Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Hard Time

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  1. Oh come on. Why have your students on Facebook? I mean, how old are these kids? Brandon can hardly form sentences vand Dustin’s just a fucking idiot.

    I’d feel sorry for this teacher, but honestly… adding your students on Facebook? Stupid, stupid move.

  2. Ben/Gabe/Whatever.

  3. I’m with Hobo. If you’re a teacher, you’re a fool for adding students to your Facebook page. #1, you open yourself up for incidents like this. #2, you also leave yourself open for all sorts of other trouble.

    While we’re talking about dumb moves, though, I think I would be remiss if I don’t point out that Dustin, Julie, Brandon and David are probably making a really bad move by making fun of the guy’s erectile difficulties TO HIS FACE. Or, Facebook, anyway. Hope you enjoy the pop quizzes for the rest of the year. And you can probably kiss the college recommendation letter goodbye as well.

  4. It seems to me that, as a teacher, adding your students to Facebook would be a good way to keep an eye on cheating – ie: to watch for student stupid enough to admit it on FB. Probably also a good way to organize school events. It does have it’s obvious drawbacks, of course, and lamebook is a magnet for such situations.

    Besides, I’m sure this guy would be equally pissed at Susan no matter who was in his friends list. It’d still be embarrassing if all his friends were adults.

    If you ask me, the only person he shouldn’t have added was a FB newbie like Susan.

  5. This seems terribly fake to me.

  6. I’m a teacher, and I’d never let my students within 1,000 miles of my Facebook profile. I’m guessing that Susan doesn’t understand that a wall post is visible to all one’s friends – it took me a few weeks to figure this out too, although fortunately I kept my inquiries about friends’ sex lives to private messages.

  7. Poor guy…
    I see how these guys being his students makes it even worse, but it would be horrible either way. Someone should take away Susan’s computer privileges.
    I can’t believe that anyone still is confused as to what is private and public messages. It’s pretty selfexplanatory.

  8. Ahhh MAN! I am guessing that the teacher is a little up there in age and probably doesn’t even check his FB very often. This is probably one of the funniest pots on here lately. Poor Gerald!

  9. I love how they blur out Susan’s profile picture

  10. @Lydia: Exactly my thoughts, how do you not get that you are blasting someone’s very private information all over the web for little turds like this guys students to see . . . Argh. Maybe we will be able find Susan on MyDeathSpace soon under Disappeared. hahaha

  11. @Bulldog: Aye. And if they carry the mocking on in class, they’re fucked. At least, I hope so. There’s a joke in there somewhere but I’m too lazy, and besides, it seems more like Soup’s area.

    @Steve-O: See, that seems fairly unethical to me :/ Did you see that story about the school that gave everybody in a class a laptop for free to work on, and it turned out they had set up the webcams so they could see everything the students were doing, including sexual activities (giggle) and then the next day they would speak to the students in private to tell them they weren’t happy with their behaviour? I dunno, your idea seems like one step away from that…

    I do feel bad for the guy because his students seem like douchebags. But still… he really shouldn’t have added them.

  12. Gotta agree with Bulldog on this one… VERY funny circumstance, but that is totally a way to destroy any chance at passing that class lol

  13. Gotta feel sorry for Mike too as she has also landed him in it!

  14. Maybe it’s one of those hippy Rudolf Steiner schools where it’s ok to discuss these things with your teacher.

  15. Btw I loved Davids comment

  16. I have quite a few of my teachers on my facebook, although high school was 10 years ago for me and they have all almost retired. Being friends while being in school? I can see how it could provide more ways to interact and connect with students and organize school events, but the risk of even one mis-type or err, even a rumor, and there goes your reputation.

  17. fake fake fake.

  18. I ignore all fb requests from students. I would only want ALL MY OTHER FRIENDS to know I can’t get it up.

  19. man, sucks for that guy, it’s too late for me, but you should never add family and work people on fb

  20. krasivaya_devushka

    Why is Susan asking him about Viagra?
    Shouldn’t Mike be doing that?

  21. Here’s a tip. FB profile for your friends. FB profile for students, coworkers, family, etc.

    Susan, Susan, Susan… What to do with you? Ahhh, I know, take away your Internet privileges, and then blow Mr. Floppy in forgiveness.
    Oh wait! I just remembered your already having problems giving Mike an erection, your BJ’s suck!

  22. Oh come on. Do you really think this teacher wants ANYONE he hasn’t told himself to know about this? See heisenberg’s sarcastic comment above. Having current students as facebook friends is stupid in many ways, but that’s not the problem here.

    In fact, if I was Gerald, I’d rather have my students see a post like that than my adult friends and acquaintances. Students will be immature and obnoxious about it because students tend to be immature and obnoxious. Adults will be judgmental, only they won’t be obnoxious about it They’ll claim they don’t care when really they’ve changed their entire perspective on you based on your personal life, and you’ll see irritating changes in their interaction with you because of it.

  23. I think this is fake.

  24. Oh, I almost forgot…


  25. this is so fake-ish that it is probably not.

  26. I’m pretty sure Susan has the default facebook profile picture, so why did they bother blurring it?

  27. Ben?

  28. wow.. =/ to me… ANY person would be stupid for posting stuff about that on a wall, but that’s just me. I have a few of my teachers added on FB and the few times we talk it’s about random stuff as if they weren’t my teachers.

  29. Jerry?

  30. Elaine?

  31. AFAIK there are some pretty strict laws (at least in the UK) about teachers and students ‘friending’ on facebook or bebo or any such sites. Even ex-college students friending their lecturers is a bit of a no-no so I say this is fake.

  32. No, David, that’s not “terribly ironic”.

    It’s merely a coincidence.

    Learn the difference.

  33. Who cares if it is fake or not, this is strictly for entertainment purposes. The fact remains, that stuff this stupid DOES happen in real life. Maybe not this particular example, but it doesn’t matter.
    On another note, Italy got knocked out of the world cup. The game was amazing up to the very end.

  34. I have a teacher who has all of us added on facebook so she can keep us up to date. HOWEVER, she was smart and made a “professer” facebook (for her students to add) and then a personal one, which she would not add anyone.

  35. krasivaya_devushka

    @nuff, that is awesome! :D

  36. this is why old people should not be on facebook

  37. 1. OMG! Susan totally ruined Mike’s life.
    2. Just wondering. how did she know Mike had problems waking his little monster? mmhh…

  38. *Gerald

  39. Even is this is fake, it’s awesome.

  40. My old highschool English teacher who once accused me of plagarism tried to friend me- why don’t some people know their social limits?!

    ^^true story by the way, not being sarcastic

  41. pretty hilarious and I think its real. I’ve added too many new people and seen some of the comments they’ve left to know this can easily happen.

  42. That’s what people get for adding or accepting their students’ friend requests. My husband is a prof and will never get an account for that reason (and many others). One of his student-boinking colleagues, however, seems to feel otherwise.

    I did that, too, when I first joined. I wrote on a friend’s wall, not realising it’s public, and said a certain guy seemed to be flirting with her, and that guy’s fiance was also on her friend list. Oops.

  43. Not accusing this of being faked, but one thing that always gets me is the “how do I delete this!”
    Um, click delete…

  44. pterryndactyl.. just so you know, facebook has made it a lot more difficult to remove wall posts. for instance, if you’re looking at wall-to-wall you can’t just delete it. so before you open your big ass mouth, realize who is using facebook and that it isn’t someone who is as infatuated with facebook and knowing everything about it like you – who obviously has no life.

  45. Uh tayrm, it took me and most people I know about 30 seconds to figure out that you have to go directly to the wall to delete a post. It’s not rocket science.

    Try not to confuse being smart with having no life, k?

  46. Wow, tayrm, overreact much?

  47. tayrm that comment wasn’t even directed at you and you took it so hard. wow.

  48. Pterryndactyl has a point, Susan was smart enough to figure out how to comment on a wall post, but not to delete her original post by clicking ‘remove’ above the comments section.

  49. I’m a teacher and I only friend my students AFTER they have graduated. Not only that, but they can’t see any photos or videos of me. They also can’t see any posts on my wall from other people and I block them from certain status updates.

  50. Does anyone else think that Gerald should just write “erm, what you talking about? I have no erectile deficiency. Sorry I can’t help.”

  51. I don’t think it’s that much of a stretch for Susan to be confused about how to delete. She’s probably an older woman who isn’t very computer/internet savvy. I had to teach my mother how to delete things on Facebook after she posted something private on my wall and couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it. It might seem simple, but some people are just clueless, especially if they don’t spend a lot of time online.

  52. hahahh.. well that’s better than when I dated a teacher’s son (i didn’t know they were related at first) and a month in, he said his dad gave him sex advice!! i was only 14!

    i don’t blame susan though.. fb is so not noob friendly. you have to hover over the message to get the remove button to appear. it should just be in blue lettering after comment/like.. duh.

  53. hohoho, i guess this is why our teachers aren’t aloud to add kids until after they graduate.

  54. I’m fairly certain that ‘Susan’ is a fake profile created to embarrass this teacher by implying that he suffers from E.D.

  55. rebarbativebecc

    Idk, Rigley, that’s pretty much how my mum speaks on Facebook and I juust stopped her before posting something personal on a wallpost yesterday because she thinks no on else can read them…She’s like ‘how do i send the comments?’ comment?

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