Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Rockin’ Win

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  1. Ugh.

  2. ClimbThatSymphonyHome


  3. that was good. very clever.


  4. ClimbThatSymphonyHome


  5. I am shamed.

  6. ClimbThatSymphonyHome

    I likey!…at least it’s clever, unlike the majority of stupid people with stupid status updates!!

  7. BORING! Next.

  8. Not going to lie… I thought this was witty and funny. I enjoyed it :)

  9. I like it! Shows that some people have a modicum of intelligence and wit – I feel a bit better about humanity now.

  10. After the original pun, I’m guessing they staged it. They had to be in the same class. If someone said “geo exam” to me, I’d assume Geography way before Geology.

  11. Not to say that it isn’t, at least, clever.

  12. It doesn’t seem staged to me. It’s more likely that Matt and Britta are familiar with each other, and as such Matt knows that Britta studies geology.

    My dad emails the rest of my immediate family a “daily pun” every day (yeah, I know) and it always breaks down into a long run-on pun as everybody looks for new ways to be clever… kinda like what these two did, only protected from the prying eyes of the public.

  13. This one wasn’t too lame, it gave me a good laugh.

  14. Maybe not staged. I don’t know. The twenty-minute gap after the original pun leading to the minute-to-minute comments made me think so. I think all the recent submissions have made me forget that some people are still quick-witted.

  15. “I feel a bit better about humanity now.”

    If you’re looking for uplifting examples of humankind performing at its best, maybe you should steer clear of this site.

  16. Boring? Win!!! DaDesertRat said it. Lamebook is like watching Jerry Springer followed by Maury. When it’s done you have to prove somehow that that is not a true reflection of humanity (although it mostly is).

    This was witty and refreshing but not so much that I think it was planned. It seems very plausible to me that a bunch of student in the same class are smart enough to put that together simply because of the amount of terminology that they would know.

  17. “Gyp” is a racial slur. I wish more people would realize that. It’s like using “Jew” as a verb.

  18. funny and original, for once.

  19. so britta and matt would be the maury in that analogy?

  20. Who's That Girl?

    I feel like throwing rocks at these people…

  21. Hehehe :) (From an A Level Geography geek’s point of view…thought it has been a few years since my days of studying rock types etc…)

  22. there were sooooo many more geology puns they could have gone into. “Wacke” and “Tuff”, for example.

  23. Geologists know how to make the bedrock.

  24. Who's That Girl?

    That’s Fred Flintstone Bulldog.

  25. Beuller... Beuller...

    Too funny for lamebook!

  26. STFU Alen001!
    I doubt that’ll accomplish anything, but I feel better for saying it. As for the actual post, it’s nice to see some witty banter going back forth. It’s like getting the occasional knuckleball on this site, considering what usually is shown.

  27. I’d have planted a different line of punning; a botany thing wood do. I will admit, though, that the geology topic made for some dandelions to read…
    Seriously, though, this would have been better on “Geekbook” (if it existed), which is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s just not Lamebook material.

  28. Oh joy. Nerd porn.

  29. I wish my friends rocked this hard.

    ahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaa. *coughs*

  30. Britta isn’t as clever as Matt.

  31. @padme
    agreed. She was trying too hard sometimes. Matt’s rolled off the tongue very well
    In other words….he ROCKED! Ha..I made a pun too

  32. @padme
    my sediment exactly.

  33. I wish Geekbook existed.

    I could get my pun allotment for the day without having to read “she’s not pregnant IN THE FACE!”

  34. You can slate these guys for being geeky ore lame but at least they’re having fun.

  35. *Emma likes this entry
    *Emma likes Geekbook
    *Emma likes YOU!

  36. If geekbook existed, a few of my friends would be perfect candidates.

  37. I’m jealous of that geekitude. Seriously.

  38. Aww, not lame. I would haunt a geekbook site.

  39. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  40. Christ on a cracker

    Will someone kill these two nerds already

  41. YorkshirebornNBread

    funnier than shagging in syrup, but when the relationship hits the rocks will it be a geek tragedy?

  42. YorkshirebornNBread

    I am sooooo sorry for that last pun. *hangs head in shame*

  43. I’ll accept your apology. I’m sure were all aware of how tuff it is to come up with good puns. Just chalk it up as a nice try and move on.

  44. It’s funny. It’s no different than how myself and friends I went to school with will use accounting terms.

  45. Sedimentary my Dear Watsom, Sedimentary.

    After inflicting the rock cycle on a class of poor year Eights, I enjoyed this one….the fact that someone has seen science to a tertiary level!

  46. I emailed this to my father who is a fan of both geology and puns, I should have known it would have started something…

    > Very entertaining. Some people do talc a lot of rubbish!

    I knew you would come up with one pun ore another.
    Lots of lava

    > I am having to dig deep to find any more gems in a similar vein. I telurite now, mine head is shafted. No mORE, the boss nearly Quartz me.

    I don’t want you to get in trouble if your boss is keeping his tiger’s eye on you. Mica mind is running out of ideas now. I think you’ve probably chalked up the highest scoria.

  47. (Yes we are both nerds, he is a hobbyist nerd, I’m a scientist but not a geologist)

  48. Really Lamebook? Really? WTF?

    I’m ashamed of you right now.

  49. I love this and mb, i love your work.

  50. hee hee

  51. lol

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