Monday, September 13, 2010

A Tragic Weekend

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  1. Burn a Qu’ran flag? If you’re not joking, get behind that preacher from Florida in my line of people I’m going to punch in their stupid ignorant faces.

    R.I.P. to all those who died on 9/11.

    Pre-emptive fuck you to any Lamebook commenters who bitch about Muslims.

  2. Ditto what BritishHobo said.

  3. Don’t get too worked up over it. He was just expressing his onion.

  4. I need something more than this lamebook, I’m hung over and just not feeling it.

  5. Melissa in first post should be shipped out to war, then she wouldn’t think that.

  6. I want to voice my onion too…

    We are all in this world together – at the end of the day we are all born, we all poop and we all die – lets just get on already!!

  7. Interesting that the ones with the most ignorant voice of contention are typically the same who can’t spell Qur’an, Islam, Muslim, or Mosque correctly. I have my doubts they’d spell America or Christianity correct either. Just a random thought.

    Far from a lamebook worthy topic. 9/11 was a tragic event that continues to ignite more and more worldwide intolerance as the years pass – against the US and the Islamic Nations.

    Give peace a chance? Oh John. I miss you so.

  8. That “LFO guy dead” post doesn’t deserve to be in this post. There is one general theme to this one and it stands out like a sore thumb.

    That said I know it’s bad but I had to laugh and Jack! He really got the upper hand on Paul.

  9. So now Regretsy AND Lamebook have done 9/11 posts.

    I’m too afraid to check People of Walmart…

  10. *at jack, damn i should be more careful with my spelling and grammar.

  11. @BritishHobo – one week ago I was one of those jackasses that bitched about Muslims. I am actually really ashamed of myself now and apologized for some statements I made on Facebook where I was just voicing my onion. A very bigoted onion. I really wanted to hear what the Imam had to say on BBC today but they cut him off just as he was talking about the mother of a 20yr old highly decorated Muslim soldier that is buried in Arlington Cemetery as a war hero. he did ask for the media to stop giving these radicals so much airtime before he was cut off. Way to go western media. You give that cunt Osama more airtime to promote the killing of westerners than you do a man who promotes interfaith and peace.

  12. And as the years go on, the younger generations will stop caring less and less about 9/11, and not even know what it was. We’ll see this every year, just more of it.

  13. I’m somewhat bemused Nic is experiencing the same level of grief over the demise of some boy bander as she had when Kurt Cobain died. And she’s not even a fan. A very odd comparison. Sorry about that, Kurt. No disrespect to you, Rich, but you’re not even remotely on my radar.

    And Derek wins.

  14. Can I please light Melissa on fire?

  15. No you may not. She is entitled to her onion. No matter how bitter or tear-jerking it may be.

  16. hahaha..she deleted her post, THANK GOD i did a screen shot first.. (Lori)

  17. I am getting my pilot’s license next month. First thing I am going to do is fly my plane into the nearest onion field.

  18. @ sideshow.. make your way to PA if you wanna do it in Melissas onion field.

  19. Give peace a chance? Give pea’s a chance more like, you need them to get 1 of your 5 a day, i don’t care for your onion on this.

    Back when 9/11 happened i seen this little old lady crying, i asked her what was the matter and she said “we are all going to starve, they have blown up the world food centre”. True story.

  20. We should have aliens invade us on 9/11 for our natural resources. We can bunker up in a secret airfield in the middle of the desert, find a way to inject a virus into the mothership and strike back as a whole with a handful of airplanes that were not destroyed in the attack. That way 9/11 will no longer be a day of remembrance and grief and will forever on be remember as the day of our independence day.

    Anyways, that’s my onion.

  21. ‘BURN A QURAN FLAG!!!’.

    I would laugh, but for the likelihood that this guy has a rifle and spends his free time shooting at anyone with brown skin, extensive facial hair, or a vaguely Islamic-sounding last name. On that note, maybe I should be heading for cover.

  22. Uhhh is Christopher being ironic? Or is he just a complete idiot? I can’t tell.

  23. At the risk of being extensively hated:
    Melissa is, at least to some degree, correct. Things that are intrinsically worse than the 9/11 attacks happen all the time. I have great sympathy for those involved in it directly or indirectly, but no more sympathy than I have for people involved in any other disaster. It was a really really horrible thing, but things that are just as bad are done by some African warlord practically daily. No one cares, because the victims are Africans instead of a handful of Americans.
    The real tragedy is the fact that it has been invested with meaning by various factions using it to promote their own agendas and embroil everyone in endless wars. But none of that has to do with the event itself. It has to do with the way politicians decided to spin it for their own gain.
    Oh and Sycorax, they might know how and just choose to misspell. For example if I were to insult islam I’d call them ‘moslems’ or use some other outdated spelling.

  24. Look… basically and I say this because this “remembering” shit is being done in my country (Argentina) all the time. When politics continually bring up remembrances of past tragedies it is because they serve a purpose. It’s not to honor them at all, but mainly to manipulate the people into their speech.

    For example, here in Argentina we had a very bloody dictatorship during the 70s that lasted up to the beginning of the 80s. All the time we have to “remember” those who disappeared, we have been remembering for the past 40 years and it’s all bullshit. Everytime they throw the dictatorship at your face it is basically to speak against any sort of right wing ideals even if they are not fascist at all… for example, riots and unpeaceful (sp) manifestations are quite a common thing. If the police were to apprehend or subdue people who were manifesting in a disorderly manner, someone would come out and say that the police were fascist, just like the military had once been during the 70s. This would result in a bunch of people bandwagonning against the police. This is how our current socialist government holds its power, through lies and remembrance of miserable times.

    It’s a crappy ass system… but it works.

  25. @sycorax Seeing as most words associated with Islam are Arabic translations, there is usually more than one accepted spelling, like with Koran and Quran and all that jazz. I’m pretty sure that only really tight-assed Muslims would be offended by misspellings… as far as I’m concerned, once it’s phonetically sound then it’s fine.

    Oh and mad2physicist, I agree wholeheartedly.

  26. There’s not really anything of value I can add here that hasn’t been said already.

    On a slightly related note, Melissa’s post completely distracted me. All I can think now is “Let’s get physico! PHYSICO!”

    Anyone want to start a flash mob?

  27. I hate muslims. I’m not afraid to say it. Nothing but hate and ignorance coming out of their mouths. The world would be a much better place if we just removed the middle east from the map, entirely. Too bad we can’t just bomb them all into outer space.

  28. Sorry, Qu’ran. since there are grammar Nazis who feel those Muslims out there deserve to have their things spelled correctly. Now, time to bash on my country. Why would you build a MUSLIM Mosque near the site of 9/11? It’s like hey “hey, this is to honor and respect the religion of the country that killed so many people :D Why? because we’re fucking America. We have to show the world that we continue to practice equal rights and acceptance or all races and religion, and freedom to all!” It’s a slap in the face to dumb it down. I understand that principle, but then there’s a line where that becomes degrading. We’re being the Muslims’ bitches by doing that for them and defending them. I hope more of the construction equipment for those Mosques get burned and destroyed, and more Qu-rans burned. They started this shit, and if they wanna finish it, we’ve got plenty of ammo. They’re a poor third world country whose army consists of all ages.Even children. If they want 72 Virgins so much, we’ll give it to them. Oh yes, and someone needs to show Muhammad already. =P

  29. @Tigerlillies

    The irony wrapped up in that post is simply awesome. Teach me.

  30. Cool, my first comment is being moderated. I was just expressing my onion.

  31. Keona, your post is so jumbled and ambiguous that I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or ironically sarcastic, or sarcastically ironically sarcastic. Thus, I’m going to say “Oh yawn, it’s a stereotypically ‘patriotic’ American. Let’s move on, kids.” and do just that.

    Moving on now.

  32. @sexysadie- Christopher was tanked according to what he wrote, but that part was apparently taken out of his post.

  33. C’mon, onions are like assholes, every bodies got one and they all stink!

  34. Junebug, I’m not sure what country you’re from, but I’m sure that if that had happened to yours, and they wanted to build a mosque there honoring the country that killed your people, you wouldn’t still be yawning. I’m patriotic, but at the same time I hate my country for what it’s allowing to happen. And I hate the Muslims as well. Clear enough for you now?

  35. Ignorance. ouch.

    thank you to BritishHobo – your sane, if not a little violent first comment, calmed the ANGER surging through me at the mention of the “Qu’ran flag”. really? THIS is the up and coming generation? I’m ashamed to be a part of it!

  36. Keona, having been born into a muslim family and being a muslim till I was twelve, I think that might just qualify me for your hatred, or whatever. I’m unpleasantly surprised that your tone wasn’t sarcastic, and that you actually believe what you’re saying. it’s so uninformed that I can’t even begin to tackle your misconceptions. I’ll try a few though.

    1) mosques aren’t built in honour of any country, far less the one you’re referring to. they’re basically just Muslim churches.

    2) the country I come from is one that has been fucked over by America for many many years, because according to one of your presidents, the Caribbean is your “backyard” and thus your right to claim. I’m peeved about that, yes. but I don’t hate Americans. just the ignorant ones like you.

    3) all religions have extremists. ever heard of the Spanish inquisition? yeh, quite a few people died there too. but that doesn’t mean people go around hunting down Catholics. the people who commit murder and suicide and all that shit for the sake of religion, are extremists and fucking MORONS.

    America calls itself the land of the free blah blah blah, but many of you all are ridiculously bigoted. I live in a third world country where Christianity and Islam are two of the most prominent religions (the other being Hinduism) and there are mosques, churches and temples practically on the same street…. people celebrate and respect each other’s beliefs. Of my three best friends, one is Catholic, one is Muslim, and the third one is Hindu. We are yet to have a falling-out over religion.

    it’s really sad that you all are still stuck in the same place that so many ‘lesser’ countries have been able to move past. I pity you.

    Oh, and for the record, I’m an atheist.

  37. tl;dr

  38. <3 junebug

  39. too bad we can’t bomb georgia, alabama, and northern florida into outer space

  40. Junebug FTW.

    On a completely unrelated, possibly ridiculous note…I thought that Muslim group wanted to build a community center, not a mosque? I’ve read both things…anyone know for sure?

  41. I apologize and accept it if you don’t care. I am not like some Americans stuck on negative, you misunderstand me. I am just confused. I’ve been told two differing stories and not sure what to believe. I don’t hate ALL Muslims. just the ones that are extremists. I guess I’ve been misinformed. People have told me two different sides to your country.

    1) That not all of you are the same and not all are “bad” or terrorists.

    2) the other side: That from a young age, ALL Middle Eastern people are raised to hate America and other countries and any other religion other than Muslim/ Muhammad as “God” is hated. That children are also taught to fight and shoot and given guns and sent off to war. However, now that I’ve heard straight from the horses’s mouth so to speak, I have a better idea of what’s the truth. Again, I’m sorry for looking like a bitch and idiot. :( This is a deep heartfelt apology.

  42. junebug <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 well done and well said.

    Keona – if that is a heartfelt apology, well done to you – that took courage. You have indeed been misinformed, but hopefully that you know understand the "truth", so to speak, you will be able to pass this knowledge on, so there will be less ignorant, racist people in the world (a slightly unachieveable goal of mine!)

    on a side note – "Muslim extremist" is one of those phrases I hate. My close Islamic friends abhorr and fear, even hate, the terrorists as much as I do – perhaps more so, as these so-called "Muslims" are ruining the perception of their religion. Call them terrorists, murderers, assassins because that is what they are. They DO NOT follow the Qu'ran to the letter, rather they choose to twist its words to suit their purpose.

  43. It is heartfelt. I will do my best to spread the word and try to open more eyes in my country. Sadly at least two of my family members are lost causes. Part of my family is in the South, most of this part are in TN, including me. The two in my family of which I speak are the complete stereotype of the south. The “redneck” one. They’re stuck in their racist/ white supremacy type way. :( I’m ashamed to live in the south. While not all of us fit the stereotype. Some do. Then again, I guess everywhere in the US has it own stereotypes. There will always be a few that fit it and keep it alive. tl:dr I’m sorry. XD One last thing: I wish there was a way to change those two family members’ perspective. I mean..they’re racist to the extent of openly saying “I wish slavery days were back. I hate ni**ers, they should all be lynched. They’re just monkeys.” But of course around my black friends, they’re as nice as can be. This trash talk goes for any race but white. They claim to be bad asses yet they’re too chicken-shit to say it to their faces. aadhahkfa rant done.

  44. @junebug are you from Trinidad?

  45. @Keona not to beat a dead horse but it is so amazingly refreshing to see someone willing to change their mind when they are presented with better information than what they’ve been given. Having also spent a lot of my time in Tennessee, I completely understand the socio-cultural forces that you are working against in coming to an understanding of these issues.

    The facts have already been presented but I’d like to throw in a couple of extras: the proposed mosque sight is no closer to Ground Zero than several other mosques which have been there for years with absolutely no outcry. And yes, despite all (even vaguely reasonable (read: non-hysterical)) arguments to the contrary, there should be no question in any American’s mind that a mosque should be “allowed” at that site- because we are a country founded on the freedom to speak, think, and build according to our own personal/familial/spiritual joys. Even more importantly, those freedoms of expression are part of the reason the tragic events of 9/11 took place (okay, so American foreign policies going back fifty years and mostly regarding Israel probably have more bearing on the attacks, just go with it people), and so by restricting in any fashion the freedom of expression that is this country’s hallmark, we would in fact be letting the terrorists win.

  46. *site

    Got it the second time but that first one slipped by me.

  47. Miss Kate, this is true. Obviously, Islam does not make someone a terrorist any more than Christianity makes someone a crusader.
    I could give a rat’s rear end about the ‘terrorists’ associated to islam. I dislike islam’s misogynistic tendencies, however.
    Pear, I must say, freedom of expression probably had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 attack. I don’t think the hijackers were like ‘These people can TALK! We HATE them!’ I imagine they were pumped up on other propaganda.

  48. I will never forget 7/11. I got my Big Gulp, filled with a shot of every flavor of Slurpee. It was so hot that day. So hot, and that line was so long, held up by some lady with raggedy hair extensions of various colors who was trying to buy scratch offs with a handful of change. I knew I shouldn’t but I couldn’t resist. The Slurpee beckoned. I gave in. The brain freeze that followed still gives me nightmares. My tonsils turned into ice cubes, the chill seeped up into my brain, and I somehow even managed to freeze the back of my nasal cavity. It took me 7 hours of laying facedown in the parking lot before I began to defrost.
    Yes sir, I will NEVER forget 7/11, a senceless tradejy indeed!

  49. ; see “Marriage to Muhammad”

    … & Jesus was a Jew.

    Religion is psychosis.

  50. Saw this and thought it was maybe a little bit funny…something different to what we normally think of!

  51. @lamebookpro Yes, I’m Trinidadian :)

  52. And Keona, thanks for not being obnoxious about it. That was cool of you.

  53. Tigerlillies244,
    I hate people like you and i am not afraid to say it.
    How can you tar every Muslim with the same brush. I am pretty sure they are not all suicide bombers and i am pretty sure alot of them are repressed and don’t have freedom of speech like yourself.
    Are you in the forces? If not then shut the fuck up and go reproduce.

  54. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Tigerlillies244 – dearie me, you are a twat, aren’t you? Nothing but hate and ignorance coming out of your mouth. Like greenstrings, I’m amazed by the level of irony in your post.

    The problem with this is, and I doubt you will be able to grasp the following concept, is that it’s not all *muslims* that are the problem, it’s all *extremists*. Extremist Muslims, Christians, Jews, Catholics. Don’t your extreme views therefore make you part of the problem? Right, so let’s remove you from the map.

    @ absbabs – if this person were in the forces, would it make ok for them to hold this opinion? No, it would make it worse. And, for fuck’s sake, don’t tell this person to reproduce. You think we need more people like this?!

  55. Loving how Christopher argues that 9/11 is not a holiday, then proceeds to define holiday as ‘any day of exemption from work’.

  56. I decided that this year I would not cheapen this day of contemplative reflection by making my usual irreverent and tasteless jokes.

    I spent it thrashing off to David Bowies ‘Heroes’ instead.

  57. Not that I think Beki isn’t an idiot, because she probably does intend to say 9/11 and can’t spell worth a damn.. But 7/11 was the day of the beginning of Srebrenica massacre, which was far more deadly than 9/11.

  58. @junebug – me too! pump it up! pump it up! Pieces!

  59. I figure at this point if they don’t build the mosque at ground zero that’s basically like admitting that America blames the Islamic religion itself for the attacks and not just an extremist faction. Of course a disturbingly large portion of Americans do blame the entire religion, but you can’t ever let a vocal group of nut jobs have their way. If America was all about letting angry pushy people get what they want they’d have caved to the terrorists.

  60. @ XS – well said. I was against it because I was ignorant. I’ve made a complete turnaround. 70% of New Yorkers are against it….the same amount that were for an Iraqi invasion before we had all the facts and not just what we were being ‘fed’. At the very least it will make moderate Muslims who once felt that they were on “our” side against the terrorists feel like they are now in limbo. We need them to defeat the evildoers. We need all the help we can get. This is not a time to make more enemies.

  61. @hitmewithyourrhythmvic,
    Seems to me the people who are complaining the most are the people who sit at home on there asses, not out everyday standing up for the country they believe in. Unless you have stood up for your country in such a way i think lazy ass people like Tigerlillies244 has no right to such an uneducated opinion.

    As for reproducing it’s probably already to late for her!

  62. As well as not allowing the building of this mosque to go ahead, I seriously think we should also ban any KFC’s from opening up in the vicinity of Ground Zero.

    They sell a burger called the Zinger Tower and I personally find it distasteful and think its a disgrace….the ‘spicy’ coating tastes like shit and the dollop of mayo like a week old elephant spunk sample.

  63. Those poor victims of 7/11…

  64. @lamebookpro yuh like Brunswick tuna? yuh fine it nice? yuh fine it tasty?

  65. hahahaha @ junebug…fingers intact!

  66. btw, slapchop is THE BEST way to establish your trini-ism without doubt.

  67. yeah it’s like a secret handshake :-)

  68. @ Sam. I thought the same thing. His very first definition of holiday contradicted his own statement that 9/11 isn’t a holiday. I quote him: “a day fixed in law or CUSTOM… in COMMEMORATION of some event.” Um hello?

  69. sycorax and BritishHobo why are you not this awesomely thoughtful every day? I agree…

    I’m Australian and since 9/11 we have had some terrible laws passed, with thinly veiled racism, and yet we have not been attacked.

    The thing is that although it was a tragedy, so many innocent lives have been taken since. And far from preventing more terrorist attacks, the anger that families have that their father, mother, brother ect were killed by Coalition of the Willing troops is just going to burn people up inside, and make them ready recipients to the senselessness of Terrorist Organisations.

    The terrible thing is that although I think that it is wrong, I can understand why these people do think that it is their only way to make a stand against the wrongs that the western world is doing to the people living in the middle east. Its more than just women dressing like whores (which, dan_fargis, I do not agree with), it is about the wealth distribution and the history of how the Middle East was divided up during the first half of the 20th Century.

  70. @39) Noooo! There are actuallly intelligent, respectful people who live in the South! Rather, you should collect up all the ignoramuses (ignorami?) out of every part of the country, or better, every part of the world, and blow them all to outer space. You’ll just have to figure out where to put them. Greenland might work.

  71. When did Greenland become an outer space destination? And have you already booked your flight?

  72. The stupidity is just to much for me to handle!!!

  73. oh, for f*** sake!
    you all really believe the story about M.Atta and the evil genius band of taliban terrorists?
    sorry, but for me that´s never been proven beyond doubt; I say: follow the money and look who´s had the biggest benefit of the attack. Convenient for the bush admin, wasn´t it? gave them lot´s of support for “homeland security”…good reason for another war, also…. as if the taliban wouldn´t have realized that the states would retaliate and their comfortable reign of terror would be endangered….
    I probably sound like a conspiracy nut to you, but if something looks like a bird, sounds like a bird and feeds the cat, it usually IS a bloody bird.
    Don´t get me wrong, I´m really sorry about the loss of lives, but I just don´t buy the who and the why. whatever and whoever lies behind this, trust me, we don´t know half of it.. and if it led to lot´s of people hating muslims (which is sick, because religion has FA to do with it)then I guess it must have worked even better. I wonder… why doesn´t the american public demand the whole truth? is it easier to believe everything you´re told? and while I´m in rant-mode: was there a “memorial day” for hiroshima or nagasaki? and as was said above: who cares about thousands dying all over the world every day? what makes brokers and bankers so effing special? the fact that they rule us all with their fun and games? phew…. OK, now I´m done, go back to your discussion about religions, if you really think 9/11 had anything to do with that….

  74. ^ please post that as your status, so it can appear on this website.

    It’s sad that the viewers of this website are as ridiculous as the people they come to ridicule.

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