Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All Types of Terrible

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  1. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  2. Freedrom?

  3. Seriously, how do you fuck that up?

  4. Freedrom! Hahahah…bet that wasn’t fee! Good luck to you buddy!

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I clicked like on this post just because of the Bicuriously comment… also, that one might not have been a typo.

    Also, where the hell is Stever?

  6. Ghost_of_George_Steinbrenner


  7. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    What happened to the link on eenerbl’s name? I guess I have been gone for too long. Have they sorted out the screen name bullshit yet, or is that a fake ee?

  8. It appears to be fixed.

  9. No, it’s the real me. But I got a stalker through my blog, so… trying to distance myself.

  10. Anyone else find the tangly, twisty lines on the “Freedrom” font to look strangely similar to those on the dead plant and on the dude’s shirt?

  11. @eenerbl

    Who is it? Male or female? Do you know their lamebook s/n? Is that why slimjayz hasn’t been around lately?

    Anyway… the 23th is bad, but the penmanship (icingmanship?) is pretty great… I wish I could write like that.

    Free Drom Isn’t Free. I see nothing wrong with that… is it because the e and d are touching in Free drom?

  12. mcowles, I have no idea who it was. They were leaving me anonymous comments, that I have since deleted.

    I don’t know where slimjayz has gone to, that’s a good question.

  13. Valerie, you’re not helping.

    And I would forgive the 23th mistake because that looks freaking delicious!

  14. krasivaya_devushka

    That cake looks good!!
    & lol@ 23th

  15. Valerie’s comment makes me think that she meant “cooze” instead of “cuze”

  16. I would fuck that cake up. It would be unpleasant to watch even

  17. Jennifer, you should apologize to Sarah, thanks to her, you now have a 50% presence of vowels in your comments. When you started you’re around 25%… Talk about some constructive criticism! Sarah, keep on the good work!

    Also, in order to fix the “th” you can add one of those amazing strawberries to cover it off, I wouldn’t mind!

  18. I wouldn’t mind if people lived bicuriously through me.

  19. By people, I mean straight women and gay men, of course.

  20. So going with that cake my next birthday I would be 27rd? Also how in the hell do you, or an artist fuck up freedom? Also the isn’t on there does not look right.

  21. *vicariously

  22. John Players Standard

    Yay everybody lets bitch and moan about other people’s lives. Booya. Fucking douchebags lololol!

  23. 23th!!!!!!!!

  24. 23th!

  25. DANGIT…fail

  26. @22

    it may interest you (although probably not) to know that i’m from the home of john player. the assembly hall at my school was financed by cigarettes. i could’ve got lung cancer singing hymns. i think his factory burned down.

    also, i never despair for any of the people in the posts, nor on here – i despair for myself (being all men).

  27. @24/25

    I knew someone was going to jump on that. I almost didn’t risk it.

  28. shane has the entire lyric wrong.

  29. A guy who hasn’t had sex with another guy, but wouldn’t mind giving it a go = bicurious.

    A guy who hasn’t had sex with a girl yet, and wouldn’t mind giving it a go = Hetrocurious man on a mission.

  30. *hetero.
    I hate it when I misspell made up words

  31. YoinksTranslator

    Just found out Yoink is no more, thank god, I already got sick of translating after I did it 3 or 4 times =/. Anyhow, can I still use this username or is there a sudden “Ban on all things that include Yoink”?

  32. Freedrom? Was Scooby Doo this guy’s tattoo artist? Rut-row, Raggy!!

  33. That was funny Bulldog, I got a good laugh out of that!

  34. Heh. Nice Sarah.

  35. every uneducated retard decides to try to use the word “vicariously” because they heard it in a Tool song. Epic fail Shane. Stay in school.

  36. ee, so you’ve had a colour change? Just don’t change anything else.

    mwnci tal, I’m up.

  37. @15.MikeyMike – Wow. Um yeah, I think she meant ’cause, as in short for because. What the feck is a cuze?

  38. Freedrom is a buck o’fiiive…

  39. Krazy Eyez Killa

    I remember when I got the Black Flag logo tattoo’d on my arm, it looked more like 4 black penises and they missed the ‘l’ in ‘flag’. I was in south central LA at the time, bad bad times.

  40. That tat would be infinitely more hilarious if it read ‘Freedrom ain’t free’. Come on, you know we’d get a kick out of that.

  41. You should come up with another random link that leads people to a website that helps with their stalker problems ee, or something more entertaining like Rick Roll.

  42. CommentsAtLarge


    The tattoo guy must have been on Scooby Snacks.


    I saw that yesterday and wondered what was going on — I was going to comment but, oddly enough, I didn’t want to in fear of looking stalkerish.

  43. The tattoo makes sense if you sing it out loud all “yarl”-ish the way DVDA sang it in Team America.

  44. Krazy Eyez, that’s hilarious!, and I love Black Flag.

  45. I got to admit I’m curious as to what kind of messages creepy stalker guy sent to ee, were they blatantly obvious sexual innuendos or listing the details of her life? I suggested a book once, but that’s about it. Maybe she didn’t like it :(

  46. Dawn of the Dan

    I hope Jessie’s 23th is as fun as her 22rd was.

  47. “They can take our lives, but they will never take our FREEDROM!”
    Mel Gribson – Bravehreart

  48. these all are lame, and I hope that hipster-noob dies. I mean that in the most sincere way possible.

  49. No fear nuff, it wasn’t you. I am now curious which recommendation was yours though.

    word, just a color change. That’s all I promise!

  50. Ah, the 23th birthday. As much fun as the 21th.

    Freedrom isn’t free
    No, there’s a hefty f**kin’ fee
    And if you don’t throw in your buck-o-five
    Who will?


    Sorry guys, I had a Mel Gibson moment.

  52. Oh Shit, I just started a very lengthy debate…Sorry guys.

  53. Lol @51….

  54. @ 38 & 50: That’s exactly what popped into my head! Classic!

  55. Of course women aren’t all dumb… Just women like Valorie.

  56. Oh sorry, wemen

  57. hahahaha

  58. US- Freedrom isn’t free

    England- freedum anit free

    China- eh?

  59. Has anyone thought that maybe Jessie is 13?

  60. @blueyedsweets- sheer brilliance. And I mean that honestly. I applaud you, because I was thinking the same thing.

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