Sunday, July 24, 2011

Adding Accusations

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  1. I… do not understand a single word Dawnyal just said.

  2. …what language is Dawnyal speaking?

  3. I believe Dawnyal (love that bullshit name!) is speaking cuntaenese.

  4. Ebonics-to-English translation of Dawnyal’s comment:

    “You are such a disreputable woman. The two of you were the weirdest people I have ever met, which amuses me. As for the vibrator you mentioned, I did not use it, and I consider your allegation wishful thinking on your part. I do not care for you or Zakk, and I would advice you to stop writing untrue statements on my wall. Let me add that the money was owed to you by Jojo. Please do not contact me again, you repulsive individual.”

  5. Hahahahaha!! Thank you so much, Enola, I really needed that translation!!

  6. Dawnyal???…is 10:45AM too early to start drinking hard liquor?

  7. Enola… That was full of win. The internet is a better place for it.

  8. Wait…so she accepted the request?

  9. has lamebook fired all the mods? someone ban that douchebag kim every post for the last 20 pages is about that scam site, btw don’t vist that site it’s in google’s top 10 virse warning list.

  10. @ #9- You can comment on someone’s page without being their friend, provided their security settings allow it. I’ve done it.

  11. It annoys me that this Kim character gets away with spamming the site – the one spam of them all it seems.

  12. Dawnyal must be a play off that epic dish soap.

  13. I think I’m going to sweep the leg

  14. Yes, #9 and #11, anyone can join in on the comment chain on Dawnyal’s page. It took 5 seconds to find and Erin has already posted another reply.

  15. And #4, your racism is showing.

  16. Neither Jojo nor Dawnyal have private profiles…it’s chilling reading about their ridiculous white trash adventures. The world would be a better place not only if they died, but more than likely, if everyone they have ever had any contact with in any capacity died. It’s that bad.

  17. What kind of last name is Funk Funk anyway? I am getting some awesome lol’s from her and JoJo’s pages though

  18. Me too, Hal kC, especially the picture on JoJo’s profile with the birth certificate

  19. happypigsdancefunny

    did anyone else realize that jojo and dawnyal both have kids.. not with eachother… o_O

  20. Dawnyal Funk Funk? Are you kidding me? What kind of name is that?

  21. I believe a ‘request two people be friends’ looks almost exactly like a direct friend request to either of the recipients. Once one clicks Accept it would appear as a real friend request to the other. Would be amusing if this is what happened here.

  22. What the fuck? Dawnyal? Is that some hick spelling for Danielle?? I love how she attends Lane Community Collage as well. I wish I could go to school at a collage.

  23. eye do yundeirstend wyat dawnyal hez to shay.

  24. Everyone should “like” the comments on their profiles so they have hundreds of them.

  25. #20: I caught that! Take a look at Jojo’s wall. Pretty scary that both those morons have children.

  26. I just visited that post. Who else commented with me? LOL

  27. I like how you can get a very uncomfortable sense of these peoples lives!!! Should they be allowed to breed??

  28. whitetrashlosers

    If you read the comments following that post, it becomes clear that Erin is not exactly blessed with brains either. But wow I’m surprised that morons like jojo and dawnyal can even figure out how to breed.

  29. It was an epic post!!! Its like its own little Maury Show!!

  30. Dear tofupuppy (#16), race card much? First of all, ebonics is not unique to black people. See the post from Wendall ‘Supagangbang’ that precedes this one for a shining example of that. Wendall is anything but black. Secondly, just because someone pokes fun at the more disturbing elements of black culture does NOT make them racist. I throw punches at redneck idiocy all the time. Does that make me ‘racist’ towards people of my own color? No, it does not. Culturally snobbish perhaps, but not racist. There is a HUGE difference, and until you and all other empty-headed, chip-on-your-shoulder nut bags realize that the more you use the word ‘racist’ where it does not apply, the more that (a) you prove that YOU are the true racists in these matters and (b) your misguided efforts to make white people feel guilty are destined to backfire because there will soon come a time when the word ‘racist’ has been misused so many times that it has virtually drained itself of all power and meaning. Enjoy.

  31. What is ebonics??

  32. #30 blueknight

    And let me add: THAT’S RACIST!

  33. I like how Dawnyal has the same profile picture eight consecutive times, all uploaded the same day

  34. #4 you are a Freaking racist!! How ironic these people turned out to be white! Also…ebonics as you fondly call them rarely use dildos, or steal them for that matter! Our men are well equipped Thank you very much!!

  35. littlemissgenius

    Ebonics is not a racial slur, it is a dialect typically used by African Americans. Google and education are your friend.

  36. pahleez: pathetic, whiny, stick-it-to-whitey remarks like yours do more to harm race relations than they do to help them. Keep it up if that’s what you want, but I hope not.

  37. Imbeciles!

  38. Wow! Anyone who carries a dildo in a makeup bag is a piece of work.

  39. #30, I fail to see how I played the “race card” when #4 had already jumped to the conclusion that Dawnyal is black. Ebonics = black English. This is the dictionary definition as well as the popular connotation of the word. “Playing the race card” generally also means accusing someone of racism to benefit one’s own situation. I didn’t benefit from this, it was an observation gleaned from the discovery that Dawnyal et al are white.

    And as for Wendall, I read through that post and don’t think it’s an example of Ebonics. Posing and bad spelling, yes, but not a true speaker of the dialect. I couldn’t find any of the markers of the dialect that I know in his writing. (Of course, I’m no expert, not being fluent in Ebonics.)

    Also, you said: “Secondly, just because someone pokes fun at the more disturbing elements of black culture does NOT make them racist” What disturbing elements of black culture are you referring to? The culturally significant linguistic minority to which they belong? Sorry #30, YOUR racism is showing.

  40. #35…(and maybe 36) African Americans also use the word ‘NIGGAZ’…..does that make it any less of a racial slur! Also…the presumption of bad grammar and trash talk being related to ‘Ebonics’ was the racial part I believe everyone is referring to you stupid piece of ….(feel free to fill in the blanks)

  41. Is anyone else concerned that a neighbour chose to return her dildo?! I really don’t want to know how he knew it was hers…

    I think everyone will feel alot better if we just sing along.

  43. Dawn of the Dan

    pahleez, give up right now.
    You exposed yourself as a moron the moment you thought the word “ebonics” meant “black people.”

  44. creepedoutchick


  45. I think Erin and Stever just became friends. It says her wall she recently befriended a Steve B. Coincidence? I think not.

  46. nikki33 commenting on her post is fun, eh?

  47. @Ladyda No, it is not STEEVEER, i already asked.

  48. I’m black! Ha. I thought the ebonics comment was annoying. Not racially motivated, just annoying. But that’s because I find the ebonics dialect annoying anyway.

    I had fun delving into the life and failures of Dawnyal or whatever her name is. I’m team Erin. Dawnyal and Shawna (??) are funny. Jojo’s mom hates Dawnyal. It’s hilarious, definitely a must-read/snoop.

  49. Darthvader and ladyda: She wishes she had STEEEEVEERRRRRR on FB.

  50. Steeeever, I would like to add you on FB. It is not negotiable.

  51. I love how it is STILL on her wall. We spammed it.

  52. deebydabbydooby

    He proposed to her on Facebook. And called her “Dawnyal gunk.”

    Young love.

  53. What, stealing a dildo isn’t the done thing? Hmm, wish I’d have known.

  54. That’s ok, keep it.
    Consider it a gift, at this point.

    Giving back is in, though. LB gave back the ability to log in

    If I get bored later today, I’ll know what to do

  55. tofupuppy: Your steaming pile of piffle was supposed to accomplish WHAT? Speakers of the ebonics ‘dialect’ are not a “linguistic minority”; they are simply lazy and uneducated people regardless of what hue they happen to be. And have fun calling people racists because, as blueknight pointed out, not only do intelligent people not give a shit what dolts call them, but the true racist is probably in the mirror. It’s one of those “you spot it, you got it” things. Have fun!

    pahleez: the ‘presumption’ of bad grammar and trash talk? It’s not a presumption; ebonics is rife with those things, and you still have made no mention of why you jumped to the conclusion that Enola assumed that Dawnyal was black. Oh, and “you stupid piece of ….(feel free to fill in the blanks)” was cute. Kinda reminded me of middle school. Seriously, go bury your head in the sand.


  57. littlemissgenius

    I get that you’re trying to backtrack because you don’t want to look like a complete idiot for thinking the word “ebonics” was an actual racial slur, but honey, you crossed that bridge already to stop trying. Everyone here has already witnessed your idiocy.

    Calling me a “stupid (feel free to fill in the blanks)” for pointing your very obvious mistake is incredibly immature and classless. I guess I should except nothing less from someone who thinks the word “ebonics” is a racial slur though.

    Toodles, ya idiot. ;)

  58. Let’s stop arguing amongst ourselves and just continue to spam her wall. That’s a much more constructive use of our time.

  59. Public profile and mobile number posted??? Tisk Tisk Dawnyal!!!

  60. Watching the trolling unfold on her wall in real time… wow… My mind is blown as to how people leave their shit open for the whole world to see (which also allows the people who hate them to comment and start drama) and how some people are so blasé about putting all their drama and dirty laundry out there for everyone to see! Including people who are supposed to be grown-ass adults (Jojo’s mom).

    Attention whores, the lot of them.

  61. And all their friends like to post their phone numbers in the comments.

  62. @ jacqbone: Are speaking of Erin and Dawnyal, or the people posting here?

  63. Well, bite my buttons. I was actually speaking to fnord. Sorry. >.<

  64. I was referring to Dawnyal et al. If you really feel the need to bitch to someone on Facebook (or give out phone numbers), that’s what the message function is for. At least keep that shit contained! Or, better yet, the block function. But if it weren’t for lack of common sense, then sites like this wouldn’t exist. I guess I’m just glad I don’t know people like this In Real Life. And even if I did, I wouldn’t friend them on FB.

    Unless it was for the lulz.

  65. creepedoutchick

    Methinks Dawnyal is busy…at collage.

  66. Aww, you can’t comment on any of JoJo’s stuff :-(

  67. Holy crap, it over 1270 comments now!

  68. It’s almost 1,500 now!!!


  69. Dawnyal’s wall is officially blocked to the public :(

  70. pineappleicecream

    I’m sad that i missed the end of the trolling. I got up this morning to find her profile blocked. Did i miss anything good?

  71. Okay, I was a frequent poster at Dawnyal’s wall, but I lurked Lamebook for the last few months until just now. I had to sign up to say I’m sad that it’s over, I made some cool new friends over someone’s crushed dildo misfortune, so in the end, it became a good thing for all of us.

    Anyway, thanks for the great laughs, guys, and now that I have signed up, you might see me around.

    Nick Rosaci

  72. Here is a text file of the entire thread as it was up to the last minute before it was locked out:​o1ttrpvebhu

  73. @ Jackcass: for some reason your link does not work.

  74. @ Jackcass: looks like we have to manually enter it.. for some reason the link changes the characters to weird characters.

  75. This was my all time favorite lamebook post EVER! Best fun i’ve ever had on facebook too! You guys are awesome and I love how we all bonded over it! :) Maybe our fan page will bring new drama and give us some juicy gossip to fawn over hahaha! -Molly



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