Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ace Is Wild

Ace Is Wild

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  1. Gotta love the girls who post their number online then have no clue how anybody they don’t know could possibly get it.

  2. What an awesome conversation. Kid can’t get a clue.

  3. S.T.A.L.K.E.R

  4. Or the fact that she could easily just delete him, instead they have a conversation about it in public for attention..

  5. “Delete friend from Friends List” is what comes to mind. I’m not sure why she didn’t do this instead of carry an entire conversation with this weirdo.

  6. Attention whore!

    First go posting your phone on FB, then be creeped out when a weirdo calls or texts you. WTF?

    And kid, have some dignity and go out and meet girls for real. Oh yeah.. YOU PHAIL!

  7. @ Moula

    Best FPS game ever.

    Why do people keep Facebook friends that they don’t know or like? I’ll never understand that.

  8. Instead of apologizing, he should’ve called her a dumb slag for publicly posting her phone number in the first place.

  9. My ex has done something similar in the past. She posted her cellphone number on her myspace status (I guess she didn’t realize that even though your profile is private, your status isn’t.) Hilarity ensues.

  10. Um, why? If she really doesn’t want to talk to him, why doesn’t she delete him as a friend? Doesn’t want to hurt the stalker’s feelings? Bizarre.

  11. Deleting aside, why did she even accept him as a friend in the first place? Idiot “friend” collector.

  12. Ace
    “Well then how about i just sit in front of your house and watch you or i could follow you to work and hang out in the lot or maybe i could go through your trash and try to find myself in your used tampon”

  13. Ace of Douche…

  14. This chronicles 46 minutes of failure.

  15. This thread is interesting… I would have thought Ace would be the target of hatred more than Yvonne.

  16. Yvonne… Fail
    Ace…Epic Fail

    Presumptuous losers.

  17. So clearly Ace looked up Yvonne on fb and found out that after middle school she got hot, so he wants to friend zone that shit in hopes of banging her.


  18. They’re both idiots. Sure, Ace should have gotten the hint… But at the same time, like others have mentioned – Yvonne could have deleted him. Could have sent him a short, simple private message saying “thanks but no thanks. Please don’t contact me again”. Instead she keeps it passive aggressive until like the fourth post in and THEN says “stop trying to contact me.”

    Can’t blame the guy for trying, really. It’s not like he utilized anything that she didn’t make available to him. And DO NOT get me wrong. I wouldn’t pick up a number off someone’s profile and start making phone calls, but the better solution would have been for her to check out her own profile, realize it was there, and remove it.

  19. Deleting from friends means they can still message you. I’d block that mother-effer.

  20. I knew a girl way back when who would give her number to anyone who asked, and when they called, decline, but tell them to try next week.

    And she kept complaining that she had a long string of stalkers who kept calling her. I informed her that “No, stop calling” and “No, I won’t give you my number” are perfectly reasonable things to say.

  21. The best line ever: “you did several times, but rarely. I swear.”

    Lamebook is cranking out classic after classic right now.

  22. IRL trolling isn’t as funny as trolling on message boards. Also, I keep giving my number to people and leaving it all over the internet, but no one wants to stalk me. What’s that about?


  24. Is Ace holding up one of those mug shot placards?

  25. you know, he probably masturbates to fb pics he adds. and the girl, well it was kinda her fault for posting her numbers online <_< FAIL TO BOTH OF THEM
    But the girl looks hot from the blurred out image

  26. She sounds like one of those stuck-up high school girls who think they’re at the top of the pyramid. I have to give props, the guy’s pretty persistent- he’s a winner.

  27. Love!

    Exciting and new!

    Come aboard!

    We’re expecting you!

    You know, I bet this girl tells her friends that she wishes some guy would sweep her off her feet.

  28. There is nothing lame about these people. Yvonne and Ace appear to be products of a time in which simple miscommunication creates social barriers. What you write is only a reflection of your educational system. People my decry higher tax rates, but these are selfish people who do not realize that they belong to a society, a community. We are a community, a world community–and as a result we owe it to our fellow man to provide our neighbor with the greatest educational opportunities, accessible health care, and stable employement. Reading this entry just reminds us how backwards our Western thinking has been for the past 200+ years.

  29. welcome back, fearless leader!

  30. One day, Ace will find a girl who will reciprocate his feelings. And then he’ll kill her and have sex with the corpse.

  31. You are the two people who “liked” her comment about finding his stalking creepy?

  32. She is dumb as a box of rocks….he is super creepy…welcome back Mao

  33. Mao…lol
    Yeah Mao is on Lamebook Several times but rarely I swear!
    Don’t they have an option to accept or deny a friend request? She’s got too much attitude for my liking….
    If some random boys wanna follow me up comment on my pictures and boost my ego….by all means, make my life

  34. Ace is lame, but i’m guessing Yvonne is a dumb friend collector with hundreds of people she doesn’t really know on her friends list.

  35. Getting a phone number: IT’S MAD PERSONAL.

  36. all she has to do is remove him and then add him to her blocked list – simple…but with like so many self validating people on fb its all about how many people you “think” you know. She probably has around 700 “friends” and she seems like the typical girl that will only hang out with 5 of them, takes a lot of picture tagging them with words like “superduper best friends” or “what a crazy night” so she then can be accepted by her 700 “friends” and then be validated as good human being and well liked…..

  37. Yvonne sounds like an immature, shallow bitch and Ace just comes off as desperate. Both are retards who should have their FB rights revoked.

  38. Yvonne is a stuck-up slag, that much is true… however, how about poor Ace? You know this dude is lonely and/or not getting laid. To go through that much trouble just for the sliver of a chance of a date? And to keep trying when anyone that’s had any human interaction could see she’s not interested? I kinda want to friend Ace right now, just to cheer him up and teach him some things.

  39. It’s kinda creepy how much you guys are assuming about Yvonne, there’s nothing wrong with adding people you knew in primary school or whatever so that you can catch up if you want to – it’s Ace who clearly tried way too hard to be familiar with her.

  40. creeper

  41. way to go ace!

  42. i dont know. she could have put her number in one of the fb groups that people make when they get a new phone and need peoples numbers. they probably have a mutual friend and he was able to see it and took her number. thats happened to me before, but now i know not to post it and just message it.

  43. whoever submitted this to this site has no fucking life.
    and no im not some dumb slut or friend whore okay.
    instead of shitting on me, why dont you guys get your fatasses off your seats and do something else.

  44. Edward Chestnut III

    Sounds like post 43 is yvonne. Uh ohhhh!

  45. Here I thought I’d see random posts on this site not those who are in a similar network. This is kinda scary when you think about it, Oh well.

  46. I can see hormonez and enzymez.

  47. both of them have no lives. period.

  48. You guys are sad :\

    I actually know “Ace” and he’s a lame ass shithead. You guys are saying that Yvonne is the one that’s being all high and mighty, but “Ace” is the one that’s cocky. He assumes every friend that’s a girl on his friend’s list is in love with him. Yvonne however was being smart and actually said all those things to him so his pride would be hurt. Yvonne’s smart. Hopefully “Ace” learned his lesson after hearing what Yvonne had to say. If Yvonne didn’t say what she did, then who is?

    P.S. If you don’t know her, don’t just call her a whore/slut/bitch/friend collector. You’re just making yourself look like an ass.

  49. you people are dumb

    have you people never heard of uploading pictures from your mobile onto facebook? uh yeah, you publish your phone number into your “info” tab and they don’t even inform you. that happened to me so stfu and get it through your head that yvonne didnt publish her number on purpose. ace is the freak who actually searched for it and started texting her like a stalker.

  50. Am I the only one who finds it odd that 2 people like her comment about finding him creepy? Are these other people who find him creepy? Do they not like her and enjoy that she is being stalked?

    Ahh, the mysteries of human interaction are lovely. At least we don’t have to wade through atrocious grammar and punctuation to understand these people’s dilemma.

  51. I like how Yvonne saw it and defended herself . Now this movie turned into a play…. It’s still good tho

  52. yvonne is defending herself in the third person. purplejesus loves that.

  53. This post and the fact Yvonne has replied to these comments — is FUCKING awesome.

  54. I think the two people “liked” what she said because she blatantly told him he was being creepy.

  55. that girl sure loves to be stalked! Hello? There is a “block this person” button on facebook!

  56. But she loves the attentions, look at that blur she’s one hot piece of ass, and he’s a little dweeb

  57. 1. How can you talk to someone several times rarely?
    2. If you’ve posted your number somewhere on FB, it’s not ‘mad personal’.
    3. What number 55 said.

  58. What the hell? I posted my phone number in a Facebook group, but it OBVIOUSLY wasn’t meant for you?

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