Thursday, January 7, 2010

Abused and Confused


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  1. I WANT MOOOOORE this is too good haha

  2. are they both glorified baby killers?? and why do they put ‘lmao’ after saying you killed your baby!!

  3. I just have a vision of Magen carrying round a plastic doll and palming it off as her new born.
    Maybe she couldn’t risk having the real thing, what with all these baby-killers knocking about.

  4. She named her child Harmony? Vomit.

  5. Haha no she named her fake child Harmony!!

  6. the-lonely-island

    How does she know the baby’s name is harmony if she killed it?

  7. With a name like “Jasmynn” she’s probably more like a Jizzmine.

  8. This is getting me all worked up. I need to chill my bush. Pass the me that coke.

  9. I blame the parents. “Jasmynn” and “Magen”? There’s no way their parents expected greatness from them with those names.

  10. I’m sorry, but I lol’d at the sight of the name “Magen”. It’s the German word for “stomach”. Bless you, my weird Austrian humour.

  11. Do we really want either of these two reproducing anyway?

  12. “Jasmynn”? “Magen”? There’s no way that they can be white-trash.

  13. When my child asks me where babies come from, I will be able to tell him that Magen invented them.

  14. After all this crap, I’m not bothered about her killing a child or whatever, I’m more annoyed about the fact that neither of them can spell “you’re” right. Stop reproducing till this stops, for the love of Buddha.

  15. I have to say , English is my third language ,so thanks to Lamebook my vocabulary is growing each time I see one of these posts.

  16. *you’re

  17. Yeah Jasmynn, chill your bush.

  18. Harmony.Optimus Prime would have been a far better name.

  19. I like turtles.

  20. Perfect. Just perfect.

  21. I like how they laugh at the sentence “you killed your baby TOO lmfao”.

  22. Canadian Hoes usually aren’t quite so trailer trash. Must be imports.

  23. I vote we install chastity belts on these 2 forever more.

  24. Chemical castration FTW

  25. I always add “lol” to my dark jokes in text messages to assure that they’re friendly. These girls make it complicated with all the (lame) sarcasm. (Can’t their parents find nicer-looking spellings for the names? A simple Jasmin (no ‘e’) is good enough. Megan doesn’ have any variety I could think of. Make it her first and middle name then : Meg Anne.)

  26. So they’re both about.16 years old. Sounds about right.

    Also- “chill your bush woman” made me laugh.

  27. europe_rocks, wow, we’re neighbors! Northern Italy here. :)

  28. @Thermostat: Better, they’re Canadian, and Jasmynn’s not half bad looking

  29. I have to wonder if the business world will someday look and sound like this.
    Perhaps we will have a one-world language that makes sense to noone.
    Let us name it WONGLISH

  30. Voilà, found Kyraa and Jasmynn as well.

    Gee, I’m good at it. I should try and become a private eye.

  31. Wow! I nominate Jasmynn for the hottest chick to be featured in LB yet. Hands down.

  32. @19

    Actually, I think Optimus-Prime should be hyphenated. It adds class, as does always adding “Destiny”. So Harminy Destiny Optimus-Prime is best.

  33. I was sick of constantly getting moderated, so I got a new profile.

    Anyway, I’m getting rather good at finding people. Guess who found them all?

    Here’s Magen. She’s 15, by the way. You can read her notes, and she’s taken one of those lame quizzes that used to be sent by chain mail.

    Here are some selected picks from her answers.

    2. Approximate Age? 15.

    10. Would you let your kids smoke weed? I would, but not if it started ruining their education.

    16. How would you like to die? I’d like to experience excruciating pain, so something painful. :\

    17. What’s your opinion on self-mutilation? Well, I’d get a tattoo and I have piercings, so not too much.

    24. Would you consider yourself intelligent? Yes, in some areas.

    39. What do you think of abortion? In some cases, it is the right thing to do.. Personally, I couldn’t do it, I would feel like a murderer.

    55. What do you want to name your kids? There are alot of names that I’ve always liked… Too many to name.

  34. Shesocold, excellent stalker skillz.

    I feel for Kyra. She has horrible friends.

  35. @woodsielord – seconded, but she would be way hotter if she punctuate her sentences correctly.

  36. ughh, more illiterate, inarticulate, uneducated, lacking in even basic common sense teenage trashy twits indulging in name calling and poor spelling on FB.

    How very interesting and original. Puleez

  37. BTW…It’s Kyraa…..2 ‘a’s . ….lol
    Likely not jasmynn’s real pic

  38. D’oh – if she COULD punctuate her sentences correctly.

  39. What a wonderful conversation to read on your birthday.

  40. Happy birthday nim! :)

  41. You fucking lying two-faced bitch, you pretended that you were pregnant, named your unborn imaginary foetus, then fucking murdered it through a fake abortion lmfao lol haha!!

    *Wait for similarly themed rebuttal, then repeat*

  42. @37

    True, but it’s still notable for use of “chill your bush, woman”

  43. Link profiles please?


    and Happy Birthday Nim!

  44. LOL. Nim, I’m assuming you were talking about the sister’s birthday.

    As I was reading the post again, I realized that’s what you meant.


  45. i want to punch magen

  46. Okay, this is fucking disgusting. None of you guys know anything.
    I had a daughter named Harmony, she went for heart surgery on the 21st of December. The valves that are connected to lungs, were not connected on her right lung. When she was born she went for a surgery and got it closed.
    None of you have the right to talk about her like that, or me. Do you not feel shame? An innocent little child has died, and ALL of you choose to make fun of a situation that you have no information about. Sure you can make fun of Jasmyn’s name, and my name.. But how dare you make fun of her’s. There is a reason why little one’s were brought into the world, the reason certainly isn’t so others can make fun of them.

    This website breaks the law. Showing personal information, pictures, and a way to contact an individual. Not only are you attacking the both of us, but your threatening me.
    Stop adding me, stop sending me messages. I don’t want to hear your bullshit, I don’t want to hear your misconceived thoughts.
    Once again, shame on all of you.

    - Magen

  47. FUCK ALL OF YOU GUYS YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING PIGS YOU AR THE REASONS WHY THE WORLD HAS SO MUCH HATE. Have some god damn fucking respect someone lost their child and you sit behind a computer and fuckin run your mouths like you know her and her life? How pathetic can you get you desgust me. Bet your parents are fucking proud that they raised scum. Honestly GROW up and leave her ALONE! have a problem messages and I WILLfucking deal with it pce.

  48. *disgust*

  49. This cite is not illegal. Do people not understand facebook is not private it is on the WORLD WIDE WEB!! Anyone can access it if they know more than an average amount about computers.
    Magen… Your only 15 and obviously have a lot of growing up to do which hopefully happens before you have the responsibility of parenting.

  50. Posting how to contact me without my permission is illegal. There is a privacy statement on facebook, that is why you can edit your privacy settings, I don’t allow ANYBODY (but the people who I add) see my profile. Yeah, I am 15. I have alot of growing up to do? Don’t you think the people who sit behind their computers commenting on other people’s misery, or whatever else… are the people who need to grow up? I’m quite intelligent actually, I definitely have more parenting skills then the average teen mother. If you read above, you would see that I indeed at one point, had a daughter.
    If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, anything worth reading… maybe you should NOT reply.

  51. Dear Megan and Jasmynn,

    I hear your pain and suffering. I can see the strife resplendant behind your poorly constructed and badly punctuated sentances. I can certainly sense that life has presented the both of you with more than your fair share of hard times.

    I weep for the both of you, I really do. As does God. Though, He has told me that He weeps, not for the obvious pain and hardship that has tortured your young lives, but for His own sake.

    You see girls; it is pitfull, degenerate, rancid little whores like your good selves that make the Almighty weep. He weeps because you can’t keep your legs shut tightly around the cum soacked caverns that gape obscenely like some oversized venus cock traps from around your cheap Walmart thongs.

    He weeps, because He Knows that the rest of us have to share the same planet with folk like you.

  52. “Quite intelligent” people wear condoms.

  53. Magen,

    All I have to say really is WOW. Have you not seen/read the above conversation? You’re the one laughing about your friend being a baby murderer? Anything that you have just said made you a complete hypocrite in every way. All I got from you paragraph rant was that it’s only okay when you do it. DO not sit here and try to defend your baby’s name when you so carelessly are making fun of an abortion to defend yourself.
    You’re only fifteen years old, and you don’t know shit about life yet.

  54. if you are so concerned magen, then simply ask lamebook to remove the post

  55. Here we go again with another SWMBM drama…

  56. @Lulla
    That is so true. Should people start copying this page just in case things get good and then deleted. It would be a shame to lose another one.

  57. I’d think if Magen was so concerned with privacy, she would have picked a more discreet user name than “MagenRhodes”.
    Of course, I also would think someone would learn to write properly and perhaps not find child murder so amusing as to actually laugh their ass off.
    Magen, are you sure you’re not SWMBM? Perhaps just a disciple?

  58. “If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, anything worth reading… maybe you should NOT reply.” -MagenRhodes

    Ah, if only she could understand what that means.
    “Your fucking stupid as hell” indeed.

  59. I kind of feel sorry for Magen. She lost a baby for Pete’s sake. But then again, she shouldn’t be making babies at her age in the first place. So that pretty much cancels itself out.

  60. major lulz @ #14 NormanEinstein!!!!!!!
    also #53 kennyf93, that was terrific.
    I love it when 15-year-olds try to defend their maturity and intelligence! It’s so great. Reminds me of how annoying I must have been at that age, and how funny it will be when they grow up and realize they were all douches. That is, if they ever grow up anyway.

  61. I feel bad for her too…

    however, putting something like this out there on a public forum was not a smart idea. Magen, the real mature thing would have been to ignore her post or at least not bring up her “killing her baby.”

  62. GrammaticalErrors

    I’m so glad I was here for this!

    I can’t see how Lamebook posted anyway of contacting her or her whorey little friends….too bad some people do have a brain and can work out how to find people and use a computer.

    What I also don’t know is why do these people care so much what complete strangers think about their disgusting little lives? Megan can I ask you what impact any of what people say here is affecting your life day to day? Get over it…you made a complete fool of yourself….one of your “friends” obviously posted this here…maybe you should learn a lesson and keep your mouth (and legs) shut for awhile! you only dig your hole deeper!

  63. GrammaticalErrors

    oh yeah and total win Magen (sorry got that wrong before because it’s so ridiculous) for using your full name to create a lamebook account and then bitch about privacy!

  64. It’s not too difficult to find someone whose name is spelled like the German word for “stomach,” Magen. May I suggest that in keeping with that theme, it would be appropriate if you name your next child Speiseröhre (esophagus)?

    The Pope @ 52 FTW, incidentally. Couldn’t have said it better.

  65. I don’t care what people say… Lamebook gets better all the time ;)

  66. Dear Magen, if there’s a semi-truck driving by at some point, please do the world a favor and step in front of it.

  67. Magen, wow. You clearly have overstayed your welcome on this Earth. Kindly leave it by any means possible.

  68. Happy birthday Kyra.

  69. Oh, what I would give to see this conversation continue…

  70. Magen? The world has billions of people, millions of whom die every day. Most of them die in horrible, painful ways. Some are torn open in traffic accidents and lie bleeding to death on the pavement. Some are murdered. Some people’s bodies turn on them.

    We could not possibly take time out to give a shit about all of them, or we wouldn’t have time for Lamebook.

    Just think about that before you go trolling for sympathy next time.

  71. Oh, also:

    “I don’t want to hear your misconceived thoughts.”

    Sounds more like your kid was misconcieved, amirite?

  72. Magen, my dear. Nobody put a link to your profile, here – it’s just that, since you and your friend have such strange, misspelled names, it is not too hard to find all of you. It took me about 3 minutes.

    I would have _never_ written your full name here; then again, you did. So stop bitching. BTW, there’s no thing as “a better skilled teenage parent”: kids should be using condoms, or, if they’re not wise enough to do so, avoid having sex at all. Enough with the lecture.

  73. Magen, you got told.

  74. Magen, chill your bush, woman.

  75. Three weeks and she already knew she had twins? Someone get that girl into medical school! Or an education maybe.

  76. Tim = Win.

  77. Holy.

    That is all.

    Though, this just makes me want to see SWMBM’s comments even more than I already did.

  78. It is so cool of someone who lost their baby to ridicule someone else for having an abortion.

    So cool.

  79. Sounds like Magen needs to stop making FAKE BABIES on the net:

  80. @ 33. Tim

    You, my good sir, are made of whiskey india november!

  81. actually, i can clarify for everyone what “jasmynn” means by “inventing” babies. this actually isn’t the first time i’ve encountered “magen” on the net, although she had a different username in those forums. she invented a big long story about a baby named harmony that died due to some neglect on her part. i believe she was also claiming to be pregnant or maybe that she had another child. it caused a big uproar in the forums we were in, and i know some of the other users found her contact info and called her parents. this facebook convo must have come sometime after we outed her to her family.

  82. Holy fucking shit. The initial post was funny enough, but the fact that this person actually posted on here, and the ensuing comments made me laugh my ass off.

    The comments on here are amazing.

    Especially Chinchillazilla. First thing I thought was “people are starving in Africa, who gives one flying fuck about the baby you should never have had”.

    Abortion can be a beautiful thing Magen, don’t knock it — try it sometime. (Or better yet, a little thing called birth control).

  83. zaphodsjustthisguy

    FTW. The hypocrisy is amazing. I agree with the Pope.

  84. Stop being so damn ridicilious magen.

    Does this mean typos are genetic, then? Her parents obviously misspelled “megan” on the birth certificate.

  85. I do not remember life being anything like this when I was 15…these babies are having babies, and talking about it as if it’s no big deal. If I had to deal with an abortion, or having my child die (or being mentally unstable enough to invent a baby, and then make it “die”, which is not quite as awful, but almost more disturbing) at that age, I don’t think I would have made it.

    I guess there is a chance I had an abortion sophmore year, maybe even a Harmony…who knows, I was very stoned that entire year.

  86. shhhhhhhhhh! Im trying to invent myself more babies. And then lmao when i abort them.


  87. Gosh, Jasmynn. Stop being so “ridicilous”.

  88. and people wonder why I’ve chosen to wait to have sex…

  89. and people wonder why I’ve chosen not to have sex yet

  90. So…. These ladies met at the abortion clinic or something?

  91. As if this post wasn’t enough to make me want to change my name, the comments have clinched it. Stomach, Jazzmine, Gannet, Umm…Yeah, etc.: this (former) Harmony now needs a new name. I hear Optimus Prime is the next logical choice?

  92. Don’t be ridicilious!

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