by the guy from #1.

    5. MiStY & PiCkLe? Come on. This shit writes itself.

  19. i don’t get number three, a crib, big deal
    number one,ahahahahaha
    the tights,ahahahahaha eww

  20. #1 made my day

  21. I thought she was going down on the guy in #4. Wasn’t til I read the comments it was her lovely attire that is the issue. Why the hell would anyone think that was cute . . . Bleh. I figure they must be playing Magic the Gathering, or that guy is very brave to put his penis in the mouth of such a hungry beast.

  22. #3… so a crib’s in the background. Woot. Seen it before.

    But the others are pretty awesome ;)

    They could have just dropped pic #3 completely and had a 100% sweet post. Regardless, good start to the day.

  23. The whale is wearing lace patterned pantyhose, not fishnets.
    What we’re seeing, I believe, is simply the pattern of them over what looks to be the largest commando ass I’ve ever seen.

  24. rebarbativebecc

    The girl with the crib could be the babies sister, who cares?

    First one is goooold

  25. Pic 3, love that view up the Khyber Pass.

  26. Pic 4, I mean. Way past my bedtime.

  27. that may be true nomnomnom, but where’s the pun in lace?

    that’s a doily that could cover a football field? i dunno, fishnet is easier

  28. Hey I think pic#3 has some anal beads there on the bottom right corner. I think that is why they put it up there. I should know cuz I have some just like them, only blue.

  29. I’ve already seen the picture of the guy upskitrting the woman on… not actually an original picture. It was posted there long before lamebook posted it. I find Lamebook and or Lamebook fans copy material from other websites. In the last five months Lamebook has went down hill. Some of the material nowadays is lame because it is pointless, it’s not actually funny it’s simply a waste of my time.

  30. @Flaptastic
    Oh dear god I hope not, those look huge lol

  31. Well Lamerfan dont forget Lamebook takes photos from Facebook and sometimes the pictures gets around for a while before it lands into a fans hands.

    It is not like there is a exclusivity law on the internet.
    Besides you might have seen it on the creeper or whatever but I havent!

  32. @flaptastic

    obv mardi gras beads, you must be crazy to hang out with in new orleans

  33. @lamerfan

    cool story, bro

  34. i love malteaser too

    out of morbid curiosity, I tried checking out Unfortunately no such site exists. There is however a randomcreepyguy.comm which features some pics of random creepy guys showing up in people’s pics.

  35. Ash...Housewares

    1) Wonder what upskirt fetish site that showed up on?

    2) I’d go with a “threesome” or
    Practical joke.

    3) Those would be the biggest set of beads I’ve ever seen. I thought more it might be a jar of lube in the upper left. Or, someone thought she was a real candidate for mother of the year (a fail btw).

    4) Commando or not, fishnets or lace, BJ or upskirt…who cares. All I can say is dear god why? And pass the mental bleach.

    5) Do you think maybe the guy’s hand just “turned evil?” Hey…Happened to me once.

  36. yourinevitabledemise

    Aside from the arbitrary nature of everything in pic 3, IF that’s her baby, young enough to sleep in a bassinet, she looks goooooooood. And can do whatever the fuck she wants, cause she’s a hot mama. I was pretty skinny before pregnancy, and she’s almost been out as long as she was in and I’m nowhere near lookin’ that fine. I won’t stop talking about this because it’s the only thing from any of these pictures that generated thoughts. The rest were “haha”, “huh?”, “ewwwwwwwww” and “huh?” again. Maybe the lady in purple didn’t get her dress sized correctly and that guy walked around with his hand on her boob all day to save her from an otherwise humiliating situation. Hmm. So many questions, too little adderall.


    The girl in #3 was obviously homeschooled.

  38. Hobo, I adore you for your comments here.

    Am I the only one who is MOST disgusted by #3? I mean, you can face-punch the up-skirt guy for that crap, but that insecure narcissist in #3 is now extending the cycle by a generation.

    My head explodes when I see those, “Hey look at ME, and how much I don’t care what you think about ME!” pictures, especially from people who have crapped out a kid way before they should have.

    Ugh, humanity exhausts me. Now get off my lawn!

  39. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Looks like dude in #2 is doing a little background check of his own, if you know what I mean.

  40. PraetorianXVIII

    best background check update thus far

  41. #1. I hope that’s not the woman’s pants lying on the grass in the top of the picture.

    #3. Ditto Miss Shegas’ observations and sentiments.

    #4. What is wrong with you people? I so would. That is a ripe arse if ever I saw one. Yes, I am a perv and I’m proud of it.

  42. ew

  43. Is no one else seriously not seeing the pink dildo in the top left of #3?

  44. Wow you’re retarded. Definitely not a dildo…….

  45. I don’t believe that is a dildo Blebby. Looks like a far away shot of a hat or mitten or any number of things. Probably baby related since its next to a bunch of baby gear.

  46. You ACTUALLY think #3 is the worst?

  47. oh God I saw someone like in #4, outside of a high school on my way to co-op. Now, this school is known for it’s misbehaving kids and such, so they added a uniform in a failed attempt to make the students behave better. The problem is that the students wear all these crazy outfits before school, and at lunch. I saw a girl who looked and was dressed just like the girl laying down in #4, except she was wearing a black tube top that would have been tight on a normal person.
    And then she went to sit down. It was like an elephant falling over.
    Please, ladies, when you’re getting dressed, think of us poor students on the bus who happen to look over and see something they didn’t need to…

  48. These are actually pretty good! #4 is BPs attempt to save the whales from the oil.

  49. ‘crapped out a kid?’… wow, what a nice description of childbirth and motherhood.

    anywho, fat wedding?

  50. It’s a nice day for a…fat wedding
    A nice day to…grab a boob!

  51. 1: is gross. I seriously hope the photographer called that guy out upon the inevitable ‘lemme see!’ after it was taken.

    2: hilarious! Neither guy nor the girl making out w/ the grabber is upset by this man-man ass grab – ha!

    3: This would be disturbing if there wasn’t a crib in the b/g… ew.

    4: You know she feels the breeze on those cheeks!!! She wants the world to see that lacy ass.

    5: I think the bride invited everyone she knew who outweighed her so she could still feel like the belle of the ball. The boob grab is just so out there! Maybe they’re fake and he’s givin’ ‘em a test to see how real they feel.

  52. There’s no boob grab in the last one, it’s the dress, are you blind?

    No 2 should not even be here, it’s the lamest of the lamest. Nothing bad happening there.

  53. fuck #3
    lamebook always puts pics up like that
    girls to young to have babies and showing how immature they really are
    its really not funny, just sad that all these wanna be gangsta girls who think theyre sooo cool r still reproducing
    i hate that shit

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