Friday, January 15, 2010

Angels, Demons and Animations


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  1. lame…people have to much time on their hands…kind of like me :)

  2. what is this i don’t even

  3. Thats weird, because my wife met him 2 months ago and has pictures to prove it.

  4. unsurprisingly enough, this isn’t the craziest thing I’ve seen on Facebook – not by a long shot

  5. 5 stars for creativity

  6. I think I laughed harder at sheerterror99 .. lol.. WTF? You know this guy is obviously joking right… ..

  7. Every perpetrated?

  8. tl;dr

  9. Tldr, someone care to tell me what it is?

  10. he said:
    The Tom Hanks is a Lie

  11. tldr = too long didn’t read

  12. I kind of expected to come across the lyrics of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. At least that would have given an excuse for that lame story. But…no.

  13. ‘TL;RR’.
    Too lame, regretted reading.

    I think that fits better.

  14. Anyone who says You’ve Got Mail is part of the golden years of anyone’s career clearly has no idea what they’re talking about.

    Tom Hanks’ best decade was the 1980s, not the 1990s. And even if you buy the absurd premise that Hanks peaked in the 1990s, how could you include You’ve Got Mail but leave out Joe Versus the Volcano (1990)? Or better yet, Philadelphia (1993)? I’m guessing whoever posted this probably isn’t aware there were any movies made before 1994.

    Bad idea, poorly executed.

  15. Wat?

  16. I don’t care whether Tom Hanks is alive or not, what I’m really curious about is who the hell spends that much time to express their feelings about Tom Hanks career?

  17. ThinkingInPictures

    Hahahaha somebody thinks Tom Hanks is still relevant to pop culture! ;)

    Actually, agreed with Sensible Madness. If you’re going to attempt to be clever, it’s usually a good idea to know what you’re talking about first.

  18. This is just… uhm… not lame. Not funny. Just… pointless. There’s no reason for it… to exist. At all. It’s not offensive, or mean or anything. It doesn’t annoy me, or irritate me. Just… meh.

    And on a vaguely related note, can’t wait for Toy Story 3. Despite you Americans getting it like, a month before Britain.

  19. There’s a Toy Story 3 coming out??

    At least i gained something beneficial from reading this weak-ass post!

  20. Conspiracy theorists are entertaining. Next thing you know, they’ll be saying that Michael Jackson was originally a mermaid, and he “died” so he could go back to living in his underwater palace.

  21. @ Iron: HA! mermaid = Splash = Tom Hanks!

  22. Would you really put all this effort into a poor one shot gag about Tom Hanks’s recent choices of film roles?

  23. Okay children I am only going to say this once so listen up, this is a satire, the main basis of this man’s joke is that Tom Hanks use to be an excellent actor but now his movie suck and the reasoning is that he died in the 9/11 attack and movie producers have been digitally recreating him to plug his name in terrible movies to make money.

    Also I agree with Sensible Madness, this junior writer here missed his KEY era and named some.. pretty awful titles IMO.


  24. ~~heart and soullllll i fell in love with yoooooou~~ where’s a giant keyboard when you need one?

  25. oooh I don’t think so misanthropic4u. “satire?” That’s too strong a word. This is “shit”. Reading that made me sore. And not a “I pumped some hardcore iron” sore…more like “i just got fucked in the wrong orifice” kind of sore

  26. Classiical is giving 5 stars for creativity? If you’re going to invent a story at least have a shred of writing ability. This guy obviously has an extra chromosome.

    He called You’ve Got Mail a ‘temporary period piece.’ Obviously he doesn’t know what a period piece is, and I’m not sure what temporary means.

    As for satire? FAIL

    Bad writing makes me angry.

  27. posty mcposterson

    lol @ 25 lamebookpro!

  28. @Dee-Lite – you’re right. i take back my five stars. ha.

  29. you’ve got mail is a period piece???? I sincerely hope all this effort was an attempt at humor (albeit a poor attempt…cuz I just don’t get it). I refuse to believe that someone actually believes this to be true.

  30. This post is funny.

  31. @ 29

    Really… you didnt find this in the least bit amusing? Anyone ever heard of absurdism? The art of taking a joke so far past what you expect to the point that it is funny again? Gah really? I found this exceptional…

    Read some Fucking David Cross and learn to laugh a little

  32. Oh wow… too ridiculous

  33. There is no reason why all of this can not be factually correct. In fact this is not the first time it’s happened. It’s not such a secret anymore that Clark Gable drowned with the Titanic and was replaced by a cardboard cutout for the rest of his career. We need to be aware of all the smoke & mirrors stuff, people.

  34. Compared to most of the ‘funny’ shite that people scrawl on fakebook and on here, the kid’s not done too bad imo. At least it was vaguely entertaining for 2 minutes.

  35. ThinkingInPictures

    Sorry hun, Jonathan Swift or The Onion = satire… this = idiotic.

    I know what he was TRYING to do. Doesn’t make it any more funny.

  36. What the fuck is a “temporary” period piece? Like, it was period piece for a couple of minutes but then became a classic?

  37. I didn’t think it was funny in the slightest…. it was shite.

  38. I chuckled at Tory Story 2, the animated film.

  39. @ 31

    Read some “How to win friends and influence people”

    This was not funny. David Cross called and said to tell you to stop fucking comparing him to this douchebag.

  40. really really should of ended with Fresh Prince theme song.

  41. Why is this douche bag allowed access to a computer, better question, why is he under the impression that any1 gives a fuck..

  42. Alright, I don’t know what is lamer, the fact that this made it to LB, or the fact that so many on here (and I applaud you lamebooksters nonetheless, intelligence levels are 10X’s that of FB) didn’t pick up on the fact that this is sarcasm. Satire. Not serious.

    I do want a t-shirt now that says “The Tom Hanks is a Lie”

  43. @ guttersnob, I don’t think anyone here believes this to be serious, everyone understands it’s a J.O.K.E… possibly apart from sheerterror99 and liketotallycool, however it’s a bit strong to use “so many” in relation to two people.

  44. agreed with @guttersnob… I mean, really, isn’t it taking it a bit far to label him “a fucking douchebag” for a shitty attempt at a satire? The execution was poor, but there is a sort of humor in the idea of Tom Cruise being a lie…

  45. Tom Hanks, sorry.

  46. I reckon you were right first time round KMB

  47. the little talk between KMB and awful (in comment 44 to 46) is definitely one of the funniest things ever, Laurel and Hardy skits excluded. it would be worth a lamebook post 4 sure

  48. @KMB Actually, Tom Cruise IS a lie.

  49. PEOPLE! This is OBVIOUSLY a joke! It seems like something that was written for a creative writing class or something. It is too well written to be a serious rant by some lunatic so chill.

  50. TL;DR

  51. coke.

  52. It’s clear that some visionary soon needs to create a website titled: The Lamest of Lamebook.

  53. I laughed at the idea of Tory Story 2, then i realised it already sorta exists, cause David Cameron now does podcasts from his home, and it’s really quite dull…

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