Friday, May 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Pizzas


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  1. oh wow.

  2. Alright guys, who stole Jason’s medication?

  3. wow..lamest of the century

  4. Why didnt he just get some medium sized pizzas?

  5. This is my favorite all time Lamebook post

  6. I don’t understand when it became acceptable to have conversations not just over Facebook, but over comments on Facebook status’.

  7. well, I guess we just found the plot for the next Charlie Kaufman movie.

  8. Amazing. Can I request some followup research to see how it all pans out? Too lame to let go!

  9. I didn’t realize VH1 Reality show characters were on Facebook.

  10. The anger really doesn’t translate well over Facebook

  11. hahahahahahaha WOW.

  12. These two gentlemen may need pr representation.

  13. And where’s Jen?! The whole reason behind Jason’s outburst and she has nothing to say?! Also note that Jason’s wanting to become a cop. ;)

  14. Haha, Robby.

  15. Isn’t “shibby” from “Dude, Where’s My Car?” ?

  16. someone call the waaaaaambulance, whiniest babies EVER! Also it’s really hard what they are even fighting about with their extremely low levels of literacy. Most pointless “conversation” ever; I think I am now dumber for having read it.

  17. “Shibby” definitely is from “Dude where’s my car”

  18. Somebuddy gots sum ish-yous. Holy crap. Get over yourselves. Go do some book lurning er sumthin.

  19. I’ve never met somebody with a Zune before.

  20. out of this whole story, what bothered me the most was that shibby is, of course, from ‘dude, where’s my car?’

  21. Yeah, I gotta say I paused and re-read both “zune” and “shibby.” Those are two words I’ve never seen used outside of a joking situation.

    I want to meet these people.

  22. Dude has a Zune. So he like has the money to buy an ipod but bought a Zune?!?

  23. I was kind of hoping to see the fighting continue in the replies on lamebook.

  24. good god these men need to grow a pair…fighting over facebook status comments…LAME! I wanna see some fist fighting…well i guess in this case i’ll settle for a mild cat fight.

  25. hahahahah brad

  26. t

  27. Wait, so what size were the pizzas?

  28. zune…. lmao

  29. Child creeper Jen? Why is Jen a pedophile? Why was Jen looking at half naked pictures of JOHN CENA?

    This whole situation intrigues me for some reason.

  30. Oh. my. My favorite part of this fight was the argument over the pizza. Second favorite:

    “A weak man fights because that is all he has. I would fight Satan, i would risk my life to save yours, I would take a bullet for you. I know where I am going after this life. DO YOU!!”

    All the God-fearing made this fight extra-hilarious.

  31. s-man the pizza delivery guy

    this is the all time best .. it’s ur classic but tragic story about one dude was gonna make satan a pizza and starting making it in this girls apartment, but the thing was it wasn’t actually her apartment. and so this other guy who doesn’t actually live there but did store his pizza’s there got upset cause he didn’t want satan to have one of his large pizza’s. it all ended when the future cop showed up into the past from the future to arrest the pedophile lady who was somehow aligned with satan and his pizza bakery.

    also the computer had viruses.

  32. I want to like s-man the pizza delivery guy’s post but i can’t. but i want to.

  33. what a load of hassle over pizza..

  34. The pizza part is so useless and hilarious!!!

  35. Who owns a Zune???

  36. I think they’re friends.

  37. All I can comprehend is “pizzas.”

  38. Editor in Chieftess

    Is it funny to anyone else that Michael, the god-fearing upstanding citizen’s blurry photo makes up the colors for gay pride? It’s like a little gay rainbow flag right there for everybody to see.

  39. why does jason have half naked pics of cena on his computer?

  40. how can you get viruses from looking up half naked pictures?

    Is it just me or does Jason make Jen sound fat??? i.e. Jason – “Shes…eaten food (presumably the pizza) that I brought over for me megan and adam and CLAIMED that I ate all her food.”

  41. George Burns's Cigar

    FYCK THAT.. IN THE ASS.. WITH A FORKLIFT. Best… sentence … ever.

  42. George Burns's Cigar

    *FUCK… I’m almost as lame as Jason.

  43. Nah, Jason’s got you beat at the lame game by at least 2 pizzas. No worries.

  44. I think everything would be solved if they just circle jerked around the cross.

  45. This Jason and this jason ( ) are both whack jobs.

  46. “With a forklift”…that’s amazing and fantastic!

  47. thankyougoodnight

    +1 on the gay rainbow flag in his profile picture. Just made me think he would be the kind of person to that owns a ‘I love Jesus, Jesus is inside me’ T-shirt.


  48. That is NOT a gay flag in his profile picture. That is a photo template that comes equipped with most computers. Kind of Andy Warhol’s your pictures. I can’t believe you people have never seen that before. Wow. Sheltered.

  49. That last comment totally threw me off. So much for maintaining that grace, eh Jason my boy? Hahaha.

  50. I still can’t work out why Jen is a paedophile? Her bf seems older tha your average 16 year old (what’s the age of consent in USA?).

    Jason is unreal. Perhaps he has PMT.

  51. U got a small pizza! I had a normal pizza! RAWR

  52. a pedophile actaully means you like children under 13.
    god you ppl are morons

  53. who are these guys ?

    i would love to know them ! and join the fight. i wonder how this panned out ?

  54. This is just long enough to be too annoying to bother reading all the way.

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  57. I’m worried whenever he become a cop, with that anger management issue people will be in danger! Probably Jason likes Jen an he is so mad with Mike because of that.
    HAHA And of course he was looking pics of John Cena “half naked” cause he is a WRESTLER! they are always half naked! Jason u are retarded, probably your mom dropped u when u were a baby!!
    @s-man delivery pizza guy: don’t smoke that while u comment.
    @Mark Adams: u are so right! hahahaha!
    @Editor Chieftess: I loved your comment! HAHAHAHA I realized that too right away!

  58. What the hell happened here? And where did the pedophile thing come from? Sheeesh!

  59. You people are morons, Jason is in the right here. I would be pissed too if some cocker sucker was going through my stuff and using my possessions without my permission. And then his friend, the girl friends boyfriend has the nerf to try to step to him over it? Fuck that, if I where that girls boyfriend she would be getting slapped and better learn some damn respect.

  60. Cock* nerve*

  61. I love that these two morons keep repeating that they are Christians.

    Just kills me.

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