Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amy-Point, Serena-Love

Amy-Point Serena-Love

Amy-Point Serena-Love

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  1. So if I’m understanding this mess correctly, Serena started off by getting on to Amy, but Amy ends up winning? Wonky.

  2. my eyes hurt…

    and wtf does “z” mean

  3. wot eva

  4. I believe z can mean “say” or “see”, depending on the context.

  5. Z bitch is crazy!

  6. Z = Said when you say it like we do in the UK. It’s pretty dumb, I find anything written the way Amy writes very hard to understand.

  7. I think Z >> in proper English pronounced ‘Zed’ (not American English) >> Said

  8. These people are allowed to procreate

  9. Serena has got a point. Self indulgent twaddle, and Amys baby probably has got wonky eyes.

  10. I couldn’t comprehend most of what Amy said.
    I guess I should be ashamed of myself for paying attention in school.

  11. Reading “z” as “say” with a slightly Jamaican accent, it almost makes sense.

    I hate, hate, HATE this trend of ending -er words with -a, as in never=neva. It just might be the worst thing on the whole entire internet.

  12. I lost it at ‘her eyes were wonky’ and never recovered. Bwahahahaha…

  13. Yeah took me a little bit to figure out the z = zed = said analogy there. My word. At least one of them can type in some sort of semblance of coherence.

    God. I pity what the next generation is going to learn O_o

  14. Seriously too heard to read, total TPT!

  15. OH the GRAND YOUTH of Britain.

  16. P.S. In Britain they say “Zed” for “Z” (what we in America say “Zee”) so she’s just going “your dad zed”

  17. Bear in mind that Brits say the letter Z as “zed”, unlike Yanks who say it as “zee”.

    On top of that, I imagine Amy is from the West Country, where they have a peculiar dialect and “said” does actually sound like “z” (pronounced the Brit way). Many of their “s” sounds are done with a “z”.

    Consider yourselves informed…

  18. Good grief, Serena has endless patience in dealing with this bitch and her wonky-eyed brat.

  19. Wonky eyes hahahaha fucking lol!! Postpartum insanity anyone?

  20. z
    zzz z zzzzzz zzzz zzzzzz!!!!!

  21. I would have just deleted the bitch and not talked back to try and win her over. Serena made herself look like a dumbass for trying to be nice while Amy was being a bitch.

    But wot eva.

  22. Ugh. I can’t read when people write like that.

  23. Squirts, I don’t think Serena looked like a dumbass, she looked like the bigger person in the situation. Amy is the dumbass for being such a dramatic bitch.

  24. The fact that Serena denied that she made comments about Amy’s daughter for the first several comments and then z “the point is, it wasn’t meant to be a nasty comment.” kind of negates a lot, in my mind.

    Either admit it from the beginning or deny it until the end, don’t flip-flop, especially when arguing with the barely literate mother of a wonky-eyed girl named Abigail.

  25. Racism Rhymes with Weigh Station

    I bet Serena’s daughter’s names are Rwanda and Shoekneequa. “Abigail is a dumb name, not like Shanandrale and Krimjaw. Ya know, something from the Bible.”

  26. Serena did not believe she had said anything nasty because she didn’t mean it in a nasty way. Amy is an illiterate stupid woman who cannot ever be reasoned with. I pity her family and friends and that wonky eyed rugrat of hers.

    I usually like these long cat fights but this one hurt my eyes and makes me sad for the future of the world.

  27. The whole ‘z’ thing really confused me!

  28. Amy sure is one illiterate drama queen. And apparently Rosie must love the drama too, yet she didn’t bother to say anything.

  29. I wonder when Rosie “liked” it. She might’ve given it a thumbs up after just the status message was posted. Or maybe she waited until the very end.

  30. There is a cause, and a colored ribbon for everything. Where is the cause for wonky eyed babies? Why doesn’t everyone sit around, hold hands, and sing “Jesus loves the little wonkies, all the wonkies of the world”?

    Wait… Never mind.
    Shit like that is lame.

  31. all babies have wonky eyes at a week old. they can’t focus yet.

    wonder how old these people are? i would have guessed about fourteen but amy apparently has two children so i would seriously hope not.

  32. The “z” thing made me sad. I figured it out right away (we say “zed” in Canada) and am hoping it doesn’t catch on here.

  33. I can’t stand when people type the way they talk. Even if you have an accent and pronounce a word “neva” it’s still spelled never.

  34. Amy’s a cunt

  35. For god’s sake let it go! Abigail is 28 years old!

  36. Poor wonky eyed little girl

  37. wow. it takes me longer to read the abbreviations…..

  38. @Morph: What about Amy’s A cunt? And btw, I’ve seen it before and it’s MAYBE a B- cunt, at best.

  39. I figured out the z thing halfway thru(that’s right, right?) but didn’t understand why she was doing it. My favorite part is Serena’s “once again you want to prove your right”.

  40. Who knew Lady Sovereign had kids?

  41. Okay so i just tried skipping over the z’s cause they made no sense, but was still lost!. I was thinkin it was like code for something.

    And come on! A fight over facebook??
    Seriously? Thats worse than fighting over texting!

  42. Oh my! Jodie’s comment is the only one that didn’t hurt my eyes!

  43. I hate people who type like this.

  44. I get the purpose of shortening words for the point of a text or quick comment..but WTF (see? LOL) is Amy saying?

  45. By the fuck! I lost all credit in Serena when she stated she had no money, no job, no car etc etc etc..

  46. Lamebook, you’re lifting your game a bit with this post. Quite funny. It’s a shame her baby is cross-eyed.

  47. Jodie is the winner of it all.

  48. I’m glad im not the only one who is bothered by the way people abbreviate! we in Australia pronouce it “zed” too so i picked it right away, but it still frustrated me trying to read it

    OMG i too hate the way people turn words such as never = neva

    that whole post made me dizzy :( LOL

  49. Seriously, the first post made me think she was playing The Sims.

  50. @mm thank god I wasn’t the only person who thought that

  51. I’d like to pick a hole in Serena.


  52. @JJ.. I laughed out loud at your comment. “By the fuck” … oh my that just never gets old!

  53. I hate the fact that this *thing* has children.

  54. I was merrily reading away, assuming this was US (the *ass*hole, as opposed to *arse*hole in the status really threw me off. Then I saw she was one of our lot. Then I googled Brighton, USA in the hope that I was wrong. Found one in Staten Island. Then I read the comments and realised that the zee/zed thing irrefutably proves she is Brit. Then I threw up in my *handbag*, which I had left on the *pavement* outside my *flat*.

    @ headless – Brighton is in the South-East England, about half an hour away from me, in fact. It is a beautiful and eclectic seaside town with great bars and a tip-top music scene, full of weird and wonderful things. And Serena. For this, I can only apologise.

  55. *off)*

  56. I think pronouncing Z “zed” is the most retarded thing in the world. It doesn’t even rhyme with the rest of the alphabet.

  57. I think you’re the most retarded thing in the world.

  58. I think that Jodie more or less summed this up

    Has anyone else noticed how Serena keeps trying to come off as the more mature party in the argument, and yet she keeps replying to Amy so that we don’t FORGET how mature she is.

  59. I think Serena just got a bit emotional and upset that’s why she kept on trying to apologise, even though it looked a bit desperate in the end. The sad truth is, Amy is one of those many, many stuck-up illiterate people who have a bee in their bonnet about everything and everyone else. They think the world revolves around them and their feelings, and now they have Facebook to air their opinions online (instead of just using the age old method of shouting in the street) they’re even worse than ever. Heaven forbid anyone should dare question them on their own private ‘Facebook’. Hell that’s like going to their house and shitting in their living room. People like Amy are Jeremy Kyle Fodder – for an American equivalent, see Jerry Springer. They’re the type to end up on cheesy chat shows where they can spout their nonsense (typically by swearing and shouting) and be mocked by the slightly more normal (yet just as sad) folk watching them. It’s just a shame the genepool will be tainted by these cretins for generations to come unless the apocalypse arrives to wipe them out.

  60. Er, Jonathan, it’s our alphabet, remember?

    You know, English.

    America decided to change the pronunciation of just 1 letter in the whole alphabet.

  61. Jonathan: have you noticed that a lot of the letters in the alphabet don’t rhyme with each other? Just wondering.

    I’d never seen the use of ‘z’ in place of the word ‘said’ before. I’m really fucking depressed right now.

    I don’t get why she did actually type out the full word in other instances…

  62. Fuck amy if i was serena i would have told her Abigail is a stupid name and she looks like the stunt double of Gollum from the Lord of the Rings and Abigails wonky frog eyes probably came from Amy beastiality habits.She probably fucked a turtle..

  63. I couldn’t read that past the first instance of “z”.


  64. Christ. Amy’s typing is so shitty. I can barely understand a damn thing she says.

  65. Who taught Amy how to type? Serena should’ve won the argument by default. Who ever types like that has no business producing offspring.

  66. Amy really needs to get some lessons in how to speak and/or write in English. I gave up reading half of her comments, that is how little sense they made.

    The silly woman shouldn’t have been allowed to reproduce. I feel sorry for her child, wonky eyes or not.

  67. I suspect the wonky-eyed newborn is the brightest and most mature person involved in this whole drama…

  68. They could have just left it at
    “you z my daughter has a horrible name and wonky eyes”
    “No I didn’t/That wasn’t meant in a mean way”
    Every single comment after that is just a new way of making exactly the same point.

  69. this is soooo boring


    how the fuck do people get through life communicating like that? i have read cryptograms that come through more clear.

  71. @ Juan #2: z mean is pronounced “zed” in the UK. “Zed” “Said” in rhyming slang.

  72. @ Juan #2: z means/ is pronounced “zed” in the UK. “Zed” “Said” in rhyming slang.

  73. ooohh lets just leave it to jeremy kyle to sort out in a few years or whatever!!!!Amy and Abigal will undoubtedly be shouting at each other over who loves their ‘manfriend/daddy’ most i think..’Get your fwilthy mitts o mai man’

  74. @Cara: Agree on that point.

    For some reason, the Z made me think she was german… sorry to all the germans out there

  75. Boogy Mcboogerson

    Oh my!



  78. hahahahaha her eyes are wonky!

  79. comments=WAYYYY funnier than the post XP

  80. Wonky for sure. They probably all have wonky eyes. Whatever that is. Probably something that happens when you inbreed.

  81. If I was Serena, I would go over to Amy’s house and drop her fucking face in.

  82. i know these people most of you are right. amy is a dick who is selfish and treats people like shit. serena infact just likes to keep the peace. which i will always love her for.

  83. If Serena really did say that about the bub’s eyes then they’re both bitches :S

  84. I thought they were trashy south africans reading this (saying “full stop” at the end of a sentence, and the use of ‘z’) thank god they don’t belong to us!

  85. DO NOT READ. your eyes will become “wonky”

  86. We say that shit in Canada, too. Well, that’s the “proper” way. Although everybody I know just says “zee”. wot eva.

  87. John Players Standard

    Amy is just one of those people who just fail to see the point. Serena had a point at first. You don’t bring your personal drama to facebook. Serena never insulted her and she didn’t want to argue with her. Amy fails to or refuses to see that she isn’t trying to be mean.

  88. Reading printed slang is like decoding an intercepted message. But its never about a potential attack, its always something really, really stupid.

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