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  1. See…. and that’s why I’m going to call my first-born child cnjkndfiusfkjowifjfksmvmnjfnoiei834fjeifsdkkdskffcfjiocj;aiaiefjoijfuhfygyufa.

    And if anybody here dares to call his ankle-biter that, I will force you to eat out Cassaundra while she’s given birth to Aspen.

  2. BTW. My response would have been:

    “Dear Cassaundra, we’re really sorry for mixing up the names. Obviously we will immediately cancel our plan to name our dog Aspen, because that would be very inappropriate. Instead, we will call our dog Cassaundraisafuckingpsychobitch.”

  3. I bet ya, when the hormones wears off.. shes gonna go…”Oh yeah you bastards! wtf name a town after my baby!”

    okay that was lame I know, I just cant think of anything appropriate to say….

    I am very used to people calling their dogs after me… it gives a me a reason to often pop in next door… “You called?”

    It however poses a problem when the neighbors starts gossiping “Hey, sandy says Suzy says that she heard duke screwed 2 bitches on the lawn on Saturday..>”

  4. Duke, that last sentence was appropriate. At least it made me laugh.

  5. @ confuzatron: I just did what you suggested. What a bunch of sad people. She’s one of those people that thinks everyone needs to know every freakin’ little detail about the cretin in her womb. Yuk.

    Also funny, she goes on and on and on about how she will not change her daughter’s name because of the whole dog incident. And then a few weeks later, she changes it.

    Anyway, I should be careful. She’ll probably soon find out about Lamebook, and then she’ll “get someone to whip my ass”.

  6. She’s actually managed to make it even worse by naming her daughter Aspyn. Then again, with a name like Cassaundra, what chance (heh!) did she have?

  7. Aspyn Rayann, oh wow. Somehow I’ve got the feeling that Kaylyn isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the box either though.

  8. haha @ 1 and 2.

  9. My dog is named John Smith but I think it’s an alias.

  10. So a little below this whole argument there is a picture of Cassie at presumably the concert she was excited about the night before. In the background of this picture was an advertisement for “Aspen Athletic Club.” A bit high and mighty about name-stealing, are we?

  11. One armed girl!

  12. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @cherylface – I’d had a quick looksee on your page before I saw your comment but had to go back and check again – props to your attention to detail!

    She’s quite pretty for a crazy girl.

  13. I’m going to name this dead rat Aspen and send it to Cassie.

  14. Wow…my grandparents had a dog named Aspen. I think it’s a great name for a dog, terrible name for a human.

  15. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    The more I read ‘Aspyn’ the more I pronounce it ‘Ass Pin’, and I’m having a lot of fun working out exactly what that is.

  16. She be all “Yeah, what? My baby daddy baby name be too good to use fo yo ankle bitn dawg?!” after the baby be born and shit. WERD LYFE!



  17. I used to have a dog named Cassie. How dare that woman steal my dog’s name!

  18. Does NO ONE use the “remove friend” option? Not doing so after Cassie’s very first comment was an invitation for more drama.

  19. Who the hell names a child Aspen? Can we please make a move for a removing people from the gene pool? Sterilization, firing squad, whatever we have to do! It is time for change! We must stop this shit at once!

  20. “For a removing”? SHIT, now I have to be sterilized, too. Damn my shitty grammar.

  21. I am ashamed that she’s representing Iowa. Yes we might all be toothless inbreds, but we’re not this bad.

    Also, she’s employed by Principal Financial Group? What does she do, clean the toilets?

  22. I think it is funny this girl is in high school. Seriously?

  23. I know just how Cassie feels. Everyone is always stealing my kids’ names for their dogs and it gets really annoying. Poor little Fido and Spot get so confused when they walk down the street and hear people calling their names.

  24. BWAHAHAH @ sensible madness

  25. LoL This is awsome!

    Btw I actually wanted to delete a friend the other day and took me over 15 minutes to find out lol

  26. Aspyn is a stupid name for a kid.

  27. I really hope whoever stuck it in Cassaundra sees that and gets the hell out.

  28. Durex condoms…for the love of god people STOP having children if you’re dumb!

  29. it is super creepy when you guys look the people up

  30. Fun fact: Lamebook deleted my comment about it being not cool to post people’s full names and blurred out Cassaundra’s last name in Kaylyn’s final post. Right. How does that work?

  31. You guys found her? How do you do that?Dammit I miss all the fun!

  32. @lissydoll

    They originally forgot to blur out her name in the post that Kaylyn made.

  33. Enjoy people. These people are pushing out babies that will lead the future generation. They will always be taking care of us.

  34. @sidneybunny. We have to have something to do with our day. I mean seriously my boss wants me to work HA!

  35. I hope cass-whatever has a miscarriage. She can’t be allowed to reproduce. If that sounds mean, you are right.

  36. I mean, she started “to be nasty to me first.”

  37. @dick rider
    I know I completely understand…Bosses they are so dumb! But I try to limit my cyber stalking to my ex-boyfriend. :)

  38. These are the kind of women who make guys turn gay. And own cats.

  39. So… American Eskimos are not “snow dogs”. Mine is 20 lbs. WTF is she going to pull in the snow? They’re a companion breed. They were used in circuses for a long time. They’re similar to Pomeranians only bigger (unless it’s a toy). Just because they’re white and spitz doesn’t make them any kind of “snow dog”.

  40. @raves (#31)- I found out thanks to information posted by poster n#8 areyouawizard … no idea FB had had another accident! Or are they not blurring names on purpose? Is it really that hard???

  41. Gotta laugh though, in the album ‘maternity pictures’, it´s (almost) impossible to tell if she posseses 2 arms.

    Just saying.

  42. That poor little girl is gonna be made fun of so bad when she starts school. Aspen really?!

  43. Whoa, what a bunch of crazies!

  44. txikiwi, it’s happening again. :|

  45. Just one arm? That sounds amazingg.

  46. IT just makes me think of the South Park episode ASSPEN

  47. Or maybe being a retart is prerequisite for having one arm? Or vice versa?

  48. retard*

  49. RImau are you new? Probably.

  50. *Ra-Tard

  51. Dear Cassaundra, I have three spots on the left cheek of my arse. I am naming them Aspen, Raeann, and Lloyd. I also have a dog who has a spot near his rectal area. I am naming that Cassaundra. And the hairs growing out of Cassaundra, I am naming Brandon. Thank you for your suggestions.

  52. wow…. I dunno what to say about that one… other than I think that name is horrible all together. Aspen is a restaurant in my town. I’m really gonna go name my daughter that.

    hence why I wont tell anyone what I’m naming my kids till I have them. possibly.

    and I have no clue where I was going with this, btw. hence why its so poorly thought out. :]

  53. btw I think “areyouawizard” is an immature little git.

  54. wait sorry. misread that. *feels embarrassed* … sorry bout that.. shoudla read more before I said that.

  55. My friend who lived in Northern Alberta named HIS dog Aspen over 5 years ago….Cassauuuuundra (srsly, why the “u”?) stole it from him *gasp*!

  56. Cassaundra is going to name her kid whore after herself..

  57. Wow…….

  58. Aspen. Isn’t that where the beer flows like wine and the women flock like the Salmon of Capistrano?

  59. I’m going to follow this new trend of naming kids and pets after winter resorts, and bless my little rascal with the melodic Crested Butte

  60. Hi guys; this is actually kaylyn. Thanks for all the support…well from most of you anyways lol…I have no idea who posted my status but I find it hilarious that it made it to lamebook…definitely was an epic and entertaining night. Also, slightlyawkward…I am 21 freakin years old…I’m not old haha…and will you please remove your comment that states my full name? Little creeper-ish.

  61. aspenisadumbnameforahuman

    naming a human aspen is like naming a human mercedes or porche or paris or apple…… take your pick, they are all equally fucking retarded kinda like the dumb cunt who is growing that baby inside her. retards giving birth should be a crime

  62. Lmaooooo! Lovin the username

  63. aspenisadumbnameforahuman

    told you i win woman. sleep!

  64. Kyle you turd!

  65. aspenisadumbnameforahuman


  66. Well, that was entertaining. I unfortunately know a few people like this irl. -_-

    Has anyone sent “Cassaundra” the link to this yet? :D

  67. Wow, it took me a long time to figure out that Kaylyn was naming a dog and not her own newborn daughter. I am clearly out of it.

  68. We can’t personally remove our comments Kaylyn – but poster n#8 got your full name up here way before slightly awkward.

    Cassaundra must have changed her privacy settings as her wall isn´t open anymore! So someone must have alerted her to this wonderfull Asspen post.

    On a side note – in the end the baby´s name to Aspyn, not Aspen – was that paying homage to your name Kaylyn? Will you go off on her for stealing it? Hehehe.

  69. Kyle (#65) you turd! Mercedes is first and foremost a human name.

  70. My name’s Sam; plenty dogs named after me, including that Chinese Crested that won the ugliest dog of the year award.

  71. Txikiwi- that #8 is actually the infamous cassauuundra herself…stupid bitch. But yea my name originally hadn’t gotten blurred out and I’m receiving a ton of feedback on facebook which feels nice knowing that ppl are on my side haha but didn’t really want everyone to have access to my full name and have facebook creeps. Anywho, I love your last comment-paying homage to my unusually spelled name :) I’m for sure suing her ass for this one…takin my damn y. Whore. ;)

  72. But kaylyn, did you send her the link?

  73. What link hun?

  74. who let that fucking monkey out of her cage. She should do us all a favour and jump off a tall building

  75. Ps I’m not sure if you guys can see all the comments but this arguement went on for a good 103 comments or so, lol

  76. @kj1210: I kinda wish you can screencap that and post it on photobucket or tweetpic or something :3 *crossing fingers*

  77. Damn it! What did we miss?

  78. I have a rat named Aspen. He was named after a tree.

  79. Lol the only thing I can think of is facebook since its posted in a note

  80. you should NOT call your daughter Aspen !!!!!

  81. This is why god invented abortions.

  82. .. and “ignore” buttons

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