Friday, April 23, 2010

A Shatty Situation

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  1. Ben

  2. Shameka apparently doesn’t like the word “IS” very much.

  3. I love black girls names.

    Most of them seem to start with “S”.

    We stick with Ashley, Emma, Jessica and so on.

    Let’s take a leaf out of their book, and get a little more creative.

  4. is it just me or does her wording seem less like she’s going to get stoned and more like she’s going to get vigorously gang banged?

  5. uoykcuf, had the same thought.

    Both probably.

  6. I’m going with the gang banging, probably the reason for the accidental pregnancy in the first place.

  7. Who the hell would name their daughter Shat-on-ya?

  8. Actually it DOES sound like she’s about to get gangbanged. But even if she’s smoking, that’s a shitty thing to advertise when you’re pregnant.

  9. well to be fair if theres a national day for getting stoned why shouldn’t there be a national day for gangbanging? There should be petitioning to get a gangbanging day and make it a bank holiday.

  10. i’m going with both. she’s gonna get high first and then get gangbanged by a bunch of guys that have a pregnant chick fetish. i feel really bad for the future kid. it’s life is already shit.

  11. uoykcuf- i’m all for holidays if it means i get a day off of work.

  12. @uoykcuf It’s already gangbang day every day. In some areas, there are a lot of loose women, others, a lot of dead gangsters on the street.

  13. @ jaredwilbur
    I was thinking the same thing. And then fb-searched that name. And found, amongst others, Shatonyas with the the surnames Little, Cook, Flowers and Kitchens.

  14. Yeah I can’t see anyone being against that petition, a day off work and sex for all. Even the more facially challanged people can get free paper bags with eyeholes given out then everybodys happy.

  15. uoykcuf,

    Any day can be a day for an orgy I say.

    Why limit it?

  16. Jesus, where do these chicks get off procreating. Plus we all know she is gonna give that poor child and even more stupid name then she has. Sad, very sad.

  17. Do you think black people read lamebook?

  18. oh shat… she bout to get up on ya!!

  19. Dancinganimal256

    I think Shat’s mom was high when she picked that name.

  20. What exactly does “get it in” mean?

  21. ashley ftw, for having a normal name.

  22. @snortly, yes… yes we do.

  23. virgo79,

    Can I just say I already liked you, but the feeling has grown.

    Since revealing you’re from San Fran, I now have a crush.

    I love that town, and I really did leave my heart there.

    Well, I left a fair bit of my DNA at the very least.

  24. Well, if she didn’t get knocked up on purpose I guess it doesn’t matter if she poisons the little bastard. Or dents it’s skull with many, many pene.

    Let’s face it – the kid has no chance anyhow. Damn that is the most depressing thing I’ve seen all week.

  25. wordpervert true no reason to limit it but why is there a reason to limit smoking weed to one day? plus it’d be an extra day off work!

  26. I want her to have my children, grade A mom.

  27. awww word, i’ve had a crush on you for some time now.

  28. Shatonya? Really? She shat on ya….it has to be a joke.

  29. that is an awesome idea… i have had enough of these wholesome holidays… we need get a holiday for weed smoking and orgies… not like you have to limit them to that day, but its just we get off work, hang the tinsle on the orgy tree and break out the Menorah bong and get to huffing and fucking!

    Now we just need a name for our holiday…

  30. How about bong n’ bone day?

  31. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    hmm… I’m not well versed in street talk. Whenever I’ve attempted it, I’ve gotten laughed at…

  32. Pot and pussy day?

  33. Hash and hard on day?

  34. Fuck-n-toke Day?

  35. Buds and bonking day?

  36. wordpervert I like that!

  37. the pot and pussy one

  38. Cone and coitus day?

  39. Joint day – one word could apply to all.

  40. Joint and jizz day?

  41. Dank-n-Skank Day?

  42. I’ll pay that uoykcuf.

  43. stoner shagging day

  44. Weed and wang day?

  45. That’s some great logic there. It’s only one day, it can’t hurt. All us Lamebookers should meet up for a mass orgy soon. It’ll just be one day, so it won’t hurt my fiancee xD Damn Shatonya, this is genius. you could do ANYTHING, so long as you only do it for a day.

    Although, something that’s just (absolutely nearly not at all) as bad as the pregnant girl doing drugs cos ‘it won’t hurt’ is the friend going ‘we gotta have us a talk about you smoking drugs whilst your pregnant… LOL!’
    I don’t think even malteaser would stoop to this.
    Still, least she’s talking sense, which is more than can be said for Shaytonya.

  46. crackpot and cock day

  47. Debilitating debauchery day

    Stone and bone

    pot and pound

    cough and cum

    National sticky icky ick day

  48. Blunt-n-Cunt Day?

  49. Damn moderation

    Blunt-n-Cnut Day?

  50. Come on everyone, there has to be more, a couple of us has thrown in some ideas, but I’m hungover, and my brain isn’t as quick as it could be.

  51. Pass the pipe day

  52. smoke n poke

  53. I like smoke-n-poke, thats got my vote.

  54. That’s more like it.

  55. puff puff pass and pump pump ass

  56. What day do we plan on this holiday being on?

  57. Leaf and lick.

  58. Dude mcowles… you are totally camping on that ass… pass word this way, its my turn to hit that shit

  59. why make it one day? why not a long weekend? it can be the new easter with a goodstuff friday and erection sunday.

  60. Can;t hurt if it’s just one day ;)

  61. Though my shitty typos can.

  62. Tokes and tongues.

  63. 06/09? June 9th?

  64. 6/9 fits but that would be 6th september in uk

  65. so 2 days then?

  66. yeah why not do both

  67. I bring the weed and lube.

  68. It’s a long weekend here this weekend, I’ll celebrate this whole idea for you guys.

    I’ll take a smoke and a poke for the ANZAC team.

  69. i’ll buy the stock of ann summers if your gonna orgy orgy right!

  70. Ok this sounds good,

    International Smoke-N-Poke Day, June 9th and Sep 9th, BYOC.

  71. wordpervert aren’t you the lucky one

  72. spread the word!

  73. I havent heard confirmation from Slim yet, so I hope he’s fine with the name/date.

  74. I think the name and date has a nice ring to it.

  75. How bout a simple suck and blow day?

    That works for me.

    I’m tapped out, gotta go get my nails done.
    These are the important things I have to do in my life.

  76. or blowback day? covers all. I’m happy with any as long as the content of the day stays the same

  77. toke n choke

  78. Damn see what happens when I walk away from the computer ..
    Slim I’m totally with you on the puff puff pass and pump pump ass but I also like the idea of suck and blow day. I do think this day is going to have to be sprend over 2 days though.

  79. ^spread
    sorry all this talk about sucking and ass has got me all frustrated

  80. Choof & Boof day
    weed & seed day
    splif & sniff day!

  81. I also think that the Easter long weekend would be the best time to hold this event, as we already have lots to chocolate to munch out on.

  82. suck and blow is a good one word. it’s nice and simple and easy to remember.

  83. lick and sniff day
    lick and suck day
    Easter weekend sounds good.

  84. Haha fucking black people.

  85. toke n poke

  86. So who would like to cum to my, International cone and bone Easter long weekend?

  87. Chewbacca shagger

    Mon day. or even fri day

  88. This is the best string of comments EVER.

  89. I still like toke and poke day or puff puff pass, pump pump ass. Those are my favs! Weed and Wang has a nice ring to it too.

  90. Seccession

  91. I think there are some problems with this plan. As the seccession wears on, and the players get more and more stoned, the orgy would lose energy and more and more people would be seen sitting on comfy chairs around the outside watching.

    “Ohhkay I can finger you from my chair, i’ll just do that”

    “No I wasn’t sleeping, I was just resting my eyes”

    and then there’s the paranoia that some might succumb to…

    “All the other penises are laughing at mine”

    “Her vagina is trying to eat me!”

  92. I see your point Emma, however we can easily overcome this minor hiccough by simply buying biker weed. Get it laced with a bit of speed, lsd or mdma! Now we have a real party!

  93. I did that once and ended up in Debo’s chicken coop, sweating like a slave.

  94. There are certainly better drugs to mix with an orgy than pot, that’s all i’m saying.

  95. her parents named that girl the equivalent of “defecated upon” – who the fuck does that? How can you see that name and NOT think about shitting on ya? Fucking morons. the world is full of fucking morons.

  96. Yah it is, and more time on Lambook, Failbook and Facebook really drives that point home. Hope you enjoy the hope of a brighter generation getting crushed. I know I did.

  97. So, its a full on party day now? X and all?

  98. X & cones, yeah lets turn this into a snake pit!

  99. The only name I can think of is cum and run day

    and coz everyone’s from around the world – there needs to be a good meeting place – Lake Titticaca maybe?

    and the mods must be getting lazy =P (which was the less popular sequel to the gods must be crazy)

  100. Hahahaha Milo!

  101. how bout bush n kush day :)

  102. Hear that? That’s the sound of things working.

  103. Kinda of topic, but not, can we have glory holes? I like glory holes.

  104. off*

  105. I have to say that “get it in” is one euphemism for smoking dope that I’ve never heard.

  106. But smoke and poke is genius.

  107. Bud & BJ Day.

  108. Skunk and Spunk day.

  109. lol

  110. Man I leave for a couple of days and look at what I miss out on!

    Also, how come nobody thought of Dank-n-Spank day???

  111. Don’t they take your baby away from you if it’s born with THC in its system?

  112. ^ only if they test for it.

    dope & grope day

    grass & ass day

    hemp & pimp day

    pot & slot day

    joint & point day

    THC & SMBD day

  113. bong & schlong day

  114. dank & skank day

    ^hope that’s enough for you, word

  115. You did good RollerGirl…

    Love your name.

  116. yes black people read lame book.but i doubt if i still will after all the comments here.

  117. Dude, I know Shatonya. She was one of my best friends last year – wasn’t expecting to find her on Lamebook…

    Also, her name is pronounced shuh-TY-uh, not how it’s spelled.

    And now I just realized why I don’t always read the comments…

  118. She should just get an abortion because that kid is already doomed. Please, save the pro life remarks, because this is a different situation. If I was her kid I’d probably kill myself.

  119. Thats some class!

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandonyou!-

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