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And the Winner Is …




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  1. Even Lamebook has a reaction, natch .. :lol:

  2. Have to say that Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize is more lame than these comments.

  3. It’s not Micheal’s fault he was failed by the public school system. Blame those damn people in SoCal.

  4. If Obama found the cure for cancer, conservatives would be denouncing him for destroying free enterprise because cancer centers would have to close.

  5. Someone forgot to blur out Rachel’s last name….

    Shouldnt the US be happy our president got such a great award… instead of tearing each other apart about it?

  6. Also, I want another Double Whopper with Cheese.

  7. I guess there are a lot of people who don’t mind looking like racist, retarded little douchbags on their Facebook profiles.

  8. @ #7:
    Just because people do not agree with Obama winning a Nobel Peace Prize does not make them racist.

    Except for Kathleen.

  9. rbc – and Pascal. I find it funny that people are so mad about an award they probably gave two shits about in years past.

  10. Seriously! Less than half of conservatives believe that global warming actually exists, yet there wasn’t this negative public outcry when Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize along with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change back in 2007. So what IS the problem with our current president winning it for his efforts in bringing people of this world together despite their differences? I don’t think anyone can claim that conflicts between Israel and Pakistan, or Cuba and the United States, etc. don’t exist…

  11. norm- the reason no one acted like they gave two shits about it before because the people who were receiving it actually did make a difference and the world deserved it. saying you will make a change doesn’t mean shit.

  12. wow, was because* and in the world* my bad

  13. southern california ist?

  14. littlefoot. Name the last 10 people who one the award without googling it.

    BTW – Yasser Arafat won it and so did Henry freaking Kissinger. Did they deserve it?

    And I’m actually one who believes Obama didn’t deserve it. But let’s be honest. If it was a president who’s policies you agreed with had won it, you wouldn’t be nearly as outraged. In fact, you’d probably be scrambling for any and all justification for them winning. This “outrage” is completely political and political alone. It is what it is. Bush got similar treatment from the left the past 8 years. But just call it what it is and stop pretending you really care about the sanctity of the award all of sudden.

  15. wow, he missed one “i”. it’s not that he couldn’t spell socialist, he just made a small typo. everybody has done it. that being said, Obama did not deserve this award. he was only in office 12 days when the nomination deadline ended. the reasoning for his winning is that he gave many speeches about his hopes for peace. can anybody tell me something he actually DID in the few months after the election to warrant a nobel peace prize? i have to agree with 2/lucy, Obama winning the prize is the only lame thing about these comments.

  16. it wasn’t a typo. he can’t spell.

  17. norm- actually, i do care. having been involved with psychology and physics for the last several years i know that there are people that were more deserving than him. he doesn’t deserve that honor. whether people are upset for political reasons or not, he doesn’t deserve it. what has he done to have won? nothing. absolutely nothing. in fact, he’s made the country worse. norm, you shouldn’t judge people saying that they do or do not care about an award specifically because of someone who got it when you have no idea who they are or what their beliefs are behind it. i would have much rather seen someone who was actually trying to benefit people other than himself receive it. i’m sorry, meeting all your favorite sports teams and playing with light sabers and filling out ncaa brackets doesn’t earn any respect in my book and never will. once i actually see him doing something that will y be a service to everyone instead of a service to himself and his family, maybe then i will let it go. but until then, no.

  18. Obama did nothing. There are people who have done a Hell of a lot more than Obama. But let’s feed into the popular thing and give it to him bc it’s cool.

  19. Thank you, Carmen.

  20. Henry Kissinger must be so disappointed that his Nobel Peace Prize has been rendered meaningless.

  21. I completely agree with littlefoot. Although I’m Canadian, I do support what Obama is going for, but like littlefoot said – he hasn’t literally contributed enough to deserve it. For example, I can say that I’ll do something important for the world & my country all I want – does that mean I should be next in line? I think so. But that’s because I’m awesome.

  22. This is nothing?:

    He ended many “war on terror” practices that made people (both inside and outside the country) see America as betraying its ideals; he reached out to the Muslim world in a way that hasn’t been done before; he made proposals to reduce the world’s nuclear arsenals; he re-engaged on the Israeli-Palestinian issue; he started winding down the Iraq war.

    All that in less than a year. You people that say he hasn’t done anything haven’t been paying attention. Sure he’s got a lot of work left to do.

  23. kavya- here’s the problem. the WAR ON TERRORism (you neglected the ism, as well) was supposed to be what our country was doing, fighting terrorism. if what you were trying to say was he has reduced terrorist practices that’s a different story. there is still plenty of terrorism going on. okay, so there hasn’t been a national tragedy since he came into office, but that’s like me saying that i reduced many illiteracy issues because since i’ve worked with children and they have all been able to read. here’s another problem, “making proposals” isn’t doing something. here let’s try this, i propose that the world lives in peace and there are no longer issues with food, money, or societal problems. great, i just made a proposal, where’s my nobel peace prize? and sending more troops to iraq isn’t winding down the war. most of the world still thinks that the US is betraying its ideals. and what was this way that he reached out to the muslim world that hasn’t been done before? posing for a picture with someone over there, or the fact that he is muslim? that’s not reaching out. for all i know he isn’t even really muslim and it’s all a stunt because he wants people to think he really can make a difference when all i’ve seen is this country get worse.

  24. “littlefoot”–did you actually just state that Obama is Muslim? Just…wow. Way to negate anything else you’ve said during this discussion. I’m hoping you’re actually writing satire on here and it’s a hilarious joke (if so, well done!)

  25. Littlefoot – I think you missed the part where I agreed he’s done nothing. But when you say something lie “in fact, he’s made the country worse.” you clearly show your partisan bias. You’re using this as a reason to show your dislike for him. And reading your subsequent neocon talking points, I can already tell that what I’m saying will not matter to you. I get it. You either don’t like Obama the man, his policies, or a combination of the two. That’s fine. The left had similar disdain for Bush. I still thinks it’s funny how folks pretend the anger isn’t about Obama. I also find it interesting that for some who cares about the Nobel Peace Prize, you never answered my question.

    I’ll go ahead and let you google some worthy candidates and pretend you knew them off the top of the head to show how much you care about the NPP.

  26. People who have long debates on the internet are lame

  27. I was personally upset because Greg Mortenson did not win. The man did more for schoolchildren
    in Asia than anyone in recent memory. And no, I didn’t google him. Mr. Mortenson came to my school to speak about his experiences in his work; He is a far greater humanitarian than President Obama. Just because some idiots believe “The One” deserves the award, doesn’t make it so. I care about the NPP. It is a huge award because it commends the best our world has to offer to the human condition.

  28. Why the hell didn’t I get this thing? What is it again by the way?

  29. OK, I’m drowning in irony here.

    Most of the comments made on this entry so far are exactly the kind of shit that ends up in comments on the real Facebook, which then end up on Lamebook for being lame.

    If someone nominates these comments for Lamebook then we will have come full circle.

  30. Umm, you guys do know that by the time he was nominated for this award, Obama was like, only two weeks into his presidency. It doesn’t matter really about how much he did or whatever, but that it seemed more of a prediction.

    And yes, I’m one of those people who just know about this because it’s Obama. Unlike most of you, however, I’m not trying to sound like I know all about it, because I can’t say who the winner was last year, or the year before, or others in the running.

  31. Nomination for next posting of a lamebook converstaion…

  32. Why are so many American’s afraid of Socialism? Do they automatically equate it to Communism? I feel sorry for them living in a perpetual state of fear (as mongered by their Government)They are one of the richest & most influential country’s on our planet, yet their government can not even provide their people with healthcare as they are held captive by big business HMO’s & drug companies. Even in the ‘backwards third world African country’ that I live in, none of our population is denied the basic human right to free primary healthcare. (a socialist ideal that we embrace in our democracy)
    I hope, for all our sakes, that Obama feels the weight & responsibility that comes with this award & that it speeds up the reform process.

  33. He must feel like a complete tool for refusing to meet the Dalai Lama during the week.

  34. political debate in the comments section of lamebook???


  35. Precisely my point.

    No matter who you are and what thread it is, people will ALWAYS argue about race, religion and politics. See any YouTube clip comments for more proof.

  36. ” I am both surprised and deeply humbled by the decision of the Nobel Committee. Let me be clear: I do not view it as a recognition of my own accomplishments, but rather as an affirmation of American leadership on behalf of aspirations held by people in all nations.
    To be honest, I do not feel that I deserve to be in the company of so many of the transformative figures who’ve been honored by this prize — men and women who’ve inspired me and inspired the entire world through their courageous pursuit of peace.”

    Even Obama didn’t feel like he earned the award. But also remember, that HE DIDN’T VOTE FOR HIMSELF. Give the guy a break. He’s trying. That’s a hell of a lot better than most of the other 6+ billion people on the planet.

    I’m generally a supporter of Obama. I don’t think he really deserved the Nobel. Not because he “did nothing” – because that’s simply not true. But to award him this honor so early on, when compared to what other people have done – does seem slightly ridiculous. I do have to agree that I believe many people are outraged simply because they don’t agree with Obama’s policies. For proof of that you only have to look at how many people in America, reacted to Chicago losing the bid for the Olympics ( )

    Finally, not to be cheesy, or cliche, but “all we are saying is give peace a chance.”

  37. It’s almost as if these people simply can’t stop themselves replying.

  38. @ Laz

    Kinda like how you couldn’t stop yourself replying?

  39. Yes, and I had considered that response.

    But my replies have nothing to do with race, religion or politics (I think).

  40. Does that make it better?

    If you’re still commenting about things other than the original post (which to point out, did involve politics), and continuing to reply to annoying folks such as myself, I fail to see how that’s any better than anyone commenting about the politics (which as I stated before, is actually related to the post).

  41. And now I feel obliged to respond to this just to let you know I haven’t been cowed into silence.

    See, now we get into a never-ending bout of “you hang up first, no YOU hang up first, no YOU”.

  42. what did he get the prize for?

  43. @10: I know many liberals who don’t think global warming exists, either.

    @42: He got the prize for–and I’m serious here–having the “potential” to resolve conflicts between Muslim countries. It’s awful because NOBODY should receive a Nobel Prize for having “potential.” It would be like me winning the Miss America Contest because I have the slightest potential to actually enter it someday. But at the same time, it’s AWESOME because it means he actually has to DO something about the war, instead of skirting around it. It would be shameful if he didn’t do anything at this point. Now it’s all over the news, and he has to get serious and make some choices.

    Also, the nominations for the 2009 Nobel Prize were due on February 1st. He had been in office for exactly eleven days. ELEVEN DAYS. I know his whole campaign was based on change, but what change can one president really accomplish in eleven days? The whole thing strikes me as silly. I can’t take the Nobel Prize committee seriously anymore.

  44. I love Lucy, ha!

  45. Well, I like him, but this is just WRONG. You cannot give someone a prize 12 days after their nomination for just being different from Bush. It’s WRONG.

  46. “If Obama found the cure for cancer, conservatives would be denouncing him for destroying free enterprise because cancer centers would have to close.”

    And liberals are already acting like he’s found the cure for cancer. They’ve been mindlessly worshiping him since the day he was inaugurated, and have been showering him with praise, compliments and awards despite the fact that he’s achieved nothing. It’s pathetic.

    btw, I’m fairly conservative and I DGAF who finds the cure for cancer. Not everyone wants to see him fail just because. What I DO want is for all the liberals to stop sucking his dick simply because he showed up.

  47. But, actually…you CAN give someone the Nobel for not being the single worst President this country has ever had. Just by dint of not being the giant warmongering jackass who nicknamed his own COS Turd Blossom, President Obama has restored dignity to the Presidency and instilled hope abroad. So maybe that’s why he received this honor. And that’s why you can just suck it, bitches.

    This isn’t American Idol. You don’t get a call-in vote.

  48. Kool-Aid Drinkers

    He got it for being black. Thats it. Say whatever you want, call me a racist, whatever don’t care. You are all racists for only loving him because he is black. So many people dedicate their lives to cancer treatment, equality, environement, and researching how to better the lives of the rest of the world, and he gets it for his skin color. Don’t get me wrong, electing a black person to be president was huge, just sucks that it was him. I really hope no one honestly believes he would have even been nominated if he was white. He has done nothing, because he doesn’t have the balls to make a decision that he’ll be held responsible for if it fails. If he was a white dude with the same record, he wouldn’t even be president right now, let alone a Nobel prize winner. All he’s done is cheapen an award for the next lucky folks to earn it.

  49. I agree with Kool-Aid Drinkers. Even though I did vote for the guy, kind of regret it but my vote for Dennis Kucinich wouldn’t have made a difference.

  50. Kool-Aid Drinkers you are a racist.

  51. Yep, having read the comments, I’ll vote racist too. Constructive criticism is one thing, but being so utterly obsessed (and so ANGRY) over someone’s colour sort of moves an argument into the KKKolumn.

  52. Boz, #20 and #33 are the two most insightful comments on this page.

    Personally, I think the prize should be for more than just promising to do stuff, you should actually achieve some of it first. They could always have given it to him next year if he followed through on his Abu Graihb promise.

  53. Kathleen nailed it.

  54. Soo.. Obama “if thats spelled right. and I don’t even care if it really is”

    What in the Hell has Obama really done for our country that deals with peace and for him to win a Nobel Prize.. *Stop this war….?? ?? UUmmmm NOOO! … Gandhi has done more peace making in HIS LIFE ….than obama has SINCE HE’S been IN OFFICE! If anyone should deserve such an award its Gandhi!

  55. Wade… your point makes no sense.

    “Gandhi has done more peace making in HIS LIFE ….than obama has SINCE HE’S been IN OFFICE!”

    Of course someone has done more of something throughout their whole life than someone who has had less than a year.

  56. So, you mean it actually DOES make sense. So much sense it is not worth pointing it out.

    Correction Fail.

  57. “If anyone should deserve such an award its Gandhi!”

    Wade, buddy… hate to break it to you but… Gandhi’s dead.

  58. And what’s the deal with the inventor of TNT gving out peace prizes anyway?

  59. Incidentally, nominations for the Nobel peace prize closed on February 1st, 11 days after Obama took office.

  60. Ghandi has not won
    But Barrak and Henry have.
    What the hell is peace?

  61. GANDHI

    What the hell is spelling?

  62. What the hell is ‘get a fucking life dude’?

  63. i was wrong the entire time. i have autism too.

  64. People don’t always win a Nobel Peace prize for their accomplishments–many people win them for their great efforts. The American people chose Obama as their president based on his platform and ideals. He talked about building better international relations through diplomacy, taking steps towards abolishing nuclear weapons, promoting equality and civil rights, and a lot of other high-reaching goals. Almost all of the things he’s promised can’t be accomplished in a day or a month or probably even years, but he’s working to lead America towards the vision that got him elected. I think that’s a pretty big deal, and worth recognizing and being proud of, as an American.

  65. Alison, talking about things and promising to do things is really not the same thing as actually acheiving them. I would agree that all the things Obama promises are great, and I hope that he achieves them. However, he hasn’t really done anything yet. Let’s wait and see if he actually accomplishes what he hopes to and if he does, give him a Nobel Peace Prize then.

    It’s like me saying that over the next 4 years I plan on inventing a way to make cars run on water and expecting to win the Nobel Physics Prize.

    Morgan Tsvangirai should have won it.

  66. Isaac, you are so right!!

  67. I didn’t realise that Lamebook’s comments section was now a political forum.

    You people are so boring. Please find another site to post your mind-numbing, repetitive drool on. I want to come on Lamebook to laugh, not to be sent to sleep. Where are the funny comments gone!?

    Obama has won the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. None of your annoying whining is going to change that, so just get over it! None of you are important enough to make any difference whatsoever, so just shut up already; you’re all so aggravating I could scratch my eyes out!

  68. Obama=Socalist….you know, someone from Southern California, it’s about time something good came out of there.

  69. Please continue the political talk.

    PS. Who comes on an internet comment section and expects to NOT fine this?

  70. Thats funny how he got it since he was only in office for eleven days when the voting ended. They gave it to him because he is a negro and weak. I wouldnt be surprised if another country attacks us again like 9/11. They know he will just try to sit down and have a beer with the terrorist. Just like that asshole professor that should of been shot by that cop for trying to break into a house, then smarted off to a cop. Lets have a beer, it will all be ok.

  71. Wow. I can understand you not feeling like he should’ve won the won the award, but damn. Give this man a break. He’s been in office for almost a year now, he cant make things better with a snap of his fingers. If McCain was in office, I dont believe you people would be saying the same things. It’ll be “He’s trying” or something that will take the slack of him. Honestly, I’m tired of the Obama bashing. That “negro” won the prize. Get over it. Were you in the running for a peace prize? No. Before he got into the office, he was a political figure. Get out of here.

    And about that “asshole” professor trying to break into a house… THAT WAS HIS FUCKING HOUSE!

  72. @hmmm hater

    Wait, who comes on to a jocular internet site and DOES expect it to be bombarded by uptight, politically-driven fanatical comments? My assumption is that this site is to laugh at the lame people who post lame or humorous things, not to go into detail about our political beliefs.

    I think this may be what you’re looking for:

    Now shut up and stop boring me.


  74. I just love how people are making this into a personal attack on Obama, like he asked for the award, or forced them into giving it.

    Jeez, the man said himself that he doesn’t feel like he deserves it.

    We get it. You don’t like him. Get over it already.

  75. @bookworm.
    We get it you voted for the disaster and now you take every insult or negative comment personally. Your bad.

  76. Allison, you are right about one thing: “almost all the things he promised can’t be accomplished.” Period.

  77. I’m not sure the Nobel committee got this right.

    But if there’s a new way, I’ll be the first in line. But it had better work this time.

  78. I promised to reconcile String theory, Quantam theory, Newtonian physics and Relativity in one simple set of equations and I didn’t get a Nobel prize. And I’m BLACK! This sucks.

  79. littlefoot said “having been involved with psychology and physics for the last several years i know that there are people that were more deserving than him.”

    Hey moron. A psychologist or physicist isn’t going to get the nobel price for peace moron. They would get it in psychology or physics. Idiot. Maybe there were people more deserving than obama, he only received it for his rhetoric. However undeserving, it’s good for the country. But, that doesn’t mean you can be an idiot and not know there are separate nobel prices for separate things.

  80. @justsomedude

    How is it you know there are multiple PRIZES and yet repeatedly refer to them as PRICES?
    Good for the country? It doesn’t solve hunger, create jobs or protect natural resources… where’s the good? It certainly doesn’t make us LOOK good.

  81. ATM you said pretty much the same thing I was thinking. Plus why would a psychologist or a physicist not be able to get a Nobel Peace Prize? Nothing says you have to be a politician to get the Peace Prize.

  82. @justsomedude:

    This is just one example, but in 1970, an agronomist named Norman Borlaug was given the Nobel Peace Prize for developing a heartier, more sustainable strain of wheat. His invention is estimated to have saved billions of lives. Please do a little research next time you try to get “smart”.

  83. Wow… and I thought the idiots were on FB…

  84. Me too until i saw ur comment

  85. Do you even know what Rickrolling is? That has nothing to do with this. Die.

  86. @rick rolld

    you just got rick rolld…

  87. the funny thing is that socialists want to “strengthen internationalism and connections between people…”

  88. i wish obama would just get us out of the war already and atleast fulfill that promise. we could be out of iraq in 2 weeks if congress would just stop funding it… ugh :(

  89. @Paolah
    If you create a mess, you can’t just leave it, first you have to clean up. The only way the war will have any positive effect on the Iraqi people is by making sure the country has a stable government and the safety of the people can be assured. By leaving the country to fast, you risk destabilizing the country and all the sacrifices and deaths will be in vain.

    @ all
    There is a difference between being nominated for and getting the NPP. The winner is chosen in October not in February, the period in between is used to evaluate the nominees. But just by electing Obama the world got a whole lot better …

  90. NPP=useless

    made by the person who made dynamite (a weapon)
    Given to
    the person who discovered uranium
    the creator of the a-bomb

    I thought it was for peace.

  91. The dynamite was invented to make mining safer. not his fault it was used for other purposes. but that was the legacy that he was going to be left with so he started the nobel prize to leave a better legacy. and the guy that discovered uranium didnt invent the a bomb either. thats like saying that benjamin franklin invented the taser.

  92. Minus Kevin I love them all…HAHAHA!!!!!!

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