Monday, October 18, 2010

A Party to Die for

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  1. If there’s one thing Jesus and God hate, it’s uglys in Holloween costumes. Good call, Kasey.

  2. “Such a blessing that Jesus and God gave us this house!!!!!! Now, let’s trash it!”

  3. wait… is Katie the same katie of last week’s post about her grandmother dying?

  4. I hope Katie likes the idea of her future grandkids dancing on her grave. How can anyone be such an asshole?

  5. Same Katie, too bad it’s all fake.

  6. Seriously, is this is some kind of elaborate trolling?

  7. She doesn’t dee-lite, because she aborts them apparently.

  8. Yet more proof that some people should just be shot. Kasey and Katie are the type of people that make me feel better about myself. Nothing like celebrating a dead baby and a dead grandma! All that death and destruction fits right in with the Halloween theme!!! How clever! No ugly people though, god really really hates ugly people, and hell god gave them the house!

  9. Personally – I’d rather people had a party than a sombre wake on my demise. Not a Halloween themed party mind, but then I’m small minded and not as “rad” as the young ‘uns are these days.

  10. ratm – what’s that? Is she the same from last week celebrating her abortion?

    I was telling my husband about those posts and he thought they might be posted by ultra conservatives to make a point. I wouldn’t put it past them but then again there are truly soulless people out there. However you lean on the issue, it’s sickening.

  11. #6 you must be retarded if you consider this in any way elaborate.

  12. Oh these girls are just the type of friends I’d love to have. Dont you love dead granny parties? Yey count me in – I’ll be a sexy pussy cat … well so long as Kizoka doesn’t turn up.

  13. …What is duckbilling?

  14. Thank you for being the one to ask CherylFace lol
    I am as clueless as you right now

  15. the lamest part about all of this is that these are STILL being submitted to Lamebook like they’re genuine. I’d put money on it that these 2 fake account attention seekers are submitting these to Lamebook themselves.
    Personally when I come to Lamebook I want to see REAL Lamebook, not made up shit.

  16. Yawn, another fake Katie/Kasey post. Does anyone even care anymore?
    Can we please have something legit?

  17. and if I were to guess what Duckbilling is, I would imagine its that stupid face that the orange girls make when they take pictures of themselves, you know, the one where they stick their lips out like Duck bills….although I thought that was just called Duck lips. Maybe Duckbilling is something else, something even more ass-in-nine.

  18. I thought of the duck lips too, but when I googled it there was a facebook link with a picture that leads me to believe otherwise. Oh well, no use wasting my precious grey matter trying to unravel that mystery.

  19. Builders are just scruffy angels.

  20. i’ve heard that duckbilling has to do with smoking the roach part of a joint. not being a smoker i cannot attest to that but there are my 2 cents.

  21. I’m in the camp that believes all ducks should be invoiced.

  22. I’m with Dee-Lite. I bet Katie and Kasey are Dan Fargis.

  23. “Thank you Jesus and God for getting my grandma out of this fucking house!”


  24. I’d dress up as a dead grandma.

  25. Duke, I agree, funerals should be parties. It must be the Irish side of me showing through. Ever heard the song Finnegan’s Wake?
    Also, cutting the faces off of ducks is just not cool no matter how you slice it.

  26. i don’t have a problem with the “wake”… not un-Christian at all… the rest of course is all in poor taste… but i am going to take issue with Lamebook for putting this up. i’m quite sure Katie and Kasey are fake. their Facebook walls are set to “everyone” and Katie’s profile says in the “info” box something like “this page is really run by Katie”. go figure.

  27. Duke and mad,
    I’ve always hoped to have one last screening of my favorite film, along with a fondue party.

  28. This is obviously the Katie from Kate’s Late and Great weekend.
    Oh, how this “ugly” would love to come show her some respect and intelligence.

  29. Oh bollocks, I didn’t realize this was already stated above. ^ ‘
    My offer to teach her still stands though.

  30. Here’s a link I found with the definition of duckbill.

    are we sure these are troll accounts? Why do you think so?

  31. Ah, thanks Slappy. I don’t know why I didn’t look there to begin with. Sometimes I forget UrbanDictionary exists. It’s usually best that way.

  32. If “elaborate” doesn’t work for you, how about dedicated? Whoever is running this troll has a multiple complete storylines running. If this is based on a real person, someone’s a touch obsessed.

    I’m with Duke and Mad, no somber wake for this guy. I want to be sent off New Orleans style – band playing, dancing, the whole nine. Like Kurt Vonnegut said, I prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.

  33. It has to be a troll. Nobody who makes a duck face is self-aware enough to post such an activity on a (virtual) party flyer. Also, nobody really likes smoking roaches enough to make it a selling point either.

  34. i just want to smack katie’s face really hard.
    even if it’s an elaborate troll and this is all fake, i just don’t see the humour in it? abortion? then partying when her granny just died? wtf.

  35. It’s definitely the same as last week. Not sure if these girls are faking this, but the grandmother’s passing is real. Did some investigating and I found her obit:

  36. It was Kasey that got the abortion, and Katie that pulled the plug on their grandmother, and somehow this mysterious ‘Roxy’ fits in as – I think – their mutual drug dealer. I seem to recall that Katie (abortion) needed Kasey’s grandmother to die and stop being selfish, because Katie needed Kasey as a link to Roxie, so Kasey could continue partying.

    I’m guessing that because we give this troll so many Lamebook comments, showing that we’re paying attention (and, of course, for the few that think this is real and get up in arms over it) that this saga will continue with regular updates in to their ‘lives’.

    Kinda like a Troll version of “As the World Turns”, or Eastenders! But without the grime and rain and Janine’s fucking face.

  37. @36:

    I’m like 99% sure Roxy is slang for Oxycodone. So she didn’t want the grandmother to die because she’s prescribed Oxycodone, and now that she’s dead, she’ll have to get it elsewhere.

    That was my take on things, anyways.

    Though providing Oxycodone for a party must be horribly expensive, so maybe it’s something else.

  38. Yes, roxy is oxycodone.

  39. “New ass house”??? This language is sometimes so ridiculous…

  40. By now I’m starting to wonder if this account is run by Lamebook to keep people interested since the recent outbreak of shitty posts.

  41. yes…”Roxy” = Roxicet – which is a generic version of Percocet that comes in strengths of 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 mgs of Oxycodone w/ 325 of tylenol.

  42. Duck billing is smoking a joint/blunt so far down that you have to make a duck face in order to toke on it. Roxy = Oxycontin. So booze and pills and plenty o’ weed and maybe even dead Grammy in a casket in the living room.

    According to Kasey’s post, the Roxy’s gonna run out soon now that Grammy’s gone. Time to move on to meth.

  43. These are in fact troll accounts. Everytime I have posted information about them, though, lamebook deletes the post. Leading me to wonder if someone behind lamebook has something to do with the accounts. There are several different accounts involved.

    Anyways… Kasey refers to anal duckbilling in one of her posts… It has nothing to do with drugs….The “Silent Duck”, also called “Duck-Billing”, is the technique much often used in which the person engaging in hand insertion shapes the hand to resemble a duck’s beak. Typically, fisting does not involve forcing the clenched fist into the vagina or rectum. Instead, all five fingers are kept straight and held as close together as possible (forming the beak-like “duck”), then slowly inserted into a well lubricated vagina or rectum.. Thanks Wikipedia.

  44. If you look at this chick’s facebook page, it’s definitely all an elaborate joke of some sort. Trust me.

  45. How the hell did you find the real page?

  46. #44, tacking “thanks Wikipedia” on the end doesn’t make me believe that’s where you got the info. ;)

  47. I want to friend these people on facebook. How do you find them?

  48. I went through the friends she tagged in that “thank you for telling me to kill my granny!” post. She’s not searchable, but you can find her through friends. Try Savannah’s friends list.

  49. P.S. Katie has a short middle name and a last name that starts with B. I posted it, but it’s being modded. Once you see her page, you’ll see that it’s a farce. She says that her Grammy lived a “long 46 years.” Ha!

  50. “just back from the hospital… I took everyones first advice to leave it in gods hands!!! 46 years is just too long to live!!! I dont care what the doctor said NOW GRAMMY IS AN ANGEL FLYING EVERYWHERE! what happens with her house tho??? xoxo
    October 12 at 10:40am”

  51. Sorry, I should really fit everything in one post. Kasey deleted her page altogether, but now has a fan page on facebook. You can find her full name all over the internets. Also, most of their friends appear to be random strangers, not people they know IRL. Believe me, once you see the posts, it can’t be anything but a joke. I don’t think they’re really chicks. Their comments to guys on their pages are pretty crude…and just not stuff I’ve ever heard girls say.

  52. @spinach….. damn, can’t find her.

  53. Look through the K’s on her friend Savannah’s page. Westmoreland. There are a couple of Katies in there. Our Katie has a middle name that starts with A and a last name that starts with B. And a very tan duck face profile. Here’s her latest update from the 15th:

    ” I LOVE DECORATIONS!!! grammy would be so PROUD! we are all wearing one of her wigs with our SLUTFEST costums! COME VISIT US AT THE PARTY GRAM!! WE LOVE YOU! GOD BLESS YOUR SPIRIT! xoxoxoxo”

    I don’t know why I was modded for using her name earlier…her facebook is open and public. Her name just wasn’t searchable.

  54. Makes you wonder who the hell has the kind of time to do a trolling scenario that takes up this much time. I’mma have to find them and friend them, though, because this really is like a soap opera and I want to watch more.

  55. Here’s today’s thrilling installment:

    “I told everyone the yankees suck ass but there still fucking hot as hell… I CANT SLEEP CUZ THIS DAM HOUSE SMELLS LIKE ASS SEX AND ALCOHOL… im still sore from this weekend so someone please come help me clean tomorrow pleeeeaaasse xoxo love you forever GOD BLESS!!!
    8 hours ago · View Feedback (5)Hide Feedback (5)

    ass and sex and alcohol not asssex ew ”

    It’s not a very exciting soap opera. It’s stuff like this that makes me think they’re trolling, though (besides the fact that besides Savannah, whose picture I’ve seen somewhere else on the nets, no one on their FB knows them in real life):

    October 8 at 9:37am ”

    …and then a few hours later…

    October 8 at 3:26pm ”

    I cracked up when she tagged those random people in her “thanks for telling me to kill Grammy!” post. Everyone that she tagged, besides Savannah, un-friended her after that.

    Can you tell I’m bored?

  56. spinach dip, there’s thousands of Savannahs on FaceBook, which one?

  57. Shit.

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