Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Baby Bitchin’

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  1. just lost my lunch.

  2. Did a hippie steal it?

  3. Placenta…taste’s like chicken

  4. hippi?!

    How do you find land?

    Not lame, just WTF!

  5. wow.

  6. Well, that paints MSU in a great light.

  7. OHMYGOD!!!! Beth is crazy. At least she’s going to school though.

  8. Isn’t that the definition of a redneck rather than a hippie?

  9. yummy placenta…yeah I eat it all the time to get high too

  10. Well that’s one way to mess up a kid. If they keep moving at that rate, she could go over 30 schools for elementary school! Imagine all the long lasting friends she could have…

  11. Just… strange. Like, did she really have to go into that much detail in a “wow, not spoken to you in years!” type convo?


  12. Eww, I thought it was just a myth that people eat that. That is so disgusting and wrong on so many levels.

  13. “ate my placenta”


  14. Somehow I think “Hide Beth” might be next….

  15. She ate it in salsa? WTF!

  16. LOL @ keepooh06

    I went Hippie for a couple of years myself and I have to say, it’s a whole new world of crazy.
    I’m sure eating your Placenta has some benefits, but really … REALLY!?!

  17. This is what’s known as sharing a little too much, especially when you haven’t seen someone in years. Hey, what’s you been up to since high school? Well, I shot a man just to watch him die, then I cut out his heart and ate it raw. With some salsa. Other than that, nothin’ special.

  18. Also, their goal is to “find land”? Are they at sea?

  19. Grand Rapids woo.

    I… have nothing else to say about this. Except get the fuck outta there, Shawn :|

  20. i bet shawn never responded.

  21. Holy Moly

  22. Is Shawn male or female? If male, that makes the whole thing that much more inappropriate.

  23. @jleebee men don’t get pregnant very often, so I’m leaning towards female.

  24. I was stumped as to what I should have for lunch, but Beth has convinced me that a Placenta Scramble will be just the thing!

  25. In all seriousness, I have always wanted to try placenta. The “raw”ness of it is just ridiculous though, as 99% of the recipes I’ve looked up have it being cooked.

    A lot of them are “stew” based, with many vegetables, cooked in a Crockpot for many hours.

    Another popular one has it cut up and cooked in a skillet and served as the meat for fajitas.

    Even vegans can eat it, since it’s “waste” from an animal, and not taken from one “unnaturally”.

  26. Oh, my. This makes me very weary of contacting old friends, I don’t want any of them to say anything like THAT to me.

  27. a spoon full of sugar helps the placenta go down is what my nanny used ta always say

  28. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @Amanda LOL!!

  29. I know lots of people who eat it. I’m not one of them, but I’m a tad on the crunchy side myself. So it doesn’t shock me or disgust me at all. Just not for me. However, why on earth would launch into something like that on facebook? They know it’s going to be shocking and gross to most people. It’s like she’s liveing her life strictly for the shock value. Don’t bother doing anything, unless you post it on facebook.

  30. Pretty sure living off the grid means no access to Facebook.

  31. @Amanda, good call. Should’ve looked for the context clues on that one. ;)

  32. TMIgeddon

  33. Yeah Beth… because that’s all we want to hear. You eating raw placenta. “Oh hey, long time no see, whatsup?” “Not much… I ate my placenta, it gets you high… it has to be eaten raw… with mushrooms” … really Beth…

  34. @GeezMom, I laughed when you said you don’t eat placenta and then you said you were a tad on the crunchy side.

    I’m sure you know what I pictured…

  35. I’m from Ithaca and this crazy chic totally fits in…good old Ithaca.

  36. Wow, that is really disturbing. I never heard of anybody eating placenta. With salsa at that.

  37. Placenta tartare, mexican style… Hmmm, well I’ll think about it.

    I love raw fish, and my steak very rare, but generally, I like my offal well done.

  38. haha! Find land…yep they have been sailing for months now. And the placenta supply is running low.

    I like mine with a nice Chianti.

  39. Its the fucking Beatles

    Poor Shawn. I bet the wish they’d never asked now.

  40. Is that, in any way, considered cannibalism?

  41. Well I was craving chips and salsa. Not quite so much any more. Maybe Lamebook is the new Nutrisystem!

  42. lol

  43. I find it seriously disturbing when Mothers eat their own placenta’s…like so much that I am pretty much not craving breakfast or Chips and salsa ever again.

  44. gross. people actually post pictures of their placentas on facebook… and placenta smoothies and placenta art. check out stfu parents. the pictures are perfect appetite suppressants!!

  45. Plasalsa, anyone?

  46. Beth is an idiot. You can’t get high from eating placenta…you have to grind it up and smoke it to get high. She should know that, from the sound of things she’s been smoking anything she can get her hands on for years now.

  47. No more huffing or meth in the heartland….it’s all about the placenta.

  48. CommentsAtLarge

    lol @ plasalsa – I will find a way to use that in conversation from now on.

    Rule of thumb for Beth: anytime your FB post is long enough to require an index (though not quite into needing chapters like some of these posts), you are wandering into the land of sharing too much.

  49. “Please don’t ever contact me again” I believe was Shawn’s reply.

  50. AnonymousBastard

    This is why I hate Ithaca

  51. There is no other city in America where you could pass that crazy rant off as “eh, it’s just Ithaca” and have it make total sense.

  52. tarynw, you haven’t visited Portland, Oregon, I take it? They got hippies by the herd.

  53. Miss Shegas, what part of Portland were you in? I’ve lived in Portland my entire life and I’m pretty sure if I heard someone say they wanted to eat their own placenta I’d think they were batshit crazy.

  54. I’ve lived in Portland my entire life, too. And I’m a nanny. And I’ve never heard of anyone eating their placenta. Where do the hippie hoards roam?

  55. Miss Shegas, my daughter is part-hippie in Portland. She & her friends practice things like “If it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down” but I guarantee they would NEVER eat a placenta. They are vegans.

  56. Holy fucking christ. TMI.

  57. I’m pretty you’re not gonna hang out with your old friend Shawn now

  58. Ewwww, and I thought eating your own snot was gross!

  59. Eating your own placenta and doing all kinds of weird shit with it is actually becoming super common.
    That website talks about all the “amazing” things it can do for you.

    I can’t even LOOK at a placenta, let alone imagine eating one…

  60. Meh. Can’t see what’s so bad about eating placenta. Except that it looks like a giant purple liver, and there ain’t no way I’s eating anything that looks like liver.

  61. My mom wanted to eat the placenta, but I beat her to it. They yanked me out of that womb, and I was just gnawing on that thing like it was beef jerky.

    She got even by circumcising me. With her teeth.

  62. How very rude of her, Soup

  63. I just remembered a walk through Target a few years ago when I stumbled upon placenta SHAMPOO. I have no intention of eating placenta that comes out of me and I certainly don’t want to rub someone else’s all over my head. Ew

  64. @mwnci tal

    I thought so too, but luckily I get off on the rough stuff. She tried to be the good mom and kiss it to make it better, so I blew in her eye.

  65. gotta go throw up brb.. yuck!

  66. Why the f is she living in ithaca and taking classes at LCC (which is a community college btw, they let anyone in. Usually that doesn’t mean anything bad, but in this case, I feel its apropos to bring up) that is like an hour-hour and half drive every freaking day. And LCC doesn’t have dorms either.

    Also, I actually was able to find her on facebook, and Shawn totally does not have her as a friend on facebook. HAHHAHAHA.

    PS it is crazy creepy how easy it was to find her based off her post. And her 10 previous cities she lived in, and her phone number, and their current address. Just hit google search and type in the name. 0_0 Its really, really creepy. Makes me want to delete facebook all together. Not that, that would probably help very much.

  67. also, MSU has a co-op all natural living area so I don’t know why they wouldn’t live there.

  68. Aries , the creepy part is you looking it up , just saying …

    You know that she is going Wicca Witch next and chanelling al that alternative energy towards you and your Sherlock Holmes google skills is what awaits you !

    Consider yourself warned

  69. There is a girl in my brothers class (he goes to LCC) named Elizabeth that is married to a Shane who drives like an hour and half every day to get to class. Obviously, I thought it might be them! Since, I though it might be someone I could actually run into, curiosity got the better of me. I must admit.

    I realized that I didn’t know the girl’s last name, so I used my schools (I go to MSU) people google (yes, msu has a google like search engine that gives you the names and permanent address, local address, majors and years of any student) and found his last name and realized that it wasn’t him, when the third student name I came across was this lovely duo’s Shane. I didn’t trust it though, and was surprised at how eerily effective MSU’s people search is, and so I gave it a try on google and then their whole life story jumped out at me. Go ahead and give it a try. Search our president’s name, or some coach or player. You will be surprised. :P Needless to say, I’m contacting my school and having them remove my information from their listing.

  70. So by saying that at LCC they let anybody in you are actually dissing your own brother :p

    Nice , and you are spot on BTW , privacy is a thing of the past. Stalking used to be a hard job , now it’s just freakin easy.

  71. god. too much information

  72. I am in no way insulting my brother! Community colleges are notorious for having a wide variety of people running the full scale of intelligence and life stories.

    It’s not an insult if you could have went elsewhere, and chose to go there to save money. Community Colleges let anyone in, and just place them in remedial classes and basically make them take high school level courses over again if they do not have the education and/or intelligence to get into a University. Many people who go there however, are perfectly capable of getting into other schools but choose to go to a community college to take their required courses that will have no real impact on their chosen majors. They do this because it is about much, much cheaper. My brother is saving about 15,000 dollars a year going there. I wouldn’t say that is stupid at all. But when you go to a school like that, you also end up sharing a campus with some pretty stupid people.

    Do they have something similar in your country?

  73. Soup, why does that not surprise me with you?

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