Thursday, October 1, 2009

At Least She Realizes?

At Least She Realizes

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  1. you have to wonder why she wanted people to know about it so bad.

  2. i was fine with this thinking she had been gang raped or something

    but that really was TMI at the end

  3. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    I’d rather her have been gang raped.

    Side note: Thank God she spelled ‘shitting’ right.

  4. If she had been gangraped,she must have been the 1/10.

  5. I like the cute smile at the end..

  6. Oh. I thought she had been gangraped too. Why the hell did she eat two fiber bars this morning! She knew what the consequences of that would be. She just wanted something to put as an exciting status I bet.

  7. “Fiber bars,” right.

  8. Oh my God!!! I’m by no means a prude but my God, have some couth. Why why why would anyone say that out loud?

    And I too would have been less offended had she admitted to a night of three-way passion then to say that. But she did warn us that it wasn’t a good hurt. I want to smack her and teach her how to act like a lady. Or at least a fancy prostitute.

  9. Lamebook makes me feel good about myself.

    Thank you, Lamebook, thank you.

  10. This has all the hallmarks of a promising career in hardcore pornography cut short.

  11. Even through the pixels, I can tell she has DS lips.

  12. @#13

    You are such a fucking retard

  13. Yeah, rape is hilarious…morons.

  14. here comes my breakfast

  15. btw, i don’t have breakfast at 8:20 at night. it’s 9:20 here. there are things called time zones. thankyou for listening.

  16. shit, i meant 9:20am. im such a dump ass

  17. Wow! It’s just after 9.20am here too! We must be in “The same time zone” (cue creepy music)

  18. Looks like a decent looking girl underneath those pixels.
    I really don’t know why, because I’ve never been into it, but the thought of watching her shit kind of arouses me. I’m nt trying to be a moron, I’m being serious.
    I could do without the yeasty tho.

  19. ummmmm… thats TMI ^

    but yeah, why would she want facebook to know this…?

  20. someones baking sour dough with chocolate chips apparently…

  21. Paula says “this is why ily”

    Does ily mean “I love you”?

    It it does, I think the sick freak here is Paula, loving someone BECAUSE they have a sore ass and vagina.

  22. Rob must’ve thought it was sad that Nikki had to share her ass and vagina problems over Facebook for the public to read. At least I think so…

  23. I assume Rob was the boyfriend and was sad because he realsed he wasn’t going to get anything from Column A or from Column B this evening.

  24. what the hell is TMI??

  25. Too Much Information

  26. Oh, God.

  27. lmaoooooo

  28. I didn’t want to believe this was true in a first moment.
    This is like walking straight to your friends in a pub yelling “hey guys, I have a sore ass and vagina!”

    Why noone noticed mr. Rob, saying this makes him sad too? You really don’t need to wonder why.

  29. is this bitch a freak why she airing her privates all out like that????so what if her pussy stinks like a dead foetus and her ass hole blocked with clogged shit keep it to your self no wonder some people never get married…

  30. It takes a strong woman to take a big shit like that.

  31. By the fuck, how did she get a yeast infection from eating fibre bars?

    P.S. naaaice @14/15/16 – lol!

  32. Haaaaaaahahaha @ “By the fuck”! It doesn’t seem to be catching on with my friends…they just think I’m weird as they haven’t read the post haha!

  33. What a repulsive attention-seeking whore. People like this think they come across as cool and laid back and a li’l bit freaky when they just seem foul. And of course, they always have one fuckwit friend who encourages them by going “that’s why I love yoooooooooou! Cause you’re so wild and keraaaaaazy, you just don’t care what anyone thinks of you, you wild child!”

    Paula, please don’t encourage her. She’s grotesque.

  34. …and how’s Erin??? ‘I work at a hospital so shit like this doesn’t affect me at all’?? Oh, you’re so cool and unflappable too, Erin. You are one cool chick! Don’t you get it? We all know people get sore, just don’t post it on Facebook so all your friends have to have a visual image of your yeasty lady-taco for the rest of the day…

  35. @Becky, #11
    ‘DS lips’?
    I’m best-guessing ‘Dirty Slapper’, but seek illumination.

    Incidentally, does anyone else think that ‘by the fuck’ has matured enough now to become an acronym?
    I’m looking forward to being able to use the shorthand of “BTF – TMI!” for posts like this one . . .

  36. holy h*ll….why?

  37. Ok, so I have to ask. What is the “by the fuck” post and where can I read it? I must have missed it…

    Any help would be much appreciated. =)

  38. DS lips stands for “dick sucking” lips. It’s a label given to women who have large and/or plump lips.

  39. I thought she just had a lot of sex the night before.

  40. OK, just nasty…

  41. @ 37 lsd – I can’t remember the title or details but it was a few weeks ago. You’ll have fun looking for it.

    @ 32 Gemma – I haven’t thought to use it outside Lamebook – silly me, how very insular of me! But I will give it a go and report back.

    About this post: ……… nope, I can’t come up with anything original, #39 and #40 pretty much said it all.

  42. @37 lsd –

    @38 Spanky – Ahhhh! Obvious, now it’s been point ed out! Cheers!

  43. @ FreddyG FTW

  44. @canuck you could totally live in Thailand though. ohh one location you can assume i don’t live in… *creepy music*

  45. I agree with #21. Paula has some serious issues. Yuck! I hate Paula!!!

  46. While we’re oversharing, fiber has the opposite effect on me.

  47. lol @”while we’re oversharing”

  48. Thanks for that Nikki.
    What everyone checking their FB truly wanted to know was how badly you’re shitting yourself right now, and that you have a yeast infection.
    By the by, do you still have a milk clot in your nipples? I couldn’t rest without knowing!

  49. I have a distant relation on my FB list who recently posted as her status update that some friend of hers was able to have a VBAC. I was like, that’s more than I’d want to know about someone I actually care about, much less someone I’ve never heard of until just now. And I thought that was bad. Until I came here and read this.

    People need to stop it with the oversharing.

  50. I agree with #21. Paula has some serious issues. Yuck! I hate Paula!!!

  51. Yeast infections suck. Poor girl.

  52. i read this while eating a fiber bar…

  53. I laughed so loud at the comment above.
    Brae your a legend.

  54. hahahaha i would watch out brae, charlie seems like the gay type

  55. C’mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon

    Why would she post something like that,and then explain?
    Why,oh why?

    So many lame people!

  56. Charlie is probably a loser 34 year old who lives in his mothers basement spending all his money on starwars collectibles.

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