Thursday, August 6, 2009

Apology Unaccepted.


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  1. Dr. Pepper?

  2. Of course the proud mom jumps in at the end and doesn’t sympathize… I have nothing at all against mothers, but if you absolutely must comment on this status (why would you?!), then… don’t make it all about your poor kid?

  3. Bri Bri Bee Rat

    CAPITALIZATION SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Perhaps Kayla should take her kid to the doctor instead of messing around on Facebook after three days of non-stop screaming?

  5. Kayla deserves to burn in the “look at me, look at me!” fires of STFU Parents.

  6. my main concern is that someone felt compelled to go on a social networking site to discuss their bowel movements (or lack of) as if they are the first person to discover the unpleasantness of such a situation. we know, okay.

  7. @Sadie Dr.Pepper was originally [I don't know if it still is] carbonated prune juice.

  8. I love how Bri Bri can’t spell HORRIBLE.
    was the capitalization too much for you?
    and btw, Kayla is a complete idiot.

  9. Bri Bri Bee Rat

    I love how Stella can’t comprehend prick humor.


  11. Ahh- thank you, Mj. I did not know that- and now I do. I’ve learned so much here… ; )

  12. I have been trying for years to nail down exactly what flavour Dr Pepper is. Somehow, “prune” seems unsatisfactory.

  13. I forgot that this was about constipation and read Kayla’s comment as being about diarrhea. I was shocked that her daughter had been “screaming non stop for 3 days”.

  14. prick humour, wtf is that?

  15. @Boz I can relate. But I also don’t feel like the concept they tried to market of it being flavored ov cupcakes and other sweets works either. Dr.Pepper will never tell us, those bastards.

  16. of*

  17. *just barfed because of this overshare*

  18. “Horriable” HAHA!

  19. At least Stacey didn’t do this:

  20. “@Sadie Dr.Pepper was originally [I don't know if it still is] carbonated prune juice.”

    Dr. Pepper does not, nor has it ever, contained prune juice.

    You dopes will believe anything.

  21. Hey at least he apologised for grossing everyone out. Unfortunately, because most people aren’t mouth-breathing window-lickers who can only read one word at a time, no-one had time to stop reading.

  22. @ Katie and Michelle-lol! I’m a mother too and can’t stand that shit.These are the women who think they invented motherhood,those that “don’t have time to take a shower anymore” and so forth.

  23. You lose your soul when you become a parent, how?

    “How was your day”
    “Oh, well, today Timmy said/did/shat/peed/ate/climbed/etc such and such”.

    Stupid Kayla, you dumb bitch.

  24. Perhaps if you shake up Dr. Pepper violently, and then insert it as an enema, it provides a magical constipation relief. Or some sort of horrible explosion.


  26. I have to say…Mao needs to step into this debate….

  27. @ Stella #14: “prick humour, wtf is that?”

    It is as follows: Bri Bri Bee Rat @ #3 was obvs. riffing on Kayla’s “horriable” spelling in the FB post. Which you obvs. didn’t read before jumping straight into the comments. As Michael Chang in that poster hanging in my grade-school library would say: READ!

  28. Stella is a penischeese

  29. Haha- thank you, Sparky- great link.

  30. @sarcasticmeow I did read it before I read the comments, thanks. I just missed that.
    @rubylu, that comment was unnecessary, please refrain from being a bitch & stfu. Thanks! :)

  31. Its kind of ra-tarded how many fake entries are being shown on facebook now, how can ye not see that. There’s loads of outrageously stupid entries posted ‘an hour ago’ this one encompassing TMI and annoying embarrassing mothers. Lamebook has now become LAME FAKEBOOK


  33. How long ago would an entry have to be posted for you to consider that they might be real?

  34. Good God. Not everything needs to be ‘facebooked’.

  35. Dear Stacey,
    PLEASE – go get yourself some Milk of Magnesia and kindly shut the fuck up about your bowel movements. Nobody gives a shit [no pun intended].

  36. @Stella-you brought that one on yourself by your initial post. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it! Dumb bitch.

  37. @Everyone: Please kindly lay off Stella, she admitted her oversight. Can we please concentrate on mocking the actual constipated post? Thx in advance.

  38. @sarcasticmeow, I don’t feel comfortable laying off Stella after reading her get upset about being called a “penischeese”.

  39. Candy Blackmail

    Kayla puts it all in perspective so succinctly.

  40. Unmerited elevation of opinion + anonymous + internet = fighting about nothing on the comments thread of a lamebook entry.

  41. @Prune: this is NOT fake. I should know as I submitted it. :) And this was only one of the many statuses I could have submitted from this girl. She is ridiculous. Everything she posts is Lamebook worthy. I keep her friended to see what she will come up with next.

  42. I’m with Katie (comment #5) — this needs to go on STFU Parents NOW. (i.e. the only comment I went “*stabby stabby stabby*” at was Kayla’s.)

  43. I think this is an excellent time to link to the Smug Pregnant song.

  44. (I mean, yes, she’s not pregnant. But, you know, she was not long ago. And I bet she was lovely & smug then, too)

  45. STFU? Someone please educate me! :-)

  46. Normal (*rare!*)

    It is “Shut The Fuck Up” but I don’t know o the stfuparents site that is constantly referred to.

    @NeNe, TrainReq – I actually burst out laughing and woke my bf up :p

  47. dr. pepper works? who has the proof to back that shit up?

  48. At least she didn’t misrepresent by saying that constipation BLOWS…

    btw – a still-constipated person would have proof to back that shit up.

  49. I love that Kayla the mom is actually competitive…

    “no matter how bad yours is i bet my daughters tops it”

  50. The best cure for me when I have a stubborn one is a morning full of coffee and cigarettes.

  51. i don’t understand people who let shit pile up in their bowels and rip their anus rings apart, keep a diary in your head if you haven’t taken one for more than 1,5 days it’s time for an enema.

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