Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Little TMI

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  1. Morgan’s (aunt’s) bf FTW!

  2. Dude, don’t tell everyone on your facebook that people try to put pubes in your pizza…

  3. Its about time a man tasted his own spunk and realised what us girls have to go through for their pleasure! LOL.

  4. OH! MY! GOD!

    I think I’m gonna be sick.

    All three = Major fail!

  5. I have a feeling that Luke is going to be eating a lot more Brie

  6. Dare I say, Luke FTW!?!?!?! I think so..

  7. Hey blondie1508, cooterjuice is no nectar of the gods let me tell you…

  8. Luke…EWWWWW!!! And all of them!!!

  9. Fingerman – What is cooterjuice?

  10. i wonder what hes been eating to make it taste like brie… and how the hell do you fake your death for 2 years? inquiring minds want to know :p

  11. Yeah these are pretty gross- I don’t understand why people post status updates like this. I mean, you don’t bring up the topic of the taste of your own semen in public, right? It’s just bad manners…

    Also, does semen REALLY taste like cheese? ‘Cause that kind of puts me off the idea of giving a bj…

  12. LOL @ Aleesh87 Yes I was wondering what he had been eating too…maybe he just hadn’t washed for a while…cheesy.

  13. @ Pink broccoli – No, I don’t think it’s normal for a c**k to taste of cheese let alone the cum. That guy must have some funky spunk, and like it.

  14. @blondie1508: If you really can’t figure it out, it would be pointless to explain…

  15. I think I can figure it out, but I just wanted to check as I’ve never heard it be called a “cooter” before. Sorry for being from across the pond. Jeez.

  16. I should imagine luke was fraped. Fun times.

  17. luke got facebook raped i think

    MORGAN LOL HAHAH OMG LOL JHAHAHA the guy who did that is a hero

  18. @blondie1508: Sorry, I figured since the word cooch was used in one of the status messages, cooter would be understood. No offense meant.

  19. @Fingerman – see if you said coochjuice I would have understood! Lol. No offence taken :-)

  20. Morgan’s ex-bf FTW!

    And I wonder how Justin found them? In his mouth? :P

  21. Looks like AT&T finally got around to connecting the Ozarks to the Internet…

  22. So did he end up eating the pizza or not?

  23. Haggie, I love you.

  24. Haggie FTW!

  25. How the hell did Luke end up tasting his own fluids? Wonder if he had a rib removed.

  26. Back when I got divorced, my good friend and I were looking for an apartment to move to but when I finally found a good apartment I found out that he had already found a room-mate… my exwife. He’s totally banging her now :) Man, he is so going to regret that move… Oh well, entertainment for me :)

  27. I like how luke liked his own comments… I have been told that drinking pineapple juice helps make jizz taste better… Looks like we have enough chics here to run a taste test… I’ll fill some cups up for the ladies

  28. @ Beckyboo – Um, there were 4, not 3 :P
    @ eenerbl – Tis possible without having a rib removed – but that’s a story for another discussion :P

    I must admit, I would be worried if my semen did taste like Brie. I’m inclined to say that he has been eating some messed up brie if that is what he thought it tasted like :S

    (And yes, I know its a Frape)

  29. semen does NOT taste like brie!

    @slimjaz: yes, you are correct on the juice.

  30. nothing makes jism taste better. it tastes like mushrooms. and the consistency is… like teensy tadpoles.

    why don’t you run your own taste test and give us your opinion?

  31. Luke needs to flat with Justin. If his spunk really is that cheesy tasting then he could easily get away with making Justin eat some cum-pizza. Take that mofo!

  32. @pinkbroccoli

    jism tastes so so much worse than brie cheese

  33. In high school, there were two giant 8-foot tall bushes (I’m talking about plants here…perverts) on my walk to school. When they flowered (again, we’re talking plants here), they smelled exactly like semen, only the smell was much stronger. I called them cum trees. I had to walk by those cum trees every day, twice a day. It was nauseating.

    It would not surprise me even a little bit to walk up one day and see Luke gnawing on one of those trees while pleasuring himself. Luke, you are a sick fuck.

  34. FTL everyone saying how someones kids taste

  35. insert clever name here

    FTL… For the loss… really? FAIL

  36. I’ve heard that if you feed a guy cinnamon his semen will have a slight cinnomon flavour – how much cheese must you eat to have brie flavored semen?
    I wonder if you could get chocolate flavored or a nice Cab sauv semen….I could have so much more jewellery!

  37. @spanka no u can not change how a guys seamen taste,that is all a myth

  38. Wonder if Luke had some crackers with that

  39. I’m a little grossed out, and smiling at the depravity.

  40. meghan must be mario because she just got 1-up’d.

  41. @nipplecheese – how much cheese did you have to eat to get your nipples to be cheese flavour?

  42. My man milk tastes of cheese too, nothing as sophisticated as Brie I’m afraid. More like a cross between a processed cheese slice and a mouth full of saw dust.

    I feel Morgan’s pain I had a girlfriend pretend to die to get away from me too…Oh no wait she did die…I bashed her head in with a hammer.

  43. All I can say is…Je-rry! Je-rry! Je-rry!

  44. What worries me is what hasn’t Justin found !!!!
    The poor guy

  45. IlostNemo (if you’re out there), do you know Luke?

  46. Easy Cheese?

  47. eenerbl – it’s really not difficult for a guy to taste his own semen. It’s not like he has to suck his own dick to do it. Luke could have, at a guess, licked it off his hand, his sheets, his walls, the blow up doll he’d been fucking – any number of possibilities really. If we really wanted to go overboard, we could even entertain the unlikely possibility that he licked it off the body of a female human. (Nah, that’s crazy talk).

    Anyway, if semen tasted like Brie (it doesn’t), how many people would pay $30kg for a nice wedge of triple brie, when they could blow any old guy for free.

  48. @ sensible madness:

    linden trees smell of come. in some parts of germany i was in it was quite overpowering.

  49. @sideways: So did not want all of those. The wall? really the wall!?

  50. Luke, if the idea of posting that was to suggest to nameless faceless strangers of the world that you got a girl to blow your horn and then make out with you – EPIC FAIL. And by the way, eeewwww eewwww eewww. you are not the only man to have ever tasted that but NOBODY talks about it you douche.

  51. anything that bleeds for 5 days a month is made from evil… thats how i see it anyways. ONE PUBE PIZZA COMING RIGHT UP.. on your face?

  52. @littlecooker

    Haha! Oops! You’re right, my mistake!

    But only three of them were nasty. The last one was just lame! :D

  53. @eenerbl – *chuckles* well, I was going to suggest the ceiling instead of the wall, but that might be a bit difficult to lick unless he got a step-ladder, and I honestly can’t see this doofus being that organised.

    But aren’t you glad I didn’t add his eyeball to the list? Think of the horrors that this image conjures up LOL.

  54. txikiwi

    No, But I was figuring someone might ask me that.

  55. Hehehehe.

  56. Maybe Luke meant that the texture of his love juice was somewhat equivalent that of brie, I guess it is called “dick cheese” for a reason! Thank God that Madison is not pregnant!

  57. @sideways: you are way to imaginative, and this whole situations is freaking me out. I’ll never be able to look at the stained wall, a man’s hands or a blow-up doll for that matter and not go “humm, I wonder..”

  58. Not much on here makes me literally lol, but I could not stop laughing at Morgan…Jesus Christ, who would admit that someone actually faked their death to get away from you?

  59. Wwweeeeeeeee

  60. dirtylittlepretty

    i know actual pineapple works..never heard about the juice, but im sure it would too.

    what the hell was justin looking under his pepperoni for??

    next thing Madison will be pregnant and posting ‘well at least i wont be bleeding out my cooch for 9 months!’

  61. clever user name here

    Nipplecheese, you can TOTALLY change the taste of a guy’s semen! And yes, pineapple juice does help. I once dated a body builder whose protein shakes made his jizz taste absolutely DISGUSTING. He didn’t believe me till I made him try it for himself, heh. He drank pineapple juice for a couple of days, and it made a world of difference, heh.

  62. I can see how pineapple could change the taste of jizz…
    I can make my cooterjuice taste & smell like onion if I eat onions… Vidalias are my fave…

  63. If Morgan is being serious… Wow. o__o

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