Friday, August 14, 2009

A Night to Remember


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  1. Awkward couple.

  2. lol wat

  3. poor guy :(

  4. I bet he “would’ve” broke her in half.

  5. Why is he still friends with her on facebook? To torture himself? YEP!

  6. that chunky rubbles not worth it anyway

  7. I wonder if they are still cousins after breaking up??

  8. Perhaps he stayed “friends” with her long enough to post this winner of a comment, because yeah, I don’t know if I’d been in his position I’d have been au fait with her being on my flist. Granted, if she’s as much of a winner as this lovely comment illustrates, I’d doubt I’d want her on my flist PERIOD.

  9. beat

  10. What. the. crap.

  11. hahaha that is phenomenal. i bet he was just WAITING for that opportunity.

  12. Daniel’s message sounds like the lyrics to his new song.

  13. I think the best part is that she has an entire album called “Me :)

  14. She probably only did it so she was good and broken in for prom night. Looks like this guy would split her down the middle otherwise.

  15. Without knowing her side of the story, it sounds like she sucks…

    …but he’s the biggest baby on the planet.

  16. That`s how Jason got started, right?

  17. Daniel got a cheap lesson here: never give women what they want. It won’t make them happy.

  18. How many grades did these two trolls flunk? They look like they would be in the mid-30′s.

  19. That’s what Chewbacca gets for trying to date Princess Leia.

  20. I got started in what now?

  21. i think the DS is the key here.

  22. @ John: I agree, she must’ve gotten hooked on Zelda or something…

  23. i bet they weren’t even going out. maybe it was one of those situations where the guy thinks they’re going steady and she thinks they’re just good friends.

  24. that’s right, i just used the phrase “going steady.”

  25. I never realized Charles Manson went to his prom.

  26. Helena Handbasket

    Shauna is a whore! Just ask Daniel.

  27. ooh he’s quite a looker..

  28. diane mk II, did you really just say “flist”?

  29. Boy meets girl and falls for her. Girl is sooo not interested. Boy buys girl a bunch of stuff so she will go with him to prom. Girl agrees. Girl sleeps with the guy she is actually into who is hot enough that he doesn’t need to buy her shit to get her in bed. Boy is jealous, delusional and still lame.

  30. CM the girl is also lame for leading the guy on!

  31. His message implies that she wanted him to take her, not the other way around. Stupid girl tease.

    Just like all women. Teases. Stupid.

  32. sixkiller yes, yes it is

  33. It’s like date night with Big Foot and a hobbit.

  34. this sounds like my grad, except I gave him the DS and I got a ring. hope one day he’ll forgive me

  35. Actually, I totally know these two, and they were going out. I dated him in the 8th grade. But, the deal is, they’re both scum!

    He dated me, we broke up. He started dating my best friend on my birthday. They broke up. He started dating Shauna and my best friend’s birthday.

    They’re both pretty epically retarded. And the fact that this is on here made me laugh for hours. lol

  36. I know him. She’s a whore.

    And is scuzzy, and never bathed.

    He was stupid for dating her, and the guy that cheated with her is stupid too.

  37. Yeah, I know both of them, but I know Shauna better than Daniel. I have no problem with either of them, Shauna’s been a friend of mine since like 2nd grade.

    Just grow up, people. Everyone makes mistakes. Get over it. It’s none of your business anyway.

  38. O gees, this is ridiculous, and also biased. Yes, I AM the Daniel. It’s funny though, whoever took the liberty to post this cut out the next comment and obviously has something biased against Shauna.

    Even I, the guy that was cheated on, would have to say to give it a rest. There are MANY misconceptions by this post and there is much more to the story, even admittedly that I was at fault at times.

    And Shelby is a dumb whore

  39. Wow….this is truly epic….actual people in the “lamebook” post arguing about the post and talking trash….lame is as lame does….

  40. I’m detecting large amounts of samefaggotry in this area.

  41. That’s totally lame

  42. How do you randomly give something to someone… it like a surprise gift..or is that when someone surprises you taking a $#!T in the bathroom with something you didn’t ask for? I’m just asking coz people do that a lot to me

  43. she cheated on him?! even though he got her a NINTENDO DS?! what is the world coming to.

  44. Masta Batang Dollar Billz

    I guess I know both of these guys too. And they’re both fucking pathetic.

  45. OMG! he gave her a Nintendo!!?? You should never do that!

  46. This seems really fake…
    but if it’s true, what a bitchface

  47. lol u didnt have to mention that u bought her a dress and NINTENDO hahaha its lame .

  48. Arf The Crime Dog

    I wouldnt accept that mess. I knew a guy who bought he girlfriend a stupid Wii.

  49. She could at least have taken the time to iron her ‘costume’ after she unwrapped it from the cellophane pack…

  50. Good to know that Gomez & Morticia are paying good wages for their hired help …

  51. lamebook thread fights rule, as long as you’re not dumb enough to participate in one.

  52. next time get that bitch a PSP!

  53. If she was just a few inches shorter she wouldn’t need any knee pads.

  54. somewhereunderthesun

    let’s hope they are not together in the same bed while the guy is writing this on fb..

  55. Well of course she lied about it! You’re her brother and she didn’t want to hurt you.

  56. The Post Submitter

    I’ve never been more proud of myself :)

  57. If I was a Yeti named Daniel, I’d piledrive that bitch into the ground so that they could recognise her only by her toe prints.


  58. He should’ve known something was up when she treated the dress he bought her so poorly. A horizontal crease line? So tacky.

  59. I think the saddest thing to this post is the motivation of the poster.

    I am the Daniel. Apparently my ex who broke up with me years ago, then immediately wanted me back, but who I would not go back to posted this. The saddest are always the one’s who remain anonymous. Shelby Clemons is sad, lonely, and pathetic. I hope for her sake that one day she will finally obtain the guts to go through with her multiple suicide threats she threw out after not being able to get me back over 4 years ago.

  60. PingPonginDingDang


  61. Wow Daniel, I can see why all these girls want to get with you. You are just such a fantastic, loving, sensitive guy. Really, I didn’t question your sanity one bit!

  62. Daniel is treebeard.

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