Monday, September 27, 2010

Airing It Out

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  1. Miranda/whoever is impersonating Miranda confused the shit out of me.

  2. Ok…so I read it again and understand what was going on.

  3. I was so going for first, i haven’t even read this shit yet – just went straight in for the comment, and junebug you read these posts and got here first wtf!

  4. @ kiki It’s called “refreshing lamebook constantly when you’re supposed to be doing work”. A very specific brand of ninja.

  5. Paint_my_nails_please

    I’m happy for how Facebook has changed Amber’s life. Real talk.

  6. Amber had a Facebook revillation.

  7. Oh the humanity!

    i n v u 4 u r a qt dat 4 sur wud up.

  8. Real talk!!

    Rondell’s lesson: so simple, yet so commonly not adhered to.

  9. I adhere to the rule of FB… considering my 92 year old grandparents have me as a friend… come on grandma, kick the damn bucket already.

  10. Therry is a bitch. Miranda’s ex is kinda dumb. I feel so superior.

  11. Surely ‘sucky sex’ could be a good thing?

  12. @porkpie: Only if “Amber” is a guy’s name.

  13. Dukey Smoothy Buns


  14. I’m just going to wager a guess that perhaps Amber and Rondell are not exactly the most well-educated of individuals.

  15. Amber is just trying to get under the cheaters skin. She feels like she gotta make him feel less confident because he made her feel less confident when he cheated on her. More than likely she is the one that is shit in bed.

  16. 27 guys? Yuck..

  17. Hey, Kelly Clarkson. I did 27 guys last week. Who are you to judge? The only yucky part was the tears upon our parting.

  18. Kelly Clarkson?

  19. Ha! Yes judgy, Kelly Clarkson.

  20. I’m afraid I don’t get it. Sorry.

  21. Kelly Clarkson… ahahahahaha.

    Muep, well you put out it out there, and you know what they say… if the shoes fits…

    I’m not so sure I want an avatar of myself on here, even if it is a micro headless one. I’ll mull it over some more – perhaps change it to something else… or just fuck it off completely.

  22. I swear to God I have absolutely no idea what you people are talking about. I don’t know what Kelly Clarkson or my picture have to do with anything. Are you just picking on me for the sake of picking on me now?

  23. @Mueglahhhhh

    You have now offered up at least three different pictures that I’ve seen. The first one was a pudgy girl that was showing off her cleavage, knowing that it was her only redeeming quality. It has since been removed. I think you know exactly what we’re talking about.

  24. looks like your hair is red Meg , funny how I thought you were blonde…

  25. Oh rats, Soup! I missed a pic of miss religious showing cleavage? What would the pope say?! tsk…tsk

  26. Saffer
    …okay. I don’t really have a response to that.

    Bahahaha. It took me awhile to decide what picture I liked. I mean I liked them all, but I found my current one to look best in thumbnail form, and far more modest than the others. But I STILL have no idea what Kelly Clarkson has to do with this. My knowledge of pop culture is very limited.

  27. And yes, Saffer, I show cleavage. Just because I’m a virgin doesn’t mean I’m not appreciative of the body God gave me.

  28. 27 guys? How very dare she. Fackin’ hussy.

    What would Jesus do? Probably Miranda at a guess.

  29. Does no one else think that sounds like a LOT of guys? I mean come on! That’s a LOT of guys!!

  30. Gather round children:

    Once upon a time, there was a chubby girl with a good voice. Everyone forgave her tiny boobies because she could sing like an angel. But then she got even fatter, and that just could not be forgiven.

    Then one day, her doppelganger appeared on Lamebook. There was much rejoicing, until everyone realized that she was a judgmental shrew. However, this shrew had designs on repairing her tarnished image. But the damage had already been done, and everyone hated her forever.

    The End.

  31. Mue, it depends on the timescale. if it’s 27 guys in one evening, that’s probably a bit excessive (and tiring) over a lifetime probably not that bad though.

  32. The nice part about burning the midnight oil is checking lamebook and having a laugh at your comments Soup! If only they were relevant to my test tomorrow

  33. Oh, so Kelly Clarkson is fat? News to me. Then again, I don’t even know what she looks like.

    Well I won’t deny my chubbiness. Been this way since puberty. But my friends, family, and fans are able to look past that and see that I’m not only about as talented as this Kelly Clarkson, I’m also kind-hearted and compassionate, putting others before myself, and solving everyone else’s problems at my own expense.

    Besides, I have huge boobs. I’ve got a one-up on this Kelly Clarkson woman already.

  34. Pedanticoldgit, yeah, if it was over a lifetime (a lifetime being roughly 85 years) then yeah, not so bad. But when we get down into the 6 months to a year timelines, then it’s kinda gross.

  35. “kind-hearted and compassionate” I can think of a few past threads that have suggested otherwise…

  36. Well, for those of you lucky enough to have seen a glimpse of me for the past couple of hours, I hope you enjoyed the show. I’ve decided to go back undercover.

  37. muepsilongamma =/= thequeen

  38. Okay Saffer, I implore you, go find something that I said, quoted perfectly, that was direct name-calling or simply picking on someone for no reason other than that it amuses me. In other words, go find a quote from me that resembles something that Soup, Paranoid Android, or alordslums would say. I’ll wait right here.

  39. Paranoid Android


  40. Word, you are still there. And I’m pretty sure I see a nipple.

    Saffer, I thought Soup 101 was a prerequisite for any further education. What are they teaching you kids these days?

    Mueglahhhh: I’m conservative too, and I believe that all fornicators will burn in hell if they don’t repent for their sins.

    Fire and brimstone, bitch. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

  41. Maybe, Android, but this one eats.

  42. That was just a statement of my beliefs. It wasn’t name-calling or just flat-out picking on people. And I’m at least trying to reverse this psychosis that’s been thrust upon me. You people couldn’t look me in the eyes and tell me that you don’t judge me for being insert-characteristic-you-hate-here.

  43. Touche, Soup.

  44. I’m confused, am I being compared to that queen chick?

  45. Hope I didn’t keep you waiting Meg. There was so much, I couldn’t pick just one sentence but if I had to pick this would be it: “stop defending teenage whores that get pregnant in highschool…YOU LOSE!”

    (I’m doing this from a cell phone, hope it shows)

  46. Okay so I’ve got an agenda. In my defense, I had just found out that my friend got pregnant, and I specifically labeled that entire post as a rant. In a rant, there are no rules. Technically, however, I do lose, but at least I don’t act like that anymore. And all of you people do essentially the exact same thing every time you see my name or that queen chick’s name even show up on a thread. Kind of hypocritical to condemn me for something you do yourself.

  47. I was also trying really hard to act like dan_fargis.

  48. So muepsi, you recognize it as a psychosis. Then why do you continue to espouse the attributes of that psychosis?

    You are goddamn right I will judge you. Granted, I won’t be looking you in the eyes, I’ll be staring at your self-described huge boobs, but the intensity will be there all the same. The difference is that I don’t have a prophet whose notions I only adhere to when I find them convenient.

  49. It’s a psychosis, they don’t just go away. It will take months or years of treatment to get to the bottom of the deep personal issues I have with that particular subject. I honestly don’t think any of this ever had anything to do with my religion; I’m just screwed up in the head. I pissed off a lot of people that day, and while it was entertaining for awhile, it didn’t make me feel better, and it was wrong. For that, I apologize. I can’t change my beliefs, but I can change the way in which I express them.

  50. Soup it may be a prerequisite and I hope you tutor because I just spend way too much time sleeping, dancing, and checking lamebook that I cannot fit it into my busy life. I just opened my text book for the first time this evening- as in removed the dusty plastic wrap. What more do you want from me?! To read the darn book too??

  51. All I ask is this remain a razor-free-zone.

    Have a good evening, everyone.

  52. Razor?

  53. Meg, I’m glad you see what we saw. Self awareness is an admirable quality. Going forward I’ll try comment by what you say in the present, and not the old meg :)

  54. Jesus Fuck! When did Lamebook become a haven for the damaged? Maybe some people were pissed off, but I certainly wasn’t one of them. But good on you for apologizing, it’s a positive step towards…redemption? I don’t know. I would suggest making jokes about your vagina. That’s something we can all get behind.

    Saffer, I do tutor, but I don’t know if you’d be willing to pay my prices. Not only the cost, but the toll on mind and body makes the blood diamond trade look like a petting zoo.

  55. Soup, I’m sure we can work out a way I could pay for your services

  56. holy hell!

    is anyone else thinking of meg from family guy?

    whenever i see christians on here, i just think, fuck off and leave us alone. it’s a fair trade off – let us enjoy this life without your whiny moral intrusion – and we promise to keep quiet while we’re burning for eternity and not disturb your game of lawn tennis with karen carpenter in heaven.

    also i missed the thumbnails… wank.

  57. I once fucked twenty seven girls in the same night!! They were all freshly deceased but that still counts right?!

    no i’m only pulling your legs that would be sick, it was ten girls and only four of them were dead.

    On a separate and unrelated issue, I do not need to follow Rondells’ FB law as i have no friends on my FB account, so they are unable to see ‘my dirt’….My wall is as empty as my ballsack.

  58. Amen (or not) to that alord.

    The thumbnails wank was short but sweet.

    Imamofo – Good work fella on putting your stiffy in a stiff.

  59. @Alord – They all waited for us to leave before getting their fun bags out, this is the story of my life and for my eighth tug of the morning i will have to wank off to the implied cleavage rather than an actual cleavage :(

    @Paranoid – Thanks matey, but they were not stiff, they were still fresh so still quite ‘poseable’.

  60. A joke about my vagina? I haven’t the slightest idea where to begin on that.

  61. @muepsilongamma – let me give you a little helping hand and a nudge in the right direction with a few of these handy fanny joke hints:

    – Laugh at the size of your beef box by commenting “My dick sleeve is so big that they filmed a scene from Friends series 6 in there”

    – Chortle at the odours wafting up from your groin area by telling us all “Fuck me my Cunt smells like a seven week dead donkey, buried in hippo shit!”

    – Giggle along with us as you regale us with an interesting Pussy fact, “It’s been so long since my Clunge was serviced it’s developed rust spots and I creak when i walk!” (this will encourage others to offer to oil your fadge for you)

    I hope these tips’ help you in overcoming your initial reticence about talking to us about your hole.

  62. I’m trying to decide if you’re being serious or not…

  63. oh god. Imamofo you can’t make me laugh like that at work. well done.

  64. Wondering if anyone else instinctively read Amber’s post like a cave man.

  65. I was about to ask someone to explain Miranda’s post to me but it makes sense now. Still retarded, though.

  66. I like how Therry said that he wants to throw her under the bus & Miranda’s ex took it as literally meaning throwing Miranda under a bus.

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