Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Sad Status

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  1. glitterandtrauma

    At the age of 10 I wouldn’t expect him to be the worlds best rapist.

  2. Closest to first I have ever been… Or Ben… ;)

  3. glitterandtrauma

    @bigsmitty- sorry didn’t mean to piss on your bonfire.

  4. Lol, no worries, I was not downwind this time!

  5. Eric might just be clever.

  6. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Eric might actually mean that he agreed with what he saw after he came.
    Jessica might be joking right? she can’t be that stupid right?.

    Jack might have a genetic thing that alters his depth perception so he can’t tell that real life is … awww fuck it, the human race is doomed.

  7. jessica has to be blonde !

  8. StarsAndBoulevards

    …Something makes me think that Dionte actually meant “rapin”, given the subject of Eminem’s entire Relapse album…

  9. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    The fact that Eric and Jessica spelled every word correctly makes me think that they were being humorous. But I would be concerned about Dionte rubbing off on his brother.

  10. Jessica’s joking… pretty sure I’ve seen that before, too. Seems like just a quote to me.

  11. Krystal’s and Jack’s are old, I remember those.

  12. I am now registered.

  13. He’s rubbing off on his brother? Gross.

  14. I’m going to give Eric the benefit of the doubt here because that would be something funny I could see myself typing for shits and giggles. Though, I happen to conquer things I see. I’m looking at you ee.

    Dionte, I have a friend your brother should meet. He came second at the most recent Rape Olympics. May I introduce to you, the one and only, Soup. He should be able to give him the training he needs so he can rape like it’s nobody’s business, except for the one getting down with the business, if you catch my drift, *wink* *wink*, *nudge* *nudge*

  15. Since Krystal is lactose and tolerant makes her sometimes drive like Mario and Dreddy.

  16. I got nothing…Bye guys, Maybe I will catch you when thing get back to normal. Or at least whats normal for Lamebook.

  17. things*

  18. vidi, vici … veni

  19. Ignorance is bliss. I see a lot of happy people in those post.

  20. haha dionte is white? haha plus he is rubbin off on his brother. thats some indecent shit

  21. I think Jessica’s status is from

  22. @ buttscratcher I think his brother is white, not him. Also, the subject on the blurry picture that’s supposedly him looks a bit to dark to be white…

    Loving the first. One would thought that Kristal, being lactose and all, she could mix in with most sauces, at least with those milk/butter/egg-based ones, oh well.
    Beyond that what can I say? I wish I were so tolerant that I wouldn’t even like it. I guess if Kristal was facing the Dionte/brother scene would think “hum, rubbin off on his brother Dionte… I feel you! F**k, I’ve got to stop this nonsense!”

    Jack! I know the feeling. I sometimes wish some people were 2D. or 2D matchable. I would fold you in a paper-plane shape and just throw you out the window.

  23. 2)
    Does Jack think that we INVENTED 3D? Like some movie producers just pushed a button behind a very, very big machine and then a new dimension just appeared out of nowhere? And then, after such minor deal, they said “no, no, NO! We’re not giving this new dimension free to the world. They can see it, and I mean JUST SEE it. And they must pay for it, BIG TIME! Throw in some funky glasses to justify it. Yeah, that should work.”

    Can he even tell the difference between Cartoons and the Real Life? Maybe a test with Road-Runner episodes vs. a REAL coyote film would figure it out. (Best if we do it in a IMAX alike theater, in order to simulate the same environment in the Avatar experience.

    Or maybe he wants reality just a tiny bit more REAL?
    Guys, this one messed deep with my brain… God.

  24. Krystal needs to stop complaining! At least she doesn’t have an ape in Dicitis.

  25. @LOLOLOL

    Your heart is in the right place, but perhaps a tack on the calendar marking Health Day would stroke your ego in a better way. If you can, sir.

  26. sorry question… dose everyone get redirected now, ive been sent to 2 different pages when i try and stop by quick.. some wp thins, and secondly is it just me, or are the comments being sttrange, like it’ll say there there were 21 comments when i click it has 25 and there is a 2 plus hour span between comment 21 and 25…
    just chwcking if its everyone, or if i got some LB chit that people were mentioning when the name things were going on…
    thank you for input.. i dont want lame virus, that would be inharently, well, lame.

  27. #24, huh?

  28. And now #26, huh?

  29. 21, that joke has been around much, much longer than the internet.

  30. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @ word 24 means at least she doesn’t have “an appendicitis” spelled “an ape in Dicitis.”

  31. Dukey, thanks for that, but during this second drink it all became clear. The brain is sluggish today. I’ll give you some major points if you can decipher the other one. Good luck.

  32. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    And if I read this situation correctly, that means I get to enjoy Word all by myself (maybe add Emma into the mix) B-) Do you want in on this Soup?

    and BTW Word, #26 has pop-ups and weird viruses when lamebook loads that’s why he is asking about redirections et al.

  33. Seems a few people have been having problems with the site of late. Maybe that explains why many Lamebookers have gone to God… or the Devil.

  34. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Word earlier tonight some girl gave me porn titled ” In Diana Jones”

    and what happened to the link on your name? I think ee removed her link too.

  35. I need more female friends like yours, Dukey. The gift of porn, especially from a female, is a wonderful thing.

    I’ve never had a link attached to my name. I like being blending in. ee, on the other hand, has had some “stalker” issues at her blog, so she’s removed it for the time being.

  36. But you’ve actually reminded me that I loaned a few of my faves out to a guy from work. I must get them back. I knew something was amiss.

  37. 1) silly slut, dicks are for real girls.
    1.5)no, I am not a female.
    2)clever, but nothing new
    3)I hope his reproduction contract gets lost
    5)I bet hes not allowed with in 200 yards of a school or Chuck E. Cheese’s either.

  38. I am terrible at “rapin” as well. I wonder if Dionte will give me a “rubin off”

  39. None of the moderators at Lamebook have ever seen the first one? Really? Or Jack’s, for that matter. Hell, it was a joke on The Simpsons!

  40. Jessica’s status is bull, but it is an easy mistake to make. The other week for a really odd reason I was wondering if when people with eye patches blink it looks like winking. So the next day I went in front of my bathroom mirror, covered an eye and blinked. Then I blushed in embarrassment over how stupid I was when I realised I missed it.

    However, I didn’t keep trying for ten minutes, which is how I know Jessica is full of it. NO ONE is that stupid.

  41. I concur with these comments. Carry on.

  42. Oh no, I’m curdling! Someone, quick, please take me straight to the Intents of Ward!!!

  43. Somehow I think that 2 and 5 are just people trying to be funny.

  44. Paranoid Android

    C’mon lamebook guys, gimme something to work with here, I’m dry, I’m out. Game over man, game over.

    I was much more creative when smoking ‘da herb’, maybe time to saddle up again or try rapin’.

  45. lol

  46. Mr Android I do indeed suggest you put it in your pipe and smoke it. nothing to see here. movin on.

  47. boner boner boner boner boner.

  48. Eric’s status update would have gone in a completely different direction if he’d just done it in the right order. “I saw, I concurred, I came…”

  49. Ok,I cannot do this again. No more partying on week nights. No joke ive been on youtube since 3am(its 8:22am now) watchin Tupac videos and some Tai dude cooking Asian food. I have a statistics exam tonight….havent studied at all.

  50. woah wookie you in big trouble boiy..
    Maybe you just have to accept you’re party and tolerant these days

  51. Not my favourite set to be honest, the picture ones are better :)
    Although the thing about life being in 3d – people can’t be that dumb really?! :L

    An interesting blog about our planet:

  52. :( My brother never taught me how to rape, I had to learn all on my own.

  53. O.O What has world come to?

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