Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Background Checks!

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  1. Haha, so THAT’S where Mom hid those two pink Easter eggs…

  2. ok so I get all the others but what’s really wrong with the first one? I can see a little boy far into the background but what’s wrong with it?

  3. The first one, the kid is taking a header onto concrete. Not really lame or funny – as a parent my face went “:o” poor baby.

    p.s. lolol at the rest.

  4. Not sure what the problem is either. Break-dancing fail? Or perhaps it’s just bad that a child so young appears to be unattended?

  5. ok so the only thing in # 2 i can see is on the floor.. but its just a back massager.. i mean i get what it LOOKS like but you can get them anywhere.

  6. There is nothing to say for sure the child took a header onto the concrete though and chances are as he is only just in shot the parent with him is probably just out of shot. I can’t see any way how it’s really funny, it’s a photo taken in the street it’s not unusual that people are in the background.

  7. I agree with melissaphlegm, that little boy is falling and hitting his head on the sidewalk. Not funny, just sad. Poor little guy :(

    Second one, LOL as long as that thing isn’t for the dog! Ew ew ew….

    Third: ha ha

    Fourth: Neuter your pets people!

  8. The first one has to do with the Space Invader on her hand. Some day I’d like to meet her. “Ewww, your hand is all dirty. Oh wait, my mistake. You just make very silly life decisions.”

    @Throwingtofu: Loved the egg joke.

  9. Not neuturing a pet – every animal owners nightmare.

  10. The 2nd one is dumb… that is a back massager. There is no way that can be used for a vibrator. I used to sell them at The Sharper Image when I worked there and they are WAY WAY WAY too heavy and powerful to be used on a vag.

  11. So then the long part is the handle and the base massages?

    I went to a passion party a few weeks ago, you’d be surprised to see what women will use on their vag.

  12. Kids falling down = funny.

  13. Are those dogs pit bulls? What is it with pit owners and not neutering their pets? This is why 90% of the dogs at the local shelter are pits or pit mixes.

  14. I don’t get the 3rd one,I think I’ mmissing something obvious lol.

  15. Oh damn, just got it. Lol!

  16. Because they are the same pet owners that don’t train their pit bulls properly (and breed them indiscriminately) and just get them “cuz it’s cool” and then give responsible pit bull owners and their dogs a bad name.

  17. Honestly I think #1 looks like the kid is/was doing a head stand.

  18. Yes the long part is the handle. I went to a sextoy part recently, also… and I agree that some of the toys are just plain ridiculous… but those back massagers are literally so powerful that they just hurt my back. It would never go hear my crotch.

  19. We did, however, sell one called the Jimmmy Jane… and well… if you go to, you’ll see it’s definitely a vibrator.

  20. That is a Boxer, not a Pit Bull.

  21. I think the kids doing a headstand or attempting to breakdance too rather than falling, both his hands are on the ground with his head off the ground and one leg up, doesn’t look like he’s actually fallen and if he had it would be a funny angle to fall with his arms above his head rather than in front of his face aswell as the fact his head isnt on the ground so he muct have saved himself.

  22. The first doesn’t look like he’s falling at all. The better question is, why is someone taking a picture of a crying girl that’s texting?

    The third one? The fact that the guy in the front of the picture has his zipper down makes me forgive the guy that peed himself in the background (or spilled onto his lap, when he was trying to drink straight from a pitcher).

    The second? Just put a t-shirt or a thin pillow under the back massager and vibrovag away!

  23. Kid’s just breakdancing. Space Invader tattoo is pretty cool, imo. Fairly original.
    We see so many of these where someone wet their pants. Apparently bladder control is a real issue in this country.

  24. cobrakai- The first dog is a boxer, the second is a pitbull. Boxers are brachycephalic, which gives them the smooshed face, but pit bulls have a longer face.

  25. @11 Oh DO tell us Sharkbait!!

  26. And that girl in the American apparel ad has no tits..and anything else for that matter..

  27. Blastard: They use enormous things you wouldn’t even think you could fit in a cow. *shudder*

    Mcowles: Thanks for pointing out the zipper! lol

    How come I never see American Apparel ads like everyone else?

  28. Not to pick at particulars, but the girl is messing with a camera, not texting.

  29. The first one is clearly a kid doing attempting a hand stand. His hands are on the ground, head isn’t.

  30. the kid is doing a somersault. if he was taking a header, his hands wouldn’t be flat on the ground before impact. kids aren’t typically that coordinated.

  31. Both those dogs appear to have very contented looks on their faces.

    And I wouldn’t really put the last pic in the “background check” category. Just sayin’.

  32. Hilarious!

  33. Who knew dogs liked to switch it up? I did always find doggy style to be blase, to be honest.

  34. @Sensible Madness and Sharkbait(woohaha) well said.

    Also because this is an issue that’s really prominent where I live I got my boyfriend a shirt that reads~ I got my dog neutered because my ball are big enough for the both of us to wear on walks.

  35. *balls haha

  36. Krazy Eyez Killa

    What’s more embarassing, having a guy stood behind you who’s wet himself or a guy sat in front of you who saw a trilby and thought, ‘this will look great and make me more affable!’ I reckon his girlfriend is the girl from the pleated pant American Apparel banner.

  37. MsBuzzkillington

    The girl in the first one looks like she is crying. She is making a really funky face.

  38. agreed the kid isn’t falling at all, he has both hands on he floor and is kicking his legs up, my son does it all the time albeit I don’t let him do it in the street!

    the only thing wrong with the second one is some saddo has put the dog in a bed and covered it up, I hate people who treat dogs like humans!

    3rd one… WTF is wrong with that womans tongue, she is kind of freaking me out is she a half lizard half human or something?

    and last one is the dogs bollocks literally… other than that its just stupid

  39. Those are definitely pitbulls unless they are very poorly bred boxers.

  40. I laughed at the first one. Sorry.

  41. That’s a kid? I thought it was a dog taking a whiz. Wearing a t-shirt. I was confused! There’s water on the ground and I saw a leg up.

    I’m laughing so hard at those balls.

  42. Number 3: Not only does the guy in the background have soiled trousers, but I think the guy in the blue shirt’s fly is a bit undone…

  43. Lol. All of these are quite wonderful..

    -God’s investment in you was so great, he could never abandon you.

  44. For all those who seemed to be confused:

    #2 is a picture of a Boxer in a bed, and
    #4 is a picture of a pittie.

    If you can’t tell the difference between the two breeds, it’s really sad. I just hope you never get bitten by a Boxer, ’cause I’m 100% positive you would report it to the local news as a “Pit Bull attack” and do even more damage to the breed’s reputation.

    That being said, please spay and neuter your pets people!

  45. @38

    My dogs do that on their own. Yes, I allow them to sleep in my bed. They burrow under the covers and then orient themselves to where they can rest their heads on a pillow.

  46. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Um, is that a back massager? I thought it was a ball scooper/thrower thing?

  47. spay/neuter

  48. lol

  49. rebarbativebecc

    the 2nd to last pic i didnt even see the wet pants i just kept wondering what that woman to the left of them was doing looks like she’s sucking on a dogs face…

  50. Didn’t really read any comments, but added bonus to #2: The guy that’s sitting has his fly down.
    That’s actually what I thought was wrong with the picture.. lol

  51. ^I think you mean #3^

  52. Meh. . .

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